2018 : One Arm

Online dating is so superficial. I didn’t know what I was going to do if this guy really did only have one arm!
He never did come back in my life, I am not sure why he messaged after the date – especially straight away if he didn’t feel the spark…

I've Been Dating For You

One of the most superficial things about online dating is the fact that you have no idea how old the photo is that the person has posted & also sometimes you can’t even tell if they only have one arm or not! I’m not sure how much it would have mattered that he only had one arm but I showed about 20 people his photo to see what they thought but no one could work it out. In the end he did have two arms, so all was well but I still can’t understand what happened with this guy.

We texted for a while, spoke on the phone & arranged a date, a walk on the beach. Now at this point in my life I was feeling pretty ugly & fat, so when he suggested the beach I was so unsure what to wear, I had no cute dresses or…

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