Noddy joins the chat group I run on the chat app & he seems to fit in quite nicely, he’s only 27 & in his profile picture he looks cute but he does look very young. On the chat app, you can’t share pictures within 24 hours in the group so I suggested that he send it to me to post for him, which he does. Usually when I offer this to a guy, they try to keep chatting to me thinking it’s an invitation to private chat but Noddy doesn’t.

He chats in the group for a week or so & is very polite & respectful that at Rope one night some of the other people in the group say that he fits in well that I decide to write him a message “Thank you for actually being a decent guy in the group! It’s been nice to have you in there” He writes back immediately saying “Nawww thanks, I’ve wanted to message you for ages but haven’t had the guts” I explain why I don’t usually private message & the fact I end up with dick pics I ask why he hasn’t had the guts to message me & he says “I dunno, I figured someone like you wouldn’t really be interested in a young bloke like me haha. I dunno I see you as a beautiful, well presented woman with a lot of self respect for herself. So I gotta admit. I was gonna wait a while & see if I built up the courage to talk to you a bit more.” I tell him that I like that he’s been a good guy in the group, it’s refreshing, most guys are trying to stick their dick into everyone he says “hehe, well I’ll be honest. So far I’ve had 3 chicks message me all keen to romp & I’m not even keen. There’s 1 person in this group that I was keen for when I joined.. & that was my lady, you that is. Hahaha. I try my best to be honest decent & respecting. Sometimes I say the wrong things but I learn quickly & always give it my best.” Fuck he’s already chatting to 3 chicks, probably people I’m friends with. Just like other men I don’t want a guy that is trying to fuck my friends, I’ve seen enough drama in my life with Noodle, that I don’t need to have drama with my friends too. Noddy tells me that he was in a group about a year ago but I was with someone (obviously Noodle) & he thought I was beautiful back then but he’s only just broken up with his missus 4 weeks ago & that he has to work on himself before he gets engrossed in another relationship. I agree with that, for sure… I ask him which of the 3 chicks he’s chatting to because I will stop chatting to him if he is into them & to me it sounds like he needs to sow his wild oats that I don’t really want to get involved with another unavailable guy – regardless of what I want. I explain I’m not looking for anything serious, I mean stupidly I’m still in love with Noodle (Not that I tell him that) – yes a year since we stopped having sex – but not since we stopped talking (My new psychologist is helping me deal with it again – it’s going well & I’m making progress, but without a distraction, it’s hard to get over), this guy is clearly still into his ex after only being broken up 4 weeks, this could be a good distraction for us both…

He tells me he’s not chatting to one of them anymore but the other one “Picked up real quick that I was keen on you. Told me to message you, that I’d have fun with you.” I tell him that I’m surprised that she was into him & that he wasn’t keen on her, but he tells me that “She honestly didn’t like the fact I liked you… Was kinda jealous… She said you’d be annoyed if you found out I was talking to her. But I liked you.” Wow, I wouldn’t be annoyed that she is talking to him, but I am not going to try to fuck someone that everyone is already fucking or worse fucking my friends… I say that I don’t care if he chats to other people, that part doesn’t bother me much – even though I do for some reason get jealous, but I won’t be into meeting him if he’s meeting my friends too.

I ask him to tell me about himself, he tells me that he’s a 27 year old mechanic where he works for his dad & “I just got out of an 8 year relationship where I did everything I could & got cheated on & destroyed. I’m pretty easy going. I’m trying to quit smoking & as you seen I’m trying to quit weed too.” He tells me that he’d also just started playing basketball with mates on Thursday nights, that he lives with 2 housemates. This guy has some red flags but again I am not looking for anything serious right now…

I tell him that he probably shouldn’t try to quit both smoking & weed at the same time, (in hindsight, that’s bad advice & he probably should try to give up both at the same time!) I laugh & say “Yes I am very wise” he says “Damn straight, beautiful smart… elegant & smart” Wow he’s a smooth talker… I say that I am too old for him & live too far since he’s out north but he says that he likes a challenge, has a car & will travel. I tell him that I’ve heard that before (because I have then guys back off when they realise how far I am if they live north) but I suggest a drink perhaps first, he says “Yeah that would be great. But I’d drive it.. No problem… I can’t stand a woman up… It’s not in my nature, if I have plans I stick to them. If I can’t, I rearrange things so I can fit it all in.”

