Erotica: Scene Twelve – Payback

Lucky last….!

This is the last instalment of the erotica series written by me. Then I’m back to only posting on Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays!

I hope that you have enjoyed this series! It’s been interesting sharing it with you & you should be starting to see why it was relevant to my blog but not necessary to the story!

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Scene Twelve – Payback

I’m laying on the bed face down, frustrated as a teenage boy when I hear the shower turn off.
I lay still, wondering if he’ll come make me cum.
He doesn’t.
I can’t even hear where he has gone.
I don’t move.
I don’t hear him at all so I jump when he says sternly
“Stand up” I awkwardly get up, trying to be fast but stumble, his hand grips my arm tightly to help me.
The look in his blue eyes is so dark, that I open my mouth to apologise but he stops me before I can with a finger over my mouth.
He picks up his tie that’s on the bed, I put out my wrists ready for him to tie them but he looks at me with a look that I know I am in for a night to remember…
He chuckles in front of me as he sees me with my wrists together, waiting for him to wrap the tie around.
He holds the tie up in front of my face.
We lock eyes & he’s looking sinister as I have a look of despair.
He is not going to go easy on me tonight.
He gives me one last grin as he wraps the tie around my eyes.
Everything is dark.
He ties it around the back & brings the end to the front to tie tightly in a knot over my eyes.
It’s almost painful.
He pushes something against my mouth, it forces me to open it & he ties the ball gag around my head.
He knows I am cautious of gags, so this is a real punishment for calling him a Prick.
He could spank me as punishment, but he knows I like it.
Hs pulls my arm, I stumble forward.
He guides me, but I don’t know to where.
When he stops me, I am disorientated, but his hand grabs my ankle & pulls it to the side.
He attaches a velcro strap to it.
He moves to the other ankle, moving it so I am spread open.
He is going to make me stand.
He runs the tip of his fingers up my legs, over my pussy quickly to make me jolt backwards & my ass hits something.
he grabs my wrist & puts it above my head, attaching a velcro strap to it too, then doing the same to my other wrist, that’s when I realise I am tied to the door.

Scene twelve prick sex orgasm.png

I am tied to the door, exposed, spread open, senses heightened from being so turned on, waiting, wanting.
I feel like I am there for a long time, before I feel him in front of me again.
Something sharp touches my hand, my fingers curl.
As it runs down my arm, I realise he has a wartenberg pinwheel.
I try to pull away as he glides it down my arm to my collar bone & down across my nipple.
I try to cry out, it feels so amazing, but the gag just gets in my way.
He keeps running it across my nipples, from side to side.
I pull on the restraints & my knees keep giving way, but it doesn’t help.
I am stuck at his mercy.
His hand strokes my inner thighs, if I could talk I’d beg him to touch me.
I thrust my hips as much as I can to let him know what I want.
His hand teasing me with the pinwheel pulls my ponytail so my ear is brushing his lips
“You… will… not… cum”
He can’t see my eyes but I roll them under his tie, moaning against the gag.
I want to call him a prick again.
The pinwheel starts it’s torture again then his fingers slip between my legs & he rubs in small circles.
I’m so turned on from not cumming before that I am close & my breathing changes.
I am concentrating so hard on not cumming but it’s almost impossible.
I keep straining trying to get away from him.
He speeds up his torture, I am so close, I can’t hold it back anymore.
My breathing changes again, ready to cum.
He stops!
I scream into the gag.
He kisses the sweet spot on my neck that drives me crazy, then he starts again, the wheel, his hand.
I get to the point when I am about to cum & he stops, I scream again.
He does this so many times I lose count.
I am begging though the gag, begging him to make me cum.
The next time he stops, he takes the gag off.
I want to babble for him to make me cum, I want to call him a prick again, I want to tell him that I want to do what he wants me to do, but I remain silent.
“Do you have anything to say to me?”
“Yes Sir, I am so sorry, please let me cum. I didn’t mean it before”
“How badly do you want to cum?”
HIs fingers return to my clit, then slip inside me.
“So badly, Sir please make me cum for you”
His fingers speed up, he kisses the spot on my neck that makes me hot.
I cum so hard against his hand that I am lucky my arms are restrained because that is all that is holding me up right now.



Noodle #9

It doesn’t take long before I am seeing Noodle again, Tuesday is our usual day. I am home from work when he mentions that he should come over before work too being that his partner is already at work so he can leave his house & be at mine by 9:30 am, he pops over in the morning for an hour before he starts work, we fuck as usual, me never having enough of him & always being disappointed when he leaves. But a few hours later at 7:00 pm, he’s on his way back to my house which he stays longer than he usually does. WOW twice in one day! & a lot longer than usual, I guess with his store closing down, he has more of an excuse to do extra hours & being a manager, his pay wouldn’t change so it isn’t suspicious. I’m not complaining, I love fucking this guy! A lot… Way more than I should!

I ask him to video us again which he does, tying me up & spanking me, then making me give him a blow job in front of the mirror. Remember how much I said I hated being forced to do that? How things change! I get more turned on now when he forces me. I mean I still like to surprise him with it but I love when he gets all dominant with me. He videos the blow job & I actually look quite good, my eyelashes have just been done, my hair is washed & straight, I don’t look fat at this angle… So I hold onto his cock & lick it from the base to the tip then take it in my mouth, sucking down on it, while rubbing the length of it with my hand, making ‘hmmm’ noises as I enjoy it just as much as he does. The video is hot as fuck & the gif I make with my phone is even better. Jesus Christ it’s fucking hot!

