Little did I know who this guy was when I first met him. He is one of the teachers at Rope & the friend that I met there introduced me too. I didn’t realise that he was in my group on the chat app until she said. She introduced us & I went to my beginners area. Later during the class I’m stuck with a guy just tying my wrist, thinking this isn’t that fun, when my friend ask Ripples to tie me in a TK. I really enjoyed that & think that if I have a regular rigger, I’ll enjoy rope – not necessarily for a sexual thing but for a more of a public display. I have mentioned Ripples a few times in previous posts.

I work out that I have chatted to Ripples a fair bit on Fetlife (kinky facebook) ages & ages ago, even long before I met Noodle. I never knew who he was. He’s not Ripples on the chat app, but I heard someone call him Ripples at rope & I put 2 & 2 together. But because he had no pictures up, his age said he was close to 50, & because it’s me, I never kept the conversation going. Plus I guess I met Noodle & didn’t really go on my Fetlife account much, except to share pictures of Noodle, not that I used it much before Noodle or really at all since.

Ripples & I chat on the chat app a bit more & he ends up tying me up at Sleezeball too, afterwards he asks if I’d be interested in a more private setting, he’d come to my house & practice some rope that he was planning for a party he has coming up. I agree a little apprehensive because I didn’t want to give him the wrong idea about what I wanted from him. I also don’t really know him all that well & I’m allowing him to come to my house & tie me up. I let a friend know what is happening & ask her to check in on me if I haven’t text her a few times throughout the night. Safety is a very important thing when you are entering a kink scene with anyone.Ripples comes to my house & it’s fun, he tries out a few ties & takes a few pictures too, I love sharing them in the chat app group because I’ve become a bit of an exhibitionist I guess since meeting a few others that are willing to share too. I guess sadly, I’m validating my existence by being in these chat groups. But at this point, I know I am still sad over losing Noodle, but I trying to move on & not think about how much he would hate any of this. I am enjoying it for now & even though I tell Ripples about the recent break up (although he knows a bit from the chat group) I relax with him & enjoy the session. He shows me a few new ties that I obviously haven’t had before, taking pictures & sharing them with me later.

A week or so later, he asks if I want him to come over again, I say yes, I had fun the first time, he says that he’s bringing a friend who wants to watch. Ok, bit weird – I’ve never had this before so it’s a bit weird for me, but I am open to the idea, but alright, this is just about rope anyway. She just sits & watches as he ties me up outside, I try to make conversation but I’m also trying to concentrate on staying still. He ties me in a TK where my hands are behind my back then lifts up one of my legs. When he says that he’s going to tie up my other leg, I worry a bit that my pergola isn’t going to hold me. I think I am in my head too much for this, this is my first time suspended but also I am worried as I am wearing a dress & I am concerned about my undies or what they are both thinking about me.

But my pergola does hold me… I end up being tied by my arms, which are behind my back & legs like superman in a way. He takes some photos but because I’m being bitten by mosquitos, I say we have to go back inside. He tries out another tie with some purple rope that’s a little more scratchy, but I like it.Ripples mosquitosWe message later & he says I should come to his place because he has a space where he can tie me. He’s now in a relationship with the chick he brought to my house so I am more at ease with him. I know he is tying with someone so he’s not going to be someone I can tie with Monday nights but I am more open to tying with him & learning how to be a proper bunny. I really want to let go & learn more about this art form.

I do feel though that this will be better with a partner, a regular rigger regardless of if I am in a relationship with them or not, I do want someone to get to know what I like, what I don’t like, how to do it right. I feel like this is the same thing I am looking for in a sexual partner.


Things #IBD4U Wants Men To Know

So I’ve posted other blogs about what women want men to know, written by others & other types of blogs but I’ve never written one myself. There are things men should know when they are dating a woman, a woman like me who is an overthinker. This is not a one size fits all post, lets get that straight now, however, I’m sure this is pretty relevant for some of my readers… Especially the overthinking ones!

A friend once said to me that I have high expectations & it made me think. Yeah I do, I follow though, if I tell someone I am going to be there at 5:00 pm, then I am there at 5:00 pm. So I expect the same from them, you know 10 minutes late for me is considered extremely rude. So I am on the fucking dot. I’m that annoying friend, I know! Hahaha. If I say that I am going to text someone, then I text them – I don’t say I will if I won’t. I might intend on texting someone & forget, but I haven’t set up that expectation that I will prior – if that make sense. Does that mean my expectations are too high because I expect the same thing in return? I don’t think so, but my friend does.

