Noddy #3

On the morning before date 2, Noddy messages me to say “Good morning gorgeous” & to tell me that he’s sick… OMG not this old chestnut! Origin was synonymous for this, always waiting till the day of our date bailing… I feel like Noddy is setting this up so he can bail on me! However Noddy says that he hopes it’s nothing because he wants to see me tomorrow night. I say “I hope you feel better” after he says to me “Hope you have a great day today” almost cutting off the conversation, which he reads then never replies too – righto!

When he starts chatting to me again later in the day he tells me later that he was overthinking that I didn’t want to chat to him… I mean he was the one who kind of ended the conversation, so I don’t know where he got that, but he finally messages me hours later, to see how my day was. I always refuse to write to them if they read my message & don’t reply. I never not reply to messages – I try to think of something to say, so why do they do it to me?

Later that night he has me in absolute fits of laughter when he tells me he has a walk in robe, he sends a picture of it & I say that’s just a fucking cupboard – not a walk in robe, so he sends me a picture of him standing in his actual cupboard! Fucking hell I laugh so hard at that… This guy is just so funny, with those type of one liners. I like this banter, the funny jokes! I like that he can make jokes, but is still quite mature.

The next day as I get ready for work, I do so as if I am going to see him tonight but also feeling like a fuckwit knowing that he is going to bail because he’s set up the sick card & broken toe card to play, he’s got a cold & a broken toe. He’s also been talking about coming to Switch on Friday night – so if he does he’ll see me then anyway, maybe a mid week date is too much? I toy with the idea of inviting to come to my house prior & come in with me & my friends. but I decide not to. But strangely enough, he doesn’t bail tonight – I had told him to get vitamins, he said he had but who knows if he actually did. That same day in the group it’s “Wangs out Wednesday” & Noddy shares 2 dick pics… Not my favourite thing, being that I don’t like to see them before I’ve seen them in really life but when I see it, I think fucking hell that’s a very long dick, I have no idea how that will fit inside me! You all know I don’t like a big dick because they usually hurt me & now I’m scared to fuck this guy…

10 minutes before I finish work, I ask where he is & he says “I’m almost there but you said 8:30 pm” I say it’s all good, I was just wondering if he was waiting for me to message him. I drive past the restaurant, twice but it’s closed, so I go to the local pub & message him to tell him I’m there waiting. He arrives & kisses me on the cheek sitting down, we order dinner & drinks which he pays for again, but at least both times, I’ve been able to pay for the second round. I wonder if this guy realises that he doesn’t have to pay for everything, that I probably earn about $400 a week more than he earns plus I have a work car. (I’ve kind of worked that out from what he’s said about his pay, not a judgement, I couldn’t care less what he earns, just as long as he works!)

We talk easily for a few hours over 2 drinks, I say that we should’ve cancelled tonight being that he’s going to come to Switch but he tells me that he wanted to see me. Awwww, that’s so cute. I did want to see him more before Switch because I am worried about what it’ll be like, I mean we haven’t even kissed yet. I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to come to Switch but I can’t say no… I also let him know that I am being tied up at Switch & he says that he can’t wait to see it. I can’t wait to show him either. I have picked some lingerie & a skirt that I am wearing, I am getting my makeup done again so just have to do my hair. I am pretty excited, I have thought about inviting Noddy back to my house after switch if things go well & I will drop him home in the morning.

During the few days between our dinner & Switch, he is writing to me about another friend who seems to have noticed in the group we’ve dated, so I ask if he’s told him, he says no he didn’t tell him but on Friday night they will all know anyway. Says he doesn’t think they will have to ask (assuming he’s going to kiss me finally!) but then he oddly says “She said she has a fat ass. I said it’s ok, I’ll help you work it off. I’m good at helping. She’s knows I run & my times & distance. So she said but you’re too fast for me” I think what the actual fuck?! Who is that too? That is basically word for word what I just wrote to him… What is he doing? I ask & he says that he’s been talking to Demon, she asked how it was going with me. I am fine with him chatting to others but unsettled that he’s basically sending her word for word account of what I said… I mean I shouldn’t be surprised, he did send me screenshots of what the other chick said to him & I saw on his other chat to Doddy that he sent a screenshot of how he asked me out the first time. I am ok with her but I am taken back to the time with Noodle being friends with the chick Max kissed at Switch that one time… Noodle was good friends with her & told her a lot about me… This is the part I don’t like, I don’t want people to know everything about me… Noddy tells me that Demon encourages him heaps about me, which I appreciate. But I am always skeptical. I know that chick that Max had kissed offer her virginity to Noodle when they first started chatting, so I am jaded of peoples intentions I guess on the chat app.


My friends & I get to Switch & Noddy is already there with Demon. Well right, that was unexpected… I know they’re friends but he didn’t tell me & also didn’t tell me he was wearing an outfit borrowed from her – I hate that that makes me jealous! Noddy & I kiss & chat a bit, it’s the first time we’ve kissed, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to kiss him because of his teeth, but I do find this guy attractive… The first floor show goes on & then Ripples takes me over to tie me up but everyone disappears, I get tied & its over when I see Noddy come up & sit down to watch, but then he gets up & walks off, I thought he wanted to see this? By the time he comes back with a drink for me, I am back in my shoes & skirt & really disappointed. He can tell, I can’t hide it. I know I do rope for me, but I wanted him to see what I enjoy. I tell him it’s ok but I can’t hide my disappointment, not just of him but all of my friends, they all went outside smoking & didn’t see any of it. I try to change my face to be happy, but I am really upset. FUCK I hate that I do this… Why I can’t I just be happy? He stands behind me kissing my shoulders & turning me on, that I melt, yes I am going to invite this guy home with me tonight! I hope he says yes… He kisses & touches me though out the whole next show, that I forget that he didn’t see me get tied up, he seems genuinely disappointed that he didn’t get to see it, he says that he wished he did. After the show finishes, he kisses me & says that he’s just going outside for a cigarette. I watch others get tied & some wax play, some other impact play, but as I walk around the nightclub all night waiting for Noddy to come back up, I never see him again that night!

I go downstairs & play pool before my friends take me home, after a couple of friends leave my house, I start crying to my friend. So unlike me, since I said the L word with Noodle, I can’t stop crying now! Hahaha… I can’t believe that Noddy never came back to see me, he told me how much he wants me but then disappeared for 3 hours. In hindsight, I probably should’ve gone downstairs to the beer garden & dragged his ass back up, but I didn’t… I didn’t even message to say goodbye but I’m also angry that he hasn’t messaged to ask me where I am!

WTF, we’re both acting like idiots…


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