Motocross #6

Let’s all just take a second to remember where we are with the timeline, it’s now Sunday, I met this guy Motocross, on Tuesday online & our first date was Wednesday. This is getting… I don’t even know what, but this is getting too full on for me, that I am dreaming up a relationship already. Could this be an actual relationship?

As you know, Sunday nights are family dinner night, at my house, every week. However, for some reason my family bail & so I honestly don’t even think about my stupid rule & I text Motocross on Sunday late in the morning asking if he got his grocery shopping done & I add “Sorry you didn’t get much done yesterday besides me” He says no more than 10 minutes later that he had a good night – but he was tired & food coma, that he’s going to the shops soon & “Haha nah it’s fine, I was happy with what I gone done yesterday no complaints here” I smirk like an idiot. I tell him that I got a better night sleep & that I met a friend for deep fried goodness dinner but I was home early because she noticed I was tired. He says that he feels bad now because I went home early from dinner with my friend, which was supposed to be my nephew sleeping over, but things changed. I then slip in that my family have bailed on the evening & ask if he is free to come over & watch a movie or dinner. He doesn’t reply for ages (like 40 minutes hahaha) that I start thinking, that I’ve pushed this too much… I mean it hasn’t even been 7 days since we met online & this would be the third date… “Oh yeah okay sounds good I’m in yeah what time you thinking” PHEW! Freak out over. I tell him anytime after 3:00 pm & he says that sounds good…

Ok, so confession time too! So you remember back to when my friends were trying to google this guy as he’s probably semi famous if his stories are true?! Well I didn’t even know his last name, obviously since he used mine for the play ticket, but we can’t find him on anything. I even enlisted my friend J-Lo to look him up as he finds everyone & loves doing that shit! I hate googling people & don’t like to do it at all, I find out shit I don’t want to know unless they tell me… I haven’t even googled Noodle since we ended in fear of finding out something that will set me back. I never googled Noddy or British, which I probably should have, but with everything I’ve been through this year with men, I become obsessed! Why can’t I find this guy?

Anyway there is nothing on this guy, nothing on any sports pages, google, crusty demons Facebook, even we can’t find him on Facebook as himself – his name if too common. But when J-Lo sends me a screenshot of a Facebook page, it’s him! I know his last name, I immediately stalk his Facebook & there is nothing at all on it – it’s all mostly private & there is no connections we have in common. You honestly have to dig deep, but I find out that he was (or is) married, there are wedding pictures of him with someone from years ago, I stalk her Facebook unable to stop myself, as she’s the only one that comes up as a person of interest, she no longer uses the same last name as him & she’s also living in Vancouver, Canada but she’s from Adelaide. FUCK, I have lost the plot! I stop stalking, he’s clearly had a bad break up with his wife & he doesn’t need to tell me everything about himself right now, it’s not even been a week! FFS. I need to get a grip! So I did know this before we went to the play, I was waiting for him to tell me his story, but fuck I am not ready to tell him all my deepest darkest secrets about Noodle & even Boyfriend

Motocross comes over about 4:00 pm & we immediately hang out watch tv, he doesn’t kiss me hello as he walks in & I think that’s weird at this point, I mean I know it’s only been a few dates, but the man has been inside me, surely he can give me a peck on the lips hello?

We decide to get Fasta Pasta for dinner & I drive us there, since he parked on the road – which is weird & he said he didn’t know where he was going… So we order online & head on over to pick it up, deciding on take away – which I pay for to repay the Mexican the other night & we eat it at home while watching a movie, which I hate to admit was Sharknado! Yes we watched Sharknado, I’ve never seen it & lets be honest, I wish I had never seen it! What the actual fuck is that movie… OMG! It was so ridiculous…

We eat on the couch, just hanging out, it’s actually really nice to just have someone to hang out with that is funny & honestly says interesting or true all the fucking time, so much so that I start to pay him out every time he says it & then I start fucking saying it – OMG I always pick up the fucking catch phrases of dudes I date…

It’s really a good night, he kisses me on the couch & we head to the bedroom. Again, there isn’t much foreplay for me prior to him slipping on a condom & fucking me but he’s lucky I am ready. I suck his dick again, he doesn’t ask, but I figure that I like doing it, he has a nice cock, so I will. I can’t help but wonder about what he was like with his wife, did he ever go down on her? Did he ever finger her? Or did he just kiss her & fuck her? Is that the reason why the broke up? OMG, surely not, no one gets married to someone they don’t have sexual chemistry with, do they?

