Origin #3

I get home that night, stripping off & jumping in the shower, as every minute passes, I feel more & more like an idiot for fucking him too quickly. I look in the mirror & there are two big hickeys on either side of my neck. FUCKING great! -Let me just preface this by, I bruise so easily, so a light kiss can bring on a hickey for me.

The little pink light on my phone is flashing when I get out of the shower, that means text message, my heart stops. I unlock my phone & see his name. Origin’s text me, saying he had a good time & hopes I did but the movie is still confusing him. I tell him to go to bed & that I have hickeys which he apologises for but says it was such a turn on in the bedroom with how loud I was… OMG! (I didn’t think I was that loud, I’m always too self-conscious to be loud).

Origin #3

I go out for lunch with my friend the next day & as I’m telling her about him, he texts me just to see if I’m ok & how my neck is. Really, can someone be this sweet? It’s so weird for me! We text all afternoon, I send him a picture of my hickeys. We text about crap, mainly how big my bed is & how small my feet are (What?) but then he asks ‘Did you cum last night?’ The poor guy, I put him out of his misery & let him know that I did. He was pretty happy with himself!

He asks if I’m around town that next week which I am not really, but he’s vague also of telling me when his lunch break is so I couldn’t really plan another lunch date but I suggest weds night as that’s a night I don’t go to the gym which he says yeah that would work for him. I find out that I can meet him at work on Monday but he says he’s too busy, nothing to worry about, I guess. I end up having a super shit day at work & hope that we have some friendly banter over text while I drink some wine & have a bath but he doesn’t write back but I text him good night hours later when he says that he was asleep on the couch. I was asleep when I got that so I text him in the morning. We text again in the afternoon & I say that I am free on Wednesday night which he agrees, we don’t decide what to do but he seems excited like he needs something to cheer him up & I agree.

We talk about us having sex & I say that we should have shown some restraint, he doesn’t agree but he understands. I try to organise what we should do tomorrow night but he says that I should decide. But by midday the next day he’s going home from work sick, he’s apparently got the runs. I am supremely disappointed & it takes all my might to not write something bitchy back because this is now the second time he’s bailed on a date & also he’s now been sick more in the two weeks we’ve been talking than I’ve been sick all year. I finally respond saying ‘I’m sorry, I was looking forward to it but hope he feels better soon.’ He writes that he was massively looking forward to it, I decide to go to the gym instead since I missed another class earlier in the week.

While he’s sick he tries to set up a date for Friday night, I said that I’m going to a fundraiser dinner so I’m not free but I suggest that I am free to meet him for lunch on Friday afternoon, he doesn’t commit but says that’s good.

It’s about this time he somehow comes up at a ‘person I may know’ on Facebook. How does Facebook even know we know each other? I have a light stalk of his page & most of it is public. I check out his photo’s & see his ex-girlfriend & I kinda work out that they aren’t that long broken up, the last posts about the two of them are from about six months ago. Why am I even looking?!

We’d had a laugh though about the fact that I had to kill a spider (I’m really arachnophobic, like really really really phobic, can’t even look at spider pictures or see plastic ones) & when I spray them I then put the can of spray over them so I can vac up their corpse later. He says he hates spiders too which I say is not good for me, but he says he’ll man up when he has too. We also talk about tattoos & how he wants to get an arm sleeve; I tell him he would look good with a sleeve. I like those type of tattoos on the right person, he says he’s the black sheep because he is the only one is his family that has none, I am the black sheep because I’m the only on in my family with tattoos.

It gets to Friday we’ve text all week but I don’t hear from him till I text him first yet again but I’m stuck 40 mins out of the city at 12:30 pm so I don’t get to catch up with him for lunch. But we somehow lock in Saturday night to have take away dinner & a movie at my house. Let’s see if this date goes ahead!


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