I activate a dating app while away for work – purely for a hook up, now that I have been broken up with via snapchat by Noddy, & now I know it’s over with him. I mean who gets broken up with via snapchat? FFS… I don’t think I can get over this disrespect… How embarrassing… That’s seriously next level for a way to stop seeing someone… Most men just ghost! I want to keep seeing him but I have to make a decision here… He’s not the right one for me… A guy that really liked me would never do that to me!

I chat to some guys online & every guy lives about an hour from where I am staying – or further… Fucking country!! Redhill & I match, He’s cute & 29 (Not another fucking young guy!) we chat a little, me telling him that I am only in Port Pirie for a couple of nights, essentially letting him know without saying this will be a one night thing… He says that he’d come to Port Pirie tonight but it is a 40 minute drive & it is getting late. Probably for the best. I have a spa in my room & I had been in it for 2.5 hours, just swiping on the dating app, feeling sorry for myself over Noddy…

Redhill heart love

However Redhill asks how much luck I’ve had on the app so far in Pirie, He asks the stupid question I hate about what I’m looking for. But this time it’s ok, because I am just looking fora one night thing. I say that ultimately one day I want a relationship but probably not going to find it on here. He agrees. I suggest that we meet for a drink tomorrow night somewhere in Pirie. He says yes & suggest a few places. I have no idea where anything is, so I google a couple of places & decide on the one that isn’t café primo & looks a little nicer. We talk a little about what we do for work, I actually tell him my real job title, thinking this guy isn’t too bad – which is unusual for me. I don’t really understand his job title of an Agronomist. So we talk about that for a bit.. I tell him how much I am over travelling for work, it’s been 5 years & I am done, “Like everything suffers, my friendships, my gym, my eating… etc” I don’t tell him that also my relationships with men suffer! Noodle & Noddy are the major cases of that! However I have just been told – not asked but told that I’m changing teams, which is not entirely what I wanted, but I think it’ll be good for me to do something different. It’s late so we stop talking, I try to sleep, but with everything going on & the shitty hotel bed, I barely get any!

The next day of course I refuse to talk to Redhill first, being I was the last one to write to him but at 3:45 pm he finally messages & asks if we’re still on for drinks. I say yeah & ask what time. He says 6:30 pm but he doesn’t finish till 5:30 pm, it’s a 40 minute drive so I ask if that’s enough time so he laughs & suggest 7:00 pm. I tell him that I didn’t bring a date outfit so I’ll be fairly casual, he says that’s ok, he offers to pick me up, which I think yeah maybe but then realise this guy could be a weirdo & I’m in a small country town alone… Not a good idea! So I drive myself.

We meet at the café/bar whatever it is. It’s fucking fancy, I am not dressed for this place. It’s also tiny with about 10 tables in basically a hotel foyer… I am there first & ask if there is another bar to sit at, thinking this restaurant is too fancy for what I’m wearing. The maître de says that this is it or we can sit at the bar, I am being sat at a table when he walks in, he looks just as casual as I do, so I relax a bit, We hug hello & we sit down. Being that it’s so fancy, I think there will be table service, but they don’t seem that attentive. Redhill gets up to order my $13 wine! FUCK… So expensive! Hahaha.

We talk quite easily, well I talk a lot, he doesn’t seem to talk or make much eye contact, so I dribble on about all sorts of bullshit. I am remembering the date with Tom Cruise, where he said I was boring, so I try to ask Redhill some questions. He offers me another drink so I guess he’s not having a bad time, wouldn’t he want to leave?! We have another drink & they start turning off the lights & packing up, the other 2 couples in the place leave, there’s a big group still kicking on, but I don’t want to be the last ones there. It’s only 9:30 pm, I assume he’ll kiss me out the front & then I’ll be able to invite him back to my hotel room… Even if he’s not that in to me, wouldn’t he want to fuck me, I mean how many matches would this guy get out here in the small country town?

He hugs me goodbye, kind of awkwardly & says see ya… OK that’s weird?! Maybe he really wasn’t that in to me… I drive back to the hotel thinking how shit that was, He seriously can’t be that spoilt for choice to not want to fuck me, knowing it’s just a one night thing… I have Dom in my head, he’s telling me to message him to come to the hotel… So I write “You didn’t seem keen, so I couldn’t ask at the bar, but thought I would just ask anyway if you want to come back to my hotel room… You can ignore if you don’t want too.” I don’t wait long for a reply “Yeah I’m keen. I can come for a little while. What room are you in?” I tell him what room because he knows the hotel already from yesterdays chat, he says he’ll be there in a minute & I go searching for a condom, which I don’t fucking have! FUCK! I message him to say that, hoping that he has one & he doesn’t reply to the message but knocks on my door.

I invite him in & ask if he got my last message, he says he did & pulls out a condom, they’re the latex free ones I use & I smile, he doesn’t know I am allergic, I don’t often have that conversation with random dudes, one condom doesn’t usually cause a problem anyway but just kind of cute that he has those ones. I usually supply them, I thought I had one my travel kit, but I must’ve taken it out.

We kiss & he pulls me really close & really tight, I actually like it. He’s the well built type that is solid, we kiss for a bit while taking his shirt off, he then takes mine off & pushes me back on the bed, pulling me in tight again to him, I quite like that… He kisses me more & slides his hand behind my back undoing my bra so easily that I say “Smooth” he laughs & says it was just luck – I like a guy who can have banter when having sex. We kiss some more, getting naked, he goes down on me after sucking on my nipples, he tries really hard to get me to cum but I just don’t think I am going to get there, so I pull him up & he slides on the condom before sliding into me. I feel a bit dry but it’s ok, he kisses me some more. He fucks me & I don’t cum with him, but he does. Once he’s done, he stays inside me for a long time, just chatting, I think it’s a a bit weird – maybe a bit initiate, why would he stay in me & on top of me to chat?! Most guys roll off right away. Noodle used to stay in me a little after but never this long.

I ask him how far he got out of town when he got my message. He said that he was just about to message me the same thing when he got mine. Oh, really?! I wonder if he was sitting outside of the hotel?! I kind of push him off me, he lays down on the bed next to me & continues to chat. He then says he has to go, he does have a 40 minute country drive at like 10:30 pm… We say goodbye at the hotel room door & I say to give me a message if he’s ever in Adelaide. I’m not really sure since the sex wasn’t that good. I keep him on my profile until I delete the app a few months later.


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