The sex is pretty much the same as it was the first time, he on top for a little while before he asks me to turn over & I cum rubbing my own clit as I’m not even sure he knows where it is? OMG, I shouldn’t be so mean, but maybe he’s just really intimidated or shy, maybe she made all the moves, maybe she was more dominant? I mean he didn’t even kiss me hello when he walked in the front door tonight. We have sex again & I don’t know how it happens, but we have sex without a condom the second time & OMG it feels so much better, he has a nice cock, but FUCK! What am I doing?!

I can’t even hide my disappointment when Motocross gets up to leave at 11:00 pm, I mean I do have to work tomorrow, so probably not the best idea for him to sleep over but man I want him too, more than I realised I would. He says that he gets up super early like 5:00 am to go for a bike ride (bicycle) so he needs to go now because he doesn’t want to wake me up in the morning. We sort of kiss quickly goodbye at the door & as I hear his loud car start up & drive away, I am oddly devastated that he didn’t stay.

I think about him all day at work on Monday, waiting for a text message from him. We virtually spent the entire weekend together, surely he’s thinking about me too. I start to feel sick at work & head home from fear of throwing up & shitting my pants… Was it the Fasta Pasta? Or did I just eat so much crap this weekend, with the dinner & lunch with him, the fried food with my friend then the pasta – I never eat like that anymore, so maybe it was just a combination of all the shitty food on the weekend? I can’t help but wish he’d text me to see what I am up too or if my day is going ok, I wonder if he’s sick too? It’s almost 10:00 pm on Monday night & I haven’t heard from him, I decide to text because I don’t want to go a day without texting him, I don’t know what this obsession is, but when I meet someone I always want to be able to say “We’ve talked every day that we’ve known each other” I don’t know why, what difference does it make? But I just ask is he was sick today, he replies straight away “Hey. I am feeling it yes. Are you” I tell him that I had to come home from work early & he says that his throat is getting sore. I tell him that I will spare him the details of what is wrong with me but think it’s all the bad food & tell him to get betadine throat & then write “TRUE” He says that he hopes I getting better & he says “Yeah okay thanks I will appreciate it #Interesting.” I can’t help but laugh at the hash tag, as that was the funniest part about the fact that he says true & interesting all the time. I say that it’s ok, that it’s not his fault I was sick, I was only sick in the morning & still was able to go to rope at night – I just should’ve made better choices over the weekend, I tell him that I also take garlic vitamins so I never get sore throats, then I tell him to “#StopHashTagging” He replies that “Oh yeah okay well I’m glade you went to rope tonight still did you enjoy it I hope. Okay thanks I will maybe you need more vitamin d. Haha okay #Sorry” I can’t help but laugh at his messages, I have to read them a few times to understand what he’s even saying. I tell him that I don’t even know what he means by vitamin d. “Where do I find vitamin D or #DoINotWantToAsk?” He says “My vitamin d silly” I ask if mean means protein shot, as that’s usually what people refer to their cum as, not vitamin d, isn’t vitamin d from the sun? I ask him what his vitamin d is going to do for me, but I tell him that I hear it’s good for the skin. He says that yes it relaxes you & correct it’s good for the skin. I ask him if it relaxes him to share his vitamin d? & I don’t get a reply. It’s almost 11:00 pm, so I assume he’s fallen asleep.

Motocross constant fear

The next day as fate would have it, fucking Facebook sends me a notification to respond to friend requests from ages ago, I click on it & who the fuck should show up in my friend request list… Remember back to the Psychic Fair post?! There is a guy called T**y in my friend request list – with the same last name as Motocross… (which rememeber he hasn’t actually told me yet) WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! I click on the guy & oh my fucking god it’s Motocross’ fucking brother! Is that the psychic connection?! My friends get goosebumps when I remind them of what the psychic said about T**y & they say that Motocross could be the man she meant. T**y & I were in a singles group together a while ago & everyone added me as a friend, I didn’t accept anyone I didn’t like the look of. (Superficial, but I’m honest!)

Anyway Motocross brother’s page is much more open & has a lot more comments on photos for me to click on. I find their mother too – who has the same middle name as me (another sign?!), I look though her Facebook page too – like a fucking psycho… There is a picture of a baby, so I assume that T**y has had a kid & Motocross is an uncle. Within 10 seconds of finding that picture, I read all the comments & find out that it’s Motocross’ daughter! FUCK… The post was 2 years ago, with a comment from his mum saying that Motocross is a daddy. FUCK! So much for the 5 year story! What the actual fuck! How could he not mention having a kid?!


This is why I don’t stalk!



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