Motocross #4

Sorry about yesterday’s post being released at 9:00 am – not 8:00 am. With daylight savings, the posts didn’t update! Anyway here is a bonus post, an hour early to make up for it, Motocross #4. Have a safe & happy Easter!

The next morning just before I walk into work at 9:00 am, Motocross writes back my last text to say “Haha yeah I think so. Hope you have a good day today.” I fucking smile like a tool but have a meeting so am not able to write back till later in the day.

I tell him that I hope he has a good day too, the weather is amazing. I suggest that he picks me up around 6:15 pm – 6:30 pm, I don’t want to beat around the bush here with this guy, I like him, catching up with him again is what I want, I also really don’t want to go to this thing alone tonight.

He says that it sounds good but what is my address, it’s like 11:30 am & we’re already planning tonight! It makes me happy, but again I must not get attached, this guy is a smooth talker, this guy is only temporary… At least with this guy he’s up front about everything, not like the other smooth talkers Noddy & British, where I got sucked in & didn’t realise there was an expiry for them! I tell Motocross that I didn’t need to wear tights today at work because the weather is so good (why am I talking about the weather) but that I need a tan on my legs. I give him my address! Eek… He says that he’ll be the judge of if my legs need a tan or not but that I shouldn’t have worn tights. “Looks sunny but windy… So not too bad… This weather update brought to you by the white legged lady” I say laughing but also add that I don’t tan well but love the beach so need the tights to hide the legs, especially deep in the winter – remember this story is mid July. He writes back “haha pretty cute weather lady tho. Yeah nice maybe will hit the beach then when she warms up. Aww nah your legs are perfect tho don’t be silly” Oh My Fucking God… Why am I falling for this – yet again!!! I’m thinking that before he leaves Adelaide in October that we’ll go to the beach together – I’ll have to fake confidence & wear my bikini on the beach with him – this guy is skinny & also around skinny women at races alot. I even start thinking that maybe if we do get that far, it’ll be 4 months into a – dare I say it – relationship & maybe I’d go over to the USA to visit him? Seriously, if you’re not rolling your eyes are my optimism right now, you fucking should, I mean this is my life after all! Hahaha. Do you think this could be my happy ever after!!! FUCK SAKE… It’s like date 2, we haven’t even known this guy a week yet! Why do I always do this?!

I tell him that I look ridiculously white at the beach the first few times & then I think I should go for a kayak this weekend, I subtly drop that in there, thinking he might want to come too? He’s just invited himself to the beach with me already, maybe he’ll want to come out on the water with me in my kayaks. I’d love to take him out with me.

During the day in the lunch room a couple of people notice me paying attention to my phone & smirking that they ask what that is about, I explain that I met a guy this week & talk about him a little not wanting to give too much away yet. When I say that he’s a Crusty Demon, one of my friends pipes up & says how she knows them all & asks what his name is. This is when the googling starts! Noone can find him though, I don’t know what his last name is, maybe he uses a stage name, whatever, I don’t want to spoil this, I try not to think much of it. But even if he does use a stage name, his picture isn’t up as a rider… Red Flag? Or is there an explanation?

He writes back that he’ll take my word for it “But I’m sure I’ll see it one day. I doubt you look ridiculous” then he tells me that it’s raining on the weekend, well of course it is! I ask him if this is just a ploy to see me in a bikini on the beach? & he says “Hmmm I wouldn’t mind seeing you in a bikini don’t even need the beach for that” It’s 5:00 pm, we’ve fucking texted all day again & I say that I am leaving work & should be ready but 6:15 pm but I won’t be wearing a bikini. He writes back “Awww but please” with a sticky out tongue smiley face & I say “Definitely no bikini or I’ll be jumping in your jacket with you!!” I don’t get a reply because I assume that he’s on he’s getting ready & he’s going to be at my house soon. I am running late, which I hate. I am not going to be ready by 6:15 pm because of the fucking traffic. I don’t want to be too done up but I also don’t want to look like I am just coming from work.

Motocross spoiler alert

I put on my other favourite date outfit that I wore with British, the grey winter skirt, black tights & black top with black boots & of course, it’s freezing so I have my puffer jacket on. I wonder if he’ll have a jacket tonight!