I know I obsess & I twist words to suit myself sometimes, (or all the time hahaha) you just have to read this blog to know that’s what I do, I am aware that I do it & I try to think rationally a lot more now that I used too, but I’m sure I’m not alone here… I am a true overthinker with major self esteem issues – who has also been very recently diagnosed with anxiety. (So even the thought of the Cocktails with #IBD4U that is coming up in January 2020 – check out my Facebook invite – is stressing me out – even though I want to meet you all so badly, I am worried!)

People reading my blog contact me all the time saying they feel like they could’ve written some of my blogs, so I’m assuming it’s because people are similar to me & I’m not alone in this. I over think, I obsess, I twist words to suit me & I get angry when things don’t go my way. I don’t mean too, I just do… I’ve been single a long time. It’s annoying when things don’t go my way.

So I’ve been thinking about what I want men to know about me, or about the type of person I am…. I have been drafting this list for a while, I have a lot more male readers than I ever thought I would have, so here are some things that I want men to know. Well mainly here is a list for any future guy that I may date…

Things i want men to know.png

  1. Be honest, if you want a hook up, then just say it. Don’t tell me you want a relationship when you really just want to get your dick wet.
  2. If you say you’re going to text or see me. Then do it!
  3. Make plans – don’t make me wait. If you want to see me again, ask me.
    • If you don’t, then tell me, so I am not waiting around like a loser.
  4. Be chivalrous, offer to pay sometimes, pull out the chair & open the door.
  5. If you don’t have time to reply to my message, then I’d prefer if you didn’t read it. Just wait till you have time to read & reply. I hate when my message is read but not responded too.
  6. Don’t be late…
    • If you are late, text your ETA prior to the original time
  7. Don’t play with your phone when on a date, unless you’re using it to show me something. Same goes for your smart watch.
  8. A lot of effort goes into getting ready prior to a date (even if it’s just Netflix & chill!) – Shaving, waxing, shaping, straightening, exfoliating, changing sheets etc (things men obviously don’t think about), so bailing last minute is beyond rude.
    • If you do have to bail last minute, then apologise & set up the next time to catch up.
  9. Don’t ghost. Ever. Be a decent human being & tell the person that you’re no longer interested!
  10. If you like me, tell me. I am dumb when it comes to feelings, I don’t know.
  11. Start out as you intend to go on. If you text me daily, I expect a text daily, don’t let it dwindle off as you lose interest or get me where you want me. We don’t have to text all day, but at least a good morning or good night message would remind me that you are thinking of me.
  12. I am affectionate but I struggle with showing it first. Please help me out by making the first move.
  13. Don’t say you’re busy or been busy as an excuse. It’s SO offensive. I am busy too, but you can’t be that fucking busy you can’t reply to my message in a 24 hour period.
  14. Flirt but don’t be a creep about it.
  15. Don’t send me a picture of your cock. If I want to see it, I will see it in real life.

I’m sure there are more things to add to this list – Which I know makes me seem high maintenance, however, I’m really not… All you need to really do, is text me back & not be a hoe! Hahaha.


Spirit Animal

A friend shared this on her Facebook & I thought it was a great article & I realised that I found my spirit animal.

I laughed a lot with this article then has a weird thought, if female dragonflies have to fake their own death to avoid sex with a predator dragonfly, then what hope so we all have? Actually, I laughed a lot, but this is quite disturbing. It’s almost like a woman having to pretend she has a boyfriend to stop a guy from talking to her. Spirit Animal.png

Female Dragonflies Fake Their Death To Avoid Males

Everyone has those nights when their significant other comes to bed and — for one reason or another — they decide to feign sleep to avoid talking or … doing other stuff.

Well, female dragonflies take this kind of sneaky sexual rejection to the next level — faking their own deaths to avoid having sex with aggressive males.

Scientists recently captured this phenomenon on video for the first time while observing moorland hawker dragonflies in the Swiss Alps.

In the newly released footage, the female is seen freezing mid-air and plummeting to the ground, where she lies motionless until the male leaves.

(When researchers approached the females, they immediately flew away — showing they remain alert throughout the fake death.)

