Max #3

The next night after work Max wants to catch up to take the kayaks out, I’m surprised that he would want to or be allowed to do that activity with me, being that Sweetie wants to do it too. But it seems like he can, it’s a school night so he meets me at my house right after work. We take the kayaks out for a long time, until the sun is setting low in the sky. It’s actually really nice. We of course go back to my house to have sex after we’ve packed everything away. He stays at my house till quite late… but then leaves to go home to his wife. How does he get away with not going home to help with the kids? I don’t worry about that, they seem to have it worked out I guess. I must remember he’s married though, because as he left, I find myself annoyed that I am disappointed when he leaves, a bit like every time Origin left me late at night – brings up those feelings again.

052816 (14)

Max tells me that his wife wants to chat to me, I must say I am intrigued, more than I thought I would be, mainly to see if he’s been telling me the truth about the open relationship etc & about her. I mean he’s told me about the previous woman that they called his girlfriend & that he still talks to her but his wife no longer gets along with her. But that could also be some story. I also wonder if I do talk to her, what will we talk about? I am also suspicious, is it actually her or is it him with a fake account? Bit of an elaborate scheme – but I’ve thought this before about Notorious Sir, but who the fuck knows what people do in their spare time! Max is also a computer programmer, so he gets technology… Finally, after much internal debate, I allow Sweetie to message me & I know I have a guard up with her, I am suspicious of her intention of why she wants to talk to me, but as the days go on, I actually don’t mind chatting to her. I know it’s her too because she sends me a live pic which proves he does have a wife – not because I ask her to prove it, but she is showing me some picture of herself or something. I actually let my guard down more with him too, being that I now know he’s not full of shit.

Max chats to me daily, of course, him starting the texts with a good morning, you know me, I never text first… Especially with married men, Dom, Max & even Sweetie have to definitely text me first because I am not chasing them! He comes over one night after work for a couple of hours, it’s the first time we don’t have sex & I think WTF has happened here… Why didn’t he want to fuck me? Is he turned off by me somehow? Should I have made a move? I talk to him about it later when we’re texting because I can’t bring it up to his face & he says he doesn’t want me to think of him as just sex, he calls me his girlfriend… Ohhh, I’m not your girlfriend, but sure whatever you want to call me. I mean I’ve only seen him like 8 times in a month or two, is that really boyfriend/girlfriend quality? I don’t think so, but ok, whatever.

The next night we go kayaking again, I hope that Sweetie is ok with this. But I don’t bother asking her – nor do we ever talk about kayaking, she’s chatting to me most days too, so it seems to be going ok with her. This night we have sex again which is good. When I say sex, it’s really not traditional sex, he generally is fingering me to make me squirt or spanking me till I bruise, just with his hand, sometimes toys… He tells me that his hand hurts, I’m like poor baby, imagine my ass!

A few nights later he says he wants to see me, but his car is getting fixed so he can’t get to me & so I offer to pick him up from his office then drop him home later in the night. His office is only a few minutes from my house, so I don’t mind & I am intrigued to see where he works, is he neat & tidy? or messy? I am interested in seeing how he operates. Maybe it’ll give me some more insight, I mean he’s been to my house a lot, I live alone so my house generally looks like a show home (according to friends) most of the time because there is no one to mess it up – even I’m away for work so much that I am never home to mess it up. I walk into his office, my eyes quickly dart around the room, taking it all in, but I don’t notice anything other than the 2 kayaks lying on the floor with everything you need to kayak, lifejackets, paddles etc. WTF? Why didn’t he tell me he already had some? I feel like such a fuckwit now. He kind of gives me a cheeky grin & says he didn’t know how to tell me but Sweetie was so jealous we’d been out so many times together & she wanted to go, so they bought some off gumtree a little while ago. I tell him that he should’ve told me & remind him that I also suggested he could of borrowed mine at any time to take her out. This is weird as fuck. I feel like a fuck knuckle.

It’s weird, now things are weird… Why wouldn’t he just tell me? I feel so stupid, thinking that we had something special that he didn’t have with her, when now he’s had these kayaks for fuck knows how long! & been out with her fuck knows how many times… The next night after this revelation, I’m feeling stupid still, but Sweetie is messaging me to tell me that her date bailed on her & she’s really annoyed as it was her night out of the house. I get it, she’s got 4 kids, plus a young interloper staying with them & her husband has been seeing me while she’s stuck at home.

She tells me about how she met Max’s last ‘girlfriend’ that the same thing happened, a date bailed on her & she ended up at the girlfriends house & they sent a picture to Max of them together, but he didn’t know that Sweetie was going there. She mentions that she’s got nothing to do, so I suggest she comes over my house for a drink – I don’t want to see him, so if she’s at my house, he can’t just pop over… I just need to rip the band aid off & to be honest after the kayak thing, I’m thinking this isn’t going to last that long anyway, I’m still weirded out by that!

She comes over to my house with a bottle of wine, I’ve already started for some dutch courage. She’s different to her pictures, she’s actually cuter in real life. She’s shorter than me which surprising since I’m basically a midget & Max is like 6 foot tall or something. We sit outside since it’s summer (I have my new outdoor setting) & drink wine. I am so uncomfortable… I have no idea what we talk about, how long she is at my house or how much we drink, but I’m pretty sure that this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done to fuck someone… – met their wife!


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