For those wanting more Noodle posts, just be aware that he is sprinkled in a lot of the other blogs that I have coming up, as all the stories intertwine. Skipping one will probably confuse you if you just look out for Noodle specific blogs. My advice, is don’t skip over any blogs, because if you want to hear about Noodle, he’s everywhere. Plus lets also find out how my story ends! Hahaha… It can’t get any worse, can it?

What a surprise that Noodle didn’t like Fireman, Noodle was so adamant to our little clique group that he wasn’t a fireman at all. Trying to show us evidence that he wasn’t a fireman – well technically he wasn’t, he was a volunteer with the CFS & was trying to get into the MFS. Fine, good on him, not a lie, but Noodle wouldn’t let it go…. You can probably guess why he was making a fuss – yes because fireman was showing interest in me in the group! Another guy I need to stroke Noodle’s ego about – Great!

I don’t private messaged Fireman for ages, not only because I know that Noodle would act like a douche to him – more than he already did but also because I didn’t want to chat to other people outside of the groups. But when I was in Kangaroo Island, I had that fight with Noodle about his flippant spending & he as at the Limp Bizket concert, I started chatting to Fireman. He was cuteish & seemed like a really decent guy, also single. We were just chatting, wasn’t daily but was most days, I always made him make the effort to be honest to chat to me.

Only 2 weeks after ending with Noodle & during his first lot of radio silence Fireman asked me to catch up with him for a coffee. I didn’t have to tell him about the breakup, he already knew & was basically the only guy pulling me though right now. I still have J-Lo to talk too but he didn’t really ever seen Noodle in action in the groups. Fireman saw what Noodle was like to other guys, including himself. He also saw the message about fucking the shit out of me too…

During one day at work, I was in the same area as Fireman, we were chatting while at work & he says that we should meet, I’m reluctant to meet him, things are still semi unresolved with Noodle, but he’s moving on, so fuck it, I need to move on too!

Fireman xmen.png

I meet Fireman for a coffee during our lunch breaks which seemed to align – I’m not eating still & know I look like shit, a few people have told me I’ve lost too much weight (I wish that were true!) but I always lose it first in my face – why is that when I have a gut to lose, that I lose it from my face first & get told I look to skinny! I wish!

I feel bad about meeting this guy who is seemingly decent, has been super understanding about my situation & I’m fucking using him to get over Noodle. But this guy also knows the whole story as he’s been in the groups long enough to know the gossip. Fuck the gossip is hilarious on this app… Better than Days of Our Lives. Hahaha.

I see him walking over to me in the café, he’s very tall, taller than I was expecting, he’s more Noodle’s height with a almost shaved head, he’s pretty much exactly like his pictures he’s sent. He’s cute, has a cute smile & we hug & kiss on the cheek hello, he pays for my lactose free hot chocolate – the only thing I can stomach right now & even then it it’s a struggle to have anything in my tummy at the moment.

He seems really lovely in real life, we chat easily, again it’s a lot about Noodle, which I can’t help – he asks & you can tell by my face that I am fucking heartbroken. He’s just split from his ex of a few years & has a young daughter with her which is one of the reasons they stayed together for so long. He’s been living with his ex & daughter but in a separate room, which has been hard for him but they decided to keep their daughters life as normal as they can by living together & it seemed to be working for them.

I talk mostly about Noodle again, I can’t even believe that Fireman messages me later that night & asks what I’m doing. Because I’ve lost so much weight in the last few weeks, I need new jeans, so I tell him that I’m heading to the shops to buy new jeans & he says if I want company then he’s free. I think this is a little weird but I agree that he can come jean shopping with me. I mean I was just going to go to the shops & go home. But he meets me at the shops & we go into my favourite jean shop.

Stupidly I start trying on jeans 2 sizes too big, not realising that I am now a size 12 at Jeanswest! I end up buying 2 pairs of jeans & help him pick out 2 pairs, the woman also asks us if we want to share a change room, my thoughts wander because if this was Noodle, I’d totally say yes & fuck him in the change room sneakily… But this is a semi random guy, I’ve only met him for the first time for coffee today, although we’ve been chatting a while now. So we both decline, with an awkward giggle – I think he’s thinking the same thing as me, if our relationship was further along, then we probably would go into the same change room but we don’t & finalise our purchases.

Walking out awkwardly, I realise we’ve been here about 30 minutes & he drove about an hour to get here. I suggest something else, asking if he wants to go to a movie which he says yes too. We go to the movies & the head our separate ways.

The next time I see Fireman is the night after Dom & I fucked… I didn’t want Fireman to be my rebound, but I needed to fuck someone else. I figure that tonight I will probably have sex with Fireman as I am going to his house after a drink with a girl friend. He’s just moved into a new house separate from his ex-partner & has been busy setting up the house which is why I haven’t seen him, it’s totally fine, I am not bothered. His house is in a new estate which is all those houses really close together that all look the same, it’s a long skinny 2 story town house. Brand new & looks good. We sit on the couch with a beer & he puts on a movie. We watch a movie & he lets me cuddle into him on the couch, I’m wearing my new jeans & so is he. My top slides up a bit so he is able to tickle my hip as we cuddle on the couch. We watch a second movie too & I realise that it’s getting late that I leave. As I’m saying goodbye at the door, I lean in to hug him & he kisses me goodbye. We kiss for a while & he isn’t that great of a kisser but I think because I am comparing him to Noodle.

He messages me to tell me that he wishes he kissed me earlier & that I stayed. But being that this guy lives an hour & a half away from me & it’s 1:30 am & I have to be at the Psychic Fair with my friend in the morning, I decide to leave, he messages me on the way home to tell me to message him when I get home. Awww how sweet!


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