This behavior, which has been previously observed in five other species, is called sexual death feigning. It’s believed to have developed as a survival tactic, since female dragonflies often risk injury or death when coerced into mating.

“In a lot of dragonflies, males try to seize the female with or without consent,” Rassim Khelifa, a biologist who recently published a study on the phenomenon, told National Geographic. “The fittest — that is the fastest, most powerful male — is usually the one who mates.”

Male dragonflies often pounce on their female victims as they bask in the sun by the water. After a female has laid eggs once, Khelifa found, she’s pretty much met her quota for sexual interaction.

And that’s when she starts playing dead.

It’s apparently an effective escape method, since more than 60% of the females who employed it successfully deceived their male pursuers — and every female who didn’t was intercepted.

Other methods used by female dragonflies to avoid having sex include laying their eggs in dense vegetation and avoiding areas heavily populated by males.

Sexual death feigning isn’t only used by the ladies, though.

On the opposite end of insect gender relations, male wolf spiders often play dead to avoid getting eaten after getting laid.

So next time human dating is stressing you out, take comfort in the fact that you always know whether or not your date is alive.

Here is the link to the website if you would like further reading.

One thing though I disagree with is the knowing if your date is alive. I always pretend that the guy if he doesn’t text me back, that he died. I mean why else wouldn’t a guy want to text me back after meeting me? Surely it’s because he died… Hahaha…

My eyelash lady told me the other day who’s been in a relationship since high school with the same guy, that relationships aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. I get that, I am not that stupid to think that a man will complete me, I don’t need a man to complete me. I am a strong independent woman, so I am not worried about being completed. But I want a partner. I mean I haven’t had a proper boyfriend since Boyfriend abut 12 years ago now. Well Noodle did say I was his ex girlfriend, but can I really consider what I had with him a relationship?


Big Show

This guy will also be a relatively short one too. I will have a lot of these shorter ones coming up actually – I didn’t use to write about people I never met, but some of these stories are worth the read. Hahaha. They are part of my story & I think they need to be told just as much as the major stories, because the choices I make in the significant stories are because of how the smaller insignificant stories have shaped me too.

So this guy Big Show joins the chat group by being added by someone I have become friends with, they don’t seem to be together so it’s ok & I think he seems pretty nice, his picture is him in a mask covering most of his face but he seems to have nice eyes. I private message him first, which again is unheard of as you know, but I am trying to move on here, I am trying to do different things.

We chat, he’s a FiFo (Fly in, fly out worker) & I think this is perfect. A friend constantly tells me that I need a FiFo worker because then I can be alone when I want & be with him when he’s home. It’s the perfect relationship! Hahaha…So I think this might be perfect, just what I need.

But this guy ends up sending me pictures of his dick & then jerking off videos – remember the first one I ever got & I was appalled, now I don’t even bat an eyelid, I just watch it & think why the fuck does a guy you don’t even know think that is sexy or will turn me on?

Anyway we talk a lot, almost daily about general shit, not all day like I have been used too but we chat a fair bit to be honest. Why does this always get me into trouble? Why am I addicted to the chat?! It’s good to have a distraction & not just a guy trying to meet me for sex & then ghost me. He can’t meet me, he works away!

big show addicted to gym or money.png

We chat though out the day & I also tell him that I have a lingerie fetish, it started with Noodle, but I still have it & am still buying stuff – not even sure who is ever going to see it again but I am buying stuff. So Big Show asks me to show him, I send him a lot of pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I have sent a lot of pictures in the past. But I don’t often send pictures to people I don’t even know – I haven’t actually seen this guys full face yet & here I am sending him picture after picture of me in lingerie.

As I start to trust him a bit more & we chat more, I open up about fucking married men, not on purpose, but I tell him about the recent debacles I have had & he askes if I’d do it again & I say no I wouldn’t. I may not know what I want right now from a man, but I know that I don’t want to fuck another married man as long as I live. That’s when it hits me… He’s fucking married! Why else would a guy ask that question?! He says that he is & I fucking throw my phone down & scream into my pillow. I feel like such a wanker! What the fuck, I have been sending his pictures all fucking day! I have been opening up about things that are really painful for me to talk about & this guy is bloody married.

