One of my no no’s for a profile is to write that you want “a girl who looks after themselves”, I hate it with a passion, I don’t even know what they mean by it & do men not understand what type of message it sends to a woman? So I almost didn’t add this guy because of it, plus he is younger & I wasn’t really sure about his pictures either – he doesn’t exactly look like he looks after himself, but we started chatting a bit & it was quite good, he gave me his number & we started texting. We text a lot, like every day all day, that I was getting to a point that if I don’t meet this guy soon I am going to get too attached. So when he asked to go out on the weekend I say yes. He texts me all day of the date night but then at like 3:00 pm he says his mum called & wants to do Mother’s Day dinner. I say it’s all good, have a great night & end up going out with a friend & the ‘Bowie’ evening happened (probably also because Bowie said that it was bullshit that Origin had to go to a family thing.) Red Flag!

Anyway he continues to text me the next day when I’m feeling sorry for myself, hungover & shameful that I had sex with someone the night I was supposed to catch up with Origin. But all through the next week, we text every day, we send each other random pics of our furniture & we joke a lot with great banter calling each other names & about him not having a TV in his room & me having a king sized bed. We also text about everything that we hate about meeting people, I say how I hate that you never know what to do when you walk up, give them a kiss on the cheek? A handshake? or worse, wave at them? There’s also the awkwardness if they go to kiss you on the cheek but you go to shake their hand, then you end up with their dick in your hand. Bahahaha. Origin says he agrees & that he’ll kiss me on the cheek hello. I also talk about how my friend always tells me that I might come across superficial because I always talk about my renovations or where I’m travelling too next, I explain that it’s not to make them feel bad or to prove that I am better than them, it’s because I am finally in a place in my life that I can finally do things to my house. I think we’ve got all the awkwardness out of the way!

He finally asks me out again to have a drink. He texts me all day before the date but I also think that he’ll bail so I plan the coffee date with Woody because I also think that this will be the end of chatting to Origin, as per every other date I have been on.

All throughout the day he messages to say he’s been shopping to have something to wear & he’s a brand snob so he’s bought a Ralph Lauren jumper, so I start freaking out thinking I need something nice & new to wear. After a long three hours at the hairdresser I have one hour until my next appointment for the day to go shopping, I run into my favourite shop & try on ten tops before running out with three. I run into another shop for tops to wear underneath & then into a cheap funky jewelry shop to buy a necklace or ring.

We plan to meet at & 7:30 pm but he’s texting saying he’s ready when I’m on the date with Woody, so I say perhaps 6:30 pm. He’s there when I arrive, drinking a beer, he stands up & gives me a kiss on the cheek as previously discussed (Cute!) & he asks if I want a drink, I say I’ll get it but he follows me to the bar & buys me a wine. We chat easily, about all sorts, he says he got there at 6:10 pm because he didn’t want to be late. When he asks me which football team I go for, I say that I don’t really follow football but if I have to I just go for the team my primary school friend went for because they were the only games I ever watched, he says which team & when I tell him he gets excited as it’s his team! Scored some points there without even trying!

We have a few more drinks & he says he’s hungry, I agree & he says ‘we’ll do Rock Paper Scissors to see who gets a menu’ I wish I had of played instead of saying ‘I’ll get them, I don’t mind’ but anyway we’re trying to decide what to eat because he wants a schnitzel because I talked about it all week, but he doesn’t want a whole one, so I suggest we share & get an entrée too. He agrees & I go up to order since he’s paid for all the drinks so far. I don’t know what type of gravy he wants so I order & when I get back I ask which gravy he would’ve wanted, he says pepper, I say no, he says Dianne & I say yes. Cute, scoring more points now!

We share dinner & 3 & a half hours later we decide it’s time to go, he walks me to his car & he’s parked almost nose to nose with me, he asks if I want to catch up again, I say yes. (I actually had a really good time & he’s better looking in real life that his douche selfies.) he says give us a kiss pecks me on the lips & does this cute tickle on my stomach – which makes my tummy jump, before we go our separate ways.

I live about 3 minutes from the pub, so I’m home & in bed within about 8 minutes when I get a text from him, saying he had a good night & would’ve stayed longer if his dogs weren’t inside. I respond letting him know I had a good time too, when he says ‘sorry about that shitty kiss, I’m better than that’ I again say that’s ok & maybe next time it’ll be better.


He texts me the next day to see how I am & he revels his sick with a sore throat, so I say that I’m glad he didn’t kiss me. He agrees & we chat a fair bit for the next few days, he takes the days off work so I keep asking how he is & we text a bit. On Wednesday morning I ask how he’s doing & he says he’s back at work, what are my work plans for the day, I say I’m in the city most of the day & he suggests we catch up for coffee, so I rearrange my lunch break to meet him for coffee near his work. I thank god silently that I got up that morning & put on a full face of makeup & had washed my hair the night before as I am going out for dinner with a girl friend. I also was going to wear the top I wore on Saturday night but wore another one, which was bloody lucky!

I’m in the coffee shop when he arrives looking like a homeless person, t-shirt, jeans & beanie but he’s still cute. He offers to buy me a coffee & we talk really easily for 25 minutes before he has to go back to work. I can’t believe how quickly the time goes. We walk out of the shops & he says ‘Gee you are short aren’t you?’ I laugh as he’s not that much taller than me & I say that to him, but he says he feels tall. I get the feeling he doesn’t want to show me which building he works in but I parked my car that way so we walk together. He says he doesn’t want to kiss me & get me sick so he’s not being a prick, I agree so we just stand awkwardly saying goodbye, he says ‘we’ll catch up again’ I say yeah & he imitates me saying yeah & laughs, I say ‘fuck off’ with a giggle & he says ‘see ya jerk’ & we both laugh & walk off…


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