Motocross #12

A shorter bonus post today, because this was supposed to be ready for Tuesday & my amazing guest blog today, however I wasn’t prepared! So here it is! The #BonusPost. Hence why if you notice the colour of the heart meme was wrong! Hahaha… No one probably notices, do you?!

On with the story : I go to sleep, semi disappointed to be honest but also, it’s ok, I mean I sleep better alone, this is moving fast, I am not sure I’m ready for full on sleepovers just yet. I’m not sure why Motocross hasn’t stayed over since the first time we had sex though, at least once. Of course my overthinking brain wonders why he hasn’t stayed, or why he doesn’t want to stay over? Especially when leaving here at 2:00 am. I mean I think possibly that he’s still married maybe, but she’s changed her name on Facebook so I don’t think so… he couldn’t just go home that late every night without arousing suspicion… What else could it be? Especially if he’s going to come over again tonight. How can he get away so much if he’s married or seeing someone else? It’s now Monday night – end of July, tomorrow will be 2 weeks since we met online.

I don’t hear from him all day which disappoints me too but then again I haven’t messaged him either, however you all know my dumb rule. As I’m leaving work I think I will message him as I am either going to skip going to Rope & see him or I will go to Rope. So I message him & ask if he’s still wants to come over. He says “Hey yeah I can come a bit later sure but if you’ve got plans all good though I can wait” What is that supposed to mean? Fuck, don’t over think it. “No I’m not doing anything, besides you… Will be home in about 20 mins so any time after 6.” I try to be cheeky, because I don’t want to be in a bad mood that he didn’t message & that he said he doesn’t have to see me, that he can wait. “Hahaha good answer. Yeah nice okay I’ll be there about 6:30ish” Lets think about this, 6:30 pm is early, like if he didn’t want to hang out with me, he’d say like 8:00 pm or something right?

I potter around doing some stuff at home waiting for him to come. 6:30 pm comes & goes. 6:45 pm comes & goes… I think this is unusual for Motocross, he’s always been so punctual. I keep looking at my phone wondering if I should message him, I didn’t reply with a yeah come on over at 6:30 pm, I just thought it was implied… Fuck, should I message? Where is he…? I am sitting on the couch thinking, fuck I broke my rule of drinking alone & he’s about to bail on me! Or maybe he is waiting for me to message to say come on over? When at 6:55 pm, I see his face pop up on my watch, I quickly look at the message, holding my breath for the I’m not coming bullshit excuses “Hey I’ll be there real soon.” Phew… Something has obviously come up, he’s not even 30 minutes late at this point… & to be fair, he did say ish. I reply that it’s all good & I’ll see him soon & I relax.

He knocks on the door just after 7:00 pm & I am reminded of Noddy & how he just would walk in & say hey as he walked in without me having to get up off the couch, then he’d bee line it for me to give me a kiss hello, so familiar & so much more like a boyfriend. Motocross knocks on the door, waits for me to answer & then walks in without kissing me on the cheek even. Is it weird at this point? I mean the man has had an intimate bath with me among other intimate acts, basically invited me to Vancouver for a holiday with him (& admit that you’re all planning that trip in your head too, I am not alone here!) & is hanging out with me on very regular basis – surely he would just knock & enter then kiss me hello as he walks in the door?!

Motocross already have a wife

Anyway he doesn’t want a drink, which is just a beer, he’s not a big drinker & I’m starting to think that he thinks I’m an alcoholic, every time he’s over, I have a couple of beers or a glass of wine, he has said something about my drinking too, I forget what now but I know it made me feel self-conscious – knowing he doesn’t drink a lot due to training. I am so careful with my drinking, as I’m not sure that I’ve told you this but I come from a long line of alcoholics, so I made a rule a long time ago when I started drinking a lot after I moved back from Canada & moved back into my house I owned with Boyfriend, that was being rented out, that I would never drink alone & I pretty much follow that rule all the time since then, only once or twice I have broken that rule. I don’t need to drink but when I have company, I will have a couple of drinks.

We watch fucking Sharknado 3. Like really…. It’s laughable at this point! But also hilarious that I have to watch them all. Motocross falls asleep on my couch so I wake him up by moving around a lot when the movie had finished, he had picked the stupid movie… We barely watched number 2 because we ended up having sex. Now, we sort of sit looking at each other, I’m unable to make a move, but then I sort of lean forward & kiss him on the couch. We have the same sex in my bedroom as we’ve had every time & again – it’s good, I’m not complaining, however this guy really doesn’t know much about foreplay. He touches my clit though my pants (but that doesn’t count, cos it’s not really getting into your clit to be honest) & he dry humps me when we’re kissing but there isn’t a lot of foreplay, we both get ourselves undressed in my bedroom & he’s on top sliding his dick in, which is lucky that I’m wet enough for him to do so. When we have sex again & me on top, I don’t know about you ladies, but I’ve heard this before from men, so I don’t know what you are all doing, but he says that he likes that I grab his cock to guide him in… WTF?! Do other women not do this? I’ve heard this from more than one man, so what do women do when on top or when the man is on top, I always grab their cock & guide it in, or sometimes they’re just poking around your leg trying to find your hole & it’s awkward. So I just eliminate this awkwardness & guide their cock in. However when Motocross says he likes it, I don’t know why it makes me wonder what other women do when a dude is about to slip his dick in? The only time I don’t help is when I’m tied up, I even try to help when they’re coming in from behind, especially when they aren’t the type to hold their cock to slide it in… Am I alone with this? I must be a minority being that a few men have said it to me. Hahaha… Let me know if you do it too!

Anyway, he gets up about 11:30 pm & goes home, suggesting tomorrow night. Tomorrow night will be 2 weeks since we met online, this is also the third night in a row that he’ll see me, but yet he’s not staying over?! I don’t really ask this time as I don’t want him to have to make an excuse. I know he gets up super early for training, so it’s ok, I don’t want to be woken up at stupid o’clock to him leaving my house. So maybe it’s better him not staying over? Maybe it’s too early for that stuff?


Guest Blog : Rooster

This is a blog post from someone who has guest blogged with me before… I love this story! Enjoy.


So… it’s been a while, but you may or may not remember the last encounter I wrote about was with a charmer named Ryan. Believe it or not after the debacle that was Ryan I was still keen to try to find a regular friend with benefits. A week or so after seeing Ryan I thought I should message him to be polite, I messaged him and said that I hoped he hadn’t thought I had been rude, I had just been really busy. He messaged back to tell me that he had met someone (in 8 days – when not looking for a serious relationship – wow!) I wished him all the best and tried to put him to the back of my mind.
I was swiping through Tinder again later that week when an intro caught my eye. The guys profile pic was of a tractor (lesson learnt since) but the intro said that he was a genuine guy, looking for a friend for fun and if you liked being pampered he was your guy and you could lay back and relax.

A match was made and over the next week or two there was a lot of chatting. When I asked the guy why he did not have his photo as his profile pic he explained that he was trying to keep a low profile. When I asked for a picture (he had seen my face and body shape after all) he replied with one and quickly after asked if I was still going to chat to him. I replied of course (he wasn’t unattractive I didn’t think) but he seemed to think that women once they saw him had changed their minds in the past. We had quite a lot of chat happening on Tinder and then it moved to Snapchat. I HATE snapchat as a chatting medium, I hate that messages disappear, and you cannot see the message history of what has been sent. We chatted for a while and things started to get interesting. He lived over an hour from me so meeting wasn’t as simple as I would have liked. A date to meet up was made. The meeting was set for the Sunday after my 40th birthday, during the party I was chatting and my girlfriends were in stitches at my story and could not believe it was going to happen. Neither could I, I had high hopes for this hook up becoming a regular thing. The afternoon of the meeting I had a gut feeling…

Bam, there it was, a snap chat message telling me that his adult son had broken his car and needed it fixed so he could get to work the next day. Rooster needed to help him fix it so he could not come visit that day. I felt he was genuinely sorry – he certainly sounded like he was in the message he sent. Later that afternoon I sent him a video of me using a toy (why do I give guys my time and energy who don’t give theirs to me???) and his response after he saw it was “I’m going to punch my son in the mouth” which had me laughing.
We kept trying to make a date to catch up, but he worked in a mine and was 4 days on 4 days off which made it hard for him. I also have children at home so we were juggling my weekends that were free. One night while I was cooking tea my snap chat notification came on. It was him, he was stark naked at a lookout on the way to work and had stopped and taken a full frontal selfie on the lookout and sent to me. He must have set the phone up, stripped, set a timer and then went and posed. It had me laughing for days
The chat continued, mostly sexual and then another date was set. This was one was on a weekday and the anticipation had been building. I got a message around an hour before were due to meet, him telling me he was on his way. I arrived home from work to find him waiting at the front of the house – he followed me in and I told him I was nervous, he grabbed my hand and kissed me and then we made our way to my bedroom.

guest blog rooster

The foreplay was good, he went down on me which is something he had alluded to in his tinder profile. He was another one that didn’t even think to use a condom. We were playing with each other and next thing he was on top of me. I asked him if he was worried I would fall pregnant (after all he didn’t know me well), he told me he had a vasectomy so he wasn’t concerned. We fucked twice and then to my disappointment he was getting up and ready to leave. When we had been chatting I am sure he had told me he had more time but he wanted out of there!
We kept chatting via snap chat for a little while longer, the messages were getting further and further apart. We had spoken when we were together about not fucking anyone else – I just wanted one friends with benefits to rely on – that’s it. When he had asked me the usual “What are you looking for” that’s what I had told him too. One day I got a notification on my tinder (I had hidden my profile as per our agreement) and I was very annoyed to find a notification that he had changed his tinder profile picture.

I decided he was dead to me and I was moving on. It was good sex, I just wish he had been honest, maybe I wouldn’t have fucked him just once but at least I would have gone in with eyes open. This all happened in December 2018, then during the Coronavirus pandemic in April 2020 I was working from home with kids at home. I was working in the front room and heard a truck pull up, I live on a busy main road so I paid it no heed. Next thing there was a knock on the door, I let my children answer the door and I heard “Is ***** here?” I came around the corner to find Rooster standing there. To say I was shocked was an understatement. This guy fucks me, disappears and then just calls in 16 months later??? We stood there very awkwardly smiling at each other, he explained that he had been driving past and thought he would stop and say Hi. I told him I thought he had been dodgy disappearing like that – he told me he lost his phone, snapchat everything…. I’m thinking yeah dude, that old chestnut… As my sister pointed out – he knew where I lived so he could have found me if he wanted to!

This is literally something that would happen to me. I am so happy about this post, not that it happened to one of my readers but that it’s so similar, that I know I am not alone!


Motocross #11

So I decide that I will look so casual & relaxed, with my legs crossed on the edge & leaning back, playing with my phone when he gets here. Cool, sexy & relaxed. Perfect. I get a message that isn’t from Motocross, but I have to sit up to write back because this isn’t a texting position, when I see him appear quietly at the bathroom door out of the corner of my eye – he’s looking at me & I jump like a fucking lunatic & almost drop my phone in the bath! FUCK… So smooth! So perfect….Fuck. I couldn’t have been more fucking unprepared for that entry if I tried… FUCKING HELL! He laughs as he leans on the door frame, like a jerk – he’s pulled off the casual, relaxed, sexy look, so fucking well, while I do not look at all like I was planning, I’m now sloshing around like a whale, trying to get myself straight & back in the water with a sucked in gut. FUCK. How didn’t I hear his car pull up or him come in the front door? Fuck.

He stands at the door talking to me looking so cool – cool as a cucumber, calm & collected for a few minutes, in that moment I hate him & I hate that I have no bubbles! He stands there for a long time, just chit chatting that it gets a little weird, so I ask if he’s going to get in – because otherwise I should probably get out, he says yeah & walks into my bedroom to get undressed. I try to pull off the casual relaxed #IBD4U look I was going for when he got here & I fail miserably, yet again! I look dishevelled, flustered & like a fish out of water. I should give up! FFS. What a fucking hilarious disaster.

I don’t think Motocross done this bath thing before either, because he walks back into the bathroom, naked, but being modest… Not covering his dick with his hand, but it’s sort of somehow hidden away, not tucked away – it’s not between his legs, but I don’t really look either, so he doesn’t feel weird about getting into the bath with me. What is it about seeing the man you’re fucking (but not in a relationship with) in the nude, when it’s not about having sex? After sex, it’s ok. Before sex it’s fine, but when you’re not having sex, why does it feel weird, when it’s not leading to sex. This isn’t about sex… But this is the most intimate thing I have ever done with someone I’m not in a relationship with. It’s so fucking intimate.

I move aside in the bath to bring my legs up, he steps in the bath & sits down – I allow him to stretch out his legs & settle in but we do not touch! Literally do not touch! He doesn’t rest his hand on my legs or brush my leg with his leg… Bahaha… Looking back I think now how hilarious that is & how pathetic we are but when I was in the moment, it seems fucking weird to touch him since he didn’t touch me. I am still flustered about looking like a wanker when he got here, I almost dropped my phone in the bath FFS, that I’m not really with it now.

We chat easily about the race, about his weekend away, I ask about the press stuff & he also mentions that he was listening to a similar playlist before the race to get him in the zone – he picks a more obscure song in my playlist & starts singing it quietly. I smirk at him singing… He also says that he was in a rural town somewhere in NSW & that the track was too fast (whatever that means) & everyone kept crashing so the hospital couldn’t cope so they shut down the race, he says that he won the race though & walked away with $17k for winning… Errr WTF?! Why did he tell me that? It makes me uncomfortable to know that he just made that much & I can’t help but think that he’s not offered to pay for more being he clearly earns more than me! Hahaha. – I’m not like that at all, calm down, it was a joke!

Motocross feels like home

Oddly, I also notice something about Motocross that I haven’t ever noticed before now, as he talks, he has a slight stutter. Why haven’t I noticed that before with him? We’ve been on plenty of dates & talked lots? I know his spelling & grammar are terrible, but I haven’t noticed a stutter before. Has he relaxed around me enough to not be conscious of it? Or is he more nervoice because we’re in the bath together? Or is it because he’s talking about something he’s really passionate about? I’m asking more racing questions than I have before, being this is the first time he’s raced since we’ve known each other… I don’t know, but I actually really like it… It’s makes him somehow a little bit more attractive to me, cuter, more vulnerable or something.