I ignore his message that says “But I have a goal im trying to achieve” OH like whatever dude… Fucking achieve your goal without hurting another woman… That just fucks me off more. The next day he says “I guess it’s cya later then” I stew on if I should write back or not for hours. Till I snap “You should’ve been honest with me… I shared a million fucking pics” He says that I never asked, which infuriates me even more. I tell him that it’s a cop out & he should’ve told me. A week later he sends a message “Sorry” I tell him that it was a delayed reaction & he says “Haven’t been on the chat app for a while. But with that response I’m not sorry then” I ignore him, I bet he hasn’t been on the chat app because he was home with his wife!

A couple of days later, I haven’t replied to him so he send “As much as I say I am not sorry hahah I really am. I just hate attitude” WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! I ignore him, as much as I want to write back, at this point, I don’t want to give him the satisfaction. I fucking hate this interaction now. I can’t believe that this is what online dating is like now.

The next morning I wake up to a picture of his cock… Seriously!

I am thankful that I get a new phone around this time & so my chat app history is deleted… I hate that I have been through this yet again, it seems like this kind of bullshit will never stop for me… With a new phone, new chat app account. I delete everything & am only in a couple of groups with friends. I pull right back & stop using the app a lot. I need to gain some of my sanity back!


New to Vic

This is going to be a very short one, so don’t settle in with your morning coffee expecting a juicy post! Sorry, spoiler alert! New Year’s Day 2019, I see a notification pop up on my phone from the online dating app, so I look because I’m not doing anything else. This guy has added me, I return the like, we exchange the usual pleasantries & then he asks for my number. I generally don’t give out my number, so I ask his name & why his name on the site is Newtovic. He says he’s in Adelaide but has been interstate. He gives me his number & I think why not, we’ll send some texts & all will be well. So at this point, we’ve sent about 10 messages on the dating app to each other, so this is really quick for me, before I am sending him a text saying ‘Hey Newtovic, its #IBD4U’ within seconds my phone is buzzing in my hand & my wrist is buzzing from my watch with a number not saved in my phone. Surely he’s not calling me? FUCK. I absolutely hate when they do that! This is why I don’t give out my number.

Newtovic understand nothing.png

I answer the phone, it is him… Insert eye roll here… He tells me that he’s moving house but the owner has just reneged on the offer so he’s had to stay at his hotel because he’s just moved to Adelaide. I’m not sure I believe this to be honest, but anyway. We talk alright for a few minutes but then there’s an awkward silence where he says he was just checking a text about another house option & I wrack my brain for an excuse to get off the phone as it is a little awkward right now. I get the feeling that he wants to dirty talk with me or is looking for a place to stay tonight, I’m not really 100% sure what he wants, but I know that I don’t want to meet this guy yet. If the conversation doesn’t flow well on the phone, it probably won’t flow well in real life. But he asks me if he can take me out on a date & I say that he can – not sure if I want to go… He says that it’ll be a nice dinner & some flowers – sounds ok. I say he doesn’t need to buy flowers with a little laugh as that would make me feel uncomfortable, I think. We talk a little more but the we say goodbye & before he hangs up, he says that it won’t be the last time I hear from him.

I think ok, it was a tad awkward but it was a phone call, a phone call I wasn’t prepared for, so let’s just see what happens when we meet face to face – see if he follows though with the flowers! I mean give the poor guy a go, he put himself out there by calling me & I did start the call by asking why he is calling me. Whoops.

A day later, I go online & he’s deleted me! WTF… Fuck me, really? I guess that will be the last time I hear from him after all! A friend says maybe he will call or text, that maybe he’s just deleted his online account. Oh I love her optimism. But no, I will probably only ever hear from this guy again if he’s horny & it’s really late at night, otherwise never again!

Ironically, a year later & I never heard from this guy again… I am not really sure why people do that… The “We” talk. We’ll do this, we’ll do that, when they have no intention of following though with it.

Again, with meeting people like this… I just miss Noodle. Nothing stops me from thinking about him, fucking nothing.



I meet this guy online, we start chatting easily, he starts off by saying I must be very popular as other profiles are awful, I guess that’s meant as a compliment?! So I ask how, I don’t think my profile is that great, he says that there aren’t many appealing women or any that he would go on a date with. I assume he’s trying to give me a compliment, but he’s not doing a very good job.

