Noddy #12

The car ride with Noddy is uneventful, he talks to my dad like he’s known him for years, offering to fix his multitude of cars in their front yard – I think this is sweet but I’m always cautious of the “we” stuff & the making plans for the future… It hasn’t ever gone my way but maybe this could be the guy?

Dad drops us off, Noddy & I walk in the door at Switch & there is no eftpos so I have to go to the ATM. I thought Noddy heard what was happening, but he pays for himself & follows me to the ATM – I’m surprised that he didn’t offer to pay the $20 for me to get in, I had just spend $40 on pizza & got us a free ride in to the city, but that’s ok, I am not the type to let a guy pay for everything. He starts talking to a guy & girl, I wonder who they are, they are clearly a couple but the chick is very touchy feely with Noddy that it’s a bit weird, I get my money out & go to the door to pay my entry then back to them. Noddy introduces me & says that the guy is Demon’s brother & his partner. Oh ok… Demon is sick & not coming tonight, I don’t know why I am happy about that to be honest… I like her & am thankful she’s on my side, helping Noddy to be a better man to be with me. I have no reason to be jealous of her… I need to shake that… It’s weird though, I mean Noddy has only known Demon the same time as he’s known me.

Noddy & I get a drink & go upstairs. Ripples is there & I introduce them. Noddy & I sit over on the edge of a couch for a while just chatting & kissing. It’s a really quiet switch to be honest & I think I am glad that some people aren’t here, because Noddy won’t forget I am here – like he did last time. There aren’t as many people there that I know, so it seems a bit awkward. I want to say hello to people with Noddy there, so I don’t look like a loser in the kink scene that I’ve been going on & on about. Noddy barely leaves my side except when he goes out for a smoke, but this time he’s not out there long. I wonder if that’s because Demon & Doddy aren’t here to distract him?

We’re kissing the whole time he’s upstairs with me, when he goes to get a drink, Ripples actually asks me if I’m ok & if I need rescuing because I don’t look like I’m ok. Yeah I’m ok, I am more than ok, my panties are wet from this foreplay. This is the first time in a fucking long time that I have been out with a guy & had him offering me drinks, finding ways to touch me when he doesn’t need too… Standing by me proudly… It makes me wish he got to my house earlier to fuck me but then this is pretty fucking good… 5 hours of foreplay…

After the show, Ripples plans to tie me up. Noddy is not around, he’s gone for a smoke, drink & toilet, so I message him to let him know. I’m not going to be stupid about this again. I am lying on the ground so I don’t even know if Noddy’s watching or not. Ripples ties both my legs in what is called a futo (I look like a bound ham) then gets ready to suspend me when I see Noddy sitting there with his friends watching intenetly & I feel so special.

I am glad that he’s there watching, I’m about to do something I’ve never done, however I’m worried I won’t be able to do it either… I am being tied by just my legs & then getting wax poured all over me. Once suspended, I don’t know what to do with my arms, so in all the photos they are flapping about. I spin for a bit & then Ripples drips wax all over my legs. It feels so good. I did it… I can do it! After I’m down on the floor Ripples asks me if I want to get Noddy to help get rid of the wax, I say yeah. He gets Noddy over & he asks me how it was… As the ropes come off my legs, they are so embedded in my leg that it kills me & I cry out… That was so painful but so good… Noddy rubs my legs taking the wax off, saying how much he liked watching that. I am glad he enjoyed because I know Ripples can be a bit creepy, so I am worried that Noddy will think it means more than it does…

We’re sitting down, I watch Demon’s brothers girlfriend get tied up by Ripples as it’s her first Switch & he wants to experience something. I talk to Demon’s brother & he’s really nice. When Noddy comes back I am shivering & he gives me his jacket. Then says “Do you hear that?” I’m like dude we’re in a nightclub, all I can hear is music. I ask what & he says “It’s your bed calling” I giggle & think thank fuck for that. I know last Switch he was here till like 4:00 am or something. I get tired after being tied as it’s like a massage so I didn’t know what time he’d want to stay till, that I’d had 2 red bulls before I came but it’s before midnight which is usual for me. We catch an Uber home, that I pay for, he doesn’t offer me money, I also notice that he didn’t seem to say thanks to my dad for dropping us off either… But anyway, he has paid for everything pretty much. However I do offer him money every time.

