Little did I know who this guy was when I first met him. He is one of the teachers at Rope & the friend that I met there introduced me too. I didn’t realise that he was in my group on the chat app until she said. She introduced us & I went to my beginners area. Later during the class I’m stuck with a guy just tying my wrist, thinking this isn’t that fun, when my friend ask Ripples to tie me in a TK. I really enjoyed that & think that if I have a regular rigger, I’ll enjoy rope – not necessarily for a sexual thing but for a more of a public display. I have mentioned Ripples a few times in previous posts.

I work out that I have chatted to Ripples a fair bit on Fetlife (kinky facebook) ages & ages ago, even long before I met Noodle. I never knew who he was. He’s not Ripples on the chat app, but I heard someone call him Ripples at rope & I put 2 & 2 together. But because he had no pictures up, his age said he was close to 50, & because it’s me, I never kept the conversation going. Plus I guess I met Noodle & didn’t really go on my Fetlife account much, except to share pictures of Noodle, not that I used it much before Noodle or really at all since.

Ripples & I chat on the chat app a bit more & he ends up tying me up at Sleezeball too, afterwards he asks if I’d be interested in a more private setting, he’d come to my house & practice some rope that he was planning for a party he has coming up. I agree a little apprehensive because I didn’t want to give him the wrong idea about what I wanted from him. I also don’t really know him all that well & I’m allowing him to come to my house & tie me up. I let a friend know what is happening & ask her to check in on me if I haven’t text her a few times throughout the night. Safety is a very important thing when you are entering a kink scene with anyone.Ripples comes to my house & it’s fun, he tries out a few ties & takes a few pictures too, I love sharing them in the chat app group because I’ve become a bit of an exhibitionist I guess since meeting a few others that are willing to share too. I guess sadly, I’m validating my existence by being in these chat groups. But at this point, I know I am still sad over losing Noodle, but I trying to move on & not think about how much he would hate any of this. I am enjoying it for now & even though I tell Ripples about the recent break up (although he knows a bit from the chat group) I relax with him & enjoy the session. He shows me a few new ties that I obviously haven’t had before, taking pictures & sharing them with me later.

A week or so later, he asks if I want him to come over again, I say yes, I had fun the first time, he says that he’s bringing a friend who wants to watch. Ok, bit weird – I’ve never had this before so it’s a bit weird for me, but I am open to the idea, but alright, this is just about rope anyway. She just sits & watches as he ties me up outside, I try to make conversation but I’m also trying to concentrate on staying still. He ties me in a TK where my hands are behind my back then lifts up one of my legs. When he says that he’s going to tie up my other leg, I worry a bit that my pergola isn’t going to hold me. I think I am in my head too much for this, this is my first time suspended but also I am worried as I am wearing a dress & I am concerned about my undies or what they are both thinking about me.

But my pergola does hold me… I end up being tied by my arms, which are behind my back & legs like superman in a way. He takes some photos but because I’m being bitten by mosquitos, I say we have to go back inside. He tries out another tie with some purple rope that’s a little more scratchy, but I like it.Ripples mosquitosWe message later & he says I should come to his place because he has a space where he can tie me. He’s now in a relationship with the chick he brought to my house so I am more at ease with him. I know he is tying with someone so he’s not going to be someone I can tie with Monday nights but I am more open to tying with him & learning how to be a proper bunny. I really want to let go & learn more about this art form.

I do feel though that this will be better with a partner, a regular rigger regardless of if I am in a relationship with them or not, I do want someone to get to know what I like, what I don’t like, how to do it right. I feel like this is the same thing I am looking for in a sexual partner.


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