Now, I talk about all sorts of topics here… I don’t hold anything back as you know, sex, kink, anal, rimming – whatever the topic, I cover it – I am not shy about writing anything here for you. I tell you everything basically… Even if it’s embarrassing… Well it’s only embarrassing if you make it embarrassing… But I’m trying to make topics I cover less embarrassing. I’ve talked about farts before – mainly during rimming, but everyone farts every day, right… Well have you ever been in a bath with a guy you’ve just started seeing – probably not after 10 days but this is going at warp speed – & just enjoying the night, but your tummy keeps groaning for you to pop one out?! FUCK… So I can’t fart discreetly in a fucking god damn bath! Especially a bath with no fucking bubbles… FUCK… There is no discreet way to fart on a date, in a bath. Normally I would walk into the other room & get a drink or something… Hahaha… Of course as fate would have it, I haven’t farted at all in the bath the whole evening while alone – trying to get into a casual relaxed position, but now that Motocross is in the bath with me, my guts is not going to let this one go. I squirm around trying to hold it in – which always makes it worse & it comes back with a vengeance, making my tummy growl, which also sounds like a fart. I even do the unthinkable & touch his legs! I know right?! So risque. I must be squirming a lot because he asks if I’m ok, I just say that I’m getting cold & my back is starting to hurt, perhaps we should get out. He agrees, phew. It’s been about 45 minutes after all…

As the water is making so much noise going down the plug – those gurgling sounds & we’re getting dry, he leaves the bathroom in his towel to find his clothes & I can finally let my little fart out! Carefully of course to not make noise, then I wave my towel around in case there is a lingering smell… Hahaha… But we all good, Motocross notices nothing! We really cover the hot topics here at #IBD4U! So sexy. Also so you know, because we’d actually talked about baths together in the future while in this bath, I buy nice bubble bath & have it in the cupboard for future use. I will not have this happen again!

I meet him in my bedroom, naked, I kind of parade around thinking we might have sex now, but he’s getting dressed as I then put on my pjs – shorts & a top – he puts back on his tracksuit type outfit. We sit on my bed & I say I want some food. He suggests that we order something to be delivered, I agree & we go through uber eats for somewhere to eat. I feel like the hot dog again from the place I took him the day after the first night he slept over. He orders something different & I order mine, looking for my card to pay, when he pulls out his credit card & hands it over it me. I notice that it’s an Australian credit card, he must notice me looking at it because he says that his mum organised it for him before he got home – knowing he was going to be racing here & winning Australian dollars (he’s so confident about winning!). I do notice his name on the card – as I have to type it into the app as well, it’s the name he gave me, he’s not lied about that.

As we’re sitting there talking he starts playing with his phone, apologising saying that he just has to reply to some important emails. I don’t think anything of it, but just sit there organising dinner as we chat.

He talks about holiday we should go on – yes he’s talking about a fucking holiday with me, oddly he suggests Vancouver. I haven’t told him I lived in Canada, I mention it now of course, but I haven’t said that I have wanted to go there or anything… The reason why this is strange for me, is that his, whatever she is, wife or ex-wife lives there, according to my Facebook stalking. This isn’t the right time to bring her up or dig into his life, we talk about places we’ve travelled & where we want to go. As we wait for the dinner to be delivered, we go into the lounge room, I was thinking we’d stay in my bedroom, have dinner in bed but he suggests we go to the lounge room & so we do, I don’t think to suggest to watch tv in bed. We pick a movie, well he picks a movie, something again about racing cars or bikes & we watch that while eating dinner on the couch.

At the end of the movie, he makes a move, kissing me & we go into my bedroom again to have sex. The sex is the same as it is again, starting off with him on top shortly after kissing me, then me on all fours from behind, then once we’re done, we’ll have sex again, I suck his cock & then ride him. We don’t cuddle heaps after sex, but I don’t feel used by him. We lay around chatting, we do touch after we’ve had sex, it’s not so weird. We lay around for hours chatting naked in bed, having sex again, he talks about how much he likes my pillows – they’re new & cost me like $100 each! He’s at my house till 2:00 am, when I say something about going to sleep but he says that he needs to go so he gets up & gets dressed. As he’s leaving, at the door, he asks what I’m doing tomorrow night – well tonight & says that he’ll come over again tonight… Why doesn’t he just stay over?


Motocross #10

Fucking hell, I can’t stop giggling thinking about the things Motocross says to me. I also can’t even believe we are on blog 10 & we’re only 10 days into this thing – 5 face to face dates in & we’re kind of exclusive already… How bloody invested are we all?! I know I am, but you all are too! Don’t deny it. Hahaha.

I get home from my long drive from Mt Gambier & reply “Good, cos this is how I am! Um, so I don’t mean to be rude & all because while you do have quite a large cock, it’s not quite the size of my bicycle… Nor is it difficult to get out of my car… I do prefer to ride your cock to my bike though! Awww, so you’re not going to sign anything for me?” I am oddly disappointed, why do I want this guy to sign me something? I guess his kept his name tag with my surname on it, I’ve kept mine too now because I’m some sort of idiot… So maybe him signing something for me will be like my little momento?!

FUCK!!!! Expiry people, expiry! For all I know this guy is able to separate the whole not fucking other people & going back to the USA, unlike me who is now overthinking this into a full blown relationship where I am going to move to the USA with him! OMG… CALM THE FUCK DOWN… Why do I get so attached? Do other people?! (I mean some of you must because you’re all addicted to this story already!)

He replies “haha good stay that way. Oh wow not rude fair point tho. Happy you prefer it over your bike looking forward to Sunday night then. Hahaha alright will work something out just for you” Awww, how sweet, he’s going to sign something for me! I tell him that I’ve been this way for almost 38 years, so won’t be changing any time soon. I also see the fucking snail as I pull into the driveway & say “Frank, the spider, masquerading as a snail said hey Motocross, as I got home today too” Fucking hell, I milk a joke for as long as I can! Hahaha. I tell him that I definitely prefer his cock to my bike as a bike seat just hurts my ass & that I’m looking forward to Sunday too. I then say “Oh really! Since you took my last name, I think it’s only fair you give me something, Mr Famous!” He says that it’s funny as that the snail remembered his name. He says that he’s not complaining & will try not to hurt my ass & since I asked nicely he’ll give me something.

I tell him “Yeah, he remembered you saving his life from me wanting to kill it…! I don’t mind my ass getting hurt a bit, just not by a bicycle seat! Yipee, I’m excited…! Something signed by Motocross #IBD4U Last Name, just for me!” I write his name as it was on the name tag, how hilarious seeing his name as my own… He doesn’t write back & I go about my evening now… It’s Friday night, he’s probably out at press stuff or having dinner with the other riders or something… Let’s just hope I haven’t scared him with my last name stuff… I mean I do want to get married some day, however the chances of that at 38 are getting slimmer & slimmer. However, I don’t want a guy to freak out thinking that’s all I want.

A couple of hours later, I am sitting inside by the heater, not having a rocking Friday night to be honest when I see a teeny tiny snail on my shoe! How fucking funny! I take a photo & send to Motocross saying “OMG Frank Jr was just on my shoe! (Weirdly inside after driving home)” Yeah how did a snail get on my fucking shoe?! He replies that it was just waiting for it’s mate.

I tell him about my irrational fear of spiders, even of pictures on my phone & stuff, how I sleep with a can of fly spray next to my bed after once there was a huntsman at the door of my bedroom & I couldn’t run past it – plus I have a can in the car after there were 2 huntsman’s in it in a week. I tell him that I am a weirdo! He doesn’t reply, it is almost 10:30 pm which would be 11:00pm for him in NSW, I am tired from the drive & I fall asleep, pretty content to be honest. I wish he was here, or I was where he is, but I am pretty happy… Fuck.

Motocross situationship

You know how things happen quickly for some people & they are engaged within a few months or whatever? Maybe that’s going to be like that for us, maybe not the engagement but the relationship happening fast? Or maybe I just need to hold up a bit & calm down… I mean it’s been 10 days!

The next day I go to the gym & don’t hear from him, it’s Saturday so he’s probably doing all the press stuff & bike store visit or whatever he said he had to do while away for racing. It’s almost 1:00 pm in the day when I finally hear back from him “Aww haha I promise there be no spider jokes you Shaw come well prepared with the fly spray tho. Lol weirdo nah maybe semi” I seriously love this guy’s spelling… Shaw = sure. He’s super cute, or really fucking annoying!? I bet it’s one of those things I find super cute now & in like a years’ time I will hate & want to strangle him for?! Hahaha… OMG – stop planning ahead so much!

I reply a couple of hours later “Yeah dude, if you want to live, do not send me spider related anything… I’m insane when it comes to that… Lucky I’m normal everywhere else in my life! How’s the press stuff going today?” He doesn’t write back till 9:30 pm, when I am out for a drink with a friend (remember being able to go out for drinks with friends… SIGH! Remember this is all end of July 2019.) “Alright just cause I wanna live for a bit longer. Glade your normal everywhere else. Yeah press day was good thanks feeling good for tomorrow now thanks. How was your day recovered from all your driving yet.” I write back saying that I want him to live a bit longer too & I don’t want to end up in jail. I wish him well for the race & tell him in order what I did for the day. But I don’t get a reply, it its 10:30 pm my time, so in NSW it’s 11:00 pm, I’m assuming he’s asleep again. I don’t think much of it & expect that he’ll text in the morning.

I wake up late to no message from Motocross & go about my whole day with nothing. Fuck, why does that upset me so much? I guess because it’s now Sunday, he was going to come over tonight. He hasn’t bailed on any plans yet, but you know what, this is my life after all so he’s probably going to bail on me. I go about my day, feeling hopeful but deflated. Oh no, why do I now think this is over because he hasn’t messaged me today? I could message him? & say what? I figure that he’s up early raced all day, not had his phone on him. He’ll message when he gets back to Adelaide?! If not, I’ll have a cry & forget the fucker!

My family aren’t coming over tonight, so I think I’ll have a bath. He’s mentioned last time we were together that he’ll be back in Adelaide around 8:00 pm, so I will just wait a bit longer to write him off! OMG, I have a problem! Hahaha.

I run a bath & as soon as I settle into it & just try to relax, I put something on the computer to watch & just zone out, with my phone next to me as always. I’m not even in the bath 2 minutes, when I see his little profile picture pop up on my watch & his name with a message “Hey I’m home well just landed actually what you up to” FUCK. I sit bolt upright, smiling like an idiot & write back. “I thought you weren’t home till later? I just got home myself & jumped in the bath…’ Why did I say that? Why did I say it like that too?! So accusatory! Must be because I’m sad he didn’t message all day. I mean he was fucking racing, get a grip – he’s messaged you now & asking what you’re doing. “Yeah correct racing got called off early track was to fast and too rough hospital couldn’t cope. Oh yeah nice well enjoy and I’ll see ya a bit later if you wAnt” Oh shit, now he thinks I don’t want to see him… “Well you can either join me in the bath or I can get out. I haven’t eaten yet either, assuming you haven’t…” I’m annoyed I’m in the bath to be honest… FUCK – I don’t want to waste the water… I guess I’ll see if he’s a bath man or not?! “Oh yeah bath sounds good . Nah not eating yet” Shit, I’ve only ever done this with two other men, I bathed a few times with Boyfriend when we had spas in a hotel but never just a bath like I had with Noodle… Max sort of climbed in my bath once but we didn’t really bath together… This is very intimate. Fuck… I jump out of the bath, unlock the front door, pack away the computer, put on some music & get back into the bath with my heart racing. “Alright, well I just unlocked the door, so you can let yourself in, if that’s ok? I’ll just relax…!” Shit, is this really happening?! “Alright done see you soon” FUCK! Yep it is…

Ok, so I’ll hear his car pull up, because it’s loud, I assume he’ll go to his parents’ house or will he just come here? I don’t know but fuck, now what do I do? I agonise over the play list for a while, making sure I’m listening to something I like but something he’ll like & then I just think who gives a fuck, I’m listening to heaps of Papa Roach & Linkin Park so just put on that type of list – if he doesn’t like it, then whatever.

Then as I sit in the bath to relax, I start freaking out… Like a fucking wanker trying to work out the best position that will stop me from looking so fat when he gets here. I don’t use bubble bath – fuck I curse that I don’t have bubbles right now. I hate bubbles, but right now, I want fucking bubbles. Baths aren’t flattering, I can’t suck in, I can’t hide my gut overhang (that I am so self-conscious of – when a guys is fucking you, they don’t notice your flaws but this isn’t about sex, this is just a bath! My flaws are exposed. So exposed.) So I’m trying out every possible position, I’ve got my legs out, my legs back in, I’m in a ball, I’m stretched out. FUCK my fat gut!!! He’s seen your fat gut #IBD4U, get over yourself, he’s fucked you naked, quite a few times now. He’s pretty much touched every inch of your body (except your clit)… He knows what you look like, if he didn’t like it, he wouldn’t keep fucking you nor would he have suggested coming over for a bath. Would he?


Guest Blog : Mixed Bag – Ex Girlfriend & Henry

This is my first mixed bag guest blog. My guest blogs aren’t always long enough for a blog of their own – just as some of my stories aren’t long enough & so I created the mixed bag with some short stories. Here are a couple of short stories from 2 different guest bloggers .



So I went on a date with a guy my friend had previously dated. We msd beforehand and he asked if I could get any weed and we could have a joint. So I sourced some weed and we met up at a pub and had a drink. He asked if I wanted to go back to his place and have a joint… So we went back. I rolled it up and he mostly consumed the whole lot to himself, and it was a large joint! He sat chatting on the rug, when he got up to go to the fridge, next minute – bang he fainted and hit his head on the floor.

I was like, oh fuck, I asked if he was ok, he mumbled blergh leave me for a bit…. So I put a pillow under his head and waited… He had fallen asleep and he wasn’t getting up any time soon, so I decided to bail. It was now 1am. So I try to get out and I’m stuck. He lives in an secure city townhouse and I can’t find the button to release the gate! I sit and SOS to friends, but they are asleep. I go back in another hour later… His GIRLFRIEND comes to the gate and can see him through the glass panel on the door, and sees me and it looks like I have killed him! She starts screaming, he starts stirring and wakes a bit, and says – that’s my kinda ex girlfriend – hide, she is crazy!! So I run and hide behind a couch and wait… He stays on the floor, his phone is ringing (It’s her).

I wait about 30mins until I hadn’t heard her for a while, go to him and shake him awake. “YOU NEED TO LET ME OUT” He rose and stumbled to a panel which had the gate unlock mechanism, opened the door and said RUN!! SHE COULD BE HIDING. So I ran as fast as I could to my car, locked all the doors and then I just pissed myself laughing.

Just unbelievable. Worst date ever.

Mixed bag ex girlfriend


I meet Henry on Tinder and we match. I am chatting to a couple of guys at this time, but he and I get along and he suggests a date straight away. We swap numbers and I am pleased to get a “Good Morning” text each day, and lots later in the day to see how I am. It feels like he is messaging me when he is on his breaks at work. After the guys that I had met that showed no commitment it was great to finally feel like this guy is really showing an interest. We chat a lot via text – to the point the kids ask who I am talking to and we make a date to meet one night after work when the kids are having dinner with their dad. I was hoping for coffee or a drink but instead he suggests we meet at a local beach and go for a walk. I am waiting at the beach at the right time, starting to think I have chosen the wrong part of the waterfront when he finally arrives. He gets out of the car and after we have worked out that we are who we think each other is we sit down. We chat easily for over an hour and I am late for my one gym class a week because we are getting along so well.