He tells me that we haven’t been having much bed sex lately, which I say “We can’t just have bed sex if that’s what you do with your wife? Have to do things she won’t do, or wht is the point?” He agrees “Yeah no point really… It’s so fucking hot you want to do things my wife won’t do for me too… Fuck did I get lucky & pick the right chick to have an affair with…” Yeah I guess you did Noodle!

We’ve also sort of already fallen into this thing where we don’t really take it in turns as much anymore with the good morning message but it tends to be whoever is awake first will be the first to message. Noodle usually wakes up before me so he messages me first a lot which I really like. I tell him that I’m in debt to him owing him a few good mornings but he says “The things you let me do to you… your in no debt to me” Hmmm, very true

We also talk about me being single when he says to me I’m pretty sure if you put yourself actually on the market you could pull some single guys, your an amazing chick that deserves so much better than married guys fucking you. You just gotta deal with the competition part that comes with dating.” Yeah that’s the problem Noodle… If only he knew all these douches I had dated & what led me here to be fucking him!

By now, the store has closed down but they don’t have another store for Noodle to go to yet, so they have asked him to be the supervisor of all the workmen while the store gets pulled apart. He has to do this for a couple of weeks & then is going on 5 weeks annual leave, which makes me sad. We’ve been fucking every week for a month, I kind of like that statistic & I figure that once he’s on leave he won’t be able to see me because he doesn’t really go out ever & won’t have an excuse to be out, even when she’s at work. I guess it’ll be hard for him.

With the store being shut now, only just being dismantled, he’s only required really to be there to open & lock up the store, so he comes to my house on Sunday from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm, I am not really sure how he gets away with it, but I am not complaining at all, I mean this is what I want, someone who wants to be with me, no matter what it costs them. This is what I wanted every guy I’ve ever liked to do. It’s just fucking shit that it’s a man in a relationship that is the one to finally be the one who wants me… I do think about what it would be like if he were single, would the sex be as hot? Would he be a douche trying to fuck everyone & I wouldn’t mean anything to him, just another conquest that he’d ghost when I say something bitchy? Or would we have the life I envisage? FUCK! No… I can’t envisage a life with this guy… No way… There is no life with this guy, there is no future with this guy. But honestly at this point Max is barely seeing me, Noodle is paying me so much attention & I lap it up like a loser.

Noodle cheating sex mastubation.png

The following Tuesday, Noodle isn’t working Tuesday nights anymore due to the store being closed. He has to be there early to unlock the doors for the tradies & then he sits in the office or in his car watching Netflix – OMG I want this job! Hahaha. So at 6:30 am, I get up & am waiting for him when he gets to my house, in a little nightie thing & a big fluffy dressing gown (the only fucking thing I own! I don’t want to look like his partner – I imagine her in a big fluffy thing), being that it’s cold, the end of June & I make a mental note to look for a sexier dressing gown to wear on these occasions… This looks ridiculous! But I also want to surprise him with the reveal of the nightie underneath, not just be in it when he walks in the door… I have a plan for this morning… I have the door unlocked so he just walks in & I’m in the lounge room waiting for him, ready to undress him the second he walks in. I’ve decide to show my dominant side today… He’s surprised that I am out of bed & even says so, even mentions that I have the heater on.. Yeah because I have a plan, dude… We’re not fucking in my bedroom today… I have a vibe & some rope hidden so he can’t see.

I kiss him & undress him… He tells me later that he loves being undressed by me, it makes him feel special. Yeah I’d have to agree, I like it when a guy actually takes the time to take off your clothes & looks at you like he’s never seen anything so beautiful… Well I’ve only had that with one guy so far & I’m standing in front him taking off his clothes trying to make him feel the same. I push him backwards once he’s naked on to the low decorative chair & I reveal that I have rope close by. He chuckles & asks what I have in mind for him. I tie his ankles to each leg of the chair & then his wrists to the back legs of the chair. I suck his cock a little while I’m busy tying him down. Still is this fucking ridiculous dressing gown, I stand up & ask him if he wants me to take it off, he says yes (of course!) & I slowly undo the tie & slip it down my shoulders revealing my most sexy item of lingerie I have at the time & he lets out a breath as he sees me that I know I have pleased him & he likes what he sees. I kneel in front of him & suck his cock while he’s tied to the chair, I stop & he moans & asks what I’m doing. I stand up & walk backwards keeping eye contact with him, not explaining what I’m doing. I jump up so I’m sitting the edge of the pool table & I sit there starting at him, I spread my legs open, find the vibe that I put on the table & turn it on when he lets out a loud “Hmmm.” I turn it on & place it between my legs making him watch what I’m doing to myself while he’s tied up. He says to me “Fuck me, that is so hot.”

