Elvis #2

I admit to Elvis that the one thing I know I am bad at is making the first move. He says “Finally something I’m good at! haha” He says he likes flirting & can be good at that part. Well that works for me, I am so bad at reading signs from men, I have no idea if they are interested in me or not. I figure if they don’t make a move, they aren’t interested!

He tells me that he has a foot fetish & that he likes feet, I don’t really have that same fetish, but if a guy wants to rub my feet, I am not going to say no! Hahaha. He thinks it’s a weird fetish, but I mean I like pain, so think that’s a fuck load weirder than liking feet!

One night he tells me that he’s watching porn with pinwheels & canes, branching out to new videos that he’s not used too because he doesn’t want to go into this with me without a little knowledge, I think that’s so bloody cute! He says he watched a chick tied up on all fours with a pinwheel & lots of ass play, I ask if he’d like that done to him or if he likes to do it to someone, but he says that he’d prefer to do it to me. I say I’m not sure about rope but he says that he can’t tie knots – lots of guys seem to have that issue.

I tell him about my very first 3sum & explain how hard I found it to finger her as it’s such a different angle. We talk for a little bit about the 3sum then he stops replying. I don’t think much of it. Most guys really can’t handle hearing about you being with other men. The night after the 3sum, I am invited to a BBQ at my friend’s house. I go there all the time, her boyfriend says his friends are coming over, that Elvis will be there… at this point, I have no idea who Elvis is, I only know his real name from Facebook. So when Elvis rocks up & it’s the dude I’ve been sharing my deepest darkest sexual secrets with, it’s a bit fucking weird, to see him face to face in a friends environment, especially since he & I are the only friends invited to the BBQ. After the BBQ I am heading home, I’m asked to drop my friend’s boyfriend & Elvis & one of the kids off somewhere, & they both make Elvis sit in the front.

I message him on the Tuesday after saying that I’m sorry if it was awkward & if I knew who Elvis was, I would have warned him that I was going to be there. He says It’s all good, but again doesn’t seem that keen to chat, so I just say if he ever wants to catch up that he just needs to let me know. He responds with ‘yeah we’re going to have to soon I think aye’ but when I try to set up a time, he says this is the part that he’s bad at, that he always tries to make an excuse & find a way out.

When he messages me the night before we’re supposed to catch up to say that he’s got his mates birthday, I actually ask if that’s an excuse or if he actually has to bail. Finally putting my mind at ease he tells me that he wants to reschedule. But on the night of the proposed catch up, he messages to say that his plans have been cancelled & he’s free to catch up. I am out for dinner with friends but think why not. I shouldn’t be so easy but am intrigued by this guy.

He finally comes over after taking a while to get to my house. He’s a smoker so we sit outside just chatting having a few drinks. We chat a lot, it’s quite good, he is very attractive, so I’m acting like a douchebag, when he asks if he can kiss me… I giggle like a school girl & sort of say yes, leaning into him a bit so he could kiss me. We kiss outside for a while, he’s a good kisser definitely, then I suggest moving it into the bedroom, knowing that this is where he get nervous. We get naked while kissing & touching each other, before I show him some toys that we’d been talking about. I tie myself up to my X restraints guiding him how to use the toys. I am not one to top from the bottom but I need to guide this guy, he has potential to be a good Dominant guy for me. I don’t really want to training someone what to do but I think that he has the makings of a Dominant, he’s just never had a chick to do it with.

He runs the waternberg pinwheel up & down the back of my body between hits with the flogger. I can tell that he’s enjoying it because he tells me he likes the sounds I’m making & that he likes to watch me squirm – he hits me for a long time, over & over… It feels so good… Once we have had enough teasing, we have sex, which is pretty good, he’s very cute & attractive – I won’t mind this being a regular thing.

I fall asleep instantly once we’re done, but am woken up by him about 5:00 am or so, thinking he wants round 2, he says that he can’t sleep & wants to go home. I think he’s been lying there wanting to go, but can’t because I told him, this big long story about leaving straight after sex… I feel so bad. He messages me the next day around lunchtime saying sorry for having to go home, I feel bad for making him think he had to stay, but I also tell him that I can barely sit down, he apologises, but I tell him I like it!

I message a few days later but get nothing back, I have other men on the go, so I try not to think too much of it, when he messages me to tell me he’s had no data to message via facebook & gives me his number.

We try to arrange another time to catch up but I get sick with tonsillitis & don’t want to get him sick, he says that he doesn’t want to get sick either, fair enough… He tells me that he can’t stop thinking about the other night & loved every minute of it.

I try to see him a week later, but he’s in Victoria seeing his family, when he’s back I’m away for work… We send random snapchats to each other & chat a bit but we don’t chat about catch up again. If you leave it too long, you loose momentum. We chat again a month later but I am sick again – why am I so sick when he’s free… He then likes my online dating profile & I think what the actual fuck, he hasn’t chatted to me regularly, he could have me whenever he wants, why is he now trying to start dialogue though another bloody app. He tells me that he hasn’t had sex since me so I invite him over but he tells me that he’s going away for work.

I never actually see him again to fuck, I talk to him a few months later but he says he’s seeing someone closer to his house. I just delete him from my facebook, sick of seeing his cute face if he won’t come fuck me again.

I do see him again at my friends house about a year later, she doesn’t know we’d fucked or my relationship status at the time, so she offers me up to drop him at the train station & home. He gets in my car & we chat easily, I offer to drop him home as it’s on my way, he says that he’d like to catch up again, but we never do. Kinda sad about this one, it could’ve been a lot of fun!


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