We continue to chat via text message, he is messaging me each day to ask how I am and things are going to well I ask my parents to have my children while I meet him at the river for another “date”. I a waiting at the river in the car park at 1.30 when we have agreed to meet. At 1.50 I am still waiting and shoot of a text message asking if he is still coming. He replies to say he is on his way, another 15 minutes later he arrives. He gives no apology for being late (one of my pet hates – show some respect for my time!) and we make our way over to the other side of the river. A red flag had popped up when I joked via text that I thought maybe he had changed his mind. My sense of humour has always been to make a joke at my own expense and when I feel uncertain I joke hoping that my fears will be squashed. He had replied saying no, he had just had visitors turn up unexpectedly and he didn’t seem to get the joke. We sit on the other side of the river and chat, sitting on the ground on a picnic blanket gets a little uncomfortable. We have a pause when he asks if he can kiss me, he does and the kisses are nice. I want to keep kissing – I am loving the affection – but he says something about getting an erection and being embarrassed so we don’t kiss any more. We have a date lined up for a weeks time, the next night we are both taking our children to an event that comes to town. I am already overthinking how I am going to handle it if we run into each other.

When I am at the event, I send a message saying “Hey, haven’t seen you at the *** tonight” – he replies to say his plans had changed. In an attempt at humour I reply with “Oh, that’s ok, I thought maybe you were trying to avoid me!” with a face palm emoji. I am shocked by his response a minute later which reads “I don’t know what you are trying to insinuate but I don’t appreciate it”. I am shocked, and send another message telling him that I wasn’t trying to insinuate anything, and is he suggesting we shouldn’t see each other anymore? He replies saying he really wanted to have that conversation in person but yes. I reply saying I assume dinner is off then? He replies again with yes, I ask if I can call him, he says no. I try to call twice but he won’t answer.

The next morning, I receive a text message saying good morning and asking how I am. I regret it now but at the time I replied saying good morning and I am glad he had messaged me. That’s the last I heard from him… I saw him in the supermarket a few months later when I was with someone I had started to date. I tried to dodge him and not meet his eye! Looking back I think I dodged a bullet there!

I hate to say it, but dating doesn’t discriminate! Doesn’t matter who you are, there is always a douche canoe out there!


Motocross #9

The next morning I am up at 4:00 am. I am not sure why I don’t text Motocross, I guess I’m hoping that he’ll wake up & say something sweet about having a safe drive to Mt Gambier being he gets up at 5:00 am for a bicycle ride according to him. I go to my meeting & by lunchtime, I still haven’t heard from him. I am tired as fuck. Having only gotten 4 hours sleep last night, which was totally worth it – The sex isn’t epic, but it’s good & definitely worth staying up for, but I am struggling already. I check into the hotel early having done the only thing I was here to do, I try to nap because I can barely keep my eyes open, I have some computer work to do but that can be done at any time really but now while I can I’m going to get into my gym clothes to go for a run around the blue lake, I always do that here, trying to beat my times.

I notice that I have hit 2741 steps on my watch & all I have done is sit in the car & go to a meeting, where I sat the entire time then then to the hotel. I sort of laugh being that Motocross & I talked about my step counter counting steps that I didn’t do. I send him a picture of my watch & say “Sat on my ass for 5 hours & got 2741 steps. #Winning. Have a safe flight today” He writes back shortly after “Haha that’s ridged actual. Yeah thanks good drive was it. You feeling tired” As there are no question marks, I can only assume that he’s trying to keep the conversation going by asking me questions, if he’s not, then too bad I am going to answer them anyway. “Yeah it’s fucked… I hit my 5000 steps last night when we were having sex apparently!? I’m in bed in the hotel, tried to nap but couldn’t. Gonna go for a run now the suns out then do some more work” I can almost tell then that he is going to reply with something cheeky. “Haha seriously wow had you working pretty hard last night then. Oh yeah okay well enjoy your run hope you beat your time then” I had told him that I try to beat my time every time I’m down here. He’s never been to the south east & did mention that he’d like to come one time, but obviously he’s flying to NSW today so he wasn’t able to come & I mean this trip was not planned, otherwise I would’ve driving up yesterday (which is what my boss wanted me to do at night, but I talked her into letting me drive up in the morning when it was light & not dusk with kangaroos – mainly because my vagina wanted sex, but also driving in the morning would be safer than driving at night!)

“Yeah, I’d done like 3000 steps when you got there, by the time you left, I’d hit 5000… I didn’t walk that much! Definitely got a workout though. Thanks gotta drag my ass out of bed first.” I almost can’t be bothered, I’d rather chat to him “Haha was a good workout tho correct, your welcome well if I was there your ass would definitely be staying in bed” with a poking out tongue winky face emoji. Oooh, I won’t deny that that that turns me on a little & I wish he was there, I’ve always had the little fantasy of having someone on a work trip with me. “#True. Was worth being fucking tired AF today… Hahaha, yeah don’t think I’d get out of bed if you were here either… This room has a spa too, might have one when I get back” Sometimes I get spa rooms at this hotel but it’s not like it’s an updated hotel. “Hahaha definitely always worth being fucking tired af. Nope we’d definitely be staying in bed. Oooh wow that’s a fancy room, you’ve got then enjoy wish I was there.Fuck I wish he was here too… Fuck where did that thought come from… I send him a picture of the spa, because it’s a beige colour & it’s ancient “Definitely not fancy! Dinosaurs walked the earth when this spa was installed! We probably should’ve skipped the movie & just had sex. I’m in my gym gear but procrastinating about going out to the lake.” I don’t get a reply straight away that I finally get in the car & go out to the Blue Lake to run around it. I sort of hate when men do that, they don’t reply when I am going to be the one to not reply to their last message!

I go for a run around the Lake about 2:15 pm, I do it in pretty much the same time as last time I was here, so I am happy with that. Considering how little sleep I’ve had, I’m surprised that I did it in the same time as last trip down here.

I get a response from him at almost 6:00 pm, assuming that he’s been on his flight to NSW “Ooh nah #True not fancy. Haha correct I think so. Hmmm yeah true we should’ve well Sunday night if your family doesn’t come over or your not busy we have to make up for lost time. Sooo how’d the procrastinating go any movement towards the lake” I love that he can’t spell simple things but was able to write procrastinating. I can’t help but smirk & swoon when I get a message from him… Fucking hell! I must remember that this is expiration dating, this guy is going to be nothing more than just a FWB of sorts, I must not get attached… But after a fucking week & a few days, I am attached!

I send him a picture of my legs in the bath – just a cheeky teaser, in the ancient spa “Was lots of space for someone to join me! My family leaves before 8 every Sunday, so I’ll be free by the time you get back… I went for a run, same time as before so not too disappointed in that. How was the flight? How’s your throat btw?” He sends me a reply about an hour & a half later, but I am already asleep – yes at 7:30 pm, I am asleep! “Hmmm that view. Teasing isn’t nice young lady. Oh yeah okay I’ll be cumin around then. Oh yeah nice work same time is better longer good effort. Yeah flight was good thanks had the row to myself which was good. Throats getting better thanks. Hope your enjoying your night” Oh, he called me young lady! Hahaha, I am actual 4 years older than him.

He uses a lot of emojis in his texts, that I don’t always explain, I use a lot more with him that I think I have ever used in my life too! But it’s that cheeky banter, that fun type of messaging that is intoxicating… I actually hate messaging this much because I know I get caught up in it & it won’t last like this forever. But at least this guy is seeing me as well as messaging me a lot. I guess in the future if we’re apart a lot, we’ll need to message, so it’s kind of good that we’ve got that part right.

Motocross Automatically smile

The next morning I reply to him, saying that teasing is fun, that I have to send pictures while away for work so he doesn’t forget me. I tell him that my family aren’t coming over at all on Sunday so he can come over as soon as he’s back. I dribble on about having the row to your self & his sore throat. I tell him that I am going to go for another run around the lake before I come home & to be honest, because I know he’ll ask or I’ll tell him later, I actually push myself a little harder so I am faster to be able to say that I beat my last time. I do beat yesterdays time by one minute. He writes back by the time I am back, showered & on the road home again.

“Oh yeah it’s heaps of fun.” With a head smacking emoji “Hahaha I’ve not forgotten who you Are silly. Oh yeah okay nice I’ll be straight over when I get back. Yeah a good feeling to stretch out on a plane for sure. Yeah it’s getting better thanks. Yeah awesome good luck beating your time then what time you leaving mt gambier today” I almost want to pull over & read it & reply, but I think that I need to make him wait, but I also need to wait too! I mean I can’t just text him back immediately all the time. When I do pull over for my toilet stop, I read it straight away but go do what I need to do before replying. “It’s fun for me! Look forward to Sunday night. I beat yesterdays time by a minute this morning but it wasn’t a PB. But I haven’t been running much lately so not surprised. Need to get out & do more. I left at 8:30, just in Keith atm. When do you race?” I get on the road, thinking he’ll take a while to reply but he writes back straight away. I can only read the pop up on my phone for a second & on half on my watch as I can’t touch that either probably when driving… Who knows. But when doing 110kms, you need to concentrate! “Haha of course it’s fun for you. Yeah me too. Oh yeah nice one well done that good you beat it tho. Oh yeah okays that’s a good drive then I race on Sunday press day tomorrow tho” I know that he’s competitive, obviously as a motocross/supercross racer & crusty demon, that he’ll appreciate the fact that I beat yesterdays time by one minute.

I write back “You don’t call me a cheeky shit for nothing” & that I was going to ride my bike but couldn’t be bothered getting it out of the car. I also ask what the hell a full day of press entails. “hahaha #correct I don’t it for nothing. Awww laziness much. So today I’ve got too meet and greets at the local bike shops sign some stuff and get some photos done. Press day tomorrow is ride the track and do interviews with the media.” It’s literally all one sentence that I read it a couple of times to understand what he’s even written to me. “I can’t help it… hahahaha. Will always be cheeky! You don’t understand what a fucking hassle it is to get back in the car… I still exercised. Ooooh are you gonna sign something for me Mr Famous?” I smile thinking about wanting him to sign something for me! “Haha I’m not complaining tho I do like it. Naah no idea but I bet id ask you to pull my dick out and ride it bet that’s not a hassle. Haha settle never said I was famous

As I am even writing this blog – reading our texts again, I am giggling & smirking at the banter, I hope you are too – it’s not usually my style to write all the text messages out verbatim so much like this, but it’s so cheeky, it’s so fun that I can’t help but giggle… Maybe it’s just me, but I hope that you are giggling too!


Motocross #8

He’s cheeky, he’s super cute, he’s funny, we have banter & I am liking hanging out with Motocross more that I should at this point. But he’s not fucking anyone else but me… Why does that keep going through my head… I have turned off my online dating app, I haven’t deleted it, but I pause my account so people can’t add me, just as Writer suggested. But I also keep forgetting that there’s an expiry date with this guy, but as a contradiction, I also can’t help but think “What if there isn’t!?”


I also actually forgot to tell you that on the way home from Fasta Pasta on the Sunday date, I did ask Motocross what his last name was – it sort of came up in conversation when we were driving, something about the name tags from the play, so it was the right time to ask him, he told me, even though I already know what it is, of course – he didn’t hide anything, he just said it & that was that. I don’t think that he’s hiding things from me on purpose, I don’t want to push him to give me information he’s not ready to give – for whatever reason & then have him ask me for information that I’m not ready to give him either… It’s a catch 22. I want to know but I don’t want to tell.

So anyway, in the morning I write back to him & say that I can’t tell him the other things I like about him because then he’ll get a big head – with the hash tag true. I tell him that it’s ok that he asked if I’d swallow, I asked him for his ideas, I will be happy to swallow for him as long as I am still fucked & cum. He says #interesting & that he is obviously doing good then. Which makes me laugh, his hash tagging. (In real life he actually says the word hashtag now before he says interesting or correct or true now too because of how much shit I’ve been giving him) He says “Ooh haha yeah wasn’t sure how to approach the question. You’ll definitely be getting both of those” That’s why I asked him, I mean I get that he’s a little bit shy, the guy doesn’t seem overly affectionate, but that also could be because I’m so socially retarded when it comes to men, that I send off a no touch vibe. I tell him “Hahaha, besides your texting skills, Yes you’re doing alright… Or I wouldn’t still be talking to you!” I remind him that I am open to most things & he can ask me, even by text if it’s easier for him.

“Cheeky shit clearly texting isn’t my strong point. Wow alright okay guess I’ll take that. Clearly I figured that out. That’s fair enough well I’m honestly happy with how it is tbh but I’ll let you k is if I wanna try something” I tell him that I have to read his messages twice to work out the missing words – just as you probably have had to read twice & think I’m suddenly terrible at grammar & spelling, nope these are actual texts from him verbatim. I sort of ask or say that I must be doing ok too or he wouldn’t be talking to me, even if I do give him shit about his map reading skills. I tell him that I’m happy to receive feedback about what I can do better for him – thinking this might help me lead into the conversation about where my clit is & how he can use it to his advantage!

“haha Fark I’m sorry didn’t realise I was that bad. Well that’s correct I wouldn’t be I guess but no complaints here. True I don’t mind the banter tho. Oh I’m sure you’ll be receiving it. I was actually Jinnah hit you up last night tbh thought it anyways.WHAT?! Hahaha, I like this guy a lot & he makes me smile & giggle every time I get a text from him. I don’t know why but I say that he’s not that bad at texting & I can generally work it out. But I’ll give him shit about it anyway. “Bit like #True & #Correct & #Interesting… Oh & the map!!” I tell him that he could’ve come over last night after the gym if that’s what “jinnahmeans. We’re supposed to be catching up tonight for Mexican – I’ve made reservations & we’ve been texting all day, it’s past lunch & it’s been constant. He says that he can handle that & says “Your loving my # now ay” Bahaha, no I am not, I have started saying it too, like some sort of loser after a week of knowing this guy. He continues “Oh yeah interesting should’ve asked then just though you might have been to tired. Jinnah wtf meant to have said wanted to hit you up actually” Why didn’t he just ask me if I was free? Instead, I had to ask him out for tonight… Men are weirdos. But at least I know he wants to see me. I tell him that I keep saying his stupid catch phrases & that he should’ve asked to see me. “Hahaha that’s funny as you can’t stop saying it. Yeah right true I should’ve asked. Tonight tho yeah” I tell him that he can ask me another time & not just leave it up to me. I say yes to tonight & remind him that I have booked a table. “haha nah it’s not annoying it’s just funny I’m rubbing off on you in more then one way. Yep like tonight I’m keen for it. Yeah nice okay can’t wait” Did he think that he’s planned tonight & that he’s asked me out? I tell him that it is annoying & I just said true on the phone. He laughs at me & I don’t reply to his last message as it’s almost 5:00 pm, time to get home & ready for our date! It’s been a bit of an epic day at work to be honest, I have been asked to go to Mt Gambier tomorrow & I need to be there at 10:00 am, which means I have to get up at 4:00 am & drive down there. I race home, get changed & pack a bag. I am staying the night, last minute, I can’t/don’t want to change this date with Motocross or I won’t see him till next week, which kind of sucks. I will just push through it to be honest, I can drive down there with a red bull or two & go to bed early tomorrow night. I want sex & I want to see him! I also hate late minute bailing with a passion.

