Motocross #2

To my surprise on Wednesday (the next day – hahaha… After we all wrote the poor dude off!) at about 2:00 pm, Motocross messages & says that he’s free Friday night if that suits me. I don’t want to reply straight away being he never said goodnight & has taken almost all day to write to me! What a stupid game to play but fuck I need to not be so available, however I say that I am not free Friday as I am going to see a play & have my nephew sleeping over Saturday night so I suggest that we could do a Saturday drink. He asks if there are any night this week, I’m like well Wednesday (aka tonight) is my gym free night – so tonight or Thursday night after boxing, he says tonight if I want too, so I agree… Why do I agree so easily, didn’t I just say that I need to be less available?!

Then nekt minit I start telling him my life story, that I’m at Campbelltown & have to go back to the office then home, I for some reason think he lives at Norwood & am not in a date outfit but he says he lives down south, so I think that give some time to get home & change quickly. PHEW! So I tell him that I just leaving Campbelltown & am going to the office then home so I will meet him at the pub at 7:00pm – 7:30pm, he says sounds good & he’ll see me at 7:30pm. WTF… TMI.

I race home, shower with a beer (yes a beer while actually in the shower) & get ready, without trying too look too much like I put on fresh make up before I met him & this is how I looked all day.

The carpark is packed, which is unusual for a Wednesday night at the local, I think what the fuck, I walk in & it’s standing room only, the fucking place has a packed out quiz night! How the fuck am I ever going to find this dude in here?!

At exactly 7:30 pm he messages & asks if I’m there, I say I am but it’s a fucking quiz night & that I’m at the bar, he walks in & we hug hello, he’s wearing pants that have a jean look & a long sleeved top. He’s also wearing a hat, he looks exactly like his pictures & I think he’s pretty cute. We get drinks & the only place that we can go to hear anything or get a seat is outside… Remember it’s July in Adelaide at the time, so it’s pretty fresh! This guy is skinny & not wearing a jacket, I have a puffer jacket on that I always wear everywhere, I am always cold, but I am wearing tights & a short skirt FFS! My new cute date outfit, I wasn’t expecting to be sitting outside tonight.

Why the fuck is there a fucking quiz night on when I am trying to have a date?! How did I not know there was a quiz night. There is only the 2 of us so we can’t really join in & it’s already been on for a hour or so.

Motocross looking at things the wrong way

We sit outside in the freezing cold by a useless heater & we chat. Pretty much one of the first things he tells me is that he’s not living in Adelaide but is here till October. Well, at least he’s told me that he’s leaving!? I ask him more of why he doesn’t live here & of course he is a motocross/supercross rider & he does it as a profession. He says that his parents live in the suburb over from me & he’s staying with them. He says that he hasn’t been back here for 7 years or so & his mum is loving having him home as he only has one brother who lives interstate as well. He says he doesn’t know Adelaide very well because they lived in Mildura & then moved to Adelaide but by the time he was 16 he was living in America pursuing his motorbike career. I realise that my earlier babble over text about being at Campbelltown etc didn’t help him realise what I was doing, he says that he didn’t know what I was talking about. Hahaha, what a fuckwit I am!

He tells me that he’s mainly here for the Crusty Demons tour that he’s here for that & he rides with him, I haven’t ever seen them before so I try not to think too far ahead about being a grid girl for them one night! Hahaha…

We talk really easily all night, I mean I ask more questions about motorbikes than I actually give a shit about but at least he asks me questions & we talk about all sorts of topics. He says though he’s never had wine, so he tastes my Shiraz & I say that wineries are great & he suggests going to one or two on the weekend… I try my hardest not to start planning this relationship in my head, knowing that this probably won’t happen.

