Origin #2

Later that day Origin texts me to see how the rest of my day was. We text for a bit & every day afterwards. We kinda arrange to catch up on Friday night, without any set plans, but when I was getting ready in the morning I poke myself in the eye with a cotton tip (Good one idiot!) & I get a blood spot on my eye. I go to work not thinking about it but as the morning wears on it hurts more & more, plus I’d been in training for work staring at a PowerPoint presentation so my eyes were strained. They’re so sore. After training I head to the pharmacy for some drops to ease the dryness & the pharmacist tells me to get to the doctor ASAP. FREAK OUT! I make an appointment & take the afternoon off. Of course my eye is fine but it was best to get it checked out. I text Origin to let him know that I am at home with a demented eye & send him a picture so he doesn’t think I am lying about why I need to cancel our date – probably didn’t need to cancel, but I did. He tells me I look pretty, even though he can only see the side of my face & my eye.

The Doctor has told me not to use screens too much that are close to my face, just relax & watch TV, so I’m sitting at home not doing a great deal when my phone rings, it’s Origin! He rings to ask how I am & if my eye is ok, what the Doctor said. OMG how fucking adorable! We don’t talk for long but I say how sweet it is that he called to see how I am. I also text him after the call to say how sweet it is (I’m not sure why I did that, I normally wouldn’t do stuff like that, perhaps that’s why I’m single?) he likes that I did text but he called because he was worried about me. Awww, too cute! I text him goodnight at about 9:30 pm when I go to bed like a grandma, he texts back after midnight saying he hopes I feel better & to enjoy my king sized bed.

We text on Saturday & he says he’s hungover & doesn’t feel like going out but if I want to come to his house to watch a movie. I agree, feeling nervous but he suggests I bring a bottle of wine. I knock on the door & his two dogs go mental & it takes a minute for him to open the door. I let the dogs sniff my hands then they walk off to their bed. We kiss briefly hello, he tells me I look nice & he leads me into the kitchen where he pours me a glass of wine & he inspects my eye saying it doesn’t look that bad. He gives me a tour of his house, which I find a bit awkward – why do I need a tour? But then we just sit on the couch.

He suggests a movie on Foxtel which I hadn’t seen so I said that would be good, it didn’t start for an hour so we watched some crap on TV drinking the wine & chatting fairly easily. Chatting so much that we missed the beginning of the movie, so we just started watching something else, when he said “come here for a cuddle” so I moved over & then we kissed properly, FINALLY!

I probably should’ve shown some restraint, one of my friends says that I shouldn’t have sex with any man for at least three months, another friend had said it was a bad idea to go to his house knowing that I’d probably have sex with him & then I’d be in the same position I was in with Milky – just having casual sex with no idea what he’s thinking, then I’d end up alone again!

But with all that perfectly sensible advice, I didn’t listen to any of it, it was a good kiss, I ended up sitting on his lap straddling him, kissing him like we were the last people kissing on the planet. We fooled around & ended up having sex, he took me to his room then went to take the dogs outside & for some reason he never took off my singlet, so I just left it on.

Origin #2

Afterwards he just got up & went to the bathroom, then went to let his dogs in, so I went to the toilet too, he asked me at the door if I wanted water, I said yes & he pokes a bottle through the door. I laugh, saying I didn’t need it right that second (& dude get away from the toilet door, I don’t want him to hear me pee!) I come out of the toilet & go wash my hands, he’s standing in the lounge room holding my pants, he hands them to me so I get dressed. That was weird…?! Feeling quite stupid I think that perhaps I should’ve listened to my friends & not rushed into having sex with him, after all, this technically is only our third date!

I hang around for a short time, watching a stupid movie that I have to keep explaining to him but feel more & more awkward so I say I better leave, he says he’ll walk me out, he does, right out to the footpath, we kiss, then I stupidly turn my head & he kisses the side of my face like a weirdo, we say bye & I jump in my car thinking to myself ‘what a fucking idiot!’


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