Motocross how will you ruin it

Motocross gets to my house at exactly 6:15 pm like he said he would, he knocks on the door & I let him in, he doesn’t kiss me hello when he walks in, which I think is weird at this point, so I start to get a bit weird too & don’t kiss him hello like I did the times before… Why wouldn’t he want to kiss me hello? At this point, it’s weird not to kiss me on the lips when you walk into my house?! Isn’t it? Again, it’s only Wednesday, a week since we first met face to face, maybe it’s not weird he hasn’t kissed me hello? But we’ve now had 4 dates in a week & texted constantly all day every day just about, surely it’s ok to kiss hello?!

He’s parked in the driveway, so he drives to the restaurant, which isn’t far away but I have to direct him to where it is. I honestly love driving in his car, it’s nice car! I want to drive it one day! It’s the type of car that people look at us in.

The booking is for 6:30 pm so we head straight to the local Mexican restaurant, he actually says that he still has a bit of a sore throat, which sucks for him. He is wearing a similar outfit to what he’s worn every time I’ve see him. We order dinner & he has a plain meal of a nachos, saying that he doesn’t eat this fancy that often, he usually has really simple meals in the USA. He doesn’t eat a lot to be honest & I ask if it is good or not, he says that it is, but I also wonder if it’s possibly corn chips & a sore throat – which is stopping him from eating a lot. To be honest, the conversation over dinner is strained, it’s not as easy flowing as it has been over text, there isn’t a lot of banter & it’s like he’s tired or not interested. I mean at one point, I’m talking about my steps on my watch & how driving gets my steps up & he doesn’t believe me that a bumpy road would give me my 5000 steps per day. I don’t know what it is but that is the conversation I remember vividly but I just remember feeling weird all evening because we weren’t talking. I have told him that I have to be on the road at the latest by 5:00 am tomorrow – maybe that’s it? Was he planning on staying over again!? I feel a little bit odd, tonight is a bit strange, I end up paying for the whole meal – he doesn’t offer to pay & we leave the restaurant. I assume that he’s going to just go home after this & not come in tonight, because it’s a bit of a head scratching evening, but he’s different in the car, there is a bit of a glimmer of the banter that I like about him.

As he pulls into my drive way, his headlights flash around & I see a giant black blob on the next door neighbours retaining wall & I can’t help but say “Ewww is that giant spider – you have to kill it” I am so arachnophobic it’s insane! I may have told you that I have smashed a phone when someone posted a bloody photo of one on Facebook once! He kind of laughs a little, getting out of the car, I’m glad it’s on his side, he uses his light on his phone & looks at it, he comes to the front of the car & says that it’s a snail, that he’s not going to kill it, his name is probably Frank or something. I literally burst out laughing, I love how he names things! It’s so funny!

He obviously comes inside, maybe I’m too quick to write things off, but it was a bit of an odd dinner, but we settle down on the couch with fucking Sharknado 2. What the actual fuck! It’s even worse than the first one, I mean her arm gets bitten off by a shark, in the sky when she’s sucked out of the plane window!? YES – that is an actual scene!

We’re only about 30 minutes in when Motocross makes a move & kisses me, thank god for that, because I didn’t think I could make a move on him after the weird dinner & I also can’t look away from this train wreck of a movie.

We go into the bedroom & have sex, pretty much the same way we’ve had sex every time so far. I am not worried about this yet, I mean how many times did Milky fuck me at the end of the bed with my legs in the air? I mean Milky even fucked Sweetie like that, some guys just have moves I guess. Motocross & I lay there afterwards for a little while, it’s nice to just lay there with him, it’s no longer awkward. I realise that I need affection as reassurance that everything is ok. The fact he doesn’t kiss me hello or hold my hand or touch me before we have sex makes me realise that yes it’s only been a short time but I also need that reassurance. Noodle used to kiss me as soon as he got in the car, he would have his hand on my leg as we drove wherever we were going, he’d find some way to show me that everything was ok between us… FUCK – I must not think about Noodle.

At 11:45 pm Motocross gets up to leave, he’s already told me he’ll let me sleep, I wasn’t planning on him staying this long. I don’t think he was planning on staying this long either, but it’s good that he did after the awkward dinner. I won’t be able to see him now till next week – we have no plans to catch up again, I’m away tomorrow at the crack of dawn, he flys out tomorrow too & isn’t back till Sunday. They say travelling for work is fun, but this sort of sucks that we both travel for work! I am away through the week & he’s away on the weekends… I wonder if this is going to work out?!



Welcome to post 350! WOW… I’ve come so far! Thank you all for reading, I still can’t believe sometimes that you’re all so invested in my life! I feel like everything I do now, I do all in the interest of my blog! Hahaha.

As my regular readers would know I have actually met a man though my blog before. You all remember Blogger? That dude… Well the 2nd time has to go better than that right? So an Adelaide guy starts liking at my Instagram posts, I will admit I have a look at his profile, just out of interest of who he is, especially after everything I’ve been through this year – I am not trusting anyone.

He’s a very attractive guy, much younger than me & he asks me how I got so many followers on my blog after I post a screenshot of my statistics – saying how happy I am with the way my blog is going. Well to be honest, I actually ask myself that same question every blog post… Who the hell wants to read about my crazy stupid life!? I explain that I do pay for some facebook posts sometimes, so I know that gets me a lot of likes & I think throughout the Noodle story, people got really involved, now that I am just dating random men, it’s not as addictive. I do hope that the Motocross story keeps you all reading. It seems to have hooked a few of you already & we’re only a week in (in real life time)! Hahaha.

Writer has a blog of his own – about mental health & his journey though anxiety & depression, which I read after chatting to him on Instagram & found it very interesting. He is focusing on his book release right now so he’s not been posting as much on the blog. What I’ve learned, when it comes to blogging, for me consistency is the key, my regular readers know that I post Tuesday, Fridays & Sundays at 8am (Adelaide time) when the post doesn’t go up, I get comments asking where it is… That’s when I know people are hooked on the story! Other blogs I read are so random with their posts that I forget about when them when they don’t post, especially if it’s more than a week between posts. Then when I do get a notification that they have posted, I have to read their previous post to make sure I didn’t miss anything, then it all gets to hard & I just don’t read it & think that I’ll get back to it! I give Writer some tips about my experience blogging & we chat online for a couple of days about how to blog & get followers & what we can do to collaborate our Adelaide pages.

But when Writer asks me to catch up with him to go through his blog & my own blog, swap stories & offer advice, I think why not. He’s got a book coming out that he’s self-publishing & I am very interested to pick his brain about that, having had a few of you tell me to write a book myself. However I am still at a loss of what a book would be like from my blog being I tell you everything anyway, what would go into a book? That’s why I’ve been thinking more of a podcast, talking about topics & my stories that way. I think his might be a good guy to join me on the podcast.

Of course, he is not anonymous on his socials for his book & blog, I know what he looks like, I know his name, but like Blogger, this guy has no idea what I look like or knows my real name – I ask if he wants to see or know before we meet, but he says no. We agree to meet halfway for an afternoon drink at a pub. Nothing exciting, it’s more of a business meeting than anything. I have a lot of questions for him to be honest & I know he has some for me too.

He’s at the pub already with a beer when I get there & looks exactly like his pictures – so he’s easy to find, I walk up & introduce myself with my real name, get a drink & sit back to chat. We chat easily, it’s like we’ve been friends for a while. It’s easy to talk to him & I do pick his brain about his book. We talk about people we’re dating, he has a chick that he’s seeing at the moment, I talk to him about Noodle a little – not going into too much detail because I’m trying to forget him & also talk about the fact I’m seeing Motocross at the moment, however he’s away this weekend.

Writer asks to look at my online dating app & gives me some pointers on my pictures – saying they all look good & pretty much like what I look like in real life (I’ve always wondered if I look like my pictures TBH?!) & he tells me to delete the word “fairly” in front of “fit”. He says that I should just be confident that I am fit, adding fairly makes me sound unsure. He also suggests that if I am wanting to see where it goes with Motocross that I should pause my account for a while. Which I do, for several reasons – one also because Motocross has just told me he’s not fucking anyone else but I agree with Writer, I should give Motocross the benefit of the doubt – see what happens. I haven’t gone into the full story with Writer – about my fucking stupid stalking, but his advice is solid & I agree with it.

Writer invites me to his book launch in a few weeks & I think that will be fun, so I invite my friend along too, it’s a fun night & I can’t help but think about a sex & the city style book launch for me, however I haven’t even written a book! Hahaha. After the book launch, I read his book, it’s good! It’s better than I was expecting (I have shared his book on my social media shortly after getting a copy) & I also shared his dating blog post as a guest blog Why Tinder is Bad for Your Love Life. A great post to re-read!

A few months later, at Cocktails with #IBD4U, I meet a reader, who we’ll call Katie, that night that I click with & I catch up with her outside of the cocktails (Who knew my blog would create so many friendships!) & we get along really well that I think we have a similar idea about the podcast, having been told by my friend that I had been planning to do it with that she doesn’t really think she’d be suited, mainly because she’s worried about her opinions – we have fought before about all sorts of things, so it’s probably for the best. So before meeting Katie, I was back to square one with the podcast idea, however she’s open to it. I suggest Writer as the male counterpart because he was single for a while (I think he has a girlfriend at this point in the story now) & he’s not a sleazy guy or has ridiculous opinions, I think listeners would relate well to him. However when I ask him – I add that I know his focus is his book & promoting that but I thought of him first but he agrees that he wants to focus on his book, he says that he can commit to a few times a year but didn’t want to commit to a weekly show, which is fair enough. I don’t want to take him away from his main focus, but thought it would be a good thing we could do to collaborate.

So the podcast is still at a standstill, Writer said he’ll come on as a guest speaker when I do get it off the ground, which I am really looking forward too, because I think he would have some great advice for all of us, including me! But we’re still looking for that guy for the podcast that clicks with me & Katie. One day you’ll hear my chipmunk voice again! Hahaha.

Anyway for anyone looking for Writers socials, here they are. Please check out & follow him, check out his blog & get a copy of his book:

To be honest I am writing this post during the Covid-19 isolation era & picking up this book to re-read sections has been so helpful, when working from home & not being able to see loved one as much as you want too! If anyone is struggling, get a copy of this book!!

Now that I’ve paused my online dating for Motocross, let’s see where that goes!


Motocross #7

Ok, lets calm down… This is why I don’t like to stalk, I don’t know why Motocross hasn’t mentioned that he has a kid, possibly a 2 year old daughter, but there is some reason why he hasn’t. But why did he say it’s been 5 years? To be fair, he never said it’s was 5 years since he had sex, I just assumed that – he just said it’s been 5 years right after sex… But now, how do I say something to him about knowing how I found out – I know some of you on facebook think I should have asked questions of him? But what do you say “Oh hey, so I saw on your mum’s facebook that you have a kid, want to share that story with me?” If a guy asked me a question about my personal life & I knew it was because they stalked me, I wouldn’t be flattered, I would be horrified that they have betrayed my trust like that!

Also remembering that last time Motocross & I had sex, we didn’t used a condom & he asked if I was on the pill & I implied I didn’t want kids, so he didn’t need to worry about that. So it’s no wonder he hasn’t told me. Plus, it’s only been a WEEK! Like I said I am not ready to tell him everything about me – I mean I haven’t told him I have my tubes tied, should I tell him this after one week? He obviously doesn’t want to tell me for some reason, is the kid in the USA? Is he not allowed to see her? Did something happen to the kid? Is it with his ex-wife? (if she’s his ex-wife?!) FUCK… This is what I hate… All these questions out of one stupid photo!! This is why I do not stalk people!

While I am still reeling from this stupid Facebook notification (What are the odds of his brother trying to be friends with me almost a year ago?!) & ridiculous stalking, Motocross messages me at 10:40 am – this is one week since we met online – it’s Tuesday of the next week “Hey sorry fell asleep last night. You feeling any better today yeah I think it dose relaxes you & me actually.” Fuck, I can’t write back, I need to just think about what I know, I don’t want to accidentally say something, I also don’t want to seem crazy & ask him about it – yes I have a right to know things about this guy, he has a right to know things about me too, such as that I can no longer have children – but I am not ready to share that with him. I just need to gather my thoughts before I write back. I am flat out at work in meeting after meeting so I don’t reply till after 4:00 pm “Yeah I figured you did, was surprised you wrote back since you’re up so early. I feel fine today, thanks for asking so must’ve been the food… Yeah it does make me feel pretty relaxed! Pretty sure you enjoy it, so that makes me happy” He says that he’s glad(e) that I’m feeling better, that it’s good because it relaxes him. Of course, what guy doesn’t like their cock sucked?! I tell him that it was just a bug for me, ask how his throat is & tell him that I haven’t had sex without a condom for a long time… As soon as I hit send, I can’t actually remember who the last guy was that I fucked without a condom, was it Noodle?! I don’t know but it feels like a long time ago.

