Motocross #8

He’s cheeky, he’s super cute, he’s funny, we have banter & I am liking hanging out with Motocross more that I should at this point. But he’s not fucking anyone else but me… Why does that keep going through my head… I have turned off my online dating app, I haven’t deleted it, but I pause my account so people can’t add me, just as Writer suggested. But I also keep forgetting that there’s an expiry date with this guy, but as a contradiction, I also can’t help but think “What if there isn’t!?”


I also actually forgot to tell you that on the way home from Fasta Pasta on the Sunday date, I did ask Motocross what his last name was – it sort of came up in conversation when we were driving, something about the name tags from the play, so it was the right time to ask him, he told me, even though I already know what it is, of course – he didn’t hide anything, he just said it & that was that. I don’t think that he’s hiding things from me on purpose, I don’t want to push him to give me information he’s not ready to give – for whatever reason & then have him ask me for information that I’m not ready to give him either… It’s a catch 22. I want to know but I don’t want to tell.

So anyway, in the morning I write back to him & say that I can’t tell him the other things I like about him because then he’ll get a big head – with the hash tag true. I tell him that it’s ok that he asked if I’d swallow, I asked him for his ideas, I will be happy to swallow for him as long as I am still fucked & cum. He says #interesting & that he is obviously doing good then. Which makes me laugh, his hash tagging. (In real life he actually says the word hashtag now before he says interesting or correct or true now too because of how much shit I’ve been giving him) He says “Ooh haha yeah wasn’t sure how to approach the question. You’ll definitely be getting both of those” That’s why I asked him, I mean I get that he’s a little bit shy, the guy doesn’t seem overly affectionate, but that also could be because I’m so socially retarded when it comes to men, that I send off a no touch vibe. I tell him “Hahaha, besides your texting skills, Yes you’re doing alright… Or I wouldn’t still be talking to you!” I remind him that I am open to most things & he can ask me, even by text if it’s easier for him.

“Cheeky shit clearly texting isn’t my strong point. Wow alright okay guess I’ll take that. Clearly I figured that out. That’s fair enough well I’m honestly happy with how it is tbh but I’ll let you k is if I wanna try something” I tell him that I have to read his messages twice to work out the missing words – just as you probably have had to read twice & think I’m suddenly terrible at grammar & spelling, nope these are actual texts from him verbatim. I sort of ask or say that I must be doing ok too or he wouldn’t be talking to me, even if I do give him shit about his map reading skills. I tell him that I’m happy to receive feedback about what I can do better for him – thinking this might help me lead into the conversation about where my clit is & how he can use it to his advantage!

“haha Fark I’m sorry didn’t realise I was that bad. Well that’s correct I wouldn’t be I guess but no complaints here. True I don’t mind the banter tho. Oh I’m sure you’ll be receiving it. I was actually Jinnah hit you up last night tbh thought it anyways.WHAT?! Hahaha, I like this guy a lot & he makes me smile & giggle every time I get a text from him. I don’t know why but I say that he’s not that bad at texting & I can generally work it out. But I’ll give him shit about it anyway. “Bit like #True & #Correct & #Interesting… Oh & the map!!” I tell him that he could’ve come over last night after the gym if that’s what “jinnahmeans. We’re supposed to be catching up tonight for Mexican – I’ve made reservations & we’ve been texting all day, it’s past lunch & it’s been constant. He says that he can handle that & says “Your loving my # now ay” Bahaha, no I am not, I have started saying it too, like some sort of loser after a week of knowing this guy. He continues “Oh yeah interesting should’ve asked then just though you might have been to tired. Jinnah wtf meant to have said wanted to hit you up actually” Why didn’t he just ask me if I was free? Instead, I had to ask him out for tonight… Men are weirdos. But at least I know he wants to see me. I tell him that I keep saying his stupid catch phrases & that he should’ve asked to see me. “Hahaha that’s funny as you can’t stop saying it. Yeah right true I should’ve asked. Tonight tho yeah” I tell him that he can ask me another time & not just leave it up to me. I say yes to tonight & remind him that I have booked a table. “haha nah it’s not annoying it’s just funny I’m rubbing off on you in more then one way. Yep like tonight I’m keen for it. Yeah nice okay can’t wait” Did he think that he’s planned tonight & that he’s asked me out? I tell him that it is annoying & I just said true on the phone. He laughs at me & I don’t reply to his last message as it’s almost 5:00 pm, time to get home & ready for our date! It’s been a bit of an epic day at work to be honest, I have been asked to go to Mt Gambier tomorrow & I need to be there at 10:00 am, which means I have to get up at 4:00 am & drive down there. I race home, get changed & pack a bag. I am staying the night, last minute, I can’t/don’t want to change this date with Motocross or I won’t see him till next week, which kind of sucks. I will just push through it to be honest, I can drive down there with a red bull or two & go to bed early tomorrow night. I want sex & I want to see him! I also hate late minute bailing with a passion.

