Noddy #14

I send Noddy a picture of me in tights & he says “Erg… Omg woman, those feet… Fuck you are so fucking sexy” I didn’t realise he has a foot fetish. It’s not entirely my thing, but I am happy to explore that with him… We’re still talking about Ripples, when I say “Just as long as you remember who gets to take me home” with a kissy emoji. He says “Oh yeah, I do hahaha, & boy do I like that feeling… ‘yeah well I get to go & fuck that’ I think is what I said to Demons brother” OMG, did he really? Fucking hell.., I thought he’d be more respectful than that to be honest. He says that Demons brother noticed it was a bit weird with Ripples & asked Noddy if he was ok with it. I’m glad that Noddy said he was fine with it. I tell him that any time it bothers him, he should tell me & I will talk to Ripples, which he says he will… I want him to keep coming to Switch with me, I can’t wait to show him my lingerie & outfit for the next one.

Noddy makes some jokes & asks if I have a Ripples photo folder as well as a Noddy one, I say that I don’t but I have a folder called Rope. All my rope pics. He laughs & I tell him that I wish I never told him that I saved his photos like a creep. He asks why & I say that I don’t want to come across as a weirdo… Without asking, he sends me a picture of his camera roll & it’s all pictures that I have sent in the last day or so of me in my lingerie. I laugh so hard. He says that I told him he could save whatever he wanted, which is true, so he’s been saving! That is fucking CUTE AS FUCK… I love that!!! He sends me a picture that he’s edited of me again using a filter then I send him a gif of a creep-o-meter. It’s so fucking cute, I can’t even cope!

The day, the next day after the death, I message him as soon as I wake up, I am not stubborn now. I let him know that I woke up thinking of him & made myself cum before work. I hope that he has a better day. He says that he wishes he could of helped me this morning & that my pictures helped him sleep. He said he went through my folder of pictures & got himself off… I wish he came to my house instead. I kind of curse the fact that I live so far from him & his work because I’m certain that he would stay over if I was closer… I think we’d be much further along & wouldn’t have as many communication issues.

I get a random message from him, later in the day with no context, while I’m at work, it’s a song…

Wasting Time

See I hate myself

For all the things I have done

Berate myself

For all the fights that

I should of fucking won.

But in the end its me who you’ll be missing

In the damn night you with that you were kissing

But now I write these songs

About our life I am dissing

All the love and all the hate

Mistakes that were made

I only fucking wish

I could make you happy everyday

See I’m wasting all of my time

And you see I got nothing

Dwelling in this mind

And I feel like I wasted my

Whole life time

See all these people

Throw me a life line

But I’m too fucking proud

To keep these fucking

People around

Bury me 6 feet deep

Put my life in the ground

Because what goes around

Comes right back around

Bitch I’ll make you scream

But they won’t hear a sound

“Are you ok?” I send. Fuck that’s intense… He’s actually a good writer, I am not surprised though, he does write intelligently to me, besides when he talks he says ‘fuckin’ a lot, but I know this guy is smart enough to keep up with me. He’s a little bogan, but he’s definitely not someone you have to explain big words too… He says that’s it’s an older song that he’s been working on lately. I just say that I wanted to make sure he’s ok because it seemed a bit heavy “You are beautiful. That’s why I like you so much” I mean I do care for this guy already… It’s only been 6 weeks or so, but I am invested… More than I should with the red flags, more than I should being that he’s told me he doesn’t want to be in a relationship at the moment… But that’s ok, we’re taking it slow, but when he says stuff like that… Fuck I want to see him…

He hasn’t really ever asked me out again – I always have to do it, so I suggest we catch up on the weekend for a cuddle & possible a free movie since I have tickets from when I bought my investment property, I need to use them soon! He says that he’d love too on Saturday afternoon. My heart sinks a bit, that means he won’t stay if he comes over for the arvo. But I hide my disappointment because I want to see him & I guess a few hours at the movie is better than nothing. I tell him I have to work till 4:00 pm but will be home at 4:30 pm & I remind him that I’m away the next week, I tell him this fact so if he considers bailing, he probably won’t see me. Not that he seems to care about that, but my vagina does & I get Horngy (Horny & angry!) He says “Egh… Well l’ll definitely have to see you this weekend” I say that he doesn’t have too see me, because I’m not sure about that Egh at the beginning of his sentence, but he says “Oh yeah I do… I want to see you” ok well that’s good then!

Noddy won the lottery

I have just been working out for a couple of hours, sending him a gym selfie & he sends me one where he looks stoned as fuck. I also offer to work out with him, when he says he hasn’t been for ages. I tell him I’ll leave it up to him to organise these exercise dates etc, because he’s the one that say ‘we’ll do this…’ or ‘we’ll do that’ but we never do & I hate it… I’m a planner & if someone says to me they want to do something, then I start planning in my head how we’ll do it… He says that we’ll do the movie. I ask what time he has to leave on Saturday but he says he can stay till whenever that he’s not working on Sunday. I get a little more excited, he’s going to come over late Saturday afternoon, he suggest 5:00 pm so we have time to do stuff before the movies… Stuff eh! Hahaha. We look at a couple of movie trailers & times, he says that maybe he will just tease me before the movie. I do say that the 5 hours of foreplay at Switch was pretty hot. I tell him that I will send him pictures of toys & so I send him my draw in my bed & he says that I’m in trouble. I tell him that I forget what half of it is form being that every guy I’m with says we’ll use it but we never do. He says that we’ll definitely use it all. I remind him about my erotica story of the bar in the Nipple bells, I tell him that that was what my fantasy was about the other morning, he says that he’s read them all a few times, picturing us as the couple. I love that…

He sends me a shower selfie & then one of him in his bloody dressing gown again with crazy hair. I tell him that I haven’t ever seen him with crazy hair, he’s always looking in my mirror to fix it – like Justin Bieber, it only every looks crazy when he’s fucking me & I’m grabbing it… “Hehehe, Oh I fucking love it when you do that” I tell him that I like my hair played with too “Oh I noticed when I play with your hair u turn into a puddle of happy” FUCK, I really have no poker face!


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