20200413_184422_00001726292437571491524.pngHe says that it’s good I’m better, his throat is sore & says “Oh yeah well I’m happy to wear one if you want then” I tell him that I hate being sick & ask if he got my miracle throat cure & tell him that it works #true. I am giggling as I hit send then I say “Kinda a bit late to want to wear one now… Hahaha. I usually wait to go bare, until there’s some sort of understanding that we’re not fucking other people” he tells me that it does suck about being sick, that he rarely is sick but he just breaks bones a lot. He tells me that he got my throat cure #correct (his other catch phrase) & says “Ooooh okay then well I’m definitely fucking anyone but you but I do ride K***e everyday tho, it’s what I call my bike by the way” I smile, but then I’m confused, so I ask “You are or aren’t!? I’m assuming you mean aren’t. Besides K***e.” I think he’s just missing the word not out of that sentence. Also how fucking cute that he names his bike! Hahaha… This is way too fucking soon to have this exclusive conversation & via text is even worse, but I guess it has to be said at this point. “I meant I’m not sorry typing never my string point.” I literally burst out laughing at that text! “Your string point? Hahaha… That’s gold. Sorry I shouldn’t laugh at you… But you definitely proved your point. Are you away this weekend?” That could not have been funnier “Fuck meant strong point. See told you I struggle with typing. Yeah I am away sorry racing in nsw” I thought he was away this weekend, he is pretty much away racing every weekend from now on “Bahahaha. It was pretty funny! I actual laughed out loud. #True. Do you have to time to see me before you go or do you have to focus?” I don’t know what the protocol is here, does he have to just think about racing, you know how they say before a big event you’re not supposed to have sex?! I don’t know if that’s a thing, but anyway “Haha I bet you did cheeky shit laughing at my misfortune. Yeah I can see you.” Jeez, don’t seem too excited to see me Motocross! I tell him that he shouldn’t expect anything less, “I mean you did look at a tiny map to find where we were going on Friday.” & I ask him when he is free… “Hahaha nah I wouldn’t expect nothing less. Fark your never gonna let me live looking at the worlds smallest map ay.” He tells me that he’s leaving Friday morning so he’s free tonight (which is Tuesday) till Thursday – I am away for work Thursday night.

I look at the time & realise that it’s already 7:30 pm, he could come over tonight, but I’m at the gym so I am not prepared to see him tonight & don’t want him to see me without make up or my hair done just yet… Remember it’s only been a week! I tell him how funny it was & that I laugh every time I think about it. I tell him I’m finishing at the gym so maybe tomorrow. He say “Oh god of course you do thinking about it” & he agrees that he’ll come over tomorrow & asks about the gym session. I literally am giggling now as well, I can’t help but laugh at him “Yeah sorry… Can’t help it. Was so bloody funny… When I was pointing at a giant map!!” I tell him that I am home around 6 so anytime after that, I tell him it was a tough session but need to make up for only have sexercise on the weekend since I slept through bootcamp on Saturday – well I probably fucked him though bootcamp on Saturday morning! He says that he’ll come over around 6:30 pm & that “Sexercise was a good work out tho just saying” I ask him if he just wants to watch sharknado (As there are fucking 5 of them!) or if he wants to grab dinner too. I tell him that I prefer sexercise but don’t get results from it. When he says he’s up for dinner too as well as Sharknado, I am excited about that, I mean most guys are just keen to sit around my house & just have sex. I am determined to stop this from becoming just us hanging around my house watching TV. You know, like it was with Milky.

I tell him that the stupid map I was looking at wasn’t as helpful as the one he looked at but his was teeny tiny. I also say that I will book a table at my favourite restaurant then add “Yeah trust me, if I could get sex daily, I’d do it” He agrees to Mexican & says “Yeah right I’d be keen obviously” I tell him that I have a high sex drive & he says “Oh I’ve noticed it I also have a high sex Sex drive if you didn’t realise” I actually laugh at the fact that he said sex twice in his message & tell him that his is so high he had to say it twice. “Correct, I do & gotta say it twice I understand” Oh I understand! We fucked quite a lot over the weekend… Wasn’t a lot of sleeping!” I’m surprised when he says that he could’ve gone for some more sex but didn’t want to wear his welcome out but he has no complaints. I tell him I like his stamina, that’s good for a woman like me, then I ask him if there is anything he wants to do, because I’m pretty open & he just has to ask. “I’m quite happy with how it’s going tbh. But question do you swallow” with a poking out tongue smiley face. I tell him that I like other things about him, not just his stamina – that his ability to cum more than once in one night is pretty high on the list. I tell him that if he wants me to swallow, then of course I will, I enjoy it & can be sexy! I’m not sure why guys like women to swallow to be honest, but it’s always the thing they ask for. He takes 20 minutes to reply & I fall asleep, but he asks what other things I like about him & that he’s ticking my boxes then. He says he was just curious & he’d like me too at least once if I’m ok with it. Of course I wouldn’t do it with any random guy, but this guy is fast becoming something more… I mean he’s already told me that he’s not fucking anyone else…

Shit, didn’t I say I must not get attached?! There is an expiration date here…

He’s just going to be fun… Just Fun, Motocross is just fun! Maybe I should cancel the dinner reservations!? Just keep it to sex?!



Motocross #6

Let’s all just take a second to remember where we are with the timeline, it’s now Sunday, I met this guy Motocross, on Tuesday online & our first date was Wednesday. This is getting… I don’t even know what, but this is getting too full on for me, that I am dreaming up a relationship already. Could this be an actual relationship?

As you know, Sunday nights are family dinner night, at my house, every week. However, for some reason my family bail & so I honestly don’t even think about my stupid rule & I text Motocross on Sunday late in the morning asking if he got his grocery shopping done & I add “Sorry you didn’t get much done yesterday besides me” He says no more than 10 minutes later that he had a good night – but he was tired & food coma, that he’s going to the shops soon & “Haha nah it’s fine, I was happy with what I gone done yesterday no complaints here” I smirk like an idiot. I tell him that I got a better night sleep & that I met a friend for deep fried goodness dinner but I was home early because she noticed I was tired. He says that he feels bad now because I went home early from dinner with my friend, which was supposed to be my nephew sleeping over, but things changed. I then slip in that my family have bailed on the evening & ask if he is free to come over & watch a movie or dinner. He doesn’t reply for ages (like 40 minutes hahaha) that I start thinking, that I’ve pushed this too much… I mean it hasn’t even been 7 days since we met online & this would be the third date… “Oh yeah okay sounds good I’m in yeah what time you thinking” PHEW! Freak out over. I tell him anytime after 3:00 pm & he says that sounds good…

Ok, so confession time too! So you remember back to when my friends were trying to google this guy as he’s probably semi famous if his stories are true?! Well I didn’t even know his last name, obviously since he used mine for the play ticket, but we can’t find him on anything. I even enlisted my friend J-Lo to look him up as he finds everyone & loves doing that shit! I hate googling people & don’t like to do it at all, I find out shit I don’t want to know unless they tell me… I haven’t even googled Noodle since we ended in fear of finding out something that will set me back. I never googled Noddy or British, which I probably should have, but with everything I’ve been through this year with men, I become obsessed! Why can’t I find this guy?

Anyway there is nothing on this guy, nothing on any sports pages, google, crusty demons Facebook, even we can’t find him on Facebook as himself – his name if too common. But when J-Lo sends me a screenshot of a Facebook page, it’s him! I know his last name, I immediately stalk his Facebook & there is nothing at all on it – it’s all mostly private & there is no connections we have in common. You honestly have to dig deep, but I find out that he was (or is) married, there are wedding pictures of him with someone from years ago, I stalk her Facebook unable to stop myself, as she’s the only one that comes up as a person of interest, she no longer uses the same last name as him & she’s also living in Vancouver, Canada but she’s from Adelaide. FUCK, I have lost the plot! I stop stalking, he’s clearly had a bad break up with his wife & he doesn’t need to tell me everything about himself right now, it’s not even been a week! FFS. I need to get a grip! So I did know this before we went to the play, I was waiting for him to tell me his story, but fuck I am not ready to tell him all my deepest darkest secrets about Noodle & even Boyfriend

Motocross comes over about 4:00 pm & we immediately hang out watch tv, he doesn’t kiss me hello as he walks in & I think that’s weird at this point, I mean I know it’s only been a few dates, but the man has been inside me, surely he can give me a peck on the lips hello?

We decide to get Fasta Pasta for dinner & I drive us there, since he parked on the road – which is weird & he said he didn’t know where he was going… So we order online & head on over to pick it up, deciding on take away – which I pay for to repay the Mexican the other night & we eat it at home while watching a movie, which I hate to admit was Sharknado! Yes we watched Sharknado, I’ve never seen it & lets be honest, I wish I had never seen it! What the actual fuck is that movie… OMG! It was so ridiculous…

We eat on the couch, just hanging out, it’s actually really nice to just have someone to hang out with that is funny & honestly says interesting or true all the fucking time, so much so that I start to pay him out every time he says it & then I start fucking saying it – OMG I always pick up the fucking catch phrases of dudes I date…

It’s really a good night, he kisses me on the couch & we head to the bedroom. Again, there isn’t much foreplay for me prior to him slipping on a condom & fucking me but he’s lucky I am ready. I suck his dick again, he doesn’t ask, but I figure that I like doing it, he has a nice cock, so I will. I can’t help but wonder about what he was like with his wife, did he ever go down on her? Did he ever finger her? Or did he just kiss her & fuck her? Is that the reason why the broke up? OMG, surely not, no one gets married to someone they don’t have sexual chemistry with, do they?

The sex is pretty much the same as it was the first time, he on top for a little while before he asks me to turn over & I cum rubbing my own clit as I’m not even sure he knows where it is? OMG, I shouldn’t be so mean, but maybe he’s just really intimidated or shy, maybe she made all the moves, maybe she was more dominant? I mean he didn’t even kiss me hello when he walked in the front door tonight. We have sex again & I don’t know how it happens, but we have sex without a condom the second time & OMG it feels so much better, he has a nice cock, but FUCK! What am I doing?!

I can’t even hide my disappointment when Motocross gets up to leave at 11:00 pm, I mean I do have to work tomorrow, so probably not the best idea for him to sleep over but man I want him too, more than I realised I would. He says that he gets up super early like 5:00 am to go for a bike ride (bicycle) so he needs to go now because he doesn’t want to wake me up in the morning. We sort of kiss quickly goodbye at the door & as I hear his loud car start up & drive away, I am oddly devastated that he didn’t stay.

I think about him all day at work on Monday, waiting for a text message from him. We virtually spent the entire weekend together, surely he’s thinking about me too. I start to feel sick at work & head home from fear of throwing up & shitting my pants… Was it the Fasta Pasta? Or did I just eat so much crap this weekend, with the dinner & lunch with him, the fried food with my friend then the pasta – I never eat like that anymore, so maybe it was just a combination of all the shitty food on the weekend? I can’t help but wish he’d text me to see what I am up too or if my day is going ok, I wonder if he’s sick too? It’s almost 10:00 pm on Monday night & I haven’t heard from him, I decide to text because I don’t want to go a day without texting him, I don’t know what this obsession is, but when I meet someone I always want to be able to say “We’ve talked every day that we’ve known each other” I don’t know why, what difference does it make? But I just ask is he was sick today, he replies straight away “Hey. I am feeling it yes. Are you” I tell him that I had to come home from work early & he says that his throat is getting sore. I tell him that I will spare him the details of what is wrong with me but think it’s all the bad food & tell him to get betadine throat & then write “TRUE” He says that he hopes I getting better & he says “Yeah okay thanks I will appreciate it #Interesting.” I can’t help but laugh at the hash tag, as that was the funniest part about the fact that he says true & interesting all the time. I say that it’s ok, that it’s not his fault I was sick, I was only sick in the morning & still was able to go to rope at night – I just should’ve made better choices over the weekend, I tell him that I also take garlic vitamins so I never get sore throats, then I tell him to “#StopHashTagging” He replies that “Oh yeah okay well I’m glade you went to rope tonight still did you enjoy it I hope. Okay thanks I will maybe you need more vitamin d. Haha okay #Sorry” I can’t help but laugh at his messages, I have to read them a few times to understand what he’s even saying. I tell him that I don’t even know what he means by vitamin d. “Where do I find vitamin D or #DoINotWantToAsk?” He says “My vitamin d silly” I ask if mean means protein shot, as that’s usually what people refer to their cum as, not vitamin d, isn’t vitamin d from the sun? I ask him what his vitamin d is going to do for me, but I tell him that I hear it’s good for the skin. He says that yes it relaxes you & correct it’s good for the skin. I ask him if it relaxes him to share his vitamin d? & I don’t get a reply. It’s almost 11:00 pm, so I assume he’s fallen asleep.

Motocross constant fear

The next day as fate would have it, fucking Facebook sends me a notification to respond to friend requests from ages ago, I click on it & who the fuck should show up in my friend request list… Remember back to the Psychic Fair post?! There is a guy called T**y in my friend request list – with the same last name as Motocross… (which rememeber he hasn’t actually told me yet) WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! I click on the guy & oh my fucking god it’s Motocross’ fucking brother! Is that the psychic connection?! My friends get goosebumps when I remind them of what the psychic said about T**y & they say that Motocross could be the man she meant. T**y & I were in a singles group together a while ago & everyone added me as a friend, I didn’t accept anyone I didn’t like the look of. (Superficial, but I’m honest!)

Anyway Motocross brother’s page is much more open & has a lot more comments on photos for me to click on. I find their mother too – who has the same middle name as me (another sign?!), I look though her Facebook page too – like a fucking psycho… There is a picture of a baby, so I assume that T**y has had a kid & Motocross is an uncle. Within 10 seconds of finding that picture, I read all the comments & find out that it’s Motocross’ daughter! FUCK… The post was 2 years ago, with a comment from his mum saying that Motocross is a daddy. FUCK! So much for the 5 year story! What the actual fuck! How could he not mention having a kid?!


This is why I don’t stalk!



Motocross #5

When Motocross drives us back to my place & pulls in the driveway, I am unsure what the protocol is here either. I mean does he just expect to come in, do I need to invite him in, what the fuck do I do now we’re in my driveway?!

Well Motocross pulls up in my driveway & turns the car off, so I just don’t think about it & we get out the car & he follows me inside. I put on the heater & the TV, offering him a drink. We have a beer each & I have to explain to him what Netflix is… REALLY? He gets excited about picking movies, so I just let him pick a movie & I go get changed, putting on my cute tracksuit to relax in – I know that sounds like an oxymoron but by cute I mean that my pants are Hurley & the jumper is Sass – I’m a brand whore. Hahaha.

We sit on the couch & just watch some dumb movie, I don’t even remember what it was but something to do with bikes or cars, so a boy movie I wasn’t that interested in to be honest but I actually really just like hanging out with this guy, When the movie ends we sort of just sit there, it’s after midnight at this stage & we look at each other, as much as I want to fuck this guy, I really don’t want to either, I really like him already – tonight with all the jokes has made me like him even more than I should & don’t want to fuck this up, I don’t want to rush this. I have literally known him 3 days since we started chatting online, I know this is the second date but he’s giving me that look, I know I am giving him that look… The “fuck me look” that Noodle always talked about…

Motocross attached so easily

Motocross leans into kiss me & I kiss him back, we’re lying on the couch with some heavy petting action, above the clothes kind of action. I have taken off my bra so under my sweater is just my naked boobs, so when he slips his hand up there, I think it changes the game when he feels my naked breast, the kissing intensifies & he leans on me harder, I can’t help myself but pull his top off over his head. We’re basically semi naked within a few seconds, it’s like it happens in fast forward. I tell him that we should move this into the bedroom, which we do, I am wearing my panties still & he’s wearing his boxer shorts. I sit on the edge of the bed & he pushes me back pulling my panties off, he climbs on top of me & we kiss… We kiss well together.