I notice that he says Correct a lot, instead of yes & he also says “True”… The other Motocross catch phrase he has is “situation”. It’s kind of cute & I love the banter style jokes that he says but it makes me realise that this guy is younger than me, I mean he’s 33, I’m 37 but I can tell there is an age difference here, I mean he’s mature but I can sense some immaturity if that makes sense? Maybe it’s the boys toys thing with the motorbikes, but I do feel older than him, I also look older than him.

He tells me about injuries he’s had from riding, that he’s broken every bone in his body, he shows me a scar on his arm from recent surgery, he told me that after an accident a few years ago, that he was paralysed & in hospital for 6 months thinking he’d never walk again until one day he got pains in his legs & he said that was the best feeling ever… I can’t even imagine what that must have been like – I’ve never even broken a bone at all. He also tells me that his best mate died in his arms on the race track so he now rides with his number. I do sense maturity there, he’s been through a fucking lot of stuff, but there’s that big kid at heart sort of feeling with him & I actually really like it. Do you understand what I mean?

However he does ask me questions & I do feel like I get along with him, but I need to bear in mind that if this does go anywhere, it does have an expiration date! He’s living somewhere in LA & doesn’t come home often according to what he’s said, so I can’t get attached. At least this guy has told me that he’s not living here, he’s not made up some stupid story that he has built a house here & then secretly heads back overseas!!

We have 2 drinks & he says that he never drinks because of all the fitness he needs to do for riding – saying that his trainer would kill him if he knew he’d had 2 drinks, I didn’t realise that there was so much effort in racing to be honest, but I guess with all the tricks & stuff, you’d need to be fairly fit. This guy though looks like he’s naturally skinny, you know the type that could eat anything they wanted & never put on weight, but they’re really self conscious about being skinny? You know the type, I know a few.

We are still outside at the pub, in the cold when we decide that it’s time to go home, it’s almost 11:00 pm, time went really fast to be honest, I enjoyed the evening. But lets not count our chickens before they hatch, I mean I did write him off at the end of his first blog post! Hahaha.

He walks me to my car & I think how this is the awkward horrible part, I never know what to do, I would like to kiss him, I am in a new frame of mind where I am not going to have sex on the first date – with anyone! We’re standing at my car, he’s shivering – I can feel his whole body moving, I am also fucking freezing, we can see our breath. We have a lingering hug goodbye when I pull away it’s like a slow scene from a movie & we both lean in to kiss each other. Ok so who has seen the movie Human Traffic? Well I’m about to spoil it for you if you haven’t, but there is this scene where Jip & Lulu finally kiss & they’re both in their heads wanting to make a move but are scared with their lingering hug, literally the scene with Motocrosss & I is pretty similar the same – except we’re Australian, not on drugs & outside in the freezing… See youtube clip below! Hahaha…

We kiss for a while, it’s a good kiss! I haven’t been kissed like this in a long time! I’m mean I’ve been kissed of course but not that wasn’t right before having sex – not just a nice kiss. I feel him shivering harder when we pull apart, I am freezing too in a skirt & stockings but this guy has no coat on, plus he’s uber skinny. We say our goodbyes & I wonder what is in store for us next. As much as I wanted to invite him home to have sex, I’m glad I didn’t & I want to see where this goes, if anywhere… I did feel a spark in that kiss & think this could be a good little fling while he is here in Adelaide. But again, lets not count the chickens before they’ve hatched…

I go home & as I’m climbing into bed, I see a message pop up on my watch “Motocross has sent you a message” I am tempted not to look at it, but I do read it “Hey it was nice to meet you tonight I enjoyed it thanks” I decide to not write back till the morning – that way the conversation keeps going, I’m so tricky! Hahaha… I reply when I wake up saying “Morning, I didn’t realise it was almost 11 when we left. Time went pretty quickly… I had a good time too. I was freezing when I got home though.” I then do the unthinkable & send him my phone number without being asked & tell him to use that if he prefers. Which he does almost right away. We don’t chat again on the dating app…

Maybe I was too quick to write this one off after the first blog! Keep reading to find out…


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