Noodle #49

The 2 weeks following my break up with Noodle are a blur… Like I said I am not functioning, I am constantly thinking about him, about her. I am not having sex (yeah so unlike me!) I am not eating, I am fucking devastated… I have resisted the urge to email him, to text him, to call him, to go see him… I don’t know how I have resisted, but I have… I must fucking love him to be able to stay out of his life for this long without trying to make contact… Not wanting to complicate things for him… Not wanting to ruin his life even more than we have.

However within in the last 2 weeks, I have lost a lot of weight, I haven’t eaten, I haven’t slept, I’ve been going to the gym as that’s the only time I don’t think about him… Actually that’s a lie, I don’t fucking stop thinking about him at the gym either. I never stop.

Noodle still has my house keys, so I stupidly hear a car pull up & think it’s him. I wake up in the middle of the night hearing noises, thinking it’s Noodle sneaking into my house, like he’d done before to fuck me, only this time he’ll be here forever! My hopes are always dashed… Noodle never rocks up at my house. Noodle never uses that key… I need to get it back! I am going insane thinking about him rocking up at my house… I need it back…

I decide to email him. I antagonise about what to say, I spend a few days writing it… (I was going to post the whole email in this blog, but I have decided that it’s too personal. Weidly being you know eveything about me. Hahaha.) I actually pour my heart out to this guy, telling him that I don’t write to change his mind but that I want him to know some things that have been bothering me. I apologise for being so irrational in our final moments, I snapped & told him he was a fuckwit, yet next minute I was begging him to be with me. That was fucking dumb. I tell him about the fantasies I had about marrying him, living with him & waking up next to him everyday. I tell him that even though I never told him that much, I did think about a future with him, a future I could only dream of.

I call him out for lying to her still & trivialising what we had by saying it was only 3 months. That fucking hurts me, but he’s always been honest with me, so he was telling me that to be honest, not to hurt me. But it makes me feel so insignificant. How can this man have loved me like I loved him if he is willing to just act like he didn’t love me to someone else?!

I sign off

“Thank you for being my best friend.

Thank you for unleashing my inner sexual goddess (as you used to say).

Thank you for looking at me like I am the sexiset thing you’ve ever seen & making me feel so sexy.

Thank you for teaching me to love.

Thank you for loving me.

While I don’t think our story is over, it’s with a very heavy heart, I hearby end the Noodle vs #IBD4U Agreement 2018.

I love you.”

I don’t expect a reply, I don’t even know if he’s looking at the cheating email anymore… But I feel good for getting it all off my chest. I have out it all out there, I have bared my heart & soul to this man & like I said, it’s not because I want him to change his mind, but I need him to know. I know he’s probably sitting there thinking he is not good enough for me, that he is not that great. But I need him to know what I think of him, without him being able to rebuff what I say. An email is the perfect way for that.

I am going nuts though, when I don’t get a reply a few days later, so I finally snap & send him an actual text to his phone, when I know he is at work & can delete it. “I’m going crazy not talking… Can you please find a way?”

Noodle missing ring.png

A few days later, he emails me & tells me that he’ll reply when he can & that he’ll put the chat app on his phone over the weekend at work to chat to me. I am finally relieved, that I may get some answers, be able to tell him some things.

