Origin #5

I initiate texts with Origin in the morning (to show I’m interested too – this is something I struggle with) but he’s home sick on the Wednesday with his sore throat. I don’t hear from him much & work is really busy so when I get a minute about 6:00 pm, he still sick but we text a little, he’s a little off, I just assume it’s cos he’s sick.

He says he’s having a relaxing bath & I’m say I’m going to do the same but with a glass of wine & more Downton Abbey he says he’s wishes he could join me; I say that if he wasn’t sick I would’ve let him. We talk about his sore rib & I say I hope it’s not from too much sex on the weekend, he says that “if it was, it was worth it, it was amazeballs I say that I don’t think there is such a thing as too much sex but it was great for me too (not only do I agree with that, but he told me that’s part of the reason he & his ex-girlfriend broke up) he then tells me “that it was fucking amazing, you’re pretty good in the bedroom & you’re a cool person” & then he uses my real nickname & says “I enjoys your company” I swoon! He has been calling me shorty as a nickname but he used my real nickname that my friends use, it makes me realise that this guy actually likes me, this guy could be my boyfriend, he actually likes me, he’s not shy to tell me how much he likes me. It’s refreshing!

He asks me if there is anything I want him to do because he wants to please me (well there is lots but I want to discover that with him, not tell him over text) I tell him so but say that he can tell me what he might want to do too, but he says the same. I tell him how attracted I am to him because he makes me laugh all the time, even when I think about him at work. He says that’s cute & he’s glad I like hanging out with him because he definitely enjoys hanging out with me!

We text & text & text, it’s so good, we talk about the wine that I bought the first night & how we had it the next time, he says that we should go for a drive to some wineries to have a look one day (OMG YES!) I say I’d really like that… Future plans? I mean this guy is keen, I can’t believe it. I am so lucky!

He texts me at about 4:30 pm the next day just to see how my day is going, it’s so sweet & I love getting texts from him, I light up like a dickhead when I see his name & it’s so awesome that I’ve finally found someone who wants to see me as much as I want to see them! We text for a bit; he tells me to think of him naked at the gym & I will smash it. He didn’t go to work on the Thursday either, he sends me another random picture of himself sitting watching TV & I love it.

We somehow get onto a foot fetish topic which I say no I hate feet; he agrees but then says that I have cute little feet. Can this guy be for real? I mean surely I am not going to be this lucky! I just say thanks but he says that I also look heaps cute wearing my glasses as well as hot, he thinks they’re really cute & he wants to ‘do me’ in them, it’ll be sexy. I agree saying that we can definitely do that. He asks me again what I would want from him sexually, so I just say that I’d like if he pinned down my arms & fucked me hard while kissing my neck, he says done but now he’s hard thinking about it. He tells me to be open with him because it’ll help me out, I tell him that I will be but I need a bit more trust to do the things want to do but he makes me satisfied.

He asks what I’m doing on the weekend, which I’m free Friday night but he’s catching up with mates on Saturday night & I’m busy all day Saturday. He suggests a movie at my house on Friday night, even though he’s had two sick days, I don’t think much of it because I want to see him.

On Friday at 2:30 pm I get a text to ask how my day is going, I wonder if he’s about to cancel on me, from past experiences I just assume that’s what he’s going to do, but we arrange to meet at my house at 6:30 pm & we’ll grab take away & watch a movie. I’m so excited, our seventh date in four weeks (Why am I counting?). This is a record for me, I’m so excited to see him, I don’t get nervous & act like a dickhead, I am just me. Finally, a guy has hung around long enough to see the real me. Finally, a guy that likes me for me, that doesn’t want to just have have sex with me.


I can’t believe that I have found someone that I wasn’t even going to add online because he’s only 32 (younger than me) & I wasn’t sure about his pictures & I hate that he has ‘a girl that looks after themselves’ on his profile but this guy is so funny, which is something I am so attracted too, it’s probably why I am liking him so much, that & how much he tells me I’m pretty or look good. I mean at one point he said he likes my house so much that I should be an interior designer. I am totally letting my guard down & letting him in… EEK! This guy can’t be for real, he can’t be for me!


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