Motocross #3

Motocross uses my phone number straight away the day after the first date. It’s Thursday (just to keep you in the loop of the timeline with this guy!) I met this guy online on Tuesday & here I am on Thursday, having written him off, to having a date with him on Wednesday night & now giving him out my number! This is happening so fast…I’m sure it’ll end just a quickly! This is my life after all!

He says that he didn’t realise how fast time went either & that he was cold but he had a good time. Well that’s good! I reply “Hey I didn’t realise how cold I was till I touched my ass & legs when I got home… So fucking cold. Hahaha. That heater was a waste of space & gas” I don’t really realise what I’ve just said about my ass or legs until hit send & await his reply, but have you ever been so cold that your skin is just frozen, like you are just icy cold & cold to the bone? “hahaha till you touched yourself” with a emoji that is thinking! “I’m glade you didn’t notice me shaking then cause it was actually freezing. Pointless heater for sure Hahaha. I’d be keen to catch up again tho” OH WOW! 2nd text & he already wants to catch up again! I must not get attached to this one, there is an expiration on how long he’s going to be here for! (BTW yes he wrote glad with an e & I don’t know why he thinks I did notice him shaking, I mean I was shivering too, I always shiver.) I remember my bother in law telling me when I went to live in Canada for the winter that I was going to die as it’s so cold… So I get being cold is no fun!

I tell him that I was freezing & I burst his bubble by telling him I saw he was shaking at the car – how could I not notice! Hahaha. I then invite him to the play that I am going too on Friday – originally he asked to catch up Friday, so I know he’s free but I didn’t want him to come to a play on the first date. A friend had posted on FB about a play that the uni students were doing called “The Laramie Project” it’s about a homosexual boy that was beaten to death in the United States, I had read the book a number of years ago & really was interested in this play, tickets were free & I thought another friend would come but she didn’t want too as she was worried about the topic of the play – I read it’s more about what happens after the murder, it’s not a play of the murder! I didn’t want to miss out so I organise a ticket anyway for myself & was basically going alone, as my friend who I only know through this other friend is actually working there that night – I wouldn’t be entirely alone.

Since Motocross wants to see me again & I’m going alone, I invite him to the play – saying that I’m going alone, thinking he’ll make some excuse, because what type of person am I to be going to amateur theatre?! “Oh yeah okay I’d be keen sure where the play at and time.” Oh wow, so two dates in one week & I haven’t even known him a week yet!? I tell him the details of the play & say we can meet there, I can pick him up or he can pick me up? He says that he’ll pick me up “No dramas there.”

We’re also talking about my big puffer jacket so I tell him to ask a sponsor for a jacket, since he told me about how he’s sponsored by major energy drink company (Which I’d never heard of to be honest with you! However after he mentioned it that night at the pub, I see it everywhere! Like everywhere… So weird how that happens!) He says that he will get a sponsor to send him a jacket & I say that I would have worn pants if I knew I was sitting outside. I tell him that parking can be fucked at the uni, I am not 100% sure where it is, so I’m thinking about 6:30pm, he says “hahah true but I thought you looked stunning in what you were wearing tho. Oh yeah okay I’ll meet you there you saying” Is that a question? Did I say that I was going to meet him there, I thought he said he was going to pick me up?! I am slightly disappointed that I barely even notice that he thought I looked stunning! I do say that I was expecting to be inside by the fire so would’ve been warmer. I say “No, you can pick me up if you like, we can go together… I mean pick me up at 6:30 from my house…” Fingers crossed I haven’t got this wrong?! He says something about it being freezing & that he’s got a jacket coming from a sponsor but then adds “Oh yeah of course I can sounds good to me” Oh phew… So he is going to pick me up! I am at work so I try not to write back really quickly, waiting about an hour between, but his replies come within 20 minutes sometimes quicker from my reply – I am trying to not be so available.

Motocross grammar hoes

I tell him that he picked a terrible time to be home in Adelaide as it’s so cold & I offer to drive from my house. He replies “Haha yeah definitely maybe we’d just have to keep each other warm. Worst time definitely but all I meet you so that’s a bonus. No stress will work it out tomorrow I’m happy but honestly I got no idea where to go tho” OMG… I must not get attached to this smooth talker! There’s an expiry here! Must keep that in mind… But fuck I find myself smirking at the texts from this guy…

I tell him that I definitely needed warming up last night & that he’s sweet, I tell him that I have no idea where I am going either, it’s not usually my thing to go to amateur plays but because I read the book years ago I was interested in the play “So we can go & get lost together hahaha” he says “haha yeah I was keen but wasn’t sure. Sweet but true tho, oooh hahaha that should be interesting then well I’m happy to get lost with you I’m sure we’d keep ourselves entertained with an adventure.” FUCK. Too smooth & I smirk reading these fucking cute messages, I’ve been sucked in before… I’m being sucked in again!

We’ve been messaging all day, so I knuckle down & do some work & take 2 hours to reply to him… I’m too available… I’m too sucked in… I contact my friend to organise his ticket for tomorrow night & I tell her his name & she tells me that she used my last name for him. OMG that’s hilarious!

“Wasn’t sure you if you needed warming up? Haha. Thanks. I appreciate that. Won’t be too lost at the uni but will eventually find it. I got your ticket today but didn’t know your last name so used mine.” As I hit send laughing, I think fuck what if he doesn’t think that is funny, I mean I shouldn’t worry, we laughed a lot at the first date & he’s saying “hahaha” a lot to me in messages, he’s sending a lot of emojis, I think he gets the sense of humour…

“Haha I did need warming up yes next time tho. You’re welcome. Oh yeah okay nice thanks how much do I owe you for it. Interesting you’ve already got me taking your last name. getting seriousI laugh, at least he gets the sense of humour! I tell him that next time we won’t sit outside – but is he implying we won’t sit opposites side of the table next time? I joke that the play is free so I will pay, I remind him that it is 2019 so he could take my name!

“Lol okay sounds good then. Hahah thanks I appreciate your generosity. Hahaha fair enough I’ll let you claim that.” I go to the gym so I stop messaging him & reply afterwards “Yeah I’m generous like that. You can repay me with a drink afterwards. Do you even care what the play is?” I just realised that he hasn’t even asked the name of the play! I would be googling the shit out of it if a guy was inviting me to a random play – especially a play at a uni. “Hahaha thanks I like it. Yeah if course was gonna ask you tomorrow on the way. I’d I’m happy to see ya again. Alright I’ll buy ya a drink done” Fuck, I hardly understand the texts sometimes, I have to read them twice! “I’d I’m” what is that?! Hahaha.

“What if on the way you realised you don’t want to see the play? Then you’re fucked… Hahaha. Stuck for 2 hours at a shit play” I mean how hilarious, what if he is really homophobic or murder is a trigger?! Shit, I didn’t even think about that at the time, but writing this, I think fuck this play is a mega trigger warning. ”It’s fine as long as you’re there I’ll be enjoying it” FUCK… He needs to stop because I smile like a jerk at these smooth messages. I just write back “Awww that’s sweet” It’s almost 10:00 pm – we’ve texted all day since like 8:00 am & I realise after a bit that he has probably fallen asleep when I don’t get a reply. Fuck… I’m already in trouble here.

Have I ever written 3 blog posts about a guy before that I’ve only met once & it’s only day 3 since we met online & one date? Fuck, Fuck, Fuck… I must not get attached to this one… I must not get attached!!!







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