Noodle #3

Noodle & I decide that we need to meet… We talk about it a lot but he keeps putting it off, I don’t know why I force the issue, but I am the one that wants to the most… He seems super keen, but I don’t know what the barrier is. Even though I know that I said I’d never meet him & we had only planned on being friends (online friends) – that was 100% true, however I am feeling something that I’ve never felt before with a guy online. At this point we’ve been talking every day, yes every single day (as per the agreement) for almost 2 months – 60 days – all day & night when he can. I talk to him about everything, he’s actually has already become a really good friend, I obviously talk to him more than I talk to my real life friends… He sticks up for me in the chat groups when guys are douchey, we only seem to chat in the groups when we are both present – it’s bit of an unspoken rule, I guess.

I’m always waiting around for him to come back online, I go home from work, go to the gym, quickly shower then am in bed ready to chat the evening away with him when she goes to bed. Sometimes we do chat when the other is offline, but we are always private chatting the whole time we’re both online. He makes it known without actually saying it, that he knows details about me that no one else would know in the groups, I can tell that he likes to slip in these type of details every now & then – I actually like it because it shows me that he’s paid attention to what I’ve said to him.

It’s very early on that he gets his nickname from me ‘Noodle’ that spreads like wildfire across the groups, soon, everyone is calling him Noodle & me affectionately shortening it to Noo Noo. He says that he hates it, but I know that he secretly loves it & it makes him feel special. I want to make him feel special, fuck where did that come from?

We’re still being private about a lot of stuff with each other though, like he won’t tell me where he works but I know its a retail store but he won’t tell me what suburb, but I know it’s fairly close to my house. We don’t share our last names either, but I’ve told him my first name. His first name is on the app, but I use a pseudonym as my name is very unusual, so I don’t give it out often, I’d be easily stalked. It’s also interesting that I’ve talked to him about all the guys I happen to be fucking at the moment – I believe there are 4 currently in the rotation, Max, Milky, Elvis & Origin, plus I’m chatting to Dom, among other men but not once do Noodle & I sext.

I ask him what his partner would do to him, if she found out about me, when he meets me. He firstly says that she’ll never find out, but I tell him not to be so naïve, she already suspects something, she just can’t prove it. He says that he’s learned from his mistakes so she won’t find out this time. But he tells me that she’d ‘cut his balls off & leave him’ (I don’t blame her!) but he’d also said that she’d go nuts & would fight me. Really? Like an old school scrag fight in a nightclub? I ask ‘why are you telling this to someone that you’re trying to get to fuck you?’ He told me she’d fought people before in bars when she was younger… OMG. Ok. Yes. So exactly like an old school scrag fight in a nightclub. Very mature. I ask how old she is & he says she just turned 29. Right. I can’t say I have ever gotten into an actual fist fight with any one, I’ve stopped fights of boys but never been involved.

Somehow I find myself liking this guy more than I bloody well should. I want to meet him, I want to see if the chemistry online translates to real life. In my experience it never usually does, so I’m thinking that we will meet & that will be it – just another 2 months of my life wasted messaging someone daily like a crazed person, to find out they are a wanker in real life. I mean this is a waste of time anyway, he’s already picked out his wife! (I really need to keep telling myself that!)Noodle#3 dating affairs conversationsWe decide to meet for a lunch. I’m on holidays & he still won’t tell me which store he works at so I just guess, he’s told me that its not the closest one to me in my suburb, but won’t tell me which one it is. I pick a café near where I think he works. It’s almost Easter so he says he can get away by doing a delivery to another store of stock as they are closing down his store – I guessed the store wrong, apparently. I have the same conversation with him about what to do when we meet, that I had with Origin, kiss on the cheek, shake hands, what? We decide a kiss on the cheek.