While I feel so self-conscious, I am able to keep going because watching him squirm in the chair & asking me to untie him, turns me on more & I am cumming within a few minutes. Once I’m done he begs me to fuck him, he’s struggled so much that he’s hands are out of the ties I tied. (I’m not very good with rope obviously!) I straddle his lap, slide on a condom & ride him, his hands are now free so they’re on my ass helping. I somehow cum so quickly like this when he tells me to get my phone. I do as I’m told & give it to him, he tells me to ride him again but not facing him. He takes a video of me fucking him reverse cowgirl style (I feel like my ass looks giant in this video… I hate it, but he tells me later how much he loves it!) We both cum this way & I can tell you that this was one of the hottest times we’ve fucked for me as I am in control & I am more confident that I ever have been with a man…


Tom Cruise

I decided that it wasn’t healthy to keep seeing married men – that’s the wisest thing I’ve said in a while! Hahaha!! Even if they are allowed to see me – its not healthy, so I trolled online for a date with a nice single man. OMG where are all the single men!? I chatted to a young Tom Cruise look-a-like for a short time before we we tried to set up a date but we never could work it out, he seems like too much hard work. Maybe that’s why I am into married men, because they can’t always see me so it’s not disappointing when they don’t.

One of my biggest pet hates is when I know a guy can see me, like I know they are free & they don’t see me! It comes back to that stupid fucking book ‘He’s just not that into you.’ It basically says that if the guy is not trying to fuck you then he isn’t into you, no matter what the scenario. I don’t recommend anyone ever read this book! It is completely fucked & I think it’s partly part of my problem, I don’t show effort to a guy because I just figure ‘oh well, he just wasn’t that into me.’ It’s almost like my defense play card!

Anyway one night I was sitting in bed, early one Friday night & we were chatting & randomly arranged to meet up that night. I suggested halfway between our houses at a bar but he said he wanted to get drunk so I should meet him at his local. Warning bells should’ve been going off, but this guy was quite cute & I need a break away from the unhealthy relationships I am having.

He is there when I arrive, sitting outside having a smoke when I walk up, it’s freezing so we go in pretty quickly & he offers to buy me a drink. I ask for a red wine. Within a few minutes of the date he’s asking me about my job & almost asking me for help in my field. Of course, as most people would’ve done because of the things he was saying, they’d go in to work mode to help him with his situation. So that’s what I did, I went into work mode & started giving advice as I would if he was a client – not really thinking, just knowing there’s a way to fix his problem. But then he said I was boring. Yep, those words came out of his mouth to my face…

He went out for a cigarette shortly after that & upon his return, he said he was going to play a game of Daytona & I should watch his stuff… I was like right… Too bad if I wanted a game with him, I didn’t even get a chance to ask if I could play too as he was already walking away. When he finished his game, he came back to tell me off for playing with my phone too much, I was lurking in the chat group getting more & more jealous that Noodle was online but hadn’t chatted to me privately… Tom Cruise then asked me if I’d ever taken drugs – hmmm, yes, he did ask that! WTF… This is the first date. Then he asked when was the last time I had sex – err really? Then he asked me more about my ‘boring’ job, which I was careful not to elaborate on for fear of being boring.

We talked for ages actually but the conversation was always difficult & always controversial topics that I didn’t get a good vibe from him. He kept leaving me alone to go smoke but he kept buying me red wines. I had driven so I was taking it easy on the wine, but he kept drinking & buying me drinks, I guess he did say that he wanted to get drunk! While he is outside one time, he messages me “Hello”. I’m like what is this guy doing?

When we get kicked out of the front bar, he offered up the other bar near the pokies, I was going to say no, I better go home, when he said that he liked my jacket. I replied that I liked his too & he said “It’s my kayaking jacket” OMG. I ask if he’s been checking out my online profile, where I say that I have just gotten into kayaking. He says no, so I get a tad excited & asking him about kayaking, where he goes, if he has one of his own? He looks at me like I’m a martian & says that he doesn’t kayak. WTF! Yes I just had a conversation with myself about kayaking because he doesn’t actually do it…Like what is this guys deal?!

He goes out for yet another cigarette coming back to say he’s going to play the pokies… Why am I still here? Why haven’t I walked out yet? He stands at the bar, looking drunk & looking back at me as he orders some more drinks. I still am sipping my third red wine when he comes back to the table with a white wine, even though I’ve been drinking red all night & have an almost full red wine in front of me. He downs another beer. WHAT THE ACTUAL FACTUAL FUCK. Why would he buy me white wine now? This guy has a fucking screw loose… I can’t look away, I can’t leave this date because seriously this isn’t happening!

Tom Cruise Dating Douche Pig

After the second time he goes to play the pokies & have a cigarette, I think I should just get up & leave so when he comes back he is baffled what happened to me. I check online & see that Noodle has still been online chatting profusely in the groups but hasn’t messaged me to say that he’s back online like he usually does – my heart sinks. So I decide to stay & ‘give this guy a go’ (Like surely I have a screw loose if I am still here at this point!) but when comes back Tom Cruise says “This isn’t going to happen” I blink at him before I realise what he means, I jump up out of my chair, pick up my bag & walk out without a word. Not even saying goodbye. Not looking back. Seriously. WTF!


