Speed Dating #3

I decide that I am ready for something, post Noodle. Bahaha… What a stupid thought… But I want what I had with him only better, with someone who is single, who also loves me – I’ve put it out in the universe for the checklist now, so come at me T**y – from the psychic.

My friend is single for the first time in almost 10 years, I finally have someone to go out with. We decide to go speed dating! WHY? I mean this will be the third time that I have done this, been to speed dating… But I am determined that this time will be different!

I feel really good about myself having lost 35kgs, I am looking better than when I was with Noodle – mainly because I haven’t eaten in 2 months & I’m finally fitting into a size 10 skirt so I feel like this might be my night. I may meet someone like I should have the first time I went Speed Dating. I feel more confident with my new look, I have a cute outfit on a short grey skirt, black top, black tights & black high boots with a wooden look heel. I am also very much more aware about the fact that I am actually loveable, I am in an amazing place in my life (besides the lack of my love life) but otherwise I have a great job that I love, I am have a home that I am upgrading & love, I also have just secured an investment property (with the help of my parents). I am a strong career woman who is also studying law & is educated… I shouldn’t let the fact that Noodle & every other single guy on the planet gets scared about these facts. There has to be a guy out there that is strong enough to be with me.

The speed dating night starts off with my friend & I having a drink at the bar prior, sussing out the people who are coming & going. We then have to stupidly wait until the 2nd break for the free wine & food – I needed another wine to start this shit. I assumed they would give it to us right away, well a wine at least!

We have our first few dates & I feel quite good about the night. I am not really finding anyone that attractive at first sight. I know that sometimes it takes time. With Noodle, I always found him attractive but the more I fell for him, the more I found him the sexiest thing alive!

The table I am at is very wonky & at least 2 of them when they sit down spill their drinks on me, like actually on me! Fucking hell… I assume it is nerves that make them spill their drinks as they sit down. They both seem very flustered about it & I find it quite funny – I mean what else can I say… I feel a bit sorry for them, but try to have a good night.

Speed dating successful.png

Every guy is a lot older than me mainly because of the age bracket my friend & I are in, she’s a little older so we went with the older group. I am not really feeling the chemistry with anyone except one guy, he’s cute & funny, that he sort of reminds me of a few guys I have liked in the past, all rolled into one. But I’ve had a few wines at this point & I have no idea what I say to him on the speed date – in fact I don’t remember much from any of the speed dates, but that could just be selective memory.

I find a way to talk to this guy at the end of the night too & I think that when we talk that we have some chemistry, we stand in the hallway talking for a while & he seems interested. I hope that we’ve ticked yes to each other on our cards.

My friend calls me to go downstairs with her, I say I’ll be back but then we leave & I never get to actually say good bye to him. I hope & pray that we both ticked yes to each other then I will get to talk to him again & potentially date this guy, He’s the first guy I’ve felt any sort of spark with since Noodle (I know that’s only been a couple of months & I never thought I’d have a spark or chemistry with anyone ever again, so the fact that I felt a little something with this guy is monumental for me!)

The next day I get the matches a few people message but I am not interested in any. The company actually stuff it up & give out the wrong details to people. People I didn’t tick yes to, are in my match list? WTF. The same thing happens to my friend, so then I get a bunch of messages from guys I don’t even remember, they really should use pictures on the cards.

I message the spark guy because we match, but I’m unsure if that was a mistake of the company or not… Obviously a mistake because I get nothing back at all from him. I am deflated. Another dude messages me, I must’ve told him about the blog because he says with the mix up of numbers, there might be a blog in that. He also says “Would you like to catch up for a coffee/drink? I imagine you’ll have lots of offers as you were really entertaining to chat with!” WOW, am I entertaining? Why didn’t I like this guy? I tell another one that I am keen to meet him, he takes days to reply & says something about catching up then he says have a great weekend & I never hear from him again… I tell another one that the company stuffed up my matches & who was he (because I can’t place this guy) He says “I spilled some of my drink on myself & on the table! You said I didn’t get any on you though” Oh fuck… Why is always the ones you don’t want that want you, but the ones you do don’t want you?

So I just leave it with all of them. I knew that I am not ready to date or to meet new people. I hate online dating & I hate speed dating. Why do I keep going? This is the third fucking time I’ve been. Oh yeah, because I do know a couple that met at speed dating right after I was with Boyfriend, like 12 years ago! Why does everyone else get a fairy tale & I am still single…


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