I spend all morning getting ready, trying not to try too hard, picking out a casual yet cute outfit, getting my hair & makeup just right so it’s not too over the top – not that I wear a lot of makeup anyway. He’s seen many many many pictures of me, but it’s different in real life. I’ve seen pictures of him too… My heart is pumping when I get out the car & I see him. He’s leaning against a street pole playing with his phone – probably chatting in the group, in his work uniform, when I walk up he looks up & our eyes meet, he smiles a cheeky smile, so do I… He’s really not the type that I would usually go for, I mean I definitely like his pictures, I think he’s hot AF, of course, but usually not the type I go for that’s all. He’s so tall, over 6 foot & well-built, nice shoulders with a full trimmed beard, very neat haircut, very short on the sides & longer on top that he styles with lots of gel – bit old school but it suits him. I usually hate beards, but I was attracted to him instantly online, so maybe I do like beards. Hahaha. He has piercing brown eyes that I can’t seem to look away from…

We kiss on the cheek as we say hello (as discussed), he has to bend down & I have to go on my tippy toes (Remember I’m short!). I can tell it’s weird for him, probably hasn’t been on proper a date for 10 years. It’s weird for me, I haven’t actually ever met a man who doesn’t have permission before. I usually don’t even talk to them when I find out they aren’t single. Dom being the exception to that… I still am questioning why I’m meeting Noodle right now. But I figure this will be enough to freak him out, since I’m the first woman he’s ever met & we’ll be done after this, the usual ghosting manoeuvre.

We walk into this healthy café we agreed to go to, (we’re both on healthy eating lifestyles – he wants to loose weight for his brothers wedding & I just want to be healthy!) it has all these acai berry smoothie bowls & quinoa salads, we both look at the menu & then at each other, without words, when our eyes meet, I can tell that he doesn’t like anything on the menu either. We walk out the door without saying anything & find another café. We’re weirdly in sync. Shit! Fuck! Damn! We order our food (the same dish ironically, besides he has pepsi max, I have water) & sit down at a small table of the hipster cafe. He can barely fit his long legs in. The conversation flows easily, admittedly it’s a lot about food or the people on the chat app, because that’s the main thing we have in common, but it’s never awkward. He easy to talk to as he is online, the banter & jokes are all still there.

I feel it…

Fuck! I feel it. I feel the chemistry crackle between us. We make eye contact more than I ever have with a date, we never actually touch but I have to resist the urge to reach out & run my fingers through his hair or even rub his arm – I wouldn’t even do that with Boyfriend, I’m not sure why I want to do with him. I want to kiss him… Errr WTF? I’ve never wanted to kiss someone so badly! We eat lunch, while having the normal conversation, I am thinking impure thoughts about things I want to do with him – especially with my new found kinky side that I want to explore & I know Noodle hasn’t experienced anything kinky at all, besides handcuffs.

We’re there longer than it feels – it felt so short, I offer him the rest of my lunch which he eats too & I’m almost trying to find ways to get this guy to stay & not go back to work. I can’t believe how easy this is. Is he feeling it too?

He kisses me on the cheek goodbye & shakes my hand as a joke from me asking how we were going to say hello & me telling him that’s what Max did. The brief moment his hand takes mine is electric, it’s the first real touch we’ve had besides the kiss on the cheek, but my hand in his, feels right. I feel it travel up my arm & somehow down to my clit. My senses heighten as I smell his after shave, his lips on my cheek make my cheek tingle. Its sensory overload. It’s all in slow motion like a movie or something. While I’ve been having a lot of sex with different men lately & I can apparently have any man I want, my only thoughts now, are that I want to cum for this man & I want him to feel it… I want him to have an amazing sexual experience with me, even if it’s just once. I don’t know why but I want to be the one that he cheats with. (I’m so against cheating!) but I want it, with him.

I get into my car thinking ‘fuckity, fuck… I’m fucked.’


2 thoughts on “Noodle #3”

  1. You’ve captured the tension of UST (unresolved sexual tension) so well here – I know exactly what you mean as I have gone through this scenario myself. It never ends well – but maybe you will be the exception?


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