Noodle #8

I don’t honestly see what Noodle sees in me, I actually can’t work out what any guys sees in me to be honest, (I know, I know I have confidence issues, I promise I am working on them!) I tell him that I am pretty bitchy really & get really angry easily – especially when I don’t get sex, so not sure why he is bothering with me… He says “You actually don’t come across that bitchy. Come across flirty, fun, easy going, and dirty. Come across quite attractive plus you always pick a super cute photo of yourself” WOW that’s not what I expected from him… This guy seriously is a mega douche, he’s been involved in a stupid rift between a few groups of people on the chat app & I’m not even sure why or what it’s about, I somehow think it’s jealously on his part because he thinks that everyone wants to fuck me on the app & he’s scared I’ll leave him for someone else… Whenever someone shows interest in me he acts like a cunt to them or makes it known that he thinks I’m hot, so that I’ll flirt with him in the group, with heart eye emojis so people know that I’m interested in him & he’s into me – all without telling them.

In private Noodle is so sweet to me. He’s told me that he’s a douche to his partner all the time & that’s one of the reasons he won’t leave her, so I don’t know why he treats me differently. I mean he is douchy to me too, I’m not saying that he’s perfect, he’s far from it, but he’s always giving me confidence & making me feel good about myself… Is this who he is? Or is it me that brings out a softer side?

The next day, Sunday, Noodle, is at work & comes over for his lunch break… I know he’s coming & he tells me that he doesn’t have much time, which of course I know being that he is only on his lunch break, so I decide to answer the door in just my panties. I can’t do it naked because I am conscious of my belly, I have an small overhang from losing weight so I am so self-conscious of it, so when he walks in the door I am just in black lace panties. I am shaking like a leaf, I have never done this before, I am so scared & so excited at the same time. I mean he doesn’t know what he’ll be walking into with me, I haven’t told him I’ll be almost naked so I see his eyes pop out of his head a little as his says ‘fuck’ walking straight to be throwing his stuff on my couch & kissing me… I am unbuttoning his shirt before our lips even meet. This man! What is it about this man? I cannot get enough of him… We’ve been seeing each other more than once a week & chatting every day & I can’t get enough of him, I always want to chat to him, I always want him touching me… We’re naked & fucking, me cumming again within seconds of him being inside me. I don’t know how he gets me to cum without touching my clit, but fucking hell, I am always on the edge with him! I am then on my knees in my bedroom in front of my mirror quicker than I care to admit, sucking his cock while he videos it again… I can’t wait to see the video!

Noodle dickmatised sex dating.png

When Noodle tells me later when I am probing him for some reassurance of how I look & how I perform with him, he tells me “I’d like to think I make you feel pretty sexy… I have noticed your confidence increase so yeah. You have no idea how much you blow my fucking mind & how hot I find you… & blow my cock” I tell him “You do make me feel sexy… I could never open the door naked or suck someone’s cock like I did if I didn’t feel that way, I actually didn’t mind looking in the mirror as I was sucking your cock.” It makes me feel much better knowing that he is able to reassure me a little. I tell him “It’s ridiculous how much I want to please you & have you fuck me” Jesus where did that come from? He says “Wow did you just admit that to me?” I of course say no, thinking fuck, did I? But laughing to myself, why did I just admit that too him? He says “Well if it helps I fucking really enjoy fucking you & pleasing you” We are in deep fucking trouble… It’s not even been a month of fucking! However its been 3 months of chatting!

The Monday before I see Noodle, I have to work late & when I say I may be at work all night & late tomorrow he seems to get a bit disappointed that he might not see me Tuesday night. But then he acts like a douche & says he doesn’t care, so I say “Oh well you won’t be disappointed when I tell you, I’ve got a laser appointment tomorrow night & actually can’t have sex after it… Wasn’t sure how to tell you, but now you don’t care so doesn’t matter.” He asks if I’m being serious, I say yeah we can just watch Shameless. he says “Your fucking with me right?” (I quote him with the grammar as he wrote it to me!) so I say that we can just snuggle on the couch & watch TV with popcorn he realises that I am joking with him “Yeah your shitting me now, hahaha fuck you.” I tell him to admit that he was sad, & eventually he says he was a little sad – especially after I send him a picture of me lying in bed naked, then he asks “Seriously, I can fuck you right?” Hahaha… Yes Noodle, you can fuck me after laser!

The following Tuesday night Noodle comes over straight after work, we fuck quickly as always, like we can’t do anything else. We tease each other a lot & really connect while having sex, I know I keep saying this but I haven’t ever connected like this with a man before, even with Boyfriend. This is the most intimate & sensual sex I’ve ever had, even though it’s sometimes very kinky. I look at him & he looks at me, I feel him with more than his actual touch, I feel his breath, I feel his beard, without sounding like a wanker but I feel his soul… (Urgh, what! Hahaha)

He touches me like he wants me & like he actually thinks I am the sexiest thing he has ever fucked, I know he is the sexiest man I have ever fucked before (not that he will believe that), I want him to feel sexy too, which he is cocky about but sometimes he does lack confidence about his looks , I want him to know that he is sexy to me. That I cannot get enough of him, that I don’t think the bad things that he thinks about himself – he thinks he has a small cock – he doesn’t at all… He’s the only man that’s ever been able to make me cum with just his cock & make me squirt like a porn star without even touching my clit, that I don’t even know why he thinks that. He also thinks that he has a big gut, but he really doesn’t, he’s worked so hard to get where he is, loosing weight, that I find him incredibly sexy.

