Origin #4

I wait all day for the text to say that Origin is sick or something has come up, so when I hear from him at midday, I almost don’t want to open the text when I see his name come up. But he just asks how my night was & we chat for a bit. Later around 4:00 pm I expect that I’m going to get the I’m busy text when his name comes up again, but he asks me what time I want him to come over. Why am I so quick to think he wants to cancel even though we’ve now caught up three times & he’s still talking to me on a daily basis so what is it? Is it because I’ve been on so many bad dates already that I’m so jaded, plus this guy has been sick & also cancelled on me.

But when he comes over, he’s so complimentary about how I look, what I’m wearing, what my house looks like, it’s weird for me but I lap it up. I’ve never had a guy tell me how much he likes the way I look, especially since this is only our fourth date.

We go grab some dinner from a local Chinese shop & crack open wine bottle after wine bottle. We sit watching Netflix before he kisses me & we have sex. Like a lot of sex, we use five condoms & he makes me feel really good, although after three bottles of wine I can’t really remember it all, which is a shame, it was really good. I was so sore the next day. Perhaps I need to stop drinking when I have sex.

He leaves my house about 1:30 am but texts me when he gets home (again! Cute!) to say he had a good time, I’d already passed out so we text in the morning & text a bit, he did say the night before that he wanted to bring me coffee in the morning but he didn’t. He texts during the day to say that he wants to ‘pop around.’ About 1:30 pm he comes over & we just cuddle on the couch watching Netflix (I get him addicted to Downtown Abbey), it is so nice, I’ve never just cuddled & had someone put their hand up my shirt & tickle my skin, we do have some hot quick sex, using the sixth condom for the weekend & I say I should buy some more, he agrees & laughs.

While he was at my house on Sunday afternoon, he cleaned up a spider that I killed but was unable to vacuum because it wasn’t charged & I didn’t want to get the big one out, so he got a tissue without being asked & cleaned it up knowing how arachnophobic I am. It was so sweet, it actually made me like him more & at this point I was thinking he was liking me more, now I think we’re on par with each other.

We text later that day, he says “I had a super weekend, it was heaps of fun, I think you’re a rad chick” this is my time to put myself out there a bit & tell him that I had a great time & that I love that he makes me laugh. We say goodnight & he says “night sexy.” OMG I am getting attached to this guy already, it’s only been 3 weeks! People say all the time that things can happen quickly, I just never thought it could happen for me! I actually start deleting my other online profiles (I think I had five on the go at the time, so I just delete the more obscure ones!)

Origin #4

The next day about 2:00 pm he asks how my day is going, we chat for a bit, well all night really, about how much he’s thought about Downton Abbey (which I guess means he’s thinking about being with me while watching it). He abruptly stops talking to me so I assume he’s fallen asleep; I try to stay reserved so I don’t text him the next day but at about 5:00 pm he texts to ask how my day is. He says that he’s sick again with a sore throat (I have no reason to doubt the sore throat thing but I am also not sure that someone can have a sore throat so many times in three weeks, although he hasn’t seemed to rest at all since he got sick.) He agrees says that three bottles of wine & up all night having sex hasn’t helped him get better but he said it was fucking awesome though.

We text again later in the day, he’s now got a sore rib too, so I ask how he is & what he’s up too, we chat for hours via text & it’s so easy & when we have nothing to say he still finds a way to text me something. He asks if I’m getting in the shower & says that he wants to join me which I say that I’d like that if he wasn’t sick & he says he’s looking forward to it.


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