Then he says something interesting “I’m not even asking for an exclusive relationship I just wanna adore a lady if she sees others.” my interest is piqued, even though I don’t like to chat about my kinks & sexual history with men because it always seems to get me into trouble, but I figure he’s trying to tell me that he wants an open relationship, which is pretty much where I think I will go if I ever find someone, because I have been alone so long, I don’t know if I can be monogamous, I mean I was in love with Noodle & kissed T-Bone, I also fucked Orbit while with Noodle… I don’t know if I can be monogamous. I am not sure how an open relationship would work for me at this point, I mean it wouldn’t be like Max & Sweetie who has regular FWB, but parties & other couples might be ok. I’m not sure, but I definitely won’t want to cheat.

He asks me if he can tell me what he is looking for, but he doesn’t want me to freak out & block him. Oh seriously, I sure can pick em! WTF will he say? “I’m one of those guys that likes cuck relationships” Oh phew… I kinda gathered something like that being he said he didn’t want exclusive… For those of you going WTF is a cuck relationship, it’s more commonly known as a Cuckhold relationship, where a male will encourage his partner to sleep with other people because it turns him on. In Free85’s case the jealously turns him on. There are different aspects to it I guess, if he wants to be tied & forced to watch or he wants to tell the guys what to do, or even if he doesn’t want to watch but just wants to hear about it later on.

It’s not entirely sure this is what I want, as usually a Cuck is a submissive, I want a more dominant man. I am mostly submissive, so would I be able to be the dominant one? I guess I am dominant in life. But I figure he might be fun so I keep talking to him & share some kinks of my own with him, including some rope pics, when he says I’m too good to be true & he thinks I might be all talk. Well he might be all talk too, like a lot of guys!Free 85 see what happenedHe disappears for a few minutes, so I move onto something else on my phone, I get a notification that he’s messaged but I don’t go back into the app right away. As I do, I see he’s sent a pic, it’s just of his body & he looks quite good to me. By the time I go back to the chat I see he’s sent another picture which I click on & it’s his cock. FUCKING HELL! I tell him that he was doing so well till he sent me his cock. He says that he thought he’d lost me. Double what?! So the response to someone not replying is a dick pic? So my panties drop? LIKE WTF.

He says well you didn’t reply, I was trying to get your attention because I have his. I think about my reply before Then he sends “GAYYYYY” OMG is he 12? Wtf is happening? We were having such a good conversation! Then he says sorry miscommunication, I’m say that I’m not sitting on my phone waiting for his replies but he says he got impatient because he doesn’t find people like me often & he got in a huff & that I should relax. I say I’m not sure how he’ll cope with being jealous since he got in a huff when I didn’t reply in one minute. He says sorry again & that he put his foot in it (I’d say he put his cock in it! Hahaha.) I tell him that my biggest pet hate is a unsolicited cock shot & I’m going to sleep. He says he’ll see me Friday. Fuck this guy is going to Switch! I forgot about that… Also my stupid face is up on the bloody app so he’d know who I was… I mean I’ve been approached before at events people asking if I’m the person they think I am.

At Switch that Friday, I don’t really know who he is as we’d not exchanged face pictures yet, he knew my face but I didn’t know his. But thankfully I never saw him… I don’t know if he went or if he didn’t but I am thankful that I didn’t see him. He never came up to me to talk so I can only assume he watched me from a distance (creepy) or he didn’t go. I had informed a few friends of his potential appearance, but luckily we never saw him. I also deleted the app straight afterwards. I am so over douches!

This kind of shit though reminds me why I fell in love with Noodle & makes me miss him even more. I want someone who puts in effort. They say that a man will chase what he wants, well when will I have a man that chases me?! Rather than me having to “give them a go.” I hope that one day I will get over Noode… & soon… This dating round-a-bout hurts so much.



I’ve never been to Maslin Beach, I always hated people joining a group on the chat app & saying they are heading to Maslin, who wants to go? Like it’s the only kinky thing to do in Adelaide or the only beach. For those who don’t live in Adelaide, it’s a suburb in the south of Adelaide with a beautiful beach, which in 1975, was declared Australia’s (yes Australia’s!) FIRST official nude beach. Yeah way-to-go my humble little home town for being so progressive! Interesting fact for you, the suburb is actually called Maslin Beach, not Maslins beach, however most south aussies just call it Maslin’s or massies.