We are lying there sated, when his phone starts ringing, he says “Fuck” staring at it for ages, his finger hovering over the answer or reject button. I see that it’s his partner. So I turn away trying to give him privacy. He says hello as is if’s perfectly normal to be naked in my bed & answering the phone to his partner – I’m taken back to the time Max answered the phone while fucking me, to his wife. But this is different, she doesn’t know where he is or what he is doing… I hear her sobbing & he looks at me panic stricken, sitting up, I hear him asking what’s wrong, but he sits up & I try not to listen. He says “Alright, I’ll leave work now, bye.” & I think what the fuck has happened? He tells me that one of their cats have been run over & is dead so he has to go home & clean up the mess for her. I say that I am sorry but he seems preoccupied now, however he still kisses me goodbye several times, saying sorry that he has to leave. We chat later that evening about how scared he was that when he answered & she was crying that she had found out about me. I mean that went though my mind but surely she wouldn’t be crying straight away once she found out about me? Surely she’d confront him before crying about it? Who knows, I’ve never been a cheater to be honest, nor do I know her, but he tells me she’s a bit of a crier. I think this is going to calm things down a bit with him & I, being that we’re seeing each other at least twice a week, I think it’s going to scare him, but it doesn’t.

The following Sunday, I am on my way home from brunch, chatting to Noodle when he says to come visit him at his store, he’s in the office & wants to fuck me there. I am scared for this but I am also turned on to fuck him at his work, while the store is open, I text him when I get to the store, parking next to his car & waiting for him to pop his head out the back door. It’s so naughty, he sneaks me in, I’m worried about cameras so I try to act normal, like I’m supposed to be there, we walk though the corridors to his office. He tries to lock the door but it doesn’t lock so he quickly kicks a crate against the door then is kissing me as I take off my jacket. This is going to be quick, but I know I am wet enough for him, just from the thought of him fucking me in his office on the drive here. We unbutton each other’s pants so quickly & I’m rolling a condom on for him & I back onto the desk, sitting facing him, kissing him as I grab his cock to help slide into me at this angle… My jeans & boots still on around my ankles… This is the first time we’ve fucked outside of my house & with clothes on.

What a surprise I cum really quickly, he takes a little longer of course, though I’m sure he could cum quickly if he wanted too, I’m lucky that I can cum multiple times. So he pulls me up to stand & turns me around to bend me over the desk, this is hot… Next minute he’s in my ass, with the same speed he was in my vagina, he’s fucking my ass & I love it. He’s pulling my hair as leverage to fuck me harder… This is ridiculously dirty but so fucking hot, I am cumming again, biting my lip so as not to make noise as he cums too. We’re both sweaty & breathing heavy as we pull our pants up when he says “Fuck I think I made you bleed” I look over as he’s taking off the condom & say “No, you were in my ass” He smiles, doing up his pants, then grabs me & kisses me harder than he has. Like he just realised how hot that was. Later we talk about it & he says that he’s never accidentally fucked someone’s ass before & not known about it. I explain that I get so wet so don’t need lube, he says he knows & he says that he loves how wet I get, he thinks it so hot but wants to know in future if he’s fucking my ass…. Wouldn’t it feel different? Perhaps not!


Erotica: Scene Eleven – Prick

This is the second to last erotica… I hope that you’ve been enjoying it. But all good things must come to an end!

I really should turn these into a story!

Here’s a link to the other scenes… Scene one – Nipple Bells, Scene two – Wake Up Call , Scene Three – His Orgasm & Scene Four – The Wake Up Call , Scene Five – Blindfold, Scene Six – Shower, Scene Seven – Anticipation, Scene Eight – Watching, Scene Nine- Quick Fuck & Scene Ten – Her Surprise.

Scene Eleven – Prick

He stands me up & gives me a deep long kiss, pulling on my pony tail to give him a better angle.
He walks around me, again standing behind me, he lightly pushes me so I stumble forward towards the bed.
Without warning he pushes me roughly on the bed face first with my hands still tied behind me back, I yelp, but he has a hand on my neck roughly, almost hurting me & his knees pulling my knees up so my ass is in the air.
Once I’m in the position he wants, he stands up behind me.
I can’t see him, but I feel his presence.
The slap on my ass sounds worse than what it is but I still whimper.
He spanks me then rubs my ass gently, so many times over & over that I lose count.
His gentle hand slides between my open legs & stokes my clit from behind.
I start to slide forward as I start to get more excited.
His spare hand roughly pins my neck hard to the bed to stop me moving.
I moan with every teasing movement of his hand, stroking the full length on my pussy, all the way to my ass hole.
He slips a finger or two inside me, then another on my clit
“Please can I cum sir?”
“You can cum when I say you can cum”
I whimper a almost inaudible ‘Prick’, knowing it he won’t let me cum.
Everything stops
I try to look at what he is doing
“What did you just say?” he growls & I know I am in trouble.
I bite my lip from saying anything else.
“Tell me now” he snaps loudly.
I stay silent.
I get an almighty spank on my ass that really hurts, I jump & cry out ‘owww’
“Tell me what you called me”
I don’t hesitate this time, I whisper ‘Prick’
“I can’t hear you?” He spanks my ass again, its so hard it brings tears to my eyes