I hope he’s one of those guys who are late… Actually no, I hate that, but I hate that I am running late so I start running around to get ready which makes things fuck up & take longer. I hear his loud car pull up at exactly 6:15 pm & he knocks on the door, I invite him in spewing the apology vomit of running late, I assume that he’ll kiss me on the cheek when he walks past me to come in, but he doesn’t so I walk over to him & kiss him on the lips quickly & say hello… It’s a little awkward to be honest, I mean with all the cheeky texts about wanting to see me in a bikini & my legs being perfect etc, maybe he’d forgotten what I look like & now he’s thinking fuck, what am I in for?! (Fucking hell I need some confidence!) I don’t have time to dwell on it so I race to get ready & tell him he can sit. He’s wearing a similar outfit to what he wore the other night – 2 nights ago – a pair of jean type pants & a jumper, I feel a bit overdressed in comparison to what he is wearing. He sits awkwardly on the edge of the couch while I rush around, I sit next to him to put my boots on, put my jacket on & tell him I’m ready.

He’s parked in the driveway in a white holden ute – If you remember back to my first ever checklist, you’ll remember that a white holden ute was my third choice! It’s nice & looks pretty fancy. He drives us down to the uni & the conversation is easy – we do talk about the play, however I am surprised at the jerkiness of how he drives a manual car & how tiny he looks driving it. Considering he’s a motorbike racer, it’s interesting that it’s not a smoother drive. However he did say that he doesn’t drive it often & his dad only just registered for him when he got here… Although didn’t he say he hasn’t been here for 7 years? Surely this car hasn’t just sat at his parents for 7 years?! Who cares… But his seat seems so far away from the steering wheel & so low that he looks like he can’t even see over the steering wheel.

We get to the uni & he pulls into the carpark that I suggest, I honestly have no idea where we need to go or where this play is, but I followed the sign to where I think it is. So we walk into the building that I think it would be & it’s not exactly where I thought, so I suggest that we turn around & walk back to where the outdoor path is, I am looking around for a map & he is saying all these funny one liners, I say “there’s a map” pointing & looking a giant map in front of us but somehow Motocross turns to the tiniest map I have ever seen on another wall, a map that is like a fire escape map & he starts studying it when I get to the giant map. I turn to see what he is doing & burst out laughing so hard! He laughs too when he sees the map I was planning on looking at & we both just laugh, however I would’ve expected a bit of touching or friend banter, like a shoulder touch when he came to look at the map I was looking at.

Anyway we find where we are supposed to go, but in the end I realise that we were going the right way but turned back to walk the long way. As we’re walking, I think because of all the chatter over text about how perfect I am & how he’s glad(e) to have met me, that he’d be happy to be where ever I am, that he’d hold my hand or something to walk to the theatre, especially since I am also wearing heels & walking down a steep hill. But he doesn’t & I am stupid & I can’t make a move so we just walk into the pre-drinks room. We get out name tags (OH MY GOD THERE ARE NAME TAGS) & Motocross has my surname, so it looks like we’re fucking married! Hahaha. This is so hilarious…

I introduce him to my friend & we both stand awkwardly in an what I realise is an alumni event, that we are not a part of. I am actually thankful that Motocross is here with me. I have 2 glasses of wine, he has one cider, again saying that he shouldn’t drink much – he is driving but surely he doesn’t put on weight that easily…

Somehow, even though I wear a watch I ask him what the time is & he shows me his apple watch with has 12, 9, 6, 3 on it – normal right? Well it looked so weird because the numbers were so big & jumbled that I had no idea what it said & I’m like “what is 9, 12, 3, 6?” When he points out the hands of the clock, we laugh so hard but I feel like a right dickhead! OMG… That was so funny.

In the end the play is really good, I am worried about what he is thinking about it, it does bring up some horrific topics. But he says that he really enjoyed it & it’s not something he usually does but he really like it. We say goodbye to my friend & because it’s only about 9:30 pm, I don’t want to just go home & say goodbye to him – I don’t want to invite him in him or do I? I say how hungry I am & he agrees. We ate a few canapes before the play but it wasn’t enough for dinner, that I say we should grab something to eat.

I suggest going to Glenelg for some food, but we get there & everything is fucking closed, being freezing cold in July, the beach restaurants are all closed. So there is only one place open & that is the Mexican takeaway. He’s never had it, so he doesn’t know what to order, he pays for the orders & we sit, semi awkwardly again in the cold restaurant & eat our dinner. I notice that he’s wearing his name tag with my last name on it still, I make fun of him & offer to put it in my handbag. He hands it over making some joke about it too. The conversation is fairly easy, I am surprised how cute I find this guy & also oddly disappointed that he didn’t hold my hand walking to & from the car even at Glenelg…


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