Psychic Fair

One of the first things that everyone says post break up is NOT go to psychic, I even read a breakup book a good work friend gave me that said under no circumstances should you see a psychic post break up.

This I would probably agree with. I can imagine that many psychics tell you what you want to hear… What do I want to hear? That Noodle is going to come back to me. He’s going to realise his mistake & come to me. Do I want to hear that? Do I even want that? He’s hurt me in so many ways that I can’t even think about how pathetic I’d be if he did come crawling back & if I allowed that. Would I be strong enough to refuse him?

However I didn’t want to know the usual thing about love that women probably want to hear, that he will come crawling back to me… I don’t want to know that, I am sure that Noodle will come back to me without a doubt. I am just not sure when he will or for how long or even in what format, but it’s something I know. Something I feel. I know that’s going to happen. Our story isn’t over. I can feel that. Have you ever had that feeling? With Boyfriend, I knew it was the end, I didn’t want to give it up because I was comfortable with him but I knew in my heart of hearts that he wasn’t the one for me. Now I’m not sure if Noodle is the one, I’m not even sure I believe in the one, but I know that this is not the end with Noodle.

I ask a friend if she wants to go to psychic fair with me, I’ve never been before but I want to go, I’m not sure why or what I want to know but I want to go & so does my friend. There is some weird pull for me about this too… It’s like I need to go.

The morning of the psychic fair Noodle fucking messages me on my fetlife account which is just a kinky facebook. Why the fuck does he choose times like this! I hate his timing sometimes. “You finally fucked anyone else yet? You’ll so well now that I’m not holding you back, & you know damn well your a sexy bitch.I think he’s trying to tell me that I should know by now that he was holding me back. I hate that he thinks I need kink to be happy. I enjoy kink, I like kink, I obviously like rough sex but I don’t have to have it.. Fucking hell this man messes with my head! I don’t ever write back to the fetlife message.

Psychic fair look at us.png

I ask my friend how to choose a psychic that I want to do a reading for me & she said I should be drawn to someone, so to speak. We walk around & I see this woman sitting by herself & I tell my friend that I want to see her for a reading.

I sit with her I honestly think this is a bit of bullshit, what am I even doing here, what do I even want to know to be honest?! Until this woman says to me “I know you’ve just changed from weights to cardio & this is a good decision.” WHAT THE FUCK… That’s so specific… But also this freaks me out a little because it is literally what my naturopath had told me to do only 2 nights earlier when I saw her! Trust me, I never would have expected the psychic to be so specific. After that I relaxed with her. I honestly wish I recorded it, because I forget some of the things she actually said to me.

She tells me that I will have 2 ex’s & they will come back into my life & I need to hang up the phone & ignore them. HANG UP THE PHONE! She tells me this several times, looking me right in the eye when she does telling me to tell them they’ve got the wrong number. Yeah I know this is correct, but will I be strong enough?

She also asks me who is T**y. (I can’t write the actual name because it might be significant in my blog one day!) I am like I don’t know any T**y but she tells me that I will meet a T**y next year before my birthday, which I guess is like 18 months away at this point. T**y, he will apparently already have a child – this I am happy about… I will probably meet him though my work, but it will be ok to date him, it won’t need to be a secret. She says that we’ll be happy & that I’ll also be working for myself… (Interestingly 18 months later, I don’t work for myself… I write this blog, but don’t get paid for it!) Finally a man that won’t be a secret! I can’t wait for that day!

I talk to my friend about the fact Noodle hadn’t talked to me expect his stupid message this morning on fetlife that I didn’t reply too. I also want my key back – I need it back for my sanity. She suggests I just go to his work today & get it. I change at home & head confidently to his work, walking around the store trying to find him. I didn’t see his car but hoping that he’s there since I worked up the courage. I ask at the front desk but he’s not at work today… FUCK.

Now after the psychic fair, now every time I see a T**y on any app I’m on, when on tinder or even facebook or in real life, where ever I am, I look at them wondering if they’ll be the T**y I’m supposed to meet & be with… One even adds me on Facebook when I’m in a singles group & I think fuck this could be my guy, however I’m not attracted to him at all & I ignore him.

This name seems to pop up a lot over the next 18 months that I am looking for someone & I can’t believe that none of them I am attracted too. Where is he??


5 thoughts on “Psychic Fair”

  1. Very good advice. It’s hard being told something really specific is in your future because, as you said, you then look for it everywhere. Better not go get involved with psychics, though I understand the pull all too well.


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