scene ten Prick sex orgasm denial
“Prick” I scream.
I hear the smile in his voice
“Awww do you think I am going to let you cum now?”
I cringe & know that I am in trouble.
I hear him spit & feel it on my ass then his cock is rubbing up & down my hole before he slides it slowly in my asshole.
He holds me down with a hand on my neck.
His face close to mine as he starts to pull in & out of me.
“Do you think that was very nice to call me a Prick?” I shake my head as much as I can.
“Answer me”
“No Sir”
“Good Girl” He picks up his speed, I can feel every inch of him filling my ass.
“Should I make you cum?”
“Yes Sir, please” He kisses my ear & neck which is such a turn on for me I almost cum from that & being so full from him.
“You will cum when I tell you too but not this time” he smiles “I’ll show you what a Prick I can be.”
He kneels up, keeping his hand on my neck, my hands stuck behind my back he builds up speed.
He spanks the side of my leg & I cry out.
He is moving so fast inside me, that I feel closer & closer to cumming.
My breath is quick, shallow & loud.
He knows I am close.
“Yes, you’re close baby aren’t you?”
“Yes. please can I cum?”
With another thrust he cums in my ass, leaving me hanging.
His movements slow down, his hand lets my neck go.
As he pulls his cock out of my ass, leaving me frustrated, he spanks my ass hard.
“That’s what happens when you call me a prick”
He unties the tie holding my wrists behind my back & walks off. He’s in the shower before I can straighten my legs.
As the bathroom door shuts, for the first time ever, he shouts
“Do not touch yourself”
I flop flat to the bed & scream into the bed.



Chatting in the groups on the chat app a chick who we’ll call Leblek started chatting to me, we’d been chatting as friends in the groups, we were in multiple groups together but then she started messaging me privately seemingly to hook up me up with her partner Shark… I don’t always get that dynamic, but I haven’t been with a proper partner for like 10 years at this point, so I have no idea what couples do. In the real scheme of things, I am still fairly new to kink & swinging worlds so I am not sure what people do. I mean this was before I had the 3sum with Max & Sweetie when I first started talking to them.

I chat with Shark too, we’re all friends from the groups so it’s not weird but to be honest, I really put in no effort with him… I feel bad now for that, being that he’s become a very good friend, but I never message him first ever, I still have Max & Origin in the mix at this time & I am getting closer to Noodle, I’ve finally said goodbye to Rob Rob before the infamous Switch. I don’t want to add another complication into the mix. I am also not a bi-sexual, I know women don’t turn me on, I have since been labelled bi-friendly, meaning I don’t mind playing with couples, however at this point I’d only really started toying with the idea of playing with Max & Sweetie, so I am not sure if I even like that?

Leblek decides that she wants to meet me for a drink with Shark after work one day & after much talking with her & putting it off, I agree to meet them for a drink, a drink can’t hurt can it? A drink only… I’m not going home with them. It’s actually the evening of the day of the first time I ever met Noodle (These stories all intertwine! Sorry if it’s confusing!) I’m on holidays so we decide on a drink. So after meeting Noodle & having that wow lunch with him, I really want to bail on meeting this couple. However, I don’t, they know Noodle from the groups only & I tell them that I met him earlier, even though it’s a big secret in the groups that we’re chatting (I’m still not sure why we do that, but we do, probably because he has a partner & kid, I’m not sure. Avoid the judgement maybe) But I can’t shake the amazing lunch I just had so I am not really into this meet & greet really.

I walk into the pub & find a chick with long curly hair, she’s super tall & a bigger build than me that I feel so short & tiny. Also she’s not what I expected from her pictures she shares in the groups. We hug hello & look for a place to sit down, we wait for Shark to arrive but the first thing Leblek asks me if I have fucked Noodle, I laugh & don’t lie, I haven’t fucked him but she doesn’t believe me, so I tell her that I only met him today for lunch, she seems more excited than me, telling me that our chemistry & banter in the group turns her on. Others are noticing my chemistry with Noodle… FUCK! Shark rocks up & we have another drink, we all talk easily & I enjoy their company despite not really wanting to be there.

Next time I see them is at Switch, the infamous one where Max kisses our friend from the chat app. I end up kissing Sweetie, Leblek & Shark. It’s a fun night besides that, but I remember the look on Shark’s face when he saw how much is bothered me that Max was off kissing other women. His expression was like ‘don’t worry about it’ but he knew that it bothered me, in fact everyone was consoling me more than Sweetie that night, she didn’t seem to care. I cared because I was there with him & wouldn’t expected more, he’s there with 2 women, does he need a third? Also Max had been in the groups & he was hard to get along with in a group setting, so I think Shark didn’t really like him… After this evening, he sure as hell didn’t like him.

Shark dating bisexual threesome.png

Afterwards, I talk less to Leblek but more to Shark, he is constantly asking me to come play with them, I am not as attracted to them as I was with Max & Sweetie, but I want to know if I even like playing with couples – the elusive unicorn.