The next day I start by chatting to him – so unlike me I know, but I do initiate the conversation. We chat about how I’m not feeling well but don’t want to go home from work because then I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym & I need too, he tells me when I send him a gym outfit picture that You’re stunning woman. 10/10 guys couldn’t pass that up.” When I tell him that many do, he said “What… No way… Rocks in there heads lol” (Yes he wrote there instead of their!) “Well I couldn’t pass that up, I tell you that now haha.” He tells me that he’s being honest as hell but he thinks I am one of the best looking girls in the group & that I shouldn’t worry what people think. He tells me he chats with another chick, let’s call her Demon (part of her user name, not that I think she’s a demon – I actually really like her.) a lot but she’s with someone else but she’s helped Noddy though a lot, apparently also helping him with me too.

We somehow get back on to the topic of the other married chick, who wanted him in the beginning & how annoyed she got when he said he was chatting to me, I thought this woman was my friend? Apparently she went all weird & snapped at him “To just have me then.” Ironically, she barely chats in the group anyway, but she’s been so active lately, now it makes sense why. He says to me that she said I would hate him if she fucked him but then he sends me a screenshot of their conversation, which I don’t like at all… I don’t want to know what he’s saying to other people but then I can’t look away from it… His synopsis of what they talked about & the actual screenshot are very different when I read it… He tells her that she’s the first one he’d be fucking & also me. He tells her that he’s chatting to me & that he doesn’t think I’d be the type to be pissed (Which I’m not, but she thinks I am). It also upsets me a little that he calls her gorgeous in the texts too, I mean maybe he calls everyone that, but I thought guys would save a term of endearment for the one that they like, not call everyone the same. Bit like pictures, I don’t send pictures to guy & the same pictures to groups. If I’ve taken them for a guy, I don’t go spreading it around for everyone to see. I try to make them feel special, something this guy is not doing for me right now.

I do get pissed off, not because they’re chatting but because he has said all those things to me too, then shows me screen shots of him saying the same thing to her! Why would he say that shit if he was saying it to someone else? He tells me “If I had to choose, it would be you, Mainly because she’s right, you’re single & would have more time for me anyway” WTF dude… I know he doesn’t mean it like that but fuck… I say “I don’t want to be chosen because I’d have more time. That’s actually fucking terrible to be quite frank with you.” I mean, this is why I don’t chat to people trying to fuck everyone, while I don’t necessarily want to settle down into a relationship, I don’t want to be just one of the many! Also who is this guy that he thinks he gets to choose between us? Doesn’t work like that buddy!!

Noddy want someone who wants me.png

He says “Sorry… I didn’t mean it like that… that because you’d have more time I’d choose you. I said it before. You seem like more of a genuine person to get to know. Not just a fuck & see ya later. I’m sorry if it came across shit. I really didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry” I tell him that it’s not a big deal but I don’t like guys spinning me bullshit they think I want to hear, he agrees that it was dumb the things he said to her, probably doing it to just get laid, I get that, men do it all the time… I tell him I feel like an idiot because I was going to see what he’s doing this weekend so we could catch up for a drink, he says “I’d love to meet you instead.” Fucking hell, why did he say instead! I tell him that I he shouldn’t say instead but it’s all good but texting is hard (I mean I don’t want another online relationship! Noodle was bad enough!)

He writes back to me for ages, I think this is going to be a long message… “Shit haha. Look I know it’s hard over text… I don’t wanna be a dick to either of you… I’m not that kinda guy… I’m tryna make the right decisions. I messaged her & said I’m gonna hold off on the meeting & I’ll make my decision tomorrow on what I’m going to do. And I’m going to do the same with you. I wanna make a clear decision about this. I personally feel more attracted to you. But I want to see where it goes. Because there’s a chance it won’t be shit & we will get along great. I don’t know. But I’d rather find out with you” What the actual fuck? He has a decision to make? Really? Well I’ll make the decision for him, I am not waiting around for him to make a decision…. I tell him “There is no decision to make…! All good, have a good one” I am not going to wait around while a guy decides between me & someone else… No fucking way! No after everything I’ve been though… Especially since I don’t even really know him… I will bow out, my friendship with her is more important to me…

He replies “You’re right, I don’t have a decision to make, you are my choice 100%. I know you’re mad at me right now for being a typical male… But trust me… I’ll work towards being someone you can talk too & rely on. No more bullshit games. Just me being me. If that turns out to be what you want and need. I will be there all the way… I hope you have a good night xxx”

I don’t read his message until the next day because I go to sleep, but fuck he’s a smooth talker & I can’t help but feel the walls come down a little bit with this guy. Ironically, it’s only the second day chatting to this guy in private chat too… FUCK!


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