Motocross how will you ruin it

Motocross gets to my house at exactly 6:15 pm like he said he would, he knocks on the door & I let him in, he doesn’t kiss me hello when he walks in, which I think is weird at this point, so I start to get a bit weird too & don’t kiss him hello like I did the times before… Why wouldn’t he want to kiss me hello? At this point, it’s weird not to kiss me on the lips when you walk into my house?! Isn’t it? Again, it’s only Wednesday, a week since we first met face to face, maybe it’s not weird he hasn’t kissed me hello? But we’ve now had 4 dates in a week & texted constantly all day every day just about, surely it’s ok to kiss hello?!

He’s parked in the driveway, so he drives to the restaurant, which isn’t far away but I have to direct him to where it is. I honestly love driving in his car, it’s nice car! I want to drive it one day! It’s the type of car that people look at us in.

The booking is for 6:30 pm so we head straight to the local Mexican restaurant, he actually says that he still has a bit of a sore throat, which sucks for him. He is wearing a similar outfit to what he’s worn every time I’ve see him. We order dinner & he has a plain meal of a nachos, saying that he doesn’t eat this fancy that often, he usually has really simple meals in the USA. He doesn’t eat a lot to be honest & I ask if it is good or not, he says that it is, but I also wonder if it’s possibly corn chips & a sore throat – which is stopping him from eating a lot. To be honest, the conversation over dinner is strained, it’s not as easy flowing as it has been over text, there isn’t a lot of banter & it’s like he’s tired or not interested. I mean at one point, I’m talking about my steps on my watch & how driving gets my steps up & he doesn’t believe me that a bumpy road would give me my 5000 steps per day. I don’t know what it is but that is the conversation I remember vividly but I just remember feeling weird all evening because we weren’t talking. I have told him that I have to be on the road at the latest by 5:00 am tomorrow – maybe that’s it? Was he planning on staying over again!? I feel a little bit odd, tonight is a bit strange, I end up paying for the whole meal – he doesn’t offer to pay & we leave the restaurant. I assume that he’s going to just go home after this & not come in tonight, because it’s a bit of a head scratching evening, but he’s different in the car, there is a bit of a glimmer of the banter that I like about him.

As he pulls into my drive way, his headlights flash around & I see a giant black blob on the next door neighbours retaining wall & I can’t help but say “Ewww is that giant spider – you have to kill it” I am so arachnophobic it’s insane! I may have told you that I have smashed a phone when someone posted a bloody photo of one on Facebook once! He kind of laughs a little, getting out of the car, I’m glad it’s on his side, he uses his light on his phone & looks at it, he comes to the front of the car & says that it’s a snail, that he’s not going to kill it, his name is probably Frank or something. I literally burst out laughing, I love how he names things! It’s so funny!

He obviously comes inside, maybe I’m too quick to write things off, but it was a bit of an odd dinner, but we settle down on the couch with fucking Sharknado 2. What the actual fuck! It’s even worse than the first one, I mean her arm gets bitten off by a shark, in the sky when she’s sucked out of the plane window!? YES – that is an actual scene!

We’re only about 30 minutes in when Motocross makes a move & kisses me, thank god for that, because I didn’t think I could make a move on him after the weird dinner & I also can’t look away from this train wreck of a movie.

We go into the bedroom & have sex, pretty much the same way we’ve had sex every time so far. I am not worried about this yet, I mean how many times did Milky fuck me at the end of the bed with my legs in the air? I mean Milky even fucked Sweetie like that, some guys just have moves I guess. Motocross & I lay there afterwards for a little while, it’s nice to just lay there with him, it’s no longer awkward. I realise that I need affection as reassurance that everything is ok. The fact he doesn’t kiss me hello or hold my hand or touch me before we have sex makes me realise that yes it’s only been a short time but I also need that reassurance. Noodle used to kiss me as soon as he got in the car, he would have his hand on my leg as we drove wherever we were going, he’d find some way to show me that everything was ok between us… FUCK – I must not think about Noodle.

At 11:45 pm Motocross gets up to leave, he’s already told me he’ll let me sleep, I wasn’t planning on him staying this long. I don’t think he was planning on staying this long either, but it’s good that he did after the awkward dinner. I won’t be able to see him now till next week – we have no plans to catch up again, I’m away tomorrow at the crack of dawn, he flys out tomorrow too & isn’t back till Sunday. They say travelling for work is fun, but this sort of sucks that we both travel for work! I am away through the week & he’s away on the weekends… I wonder if this is going to work out?!


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