I never tell Noodle that I am going to play with this couple, I’m not sure why, but I suppose no one knows about Noodle & I fucking, so I don’t need to tell him others I’m fucking… I’m not exclusive with anyone at the moment, so I can do whatever I want!

I arrange to see Shark & Leblek at their house which is an hour & a half away from me on the other side of town, I give myself an afternoon with a time limit due to meeting a girlfriend for dinner so I have an out if this doesn’t go well – I even set an alarm so I won’t be late to dinner. They invite me in & we all sit down to have a drink, it’s pretty easy chatting to them, mainly about people in the groups really, we have a couple of drinks before Leblek says “Alright you two, get in the shower” Um what? Get in the shower? I showered before I came here, because this morning I was actually fucking Max & having my ass spanked till it was red raw. She tells me Shark likes to shower, but when I see the size of their shower, I wonder how the fuck were going to even fit, let alone play in there…

I am awkward about this, but Shark takes me into the bathroom, turning on the shower & we get naked & get in there… We’re kissing & touching, I’m wondering the whole time about what Leblek is doing when I look to see her looking around the corner like a weirdo… She looks like the ultimate creep & I feel uncomfortable. I don’t know how to relax when I can just see the top of her head & eye ball staring at us… We get out the shower & go into their bedroom, Leblek strips off her dress & they both take turns on going down on me before I roll over & because we’ve talked about my pain threshold, I offer up my butt for them to spank because I am not feeling this, I am not a bisexual & I don’t think I want to play with couples. I’m not sure if it’s them or me, but I know this isn’t what I’m about. I also can’t stop thinking about Noodle, what would he think if he knew where I was? I know he doesn’t particularly like Leblek but I don’t know why I care about that, but I do!

They spank my ass so much & Shark tries to hit is as hard as he can, but it doesn’t hurt – well it does but I like it, it turns me on just lying there & being spanked, Leblek uses her nails up & down my back which causes red lines, they are both enjoy making me & I do enjoy being their toy, but I definitely know I don’t want something more sexual with them. I never have sex with them, I don’t even suck his cock, Leblek does & makes him cum, but I basically don’t even touch them.

My alarm goes off & while I have enjoyed myself with a few awkward moments, I have also been counting down the minutes, Leblek has made things a bit weird for me, I don’t know if she’s too eager or what, but it’s made it a bit awkward. I head out to dinner.

The next day chatting to Shark, he asks me if I want to see them again. While I’m happy to be their friend, I definitely don’t want to play with her again. So I tell him part of the story, that I don’t want to play with couples again, which is partly true. It’s not entirely my thing at all. But I can’t tell him that she weirded me out.

A few short months later, Leblek leaves Shark for someone else she found on the chat app, this chat app kills relationships… I have become great friends with Shark & he confides in me about his feelings, I message him though the debacle. I feel sorry for him & have no idea what to say. I don’t catch up with him but I do offer to meet with him. We have become good friends & I never knew how close he & I would become.

Now Shark has an lovely partner, who I’ve met, someone who isn’t chatting to a million blokes online, someone that actually loves him. I’m so happy for him because as much as I was friends with Leblek during that time, I actually realise that I didn’t like her… It wasn’t until they broke up that Noodle also revealed that he despised her – I knew he didn’t really like her & just kept the peace as she was in the clique we are in, not that that matters but it surprised me that Noodle didn’t like her that much.


Noodle #7

Noodle & I talk so much that I am worried how invested I am with this guy. He’s got a partner, don’t worry I never forget that fact – but somehow I don’t care, which is weird for me & hard to explain… Usually when a guy tells me he’s married, I write him off… I know I’ve spoken about a few married guys but there have been hundreds I haven’t written about that I just delete…. But with Noodle, there is a pull with this guy, a pull of chemistry & passion that I seriously have never had before… it’s undeniable. He also feels the same, no games, no waiting to message me, no being “busy”, it’s straight up honesty, even when he pisses me off. I have never felt this way about a guy before, I have never been this invested, I mean I have liked guys a lot before but not like this…I am in deep trouble!

But only 2 days later after our last encounter, I am waiting for him again at my house for our usual Tuesday night ritual. I am glad that he’s been able to change his location so he can fake it on his phone, pretending he’s still at work instead of turning it off, hoping she doesn’t notice or by leaving his phone at work & hoping she doesn’t call. What a fucking effort this guy goes too to fuck me! He also tells me later than he always drives back to the store after being at my house to change his location back on, so there’s nothing suspicious if she happens to be looking where he is when he is changing it back. Really, that is a lot of effort, but he tells me that I am definitely worth the effort & he also says that I am worth the risk of losing his family… WOW! That was unexpected…

He gets to my house, I have the front door unlocked for him while I am in the bedroom with my ankles tied to the bed with the restraints on my wrists but not tied to the bed so he can do what he wants to me. He enters the room & says ‘fuck’ as he sees me, naked & semi tied to the bed, it makes me smile knowing I have pleased him, I look at him as sexily as I can (But I think I might come across as injured, not sexy! Hahaha… I don’t know how to look sexy to be honest!), leaning back against him as he comes behind me to cup my tits & kiss my neck. Fuck I love my neck being kissed, his beard tickles my neck while he rubs my tits & gets me excited. I expect him to push me down & tie my hands to the X restraint but he gets rope out of my draw & roughly ties my hands behind my back, pushing my head down to the bed so my ass is in the air. He spanks it hard; I yelp but also moan with pleasure. He fingers me from behind which feels different, I am spread wide in another way which gives him easy access. He makes me cum pretty quickly (of course) before he is sliding into me from behind while also spanking my ass. He picks up my phone – we have been discussed him videoing & taking pictures of us fucking because I think that sounds pretty hot… but I also said he can only use my phone because I don’t want her to find pictures of me in his iPhone trash folder & also so I have veto power if I look like shit! Hahaha.

