Max #7

I don’t see Max for a month, I’m not sure why, we talk sporadically, but he’s always busy. I am seeing other people, so I don’t bother too much about trying to invite him over… Maybe that’s where the problem lies? I won’t invite him over because I think he doesn’t want to see me, but he doesn’t want to invite himself over because he doesn’t know what I want either. Well regardless of why, we don’t see each other for almost a whole month, things have been weird, but I am seeing other people so I don’t have a lot riding on this.

He comes to my house on a public holiday Monday for lunch, he brings me vegan subway, which is nice of him to pick me up something. It’s a bit weird since we haven’t seen each other, but it’s ok. We have sex as usual, it’s kind of starting to become the same old, same old, but at least he turns me on a lot. I give him my spare key to my house, for him to fulfil a fantasy I have of an intruder. (Weird I know, but it seems like it might be fun.) Sweetie tells me that he is so excited… I keep waiting for him to use it when he knows I’m at the gym or asks me what time I will be home later. But I am always disappointed to come home without him lurking in the darkness.

A few days later I am in the bath chatting on my phone, in the chat groups & to Noodle (of course) when Max says that he wants to see me. I say that I just got in the bath & will let him know when I am out. I’m relaxing with Netflix, I think the TV show then was American Shameless, everyone in the group was talking about it so I started watching, so did Noodle so we had another thing in common. (Mind you I had to watch each season twice as I didn’t pay attention chatting to Noodle) When I hear someone at my door, I hear the key turning & the door open. I think instantly that one of my family members has rocked up unannounced. I contemplate getting out the bath but then I see Max standing in the doorway of my bath before I even have a chance to do anything. I jump a fucking mile. He laughs & walks into the bathroom, immediately forgetting the naked woman in the bath & focusing his attention on the my underfloor heated tiles!

I sit in the bath sheepishly, being that it’s never a flattering look for me, as I still have weight to lose which I believe is all in my gut. So floating around in the bath, I feel massive, but he doesn’t seem to notice or care. I mean this guy has seen me naked a hundred times, but this is probably the most vulnerable I’ve felt with him. His hand slips in the bath running up & down my leg as I lie there trying to look sexy & not like I am uncomfortable. He’s turning me on slowly & I start to squirm. He takes off his clothes & contemplates getting in the bath but gets me to stand up instead, taking me into the bedroom in my towel before teasing me till I’m squirting everywhere & needing another bath!

Max cunt sex dating prick.png

Max & I are in a weird kind of relationship, I don’t know why he pulls away so much but tells me that he wants me & doesn’t want to stop seeing me. But he gives me enough that I don’t stop seeing him. Just enough of him to keep me interested, but not enough that I will get attached. But he should know that I am a heart of stone by now. I can’t care about anyone now, I am doing this all for me. He’s got a wife, a wife who I am actually friends with but the way he gives me a little then disappears is doing my head in. I don’t care too much being that I am chatting to other men, seeing other men but it still kind of hurts a little that he was so full on to start with then pulls back without warning.

It’s another 2 weeks before I see Max again, he’s basically not talked to me that whole time, spouting bullshit about being so busy when he does talk to me. It’s my pet hate as you all know, so disrespectful… It makes me feel like a fucking idiot for still hanging in there with this guy. I am talking to Sweetie a lot & we’re talking about going to another Switch. A lot of people from the chat group are going. Its kind of like a meet & greet type thing so it should be fun. Max & Sweetie are going in with me, no doubt we’ll end up in a 3sum later that night.

Sweetie gets to my house earlier than Max & I offer for her to have a bath at my house, being that they don’t have a good bath & my bathroom was recently renovated so I could have a bigger bath. She’s in the bath when Max comes over with dinner from their favourite Chinese restaurant. Max says hello to Sweetie in the bath & I feel weird about this, what I am supposed to do? I just stand in the kitchen eating. Sweetie gets out the bath & we get ready to go to switch. We’re running late as what’s usual when I’m with them.

The night is fun, we’re all dancing & enjoying then night. Max barely paid any attention to me all week, but I refuse to let that ruin my night with my friends. He also barely pays attention to me at the nightclub, when messages me to say “What the fuck” I go find him & ask him what he means, we don’t really resolve it – I have no idea what it meant or why he sent it. I don’t get what he means or what is going on. This is not the time to be talking about this when I am drunk! We’ve all seen what shit I do when drunk, look at me with Origin a few weeks ago…

We’re all on the dancefloor dancing away, it’s a fun night till I see Max also on the dance floor…He’s a few people away from me, I think he’s going to make some moves on me when he gets closer but as the crowd parts (Like a movie scene) I see that he’s got his hands on the hips of a really young chick from the chat app group, who’s here with us & they’re dirty dancing. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK…? Now I know that Max & I aren’t exclusive, but he’s here with me & his wife, who he clearly can’t keep satisfied being I want more sex, surely he doesn’t want a third woman? & her, what about the girl code? This is my supposed friend who knows he has a wife & that I’m seeing him, what the fuck is she doing?

They disappear for ages, I end up kissing Sweetie & another couple (story to come about them!) I don’t know if it’s to get back at him or because I’m so pissed off, or what it is, but I feel like a fucking fool right now.

Sweetie knows I’m angry, she doesn’t seem entirely happy about the situation either… She even texts me to ask if they should go home & not stay at my house… I respond & say they can stay but I’m not sure that’s what I want. I barely speak to him on the way home in the taxi, he’s a fucking arrogant asshole to think that this is ok behaviour & what I’m mostly pissed off about, is I’m being so stupid & allowing it!

Back at my house, I am inside talking to Sweetie while Max is outside having a smoke, when I realise he is not going to deal with this issue but they are staying at my house, so I need to address it & let him know this is not ok with me. I go outside to chat to him about it & he’s of course sorry, I’m not 100% convinced he’s genuine about it or just sorry he got caught & I’m unlike his wife in the way that I won’t tolerate his bullshit. She’s way more submissive in life than I am, I won’t let him get away with this shit… I can’t…

We talk though, I ask for my key back & tell him that this is not ok… (I mean he’s had my spare key for ages but used it once, not for the reason it was intended…) But again what is wrong with my stupid vagina? I let him start kissing my neck & I stupidly melt… Next minute the 3 of us are on the couch together kissing, touching & then we end up in bed together, this time we tie up Sweetie as I’m not in the mood to be tied up by him & we drip candle wax all over her. It’s fun to be the dominant one sometimes & I actually realise that I am a Switch. A switch means that you like to be submissive but can also be dominant. I know that I am mostly submissive, but I do enjoy the dominant side that comes out sometimes…

The next morning, we all have sex again, I ask to spank Max’s ass, which he screams like a little girl being chased & I realise that I’ll never get to be dominant with him. It’s all normal in the morning. Like nothing happened last night, I make coffee’s & teas before they Sweetie goes home to relieve the babysitter. Max stays for a bit but then also leaves… When I walk back inside to start tidying up from the night before, I see my spare keys on the kitchen table. My heart sinks a little… I know I asked for it back, but I also didn’t think he’d give up so easily…


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