I tell him we need a condom & he gets off me, standing up taking off his boxers, as I reach over for the condom, I get my first glace at his cock & I am not disappointed. I can’t help myself but take it in my mouth & hear the little groans that he makes as he’s standing in front of me with it in my mouth. However he’s mainly very quiet about the whole thing – makes me wonder if he’s even enjoying it. He pushes me back. Slides the condom on & without much foreplay for me, he slips his cock in & starts fucking me.

The sex is good, I will admit that, however I am surprised at the lack of proper foreplay for a lady, not all ladies get wet just from kissing or a blow job, but lucky for him I am & maybe I got him too excited. We fuck but I don’t think I am ever going to cum with him just fucking me, he doesn’t touch my clit or try to get me off beside fucking me with his dick, when he asks me if I want to “Turn over” I realise he wants to do me from behind. So that’s ok, I flip over on my knees & let him fuck me from behind thinking I may be able to get off this way, but again he doesn’t seem to do much more but fuck me, so I rub my own clit & end up cumming pretty hard with him inside me. He cums too shortly afterwards & we sort of lay there huffing & puffing, next to each other.

We lay there not saying anything for a while & I think that I’ve made a mistake… Why do I always think with my vagina, I shouldn’t have fucked him so quickly. I was going to wait! I should’ve just kissed him & seen where it went, I am mentally kicking my own ass when he breaks the silence “I wasn’t planning on doing that so quickly” WHAT? I am stunned?! I ask what he means, which gives me time to process what he’s thinking. He takes a while to reply like he’s trying to get his thoughts together too. He tells me that he wanted to do that, of course but he was planning on waiting a while with me & didn’t think we’d do that tonight. I agree with him & tell him that I did want to wait too. He then takes my breath away “It’s been 5 years” I literally cannot speak. What the fuck… 5 years since he last had sex? He tells me that he’s been broken by women & that he’s just been focusing on riding… Now I get what you’re all thinking, it’s just a line to get me to fuck him, but we’ve already done that, he’s got what he wanted, there is no need to spin me bullshit… My mind wanders to all I’ve been through in the last 2 years & I agree with him that I have too been broken by men but it’s not been 5 years for me. FUCK. 5 years! That’s a long fucking time… I went 4 years without sex once after being dicked over by Travel Agent, you may recall – but I try to forget, however for a guy to go that long when he’s around grid girls all the time, is a surprise.

We lie in each other’s arms for a long time, just chatting & we start kissing & have sex again, the sex is better this time, I also get on top, which is easier for me to cum, I mean he still doesn’t make any effort to make my cum without me rubbing my own clit, but it’s still good. He is out of practice perhaps & I know I can be sexually intimidating. I try not to think much of it.

We lay down & fall asleep! FUCK… He’s sleeping over… Also not what I was expecting or planning or even wanting… But fuck I want this. I don’t sleep well with him next to me, he snores (as most guys do) but I haven’t felt so content in a while… FUCK!!!!!!! I must not get attached, I must not get attached… What the fuck is wrong with me!

He spends the night sleep next to me, we wake up in the morning & have sex again. Fuck, this is literally what I have been looking for. I need to disconnect here somehow, look what happened with Noddy when this became our norm!

Motocross & I sit around all day watching shit on tv, when I realise that I have no food & it’s around lunch time. He’s hanging around, he’s not left, he’s not showing signs of leaving, that I suggest we go get lunch. I take him to my favourite place – well my recently favourite place, which is like an American diner, thinking that he will like it. I order my usual & he gives it a try too, we eat in, he drives & I can’t help enjoy the looks from people (mainly guys) seeing the car we’re in or seeing us together. I am in ripped jeans & a jumper, but he’s in last nights date outfit which does switch to day time outfit well – he finds a hat in the car to add to it.

We eat in at the restaurant & go back to my house, he also turns off the car in the driveway & gets out to come back into my house… I am not hating this but I am surprised that he didn’t use that as a que to leave, he obviously wants to hang out more. I mean I do too, however I’m not used to men wanting to do what I want too…

We hang out at my house a bit more, chatting & watching something on the tv before we have sex again… The sex definitely gets better with him, but he’s not so great at foreplay – either he doesn’t get it or he isn’t that experienced with the clit…!

Around 4:30 pm, he says that he should go, my nephew is supposed to sleep over tonight, neither of us have showered, I did offer him one but because he said no, I didn’t have one. As he’s about to leave my house for the afternoon, almost 24 hours that we’ve been together when he notices his name tag on my kitchen table – with my surname remember & he picks it up to take it… I am surprised by this, asking if he wants me to throw it in the bin & he says that he wants to keep it as a memento… Fuck that is too fucking cute… WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! OMG…







Motocross #4

Sorry about yesterday’s post being released at 9:00 am – not 8:00 am. With daylight savings, the posts didn’t update! Anyway here is a bonus post, an hour early to make up for it, Motocross #4. Have a safe & happy Easter!

The next morning just before I walk into work at 9:00 am, Motocross writes back my last text to say “Haha yeah I think so. Hope you have a good day today.” I fucking smile like a tool but have a meeting so am not able to write back till later in the day.

I tell him that I hope he has a good day too, the weather is amazing. I suggest that he picks me up around 6:15 pm – 6:30 pm, I don’t want to beat around the bush here with this guy, I like him, catching up with him again is what I want, I also really don’t want to go to this thing alone tonight.

He says that it sounds good but what is my address, it’s like 11:30 am & we’re already planning tonight! It makes me happy, but again I must not get attached, this guy is a smooth talker, this guy is only temporary… At least with this guy he’s up front about everything, not like the other smooth talkers Noddy & British, where I got sucked in & didn’t realise there was an expiry for them! I tell Motocross that I didn’t need to wear tights today at work because the weather is so good (why am I talking about the weather) but that I need a tan on my legs. I give him my address! Eek… He says that he’ll be the judge of if my legs need a tan or not but that I shouldn’t have worn tights. “Looks sunny but windy… So not too bad… This weather update brought to you by the white legged lady” I say laughing but also add that I don’t tan well but love the beach so need the tights to hide the legs, especially deep in the winter – remember this story is mid July. He writes back “haha pretty cute weather lady tho. Yeah nice maybe will hit the beach then when she warms up. Aww nah your legs are perfect tho don’t be silly” Oh My Fucking God… Why am I falling for this – yet again!!! I’m thinking that before he leaves Adelaide in October that we’ll go to the beach together – I’ll have to fake confidence & wear my bikini on the beach with him – this guy is skinny & also around skinny women at races alot. I even start thinking that maybe if we do get that far, it’ll be 4 months into a – dare I say it – relationship & maybe I’d go over to the USA to visit him? Seriously, if you’re not rolling your eyes are my optimism right now, you fucking should, I mean this is my life after all! Hahaha. Do you think this could be my happy ever after!!! FUCK SAKE… It’s like date 2, we haven’t even known this guy a week yet! Why do I always do this?!

I tell him that I look ridiculously white at the beach the first few times & then I think I should go for a kayak this weekend, I subtly drop that in there, thinking he might want to come too? He’s just invited himself to the beach with me already, maybe he’ll want to come out on the water with me in my kayaks. I’d love to take him out with me.

During the day in the lunch room a couple of people notice me paying attention to my phone & smirking that they ask what that is about, I explain that I met a guy this week & talk about him a little not wanting to give too much away yet. When I say that he’s a Crusty Demon, one of my friends pipes up & says how she knows them all & asks what his name is. This is when the googling starts! Noone can find him though, I don’t know what his last name is, maybe he uses a stage name, whatever, I don’t want to spoil this, I try not to think much of it. But even if he does use a stage name, his picture isn’t up as a rider… Red Flag? Or is there an explanation?

He writes back that he’ll take my word for it “But I’m sure I’ll see it one day. I doubt you look ridiculous” then he tells me that it’s raining on the weekend, well of course it is! I ask him if this is just a ploy to see me in a bikini on the beach? & he says “Hmmm I wouldn’t mind seeing you in a bikini don’t even need the beach for that” It’s 5:00 pm, we’ve fucking texted all day again & I say that I am leaving work & should be ready but 6:15 pm but I won’t be wearing a bikini. He writes back “Awww but please” with a sticky out tongue smiley face & I say “Definitely no bikini or I’ll be jumping in your jacket with you!!” I don’t get a reply because I assume that he’s on he’s getting ready & he’s going to be at my house soon. I am running late, which I hate. I am not going to be ready by 6:15 pm because of the fucking traffic. I don’t want to be too done up but I also don’t want to look like I am just coming from work.

Motocross spoiler alert

I put on my other favourite date outfit that I wore with British, the grey winter skirt, black tights & black top with black boots & of course, it’s freezing so I have my puffer jacket on. I wonder if he’ll have a jacket tonight!

I hope he’s one of those guys who are late… Actually no, I hate that, but I hate that I am running late so I start running around to get ready which makes things fuck up & take longer. I hear his loud car pull up at exactly 6:15 pm & he knocks on the door, I invite him in spewing the apology vomit of running late, I assume that he’ll kiss me on the cheek when he walks past me to come in, but he doesn’t so I walk over to him & kiss him on the lips quickly & say hello… It’s a little awkward to be honest, I mean with all the cheeky texts about wanting to see me in a bikini & my legs being perfect etc, maybe he’d forgotten what I look like & now he’s thinking fuck, what am I in for?! (Fucking hell I need some confidence!) I don’t have time to dwell on it so I race to get ready & tell him he can sit. He’s wearing a similar outfit to what he wore the other night – 2 nights ago – a pair of jean type pants & a jumper, I feel a bit overdressed in comparison to what he is wearing. He sits awkwardly on the edge of the couch while I rush around, I sit next to him to put my boots on, put my jacket on & tell him I’m ready.

He’s parked in the driveway in a white holden ute – If you remember back to my first ever checklist, you’ll remember that a white holden ute was my third choice! It’s nice & looks pretty fancy. He drives us down to the uni & the conversation is easy – we do talk about the play, however I am surprised at the jerkiness of how he drives a manual car & how tiny he looks driving it. Considering he’s a motorbike racer, it’s interesting that it’s not a smoother drive. However he did say that he doesn’t drive it often & his dad only just registered for him when he got here… Although didn’t he say he hasn’t been here for 7 years? Surely this car hasn’t just sat at his parents for 7 years?! Who cares… But his seat seems so far away from the steering wheel & so low that he looks like he can’t even see over the steering wheel.

We get to the uni & he pulls into the carpark that I suggest, I honestly have no idea where we need to go or where this play is, but I followed the sign to where I think it is. So we walk into the building that I think it would be & it’s not exactly where I thought, so I suggest that we turn around & walk back to where the outdoor path is, I am looking around for a map & he is saying all these funny one liners, I say “there’s a map” pointing & looking a giant map in front of us but somehow Motocross turns to the tiniest map I have ever seen on another wall, a map that is like a fire escape map & he starts studying it when I get to the giant map. I turn to see what he is doing & burst out laughing so hard! He laughs too when he sees the map I was planning on looking at & we both just laugh, however I would’ve expected a bit of touching or friend banter, like a shoulder touch when he came to look at the map I was looking at.

Anyway we find where we are supposed to go, but in the end I realise that we were going the right way but turned back to walk the long way. As we’re walking, I think because of all the chatter over text about how perfect I am & how he’s glad(e) to have met me, that he’d be happy to be where ever I am, that he’d hold my hand or something to walk to the theatre, especially since I am also wearing heels & walking down a steep hill. But he doesn’t & I am stupid & I can’t make a move so we just walk into the pre-drinks room. We get out name tags (OH MY GOD THERE ARE NAME TAGS) & Motocross has my surname, so it looks like we’re fucking married! Hahaha. This is so hilarious…

I introduce him to my friend & we both stand awkwardly in an what I realise is an alumni event, that we are not a part of. I am actually thankful that Motocross is here with me. I have 2 glasses of wine, he has one cider, again saying that he shouldn’t drink much – he is driving but surely he doesn’t put on weight that easily…

Somehow, even though I wear a watch I ask him what the time is & he shows me his apple watch with has 12, 9, 6, 3 on it – normal right? Well it looked so weird because the numbers were so big & jumbled that I had no idea what it said & I’m like “what is 9, 12, 3, 6?” When he points out the hands of the clock, we laugh so hard but I feel like a right dickhead! OMG… That was so funny.

In the end the play is really good, I am worried about what he is thinking about it, it does bring up some horrific topics. But he says that he really enjoyed it & it’s not something he usually does but he really like it. We say goodbye to my friend & because it’s only about 9:30 pm, I don’t want to just go home & say goodbye to him – I don’t want to invite him in him or do I? I say how hungry I am & he agrees. We ate a few canapes before the play but it wasn’t enough for dinner, that I say we should grab something to eat.

I suggest going to Glenelg for some food, but we get there & everything is fucking closed, being freezing cold in July, the beach restaurants are all closed. So there is only one place open & that is the Mexican takeaway. He’s never had it, so he doesn’t know what to order, he pays for the orders & we sit, semi awkwardly again in the cold restaurant & eat our dinner. I notice that he’s wearing his name tag with my last name on it still, I make fun of him & offer to put it in my handbag. He hands it over making some joke about it too. The conversation is fairly easy, I am surprised how cute I find this guy & also oddly disappointed that he didn’t hold my hand walking to & from the car even at Glenelg…


Motocross #3

Motocross uses my phone number straight away the day after the first date. It’s Thursday (just to keep you in the loop of the timeline with this guy!) I met this guy online on Tuesday & here I am on Thursday, having written him off, to having a date with him on Wednesday night & now giving him out my number! This is happening so fast…I’m sure it’ll end just a quickly! This is my life after all!

He says that he didn’t realise how fast time went either & that he was cold but he had a good time. Well that’s good! I reply “Hey I didn’t realise how cold I was till I touched my ass & legs when I got home… So fucking cold. Hahaha. That heater was a waste of space & gas” I don’t really realise what I’ve just said about my ass or legs until hit send & await his reply, but have you ever been so cold that your skin is just frozen, like you are just icy cold & cold to the bone? “hahaha till you touched yourself” with a emoji that is thinking! “I’m glade you didn’t notice me shaking then cause it was actually freezing. Pointless heater for sure Hahaha. I’d be keen to catch up again tho” OH WOW! 2nd text & he already wants to catch up again! I must not get attached to this one, there is an expiration on how long he’s going to be here for! (BTW yes he wrote glad with an e & I don’t know why he thinks I did notice him shaking, I mean I was shivering too, I always shiver.) I remember my bother in law telling me when I went to live in Canada for the winter that I was going to die as it’s so cold… So I get being cold is no fun!

