I meet a guy online Motocross – we’re mid July 2019 for those wanting to know the timeline, I’m finally catching up?! Or am I? Fuck… I’m trying, was going to do bonus posts but am basically writing as I go at the moment! Damn me for having a life & not writing anything but notes last year!

He has pictures online of him doing Motocross & Supercross – enough pictures that I think he’s probably really into it & maybe semi-professional or a very big hobby of his. He’s 33, he says that he’s self-employed. He’s very cute – brown hair, brown eyes, doesn’t look super tall & is quite skinny, maybe a bit young for me – he looks young, but he’s in his 30’s at least. He says on his profile that he likes cheeseburgers, mini golf & “riding me dirt bike” that he likes random road trips, travelling & that he has a cool dog. He’s only 4 kms away but sometimes it says less than one km away, so he’s close by, not flying back to the UK to get away from me!

When we match on the app, he starts the conversation, which in my experience is unheard of. The men seem to wait till you chat to them, not sure what that is about but on that app, they just wait forever. So I’m pleasantly surprised to get a “Hey how are you”. Albeit with no punctuation but at least I get a message – I’m at the gym on a Tuesday night when I get it, I get in trouble for looking at my watch when he messages me & I look to see it. I yell at my instructor that I have a busy social life & to be honest, it just says their name & that they’ve sent you a message on my watch – so I have no idea who this guy even is till I get home. I am chatting to a few others, so I don’t give this guy much back but “good, you?” he says that he’s good & then adds “So question what sort of performing do you do if you dint mind me asking last photo I’m talking about” -Yes that is his exact message with spelling error & no punctuation. I have a picture of me with rope & wax on my profile, hoping that I’ll attract someone sort of kinky, sort of dominant, but with the likes of Construction & Air Force, I am not thinking anything is promising! I tell him that it’s shibari & wax, that I was at a kink event but it wasn’t a performance as such. He says that he has no idea what that is but asks how long I’ve been doing it for, I tell him that I’s been a while & I go to classes & have some fun at kink events, he asks where they hold events – I like that he’s intrigued by it, not in a creepy way (yet – wait for it). He asked what got me into & what else I am interested in. I tell him ”I’m a bit kinky & found someone like minded who went to shibari class, so I went along too & found a rope partner so kept going. He’s not a sexual or boyfriend partner. Just rope, like a dance partner” I think at this time, I was still tying with Milky Bar Kid at this time. I tell Motocross what else I’m into as well, not waiting to scare the poor boy off “I like music, writing, wineries, comedy shows, gym, running, travel & riding my bike… you?” He says that he likes my interested & his are the same but he doesn’t write & hasn’t ever been to winery – OMG really? Like not even for a wedding!? He says that he likes mini golf & riding his bike that he likes anything outdoors. I say that it’s good, need to be active. He says that he is an active person for sure & I remind myself that I never used to be active, I mean it’s only recently that I am. He says “oh really never used to be active. I’m definitely active & you wouldn’t be lazy with me around” with a winky face! You know I hate when they start talking future, especially in the first chat & why they fuck do I get wrapped up in it? Surely I have learned my lesson by now, no man is what they seem! Why do men do that? Is it because they are thinking like I am that this guy could just be the one that isn’t like the rest? Or aren’t men that deep? Are they just not thinking when they start talking about the future?! He says well done about staying active, I tell him thanks, but I still have some goals to accomplish – weight related & he says “Your welcome it’s fantastic you have goals & your sticking to them. I’m glade your focused not that you need it I think you look fantastic anyways” OMG how many spelling errors?! But I’m liking the conversation with this guy that I am willing to over look his grammar & spelling. He says that I look fine again after I say that I am still working towards fitness goals since my weight is always the same, I think that being told you look fine isn’t really a compliment – is it?! I mean who wants to look fine?! I want someone to think I look amazing, that their eyes pop our of their head when they see me, not that I look fine!

Motocross starve you fat fuck

He then asks me if I’ve had any luck on here… I mean what the fuck dude! Next he’ll ask me what I’m looking for?! I say “Um, depends what you mean by luck. Hahaha. I mean I’m still on there, so not that much luck. But have met a few… You?” I think he realises what he just asked “Ooooh true okay sory to ask a dumb question. Nah only started yesterday never actually meet anyone yet I’m actually new to the whole online situation.” I ask if he’s never online dated at all “Nope negative never until yesterday” Wow, I kind of like that but also then think, I am just a rebound type thing with this guy, he’ll want to sow his wild oats on the online dating world, I am past sowing my wild oats, I want to find someone, a partner! I tell him that I’ve been on the road a bout before but only been a few weeks on here & that it’s not very fun. He says that he hopes that I didn’t get too dizzy. I actually laugh at that! I sat that I hate it & usually don’t stay on here long, he says “Oh yeah okay then well hopefully you won’t be on here much longer” What is that supposed to mean? Because he wants to date me?! Or because I’ll delete it?!

He says “Do you mind if I ask a question?” Of course I say yes, waiting for the what are you looking for to pop up on my screen! “You mentioned you like kinky before how kinky you don’t have to answer tho if you don’t want I’d understand” I like that this guy is intrigued but not a sleeze about it & also not like Air force about it. I say “Well, I don’t have any extreme fetishes, besides lingerie… But I’m as kinky as my partner wants. I mean I enjoy rope & wax obviously… I also enjoy restraints & pain. But not something I have to have if my partner doesn’t enjoy it” I am careful with my words because I remember Noodle telling me I had to have kink. I don’t, I enjoy it but I don’t have to have it… I loved everything I did with Noodle, it was our kink & that was kinky enough for me. He says “Oh wow okay interesting” & I think I have freaked him out a little… Noodle always said I was intimidating! “I take it you’re not kinky at all?” His answer doesn’t surprise me “I’ve honestly never tried it TBH. You looking for a student?” with a winky face. I tell him my standard response when me think I want to teach them how to be kinky, that I am not a dominant, that I am mostly submissive, however I do like to switch every now & then. He says “haha oh yeah okay you like submissive. Lol team play I like it” he then asks about my lingerie & I tell him that I have a lot of stuff, a ridiculous amount of stuff, he gets s bit cheeky saying it would look good on me or the floor & I get swept up in the cheekiness too & say that one day he may say it. Seriously, this is the first chat, I need to calm the fuck down – how to I get so swept up in these conversations like this all the time?! Every single time I think they are going to be different, & they are always the same…

He asks when my next event is but I tell him that the next one I can go to is for my birthday in August, but I tell him that I won’t take him as the last guy I took got super jealous & so he says “Hahah yeah right okay that’s unfortunate then how bout a private show then” with a winky face… This guy is making me smile at least! I tell him that I’d need a drink or two first, he says that he’s keen for that as I’m always typing a date two. He says “I’m listening” I mean is he?! I just gave him an in to ask me out. So I tell him to ask me out on a date. He says the he’s a little rusty at this. So I send “Hey #IBD4U, would you like to out with me sometime soon? When are you free? What would you like to do?” he replies “Haha that’s awesome I like it. Sooo #IBD4U are you interested in going out when your free next” I laugh, “Oh Motocross, this is so unexpected… I’d love to go out sometime. I thought you’d never ask!” He says “Awww thanks I’d like that very much” I reply “hahaha, when are you free?” realising that it’s after midnight already & when I don’t get a reply from him, I put my phone down & go to sleep, I expect a message first thing in the morning, surely but when it doesn’t come, I think FFS, another one bites the dust!


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