So when the couple from the last play party invite me, I’m reluctant. I don’t personally think that because you go to a nudist beach it makes you kinky. But I figure this might be a good time to try it out – safety in numbers! The guy I usually go to the play parties with, LJ, is heading down there also on the same day & because I feel comfortable with him – even though we’ve never fucked or seen each other naked, I think ‘Fuck it. I’m going to go.’ I have wanted to try new things, so why not. I know Noodle would hate this too, but that’s not why I do it… I just need something else in my mind besides him fucking his partner.

I obviously wanted to meet someone in the car park to walk down with me, I know it’s sort of off the beaten track. I am not really sure of the protocol & don’t know what it’ll be like being a single reasonable looking woman – again I think it’ll be full of older men, who will be like a moth to a flame. The married woman from the play party also talks about the fact she doesn’t take off her bather bottoms, which makes me at ease because I don’t think I can take mine off just yet. As it is, I’ve only just been going to the beach this summer in my bikini (no singlet or shorts like usual), I’ve never taken my top off in public.

I arrive at the carpark before they are there – feeling a little nervous. Walking around is a skinny old man with long grey hair – longer than mine (& mine is about down to my bra strap). I see another older man, in his 60’s+, with really grey hair & really skinny, wearing oversized shorts & t shirts with those velcro sandals, you know the type I’m describing. It makes me weary. What have I got myself into here?! My couple friend get there & we start the long trek to the beach. We set up a camp & they strip off, I take a deep breath & take my dress off, then my top & to be honest, I am uncomfortable for about 2 minutes till we’re walking into the water. In the water I can hide, but it’s freezing till you get used to it.

We get out & my other friend arrives, LJ knows 2 other people on the beach so they come to join us too. I actually know one of them from the play party too, so they join us. Another guy that’s been walking around with a hard on & shirt, stops by & he knows someone in the group so he joins us too. I realise I know him as the dude who was hovering when I was playing air hockey at the play party.

We all go for another swim & just chill out on the beach with some wine & beers. I go for a walk with a couple of people to check out the whole beach & I am surprised how liberated I feel with no top on, even if my boobs are like a lighthouse beacon, bright white! We have a really good day & I am glad I was there with a bigger group of people than just by myself or one other person. Unfortunately there was a fair bit of cloud cover so we didn’t get an amazing sunset, but it is a bloody beautiful secluded beach!

(Ps. Picture is a real picture I took at another visit.)

A few tips & things I picked up as a new user of the naked beach, to those thinking of going. I definitely think people should go if they want to, it wasn’t at all like I expected. I guess I had that same type of idea about the play parties so it’s interesting that it was nothing like I expected, again! But here are a few things you may want to know prior to going:

  • Safety in numbers for women. There were more men there than women, I’d say about 3:1, if not more. (maybe just the day I was there)
  • There are a fuck load of stairs (which are weirdly spaced for my short legs) down a giant cliff face if you go from the closest top carpark – be prepared to take a breath or 2 when going back up. (I’m pretty fit & it was a bit tough going back up) The view is actually amazing though so take a picture!
  • There is another carpark on flat ground but it is further away distance wise, it’s a long walk across the beach to get to the nudist part. (There’s a sign dividing the regular beach to the nudist part)
  • Be prepared to see more penis than you’ve ever seen, the men the day I was there tended to walk around a lot. (A few were hard, one had a shiny cock ring, all different ages, shapes & sizes!)
  • There is a rock over by the cliffs which is apparently the area people have sex, however if you have a tent, people may have sex but beware apparently people will just look in your tent if it’s not closed up.
  • Don’t be scared to get naked, no one cares what you look like & if they do, who gives a fuck, they aren’t on the catwalk, so get naked & enjoy the freedom.
  • Be prepared for people to look at you, even your friends. It was ok but just wasn’t expecting their eyes to wander as we talked. I mean I had a peek at them too, I’m only human! Hahaha.
  • Careful when rubbing sunscreen into your boobs – one of my friends made a joke when I was, which was ok because I know him, but I did notice others watching & I was trying to be discreet.
  • If the water is a bit cold (as it was for us) your nipples will stick out & your penis will shrink. That became a bit of a joke with my friends, which was good because it’s like the elephant in the room.

Anyway I had a really fun time, I think that everyone should be brave & go too, if that’s your thing. Since going, I have actually even ditched the shorts at the beach all the time & I’ve been going in, in just my bikini. I am finally getting some confidence! WOW.