He starts taking video of him inside me, fucking me… I always complain about not being able to see, because I don’t know if you ever watch a guy when he’s fucking you but they get to watch their cock going in & out of you & they love to watch it… But women of course don’t have the same vantage point so we can’t see what is happening, so I want to see what it looks like. He also spanks my ass again & in the video you can see his hand print come up quickly on my ass, it looks so amazing! I know that’s not for everyone but I loved it so much that I was able to use a setting on my phone to turn the video in a gif file that repeats over & over… Fuck, why is that hotter than the video, him spanking my ass & the red handprint coming up instantly over & over… After that day, I watch it a million times & I seriously love it & tell him we need to video more! He agrees & is pretty happy that I want to video us fucking, I mean what guy wouldn’t want the hottest video of him fucking someone?

Noodle cheating porno video

This is completely fucked up but I feel like I can tell you guys this, but my favourite part with Noodle, is us laying down afterwards & just talking, me hugging him with all my whole body, lying on his chest, legs over him, arms around him tickling his chest hair, while he tickles my back… FUCK I’m in so much trouble here! It’s bittersweet when he gets up to get dressed, we’ve talked about our healthy eating, work, his kid but one of the things we laugh about tonight is how much I want cheezels, he makes a joke about bringing me some & I tell him that he should buy me some! He leaves kissing me goodbye, like 10 times before he goes & I set about tidying up my bedroom where the sheets are completely in disarray. The room smells like our sex, I love that smell… I’ve never liked it before, usually cracking a window as soon as the dude leaves, but this is different. It smells sexy & I can’t get enough of it. I jump into our sex sheets , messaging him but not getting to much of a reply back, which is weird for him.

When I hear a knock on my door, my heart starts pounding & I think, who the fuck is this at my door at almost 10:00 pm. I go to the door as I hear a car drive off… His car? What the fuck is he doing back at my house. I open the front door & on my doorstep is a box of cheezels – no sign of Noodle. OH MY FUCKING GOD, that is so bloody adorable! I send him a picture straight away with a heart eye emoji & say to him that he is not the hard ass guy that he makes out to be, I call him a big softie! He tells me that he that he “May have a tiny weak spot for you… just a small one tho!” I smile like an idiot, what the fuck, this is too cute… This guy usually isn’t like this with me. I eat the cheezels smiling like a tool the whole time, chatting to him again until we go to sleep.

The next time I see Noodle is a Saturday morning, he tells his partner he has to be at work early so he can come over at 5:30 am, but not actually starting until 8:00 am. It’s fucking early for me on my weekend, but I get up & unlock the door & get back into bed, waiting for him. He gets there & I know we have a few hours together. We have sleepy wake up sex for me first before we lay there hugging one another. When I decide to show him a little dominant side of me, I ask him if I can tie him up today & he agrees with a huge grin on his face. I tie him to my X restraints, his arms & legs spread, I come up between his legs & suck him so much that he begs me to fuck him. I giggle & kiss his chest to then kiss his lips, he’s begging me to fuck him, his eyes are filled with that look of pure desire for me to climb on top of him. He’s tied, I’ve never really tied a guy before, I actually quite like this, he’s pulling on the restraints so much that I think he might get out of them soon. But I sit on his lap, just rubbing myself on his cock, never actually letting it inside me… Man this is harder than I thought, I just want his cock in me but fuck I love teasing him!

I just rock back & forth on his cock making it wet before I get a vibe & make myself cum while sitting on top of him. He begs me to fuck him, to stop making myself cum, but I am enjoying this way too much. I am so wet & really want him inside me again, he’s groaning & begging, so I whisper in his ear “How badly do you want to fuck me?” he stares at me intently & says sternly “Just fuck me” I even think he uses my real name, which is unusual for him, when I look at him with a look he says “Please” I chuckle & rub my clit back over his hard cock a few more times as he keeps saying “just fuck me,” before I finally slip him inside me & ride him while he groans saying “thank fuck for that.”

I also let Noodle do anal with me, when I untie him & we’re fucking again, he seems genuinely surprised when I ask him if he wants to fuck my ass, but he says yes instantly, pulling out of me & sliding slowing in my rear. I cum again with my fingers rubbing on my clit. He seems to like that too!

That was a very fun couple of hours & I look forward to being more dominant in the future. It was really my first real experience being a switch & I really liked it! I tell him later how much I liked seeing his face struggling to get me inside him (now I know why men like to see women struggle!) & he said “You enjoy it way too much”, I say “Yeah of course, it was fucking hot!” he says “You’re fucking hot” Jesus, that was unexpected!