I tell him that I was freezing & I burst his bubble by telling him I saw he was shaking at the car – how could I not notice! Hahaha. I then invite him to the play that I am going too on Friday – originally he asked to catch up Friday, so I know he’s free but I didn’t want him to come to a play on the first date. A friend had posted on FB about a play that the uni students were doing called “The Laramie Project” it’s about a homosexual boy that was beaten to death in the United States, I had read the book a number of years ago & really was interested in this play, tickets were free & I thought another friend would come but she didn’t want too as she was worried about the topic of the play – I read it’s more about what happens after the murder, it’s not a play of the murder! I didn’t want to miss out so I organise a ticket anyway for myself & was basically going alone, as my friend who I only know through this other friend is actually working there that night – I wouldn’t be entirely alone.

Since Motocross wants to see me again & I’m going alone, I invite him to the play – saying that I’m going alone, thinking he’ll make some excuse, because what type of person am I to be going to amateur theatre?! “Oh yeah okay I’d be keen sure where the play at and time.” Oh wow, so two dates in one week & I haven’t even known him a week yet!? I tell him the details of the play & say we can meet there, I can pick him up or he can pick me up? He says that he’ll pick me up “No dramas there.”

We’re also talking about my big puffer jacket so I tell him to ask a sponsor for a jacket, since he told me about how he’s sponsored by major energy drink company (Which I’d never heard of to be honest with you! However after he mentioned it that night at the pub, I see it everywhere! Like everywhere… So weird how that happens!) He says that he will get a sponsor to send him a jacket & I say that I would have worn pants if I knew I was sitting outside. I tell him that parking can be fucked at the uni, I am not 100% sure where it is, so I’m thinking about 6:30pm, he says “hahah true but I thought you looked stunning in what you were wearing tho. Oh yeah okay I’ll meet you there you saying” Is that a question? Did I say that I was going to meet him there, I thought he said he was going to pick me up?! I am slightly disappointed that I barely even notice that he thought I looked stunning! I do say that I was expecting to be inside by the fire so would’ve been warmer. I say “No, you can pick me up if you like, we can go together… I mean pick me up at 6:30 from my house…” Fingers crossed I haven’t got this wrong?! He says something about it being freezing & that he’s got a jacket coming from a sponsor but then adds “Oh yeah of course I can sounds good to me” Oh phew… So he is going to pick me up! I am at work so I try not to write back really quickly, waiting about an hour between, but his replies come within 20 minutes sometimes quicker from my reply – I am trying to not be so available.

Motocross grammar hoes

I tell him that he picked a terrible time to be home in Adelaide as it’s so cold & I offer to drive from my house. He replies “Haha yeah definitely maybe we’d just have to keep each other warm. Worst time definitely but all I meet you so that’s a bonus. No stress will work it out tomorrow I’m happy but honestly I got no idea where to go tho” OMG… I must not get attached to this smooth talker! There’s an expiry here! Must keep that in mind… But fuck I find myself smirking at the texts from this guy…

I tell him that I definitely needed warming up last night & that he’s sweet, I tell him that I have no idea where I am going either, it’s not usually my thing to go to amateur plays but because I read the book years ago I was interested in the play “So we can go & get lost together hahaha” he says “haha yeah I was keen but wasn’t sure. Sweet but true tho, oooh hahaha that should be interesting then well I’m happy to get lost with you I’m sure we’d keep ourselves entertained with an adventure.” FUCK. Too smooth & I smirk reading these fucking cute messages, I’ve been sucked in before… I’m being sucked in again!

We’ve been messaging all day, so I knuckle down & do some work & take 2 hours to reply to him… I’m too available… I’m too sucked in… I contact my friend to organise his ticket for tomorrow night & I tell her his name & she tells me that she used my last name for him. OMG that’s hilarious!

“Wasn’t sure you if you needed warming up? Haha. Thanks. I appreciate that. Won’t be too lost at the uni but will eventually find it. I got your ticket today but didn’t know your last name so used mine.” As I hit send laughing, I think fuck what if he doesn’t think that is funny, I mean I shouldn’t worry, we laughed a lot at the first date & he’s saying “hahaha” a lot to me in messages, he’s sending a lot of emojis, I think he gets the sense of humour…

“Haha I did need warming up yes next time tho. You’re welcome. Oh yeah okay nice thanks how much do I owe you for it. Interesting you’ve already got me taking your last name. getting seriousI laugh, at least he gets the sense of humour! I tell him that next time we won’t sit outside – but is he implying we won’t sit opposites side of the table next time? I joke that the play is free so I will pay, I remind him that it is 2019 so he could take my name!

“Lol okay sounds good then. Hahah thanks I appreciate your generosity. Hahaha fair enough I’ll let you claim that.” I go to the gym so I stop messaging him & reply afterwards “Yeah I’m generous like that. You can repay me with a drink afterwards. Do you even care what the play is?” I just realised that he hasn’t even asked the name of the play! I would be googling the shit out of it if a guy was inviting me to a random play – especially a play at a uni. “Hahaha thanks I like it. Yeah if course was gonna ask you tomorrow on the way. I’d I’m happy to see ya again. Alright I’ll buy ya a drink done” Fuck, I hardly understand the texts sometimes, I have to read them twice! “I’d I’m” what is that?! Hahaha.

“What if on the way you realised you don’t want to see the play? Then you’re fucked… Hahaha. Stuck for 2 hours at a shit play” I mean how hilarious, what if he is really homophobic or murder is a trigger?! Shit, I didn’t even think about that at the time, but writing this, I think fuck this play is a mega trigger warning. ”It’s fine as long as you’re there I’ll be enjoying it” FUCK… He needs to stop because I smile like a jerk at these smooth messages. I just write back “Awww that’s sweet” It’s almost 10:00 pm – we’ve texted all day since like 8:00 am & I realise after a bit that he has probably fallen asleep when I don’t get a reply. Fuck… I’m already in trouble here.

Have I ever written 3 blog posts about a guy before that I’ve only met once & it’s only day 3 since we met online & one date? Fuck, Fuck, Fuck… I must not get attached to this one… I must not get attached!!!







Motocross #2

To my surprise on Wednesday (the next day – hahaha… After we all wrote the poor dude off!) at about 2:00 pm, Motocross messages & says that he’s free Friday night if that suits me. I don’t want to reply straight away being he never said goodnight & has taken almost all day to write to me! What a stupid game to play but fuck I need to not be so available, however I say that I am not free Friday as I am going to see a play & have my nephew sleeping over Saturday night so I suggest that we could do a Saturday drink. He asks if there are any night this week, I’m like well Wednesday (aka tonight) is my gym free night – so tonight or Thursday night after boxing, he says tonight if I want too, so I agree… Why do I agree so easily, didn’t I just say that I need to be less available?!

Then nekt minit I start telling him my life story, that I’m at Campbelltown & have to go back to the office then home, I for some reason think he lives at Norwood & am not in a date outfit but he says he lives down south, so I think that give some time to get home & change quickly. PHEW! So I tell him that I just leaving Campbelltown & am going to the office then home so I will meet him at the pub at 7:00pm – 7:30pm, he says sounds good & he’ll see me at 7:30pm. WTF… TMI.

I race home, shower with a beer (yes a beer while actually in the shower) & get ready, without trying too look too much like I put on fresh make up before I met him & this is how I looked all day.

The carpark is packed, which is unusual for a Wednesday night at the local, I think what the fuck, I walk in & it’s standing room only, the fucking place has a packed out quiz night! How the fuck am I ever going to find this dude in here?!

At exactly 7:30 pm he messages & asks if I’m there, I say I am but it’s a fucking quiz night & that I’m at the bar, he walks in & we hug hello, he’s wearing pants that have a jean look & a long sleeved top. He’s also wearing a hat, he looks exactly like his pictures & I think he’s pretty cute. We get drinks & the only place that we can go to hear anything or get a seat is outside… Remember it’s July in Adelaide at the time, so it’s pretty fresh! This guy is skinny & not wearing a jacket, I have a puffer jacket on that I always wear everywhere, I am always cold, but I am wearing tights & a short skirt FFS! My new cute date outfit, I wasn’t expecting to be sitting outside tonight.

Why the fuck is there a fucking quiz night on when I am trying to have a date?! How did I not know there was a quiz night. There is only the 2 of us so we can’t really join in & it’s already been on for a hour or so.

Motocross looking at things the wrong way

We sit outside in the freezing cold by a useless heater & we chat. Pretty much one of the first things he tells me is that he’s not living in Adelaide but is here till October. Well, at least he’s told me that he’s leaving!? I ask him more of why he doesn’t live here & of course he is a motocross/supercross rider & he does it as a profession. He says that his parents live in the suburb over from me & he’s staying with them. He says that he hasn’t been back here for 7 years or so & his mum is loving having him home as he only has one brother who lives interstate as well. He says he doesn’t know Adelaide very well because they lived in Mildura & then moved to Adelaide but by the time he was 16 he was living in America pursuing his motorbike career. I realise that my earlier babble over text about being at Campbelltown etc didn’t help him realise what I was doing, he says that he didn’t know what I was talking about. Hahaha, what a fuckwit I am!

He tells me that he’s mainly here for the Crusty Demons tour that he’s here for that & he rides with him, I haven’t ever seen them before so I try not to think too far ahead about being a grid girl for them one night! Hahaha…

We talk really easily all night, I mean I ask more questions about motorbikes than I actually give a shit about but at least he asks me questions & we talk about all sorts of topics. He says though he’s never had wine, so he tastes my Shiraz & I say that wineries are great & he suggests going to one or two on the weekend… I try my hardest not to start planning this relationship in my head, knowing that this probably won’t happen.

I notice that he says Correct a lot, instead of yes & he also says “True”… The other Motocross catch phrase he has is “situation”. It’s kind of cute & I love the banter style jokes that he says but it makes me realise that this guy is younger than me, I mean he’s 33, I’m 37 but I can tell there is an age difference here, I mean he’s mature but I can sense some immaturity if that makes sense? Maybe it’s the boys toys thing with the motorbikes, but I do feel older than him, I also look older than him.

He tells me about injuries he’s had from riding, that he’s broken every bone in his body, he shows me a scar on his arm from recent surgery, he told me that after an accident a few years ago, that he was paralysed & in hospital for 6 months thinking he’d never walk again until one day he got pains in his legs & he said that was the best feeling ever… I can’t even imagine what that must have been like – I’ve never even broken a bone at all. He also tells me that his best mate died in his arms on the race track so he now rides with his number. I do sense maturity there, he’s been through a fucking lot of stuff, but there’s that big kid at heart sort of feeling with him & I actually really like it. Do you understand what I mean?

However he does ask me questions & I do feel like I get along with him, but I need to bear in mind that if this does go anywhere, it does have an expiration date! He’s living somewhere in LA & doesn’t come home often according to what he’s said, so I can’t get attached. At least this guy has told me that he’s not living here, he’s not made up some stupid story that he has built a house here & then secretly heads back overseas!!

We have 2 drinks & he says that he never drinks because of all the fitness he needs to do for riding – saying that his trainer would kill him if he knew he’d had 2 drinks, I didn’t realise that there was so much effort in racing to be honest, but I guess with all the tricks & stuff, you’d need to be fairly fit. This guy though looks like he’s naturally skinny, you know the type that could eat anything they wanted & never put on weight, but they’re really self conscious about being skinny? You know the type, I know a few.

We are still outside at the pub, in the cold when we decide that it’s time to go home, it’s almost 11:00 pm, time went really fast to be honest, I enjoyed the evening. But lets not count our chickens before they hatch, I mean I did write him off at the end of his first blog post! Hahaha.

He walks me to my car & I think how this is the awkward horrible part, I never know what to do, I would like to kiss him, I am in a new frame of mind where I am not going to have sex on the first date – with anyone! We’re standing at my car, he’s shivering – I can feel his whole body moving, I am also fucking freezing, we can see our breath. We have a lingering hug goodbye when I pull away it’s like a slow scene from a movie & we both lean in to kiss each other. Ok so who has seen the movie Human Traffic? Well I’m about to spoil it for you if you haven’t, but there is this scene where Jip & Lulu finally kiss & they’re both in their heads wanting to make a move but are scared with their lingering hug, literally the scene with Motocrosss & I is pretty similar the same – except we’re Australian, not on drugs & outside in the freezing… See youtube clip below! Hahaha…

We kiss for a while, it’s a good kiss! I haven’t been kissed like this in a long time! I’m mean I’ve been kissed of course but not that wasn’t right before having sex – not just a nice kiss. I feel him shivering harder when we pull apart, I am freezing too in a skirt & stockings but this guy has no coat on, plus he’s uber skinny. We say our goodbyes & I wonder what is in store for us next. As much as I wanted to invite him home to have sex, I’m glad I didn’t & I want to see where this goes, if anywhere… I did feel a spark in that kiss & think this could be a good little fling while he is here in Adelaide. But again, lets not count the chickens before they’ve hatched…

I go home & as I’m climbing into bed, I see a message pop up on my watch “Motocross has sent you a message” I am tempted not to look at it, but I do read it “Hey it was nice to meet you tonight I enjoyed it thanks” I decide to not write back till the morning – that way the conversation keeps going, I’m so tricky! Hahaha… I reply when I wake up saying “Morning, I didn’t realise it was almost 11 when we left. Time went pretty quickly… I had a good time too. I was freezing when I got home though.” I then do the unthinkable & send him my phone number without being asked & tell him to use that if he prefers. Which he does almost right away. We don’t chat again on the dating app…

Maybe I was too quick to write this one off after the first blog! Keep reading to find out…



I meet a guy online Motocross – we’re mid July 2019 for those wanting to know the timeline, I’m finally catching up?! Or am I? Fuck… I’m trying, was going to do bonus posts but am basically writing as I go at the moment! Damn me for having a life & not writing anything but notes last year!

He has pictures online of him doing Motocross & Supercross – enough pictures that I think he’s probably really into it & maybe semi-professional or a very big hobby of his. He’s 33, he says that he’s self-employed. He’s very cute – brown hair, brown eyes, doesn’t look super tall & is quite skinny, maybe a bit young for me – he looks young, but he’s in his 30’s at least. He says on his profile that he likes cheeseburgers, mini golf & “riding me dirt bike” that he likes random road trips, travelling & that he has a cool dog. He’s only 4 kms away but sometimes it says less than one km away, so he’s close by, not flying back to the UK to get away from me!