We chat easily on the way home in the car, he says that he wants to watch the movie “It” when we get home, I hate scary movies but when he’s out for a smoke, I put it on, hiding under the covers. But it’s too scary for me, I keep jumping so I put on Love Actually, we don’t get to watch much because we are fucking quickly. He’s fucking me fast & his cock slips in my ass too fast that I’m not prepared. *Surprise Anal* I must jump because he stops & says “OMG are you ok?” I explain he was in my ass & he says sorry he didn’t mean too, I know that was a total accident, he’s definitely not that type of guy. We go to sleep at like 2:00 am, me laying on his chest & he says “There’s no better way to fall asleep than like this” & he kisses the top of my head. FUUUCKK!!

Caterpiller work over Noddy

When we wake up in the morning, Noddy does his usual routine of getting up for the bathroom & smoke before coming back to fuck me again. I am still in my body suit from last night, I ask if he wants me to take it off but he says hell no. He brings me a cup of tea in bed & brings his coffee in too… I could get used to this… He leaves about lunch time after pizza & a smoothie – that he hates because it has peanut butter in it (But I suggest what I usually have, which is avocado in my smoothie & he makes a vomit face), I notice when he’s gone home that his favourite black sabbath jumper is on my pool table. After I put it on & it smells like him, I smirk s I put it on…. I realise I am in trouble here… I sit there writing & sitting in his jumper (like a fuckwit) & he’s already sent me all the pics he took last night, but then he randomly sends me a picture that he’s edited, which all he’s done it put a filter on it, & says “Hope you’ve having a good day” which makes me smile like an idiot thinking that he’s editing my pictures that he has on his phone… That’s so fucking adorable! I like knowing that he is thinking about me when not with me! I send him a picture of me wearing his jumper, hoping that it’s not weird, but he says that he likes seeing me in it. We talk about what piece of clothing he’d get from me if I lose a dare & he instantly says g string, last time I gave away my underwear did not go well, so I am skeptical about this but he says he’s sure it’ll happen one day that he’ll get a pair… I’d probably just give him a pair if he really wanted them!

I tell him that I don’t often get punishment, I can be bratty & he says the he doesn’t think he’s seen the half of it… No dude, you haven’t! & I can’t wait to show him! He says he can’t wait to have some more fun too. I say that I do like to be dominated over text that he doesn’t have to wait for a dare. I don’t think he gets it because he just says “yeah good to know.” I want him to send me text commands, be dominant when we’re not together, because we’re not together a lot. Although every time we’ve talked dirty or I’ve been saying that I’m playing with my vibes, he’s been too busy, I can’t help but think he’s chatting to someone else, but he usually sends me a picture of him in bed alone or writing music. Just reminds me how much Noodle always gave me his undivided attention when I started talking sexy, this guy doesn’t seem to pick up on it…

I tell him that he should’ve just fucked my ass because I can still feel him in there. He says that he’d love too but will start a bit slower. I can’t wait for that, it’s been a while since someone fucked my ass, maybe Crows was the last dude…

Noddy gets concerned about what I’m talking about in the group about this weirdo Indian guy that was at Switch. I’ve seen him at the play parties just walking around & lurking. He’s weird, he walks around just starting & getting in your way so you can’t get past. Noddy tells me to tell him if I ever see him again, I ask what he’d do if I did feel uncomfortable & I tell him that if I felt uncomfortable I would’ve said something but we were not apart pretty much the whole night… He was exactly what I wanted that night – maybe I do want a relationship? This guy was perfect, always by my side, offering me drinks (I don’t drink much anymore until I’m tied at least) & touching me non-stop.

Fuck… do I want a relationship or is this guy just treating me well & I’m forgetting Noodle?!


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