Podcast – Guest Host

OMG… This is my exciting news… I’m freaking jumping out my skin right now to share this with you!!


So often things pop up on my facebook or insta for my blog, I follow a lot of other blogs & I also listen to a few podcasts, I read news articles & really involve myself in other dating stories because I love reading & hearing other stories as outrageous as mine.

I found a podcast, from Florida in America & I listened to a few episodes, liked their page & didn’t think much else of it, until the day Jack from Dating Confessions messaged me & asked me to be in their show! OMFG! So surreal…

Little ol #IBD4U has been asked to do something which involves my blog! It’s always been a passion project of mine & others are noticing. WOW… I’m gonna be famous! Hahaha. I agree to it, of course, not knowing they wanted me on the next episode!!

So the other day, via skype I chatted with Jack & Alisha from Dating Confessions & we shared some stories! I was literally so nervous but I am so excited by this. Here it is for you to listen too… Please me know what you think of this, those following my Facebook will know that I have had a podcast in the pipelines for a while…

Here is the spotify link to my episodes with Jack & Alisha…

If you want to listen to more episodes of Dating Confessions with Jack & Alisha, follow them where ever you listen to your podcasts.


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