When we match on the app, he starts the conversation, which in my experience is unheard of. The men seem to wait till you chat to them, not sure what that is about but on that app, they just wait forever. So I’m pleasantly surprised to get a “Hey how are you”. Albeit with no punctuation but at least I get a message – I’m at the gym on a Tuesday night when I get it, I get in trouble for looking at my watch when he messages me & I look to see it. I yell at my instructor that I have a busy social life & to be honest, it just says their name & that they’ve sent you a message on my watch – so I have no idea who this guy even is till I get home. I am chatting to a few others, so I don’t give this guy much back but “good, you?” he says that he’s good & then adds “So question what sort of performing do you do if you dint mind me asking last photo I’m talking about” -Yes that is his exact message with spelling error & no punctuation. I have a picture of me with rope & wax on my profile, hoping that I’ll attract someone sort of kinky, sort of dominant, but with the likes of Construction & Air Force, I am not thinking anything is promising! I tell him that it’s shibari & wax, that I was at a kink event but it wasn’t a performance as such. He says that he has no idea what that is but asks how long I’ve been doing it for, I tell him that I’s been a while & I go to classes & have some fun at kink events, he asks where they hold events – I like that he’s intrigued by it, not in a creepy way (yet – wait for it). He asked what got me into & what else I am interested in. I tell him ”I’m a bit kinky & found someone like minded who went to shibari class, so I went along too & found a rope partner so kept going. He’s not a sexual or boyfriend partner. Just rope, like a dance partner” I think at this time, I was still tying with Milky Bar Kid at this time. I tell Motocross what else I’m into as well, not waiting to scare the poor boy off “I like music, writing, wineries, comedy shows, gym, running, travel & riding my bike… you?” He says that he likes my interested & his are the same but he doesn’t write & hasn’t ever been to winery – OMG really? Like not even for a wedding!? He says that he likes mini golf & riding his bike that he likes anything outdoors. I say that it’s good, need to be active. He says that he is an active person for sure & I remind myself that I never used to be active, I mean it’s only recently that I am. He says “oh really never used to be active. I’m definitely active & you wouldn’t be lazy with me around” with a winky face! You know I hate when they start talking future, especially in the first chat & why they fuck do I get wrapped up in it? Surely I have learned my lesson by now, no man is what they seem! Why do men do that? Is it because they are thinking like I am that this guy could just be the one that isn’t like the rest? Or aren’t men that deep? Are they just not thinking when they start talking about the future?! He says well done about staying active, I tell him thanks, but I still have some goals to accomplish – weight related & he says “Your welcome it’s fantastic you have goals & your sticking to them. I’m glade your focused not that you need it I think you look fantastic anyways” OMG how many spelling errors?! But I’m liking the conversation with this guy that I am willing to over look his grammar & spelling. He says that I look fine again after I say that I am still working towards fitness goals since my weight is always the same, I think that being told you look fine isn’t really a compliment – is it?! I mean who wants to look fine?! I want someone to think I look amazing, that their eyes pop our of their head when they see me, not that I look fine!

Motocross starve you fat fuck

He then asks me if I’ve had any luck on here… I mean what the fuck dude! Next he’ll ask me what I’m looking for?! I say “Um, depends what you mean by luck. Hahaha. I mean I’m still on there, so not that much luck. But have met a few… You?” I think he realises what he just asked “Ooooh true okay sory to ask a dumb question. Nah only started yesterday never actually meet anyone yet I’m actually new to the whole online situation.” I ask if he’s never online dated at all “Nope negative never until yesterday” Wow, I kind of like that but also then think, I am just a rebound type thing with this guy, he’ll want to sow his wild oats on the online dating world, I am past sowing my wild oats, I want to find someone, a partner! I tell him that I’ve been on the road a bout before but only been a few weeks on here & that it’s not very fun. He says that he hopes that I didn’t get too dizzy. I actually laugh at that! I sat that I hate it & usually don’t stay on here long, he says “Oh yeah okay then well hopefully you won’t be on here much longer” What is that supposed to mean? Because he wants to date me?! Or because I’ll delete it?!

He says “Do you mind if I ask a question?” Of course I say yes, waiting for the what are you looking for to pop up on my screen! “You mentioned you like kinky before how kinky you don’t have to answer tho if you don’t want I’d understand” I like that this guy is intrigued but not a sleeze about it & also not like Air force about it. I say “Well, I don’t have any extreme fetishes, besides lingerie… But I’m as kinky as my partner wants. I mean I enjoy rope & wax obviously… I also enjoy restraints & pain. But not something I have to have if my partner doesn’t enjoy it” I am careful with my words because I remember Noodle telling me I had to have kink. I don’t, I enjoy it but I don’t have to have it… I loved everything I did with Noodle, it was our kink & that was kinky enough for me. He says “Oh wow okay interesting” & I think I have freaked him out a little… Noodle always said I was intimidating! “I take it you’re not kinky at all?” His answer doesn’t surprise me “I’ve honestly never tried it TBH. You looking for a student?” with a winky face. I tell him my standard response when me think I want to teach them how to be kinky, that I am not a dominant, that I am mostly submissive, however I do like to switch every now & then. He says “haha oh yeah okay you like submissive. Lol team play I like it” he then asks about my lingerie & I tell him that I have a lot of stuff, a ridiculous amount of stuff, he gets s bit cheeky saying it would look good on me or the floor & I get swept up in the cheekiness too & say that one day he may say it. Seriously, this is the first chat, I need to calm the fuck down – how to I get so swept up in these conversations like this all the time?! Every single time I think they are going to be different, & they are always the same…

He asks when my next event is but I tell him that the next one I can go to is for my birthday in August, but I tell him that I won’t take him as the last guy I took got super jealous & so he says “Hahah yeah right okay that’s unfortunate then how bout a private show then” with a winky face… This guy is making me smile at least! I tell him that I’d need a drink or two first, he says that he’s keen for that as I’m always typing a date two. He says “I’m listening” I mean is he?! I just gave him an in to ask me out. So I tell him to ask me out on a date. He says the he’s a little rusty at this. So I send “Hey #IBD4U, would you like to out with me sometime soon? When are you free? What would you like to do?” he replies “Haha that’s awesome I like it. Sooo #IBD4U are you interested in going out when your free next” I laugh, “Oh Motocross, this is so unexpected… I’d love to go out sometime. I thought you’d never ask!” He says “Awww thanks I’d like that very much” I reply “hahaha, when are you free?” realising that it’s after midnight already & when I don’t get a reply from him, I put my phone down & go to sleep, I expect a message first thing in the morning, surely but when it doesn’t come, I think FFS, another one bites the dust!


Holden #2

Social suicide with a bunch of people who hate me for a reason no one will tell me isn’t a worry anymore – they hate me & won’t tell me why so what difference does it make now that Holden is single?! I have always gotten along with him, so I am enjoying the chats with Holden. Most mornings I wake up to a message from him, usually simply saying “Moaning” it always makes me smile.

We talk about his Facebook because he says that he’s changed his relationship status & that didn’t go down well for him. I send him a screenshot of it, showing that he’s got all his information including his phone number & email. He says that only friends can see, but I tell him that I have had a few people from the chat app add me on Facebook that I’ve never met, such as a chick we’ll call Fruitcup. So even though I use a different name on the chat app, people still find you!

We talk about catching up at some time, he decides that when he doesn’t have the kids that he is going to come over to my house, it was always a big joke in the groups about my bath & that there should be a bath app that people could book into have a bath with me, he & Noodle always had jokes about who would get to do it.

We’re going to catch up this Friday night, he is going to come to my house & I ask him to turn off him family ‘find my iPhone’ because if you recall that’s how Noodle was tracked. I’m not saying that Holden’s ex-wife was or is doing it to him, but if she does stalk him when he has no kids, I don’t need another woman knowing where I live, even if they are split up. I’m not sure it’s entirely what either of these to want, so I need to be careful about that.

So it’s Friday, the day I’m supposed to have Holden over to my house. I know that my period is coming on Saturday, however as I am walking around work dressed in a really cute outfit ready for tonight, as I’m not sure how much time I’ll have after work to get ready. I realise that I’m having a lot of cramps, which is usual the day before, so when I head to the bathroom, I realise that fucking mother nature has given me my period a day before which is really painful, so even if Holden was ok with period sex, I can’t fuck on the first day anymore, especially since having my tubes tied.

I message him straight away with the apology vomit profusely saying I’m really sorry, but explain that mother nature is not been good to me, but that I really want to catch up anyway even if we can’t have sex. He says that it’s ok because he’s been freaking out a little bit about actually catching up with me. So we decide that we are going to meet for a drink, I suggest a place near the city with easy parking, somewhere that no one will know us if they saw us.

Holden 2 heads one brain

We hug hello & he buys a couple of drinks, the conversation is easy but I do feel like I dominate the conversation, I mean I have always felt that with this couple anyway, I do feel that most of the time with everyone, I mean it’s why I have a blog, I have so much shit to tell everyone, that I have to write it down to get it all out!

It’s actually a really good date, the time goes so fast, & I actually have a really good time with him. I guess, you know we’ve been friends for two and a half years something before we actually met for this date/drink thing. So you know, it was easy. We talk about all sorts of topics, we chat about his relationship, my relationship with Noodle, we talk about people on the chat app & we just talk general shit. A few drinks in & it’s getting late, we both have to drive, but I hope that meeting me on his own has eased his nerves. I remember that Noodle was scared to meet me, so apparently I can be intimidating! We peck on the lips goodbye with a hug & we go our separate ways.

By the time I get home he’s text me to tell me that he got home safe & that he hopes I did too & that basically he doesn’t care about mother nature, so we should catch up tomorrow night. I think well day two is usually ok, so maybe we should. I tell him that I have a 30th to go to, that I really don’t want to go to, but that we can catch up after. I figure I’ll be out & looking cute in Port Adelaide so I can just pop to his side of town afterwards.

I message when I’m about to leave the party thinking that he will invite me over but he says that he’s out with his family, so I just go home a little disappointed. I mean he was the one that suggested it. Why suggest it if you don’t want to do it? I mean I get that perhaps his family knew he was going to be all alone this weekend, so they took him out to cheer him up?! I don’t know…

He tells me that his now ex wife didn’t want him to tell me that he’d split with her & I had pretended I didn’t know at Switch, I mean I didn’t want to have to explain I literally found out on my way in. Plus they had been to Switch before together with a group of us & they hated it. I mean I caught her in a lie that night too, so I just didn’t bother telling her I knew they’d split. She had at one point talked to Noddy & told me a different story to what he said, so I’ll never know the whole story, I guess. I just hate that I am always painted the bad guy with everyone in the Rope & Switch crew. I tell him I don’t need more drama in my life but then say “Yet, I’m chatting to you, quite contradictory!” Yeah why am I talking to this timebomb?! Although, fuck it, he’s single & I get along with him – she’s clearly not interested in being friends with me, so I don’t have to worry about the friendship anymore… I’m not doing anything wrong.

The next morning, I don’t wake up to a moaning message, so I send a picture of me actually in the shower (Remember the stick figure picture?) & he says “Fuck your drawing improved overnight” with some heart eye emojis & I actually laugh out loud. He asks for a picture of my ass, so I send some & I tell him that I am standing like a man so he asks me to send him more pictures so I can try out some different poses.

I tell him that I think this is just a ploy to see more pictures of me & he says the he wouldn’t ever do that. I find the magic 8 ball pic from the Kangaroo Island weekend on my phone & send it to him “It is certain” & he says “Fkn traitor 8 ball” I send him a naked pic & says “Whoops that supposed to be a gym ass” but he says that’s better. This is also when things are really not good at work, I drove all the way to Pt Augusta, stayed the night & the meeting was cancelled, so I don’t even know how to call my boss & it’s the beginning of a shit few months, I mean it’s been shit already but it gets worse, so I am thankful for the chats with Holden because it’s keeping me a bit sane. But makes me miss Noodle.

He asks me later if I’m home yet, I say that I am & ask what he is up too, he says he’s working from home again. I say “Your dick in your hand & porn is not considered work…” I tell him that my pre workout is making me feel like a meth addict & he asks if it makes me horny, I’m like do I really need pre workout to be horny? No, I don’t think so! Hahaha.

The next day, I don’t get a message again, so I figure I need to message him, show him that I am interested too… I mean I always make them make the effort so I message & ask how his day is & if he’s masturbating at home. Then I send Damn auto correct. I mean working from home” He just say that he’s son is home from school sick. I say that sucks & he says that he can’t watch porn. I sort of get a no chat vibe so I just leave it with that – we had sort of planned on me seeing him tonight, I was going to rock up in the trench coat, the fantasy I still haven’t done & was supposed to do with Abs but because he hasn’t said anything & didn’t message this morning, I just assume he doesn’t want to catch up. But later that night he asks how my days been, I say it’s pretty good & we chat for a bit, I tell him about the Port Lincoln flight I have to do tomorrow. I say that I assume it’s not happening tonight & I should just get in the bath. He says “Ohhh I didn’t wanna mention it cause it’s so far for ya & sounds like ya have a huge week. I should really be the one coming to yours. I need a bath” I tell him that I wouldn’t have suggested Wednesday if I didn’t want to, he says I can come now but I’m like it’s 8:00 pm now but the time I got there it would be 9:00pm but just assumed he was being a dude with excuses, you know the type, oh my sons sick, blah blah blah. He says “Oh hell no sorry didn’t mean to be silent I thought you were cause you were busy as” I decide to be cheeky & not upset about the fact I didn’t get sex when I thought all week about it & just tell him that I’ll just get into bed, naked, horny & use my toys. He says that it’s unfair but I tell him that he has no one to blame but himself, I even had my outfit out, I had actually laid out the lingerie, the knee high boots & the trench coat, deciding what to wear, I even had the stupid magnet in the jacket pocket… Remember the Easter egg incident with Noddy?! Well this is just a repeat, I do stuff like this then feel like an idiot! Noodle was the only one that was ever thoughtful like that, remember him leaving cheezels at my front door?! I wonder if he felt like a dickhead doing that?

Holden will get all the kids back this weekend so there is no sneaking me in with 5 kids there. He then doesn’t reply to me for ages & when he comes back he says that he had his parents, brother & sister all drop in, I don’t get the message as I’m asleep & I reply at 5:30am saying well that’s good then. I fly to Port Lincoln & later tell him that this is a fucked day that again no one has come to my meetings & so I have to ring my boss & tell him for the second time this week that my travel plans were a waste of time. I tell Holden & he says “Ohhh Shit” I get the feeling he isn’t interested in talking so I don’t reply & wait for him to write to me. He never does, I never hear from him again. Not really sure what went on with him to be honest. I assume he got back together with his wife. I delete him off Facebook after a while too, not wanting to know any more. I mean like I said it was probably for the best with the groups that we’re in.

Interestingly a few months or so later, I’m chatting to Fruitcup & she mentions how she was also going to meet Holden! OH REALLY?! They were chatting at the same time as me & he was super keen, they were sending pictures, she said she never met up with him because he stopped messaging her as well…

The thing that fucks me off about this, is that I was actually friends with this guy & his wife… I now don’t even speak to him, or his wife. I miss that. I kind of hate that I am losing friends & have people not liking me without me even knowing why or what I did…