When he finally does return to the chat app, his profile picture is a black dot. I ask him what that’s all about about he says that he’s scared his partner is going to go on the chat app. He tells me that he told her we met at the gym so she doesn’t know he was on the chat app. I explain that she’s more likely to call me on my work number than try to find me on the chat app. Surely?! “Umm guys have allready asked her if she’s on the chat app” Guys?! What the fuck? Guys? What guys?! I ask what he means & he is WAY too honest with me “Kinda in an open now… Guys from a site.” WHAT?! He tells me that he’s given her permission to see some guy tonight. My stomach heaves! A fucking open relationship!? Is he fucking kidding me! “Just when I thought you couldn’t hurt me anymore…” Tears start rolling down my face… “Sorry but yeah, the reason why I have no pfp” I can’t help myself, I am a true masochist. “So you’re going to start seeing other women now?” I am still madly in love with this man, spilled my guts out in an email, which he didn’t respond too as such yet & he’s going to be fucking other women while his partner is out fucking other men? Only a few weeks ago she’d not even ever cum with him! Now they’re in a open relationship?! OMG… I can’t even cope! This is fucked… I am gutted.. I am shattered… “That’s the goal. Maybe you too again. Was hoping to see you again.” Really Noodle?! He then proceeds to tell me that she’s just sent him a picture of her sucking a guys dick, she even tells Noodle that his cock is a decent size & he believes her… I used to have to reassure him about his cock size all the fucking time, now she sees one dude & he believes her about his cock?! This is fucked up… This is fucking killing me… I can barely see from the tears streaming down my face. I am heart broken & he’s getting dick sucking pictures from his partner. OMG… He tells me she found a dude on a site & is with him right now. He says that’s its really quick & surprised him heaps. I can’t help but hide that I am shattered by this “I just hope you’re not so quick to find someone on a site.” I can’t even cope with this right now. “I want you, you twat. That’s why I’m trying for an open relationship.” Does he think that I can see him again? Or be happy being the second priority again? I stupidly ask him if she’s cum with him yet & when he says no comment, I can’t stop myself. He tells me that she’s a proper squirter (which I said at the fucking beginning…) He tells me that she’s let’s him cum on her face & loves it. He tells me that he can degrade me more though but she’s asked him to choke her when he gets home from work tonight! It’s Tuesday night, our usual night… FUCK… I cannot believe this! I curse the fact that we have a fucking honest friendship… I hate that he’s not sparing my feelings at all, but also sort of thankful that he is telling me what is going on, because it’s dashing all my hopes that they will break up & I will be with him.

He tells me she’s asked to buy lingerie but he tells me that my body is better than hers. She was so jealous that I orgasmed with him, which is why she now cums for him all the time… It was apparently the first thing she asked about our affair, if I came or not. He’s being way too honest, tells me he tried to fuck her ass but it’s too tight so they’re going to buy some butt plugs & that she’s rimmed him. FUCK!

He logs off & I am now driving my car to my sisters howling, I can’t even deal with this right now. I rock up on her door step without any messages or warning. Her husband opens the door & tkes one look at me & worriedly says my sisters name in a way that makes her jump out of her couch. The kids look at me like I’m a fucking nut case rocking up at their door unable to control my crying… I feel like a fucking wanker. I have not been online, not been chatting, not having sex because I am so fucking sad, so heartbroken about this fucking ending & here’s Noodle trolling online for a fucking open relationship. He can not love me the same way as I loved him… My sister is amazing though, I am forever thankful for her just listening to my sobs as my stomach heaves. I feel bad for her having to explain to her 5 year old why his aunty rocked up at their door howling.

I don’t sleep.

I don’t eat.

I cannot stop thinking about them fucking.

My heart is breaking all over again. I know those who were against this say I am getting what a deserved. But this is beyond what I deserve… I hate how honest he is. He’s a fucking prick to me right now. OMG, you cannot understand the pain I am in right now from these revelations!

The next morning at 6:30 am, I’ve barely slept a wink when I hear the tell tale sound of the vibrations of the chat app. I pick it up & see Noodle has messaged me “Morning. Sorry from now on I won’t talk about my sex life. Kinda was a douche without realizing” Well at least he realises that. I tell him that I haven’t slept a wink “I was holding out hope things were shit for you. Now I realise they’re not, I wish I never sent you that email… Feel like a fool.” I fucking wish I could turn back time right now… FUCKING HELL, what a wanker! “Your not a fool… I’m super proud of the things I did for you. I had similar fantasies. Just yeah the kids were the x factor. Things have been rocky. Trust me.” I can’t even believe that he’s saying these things sometimes… “I’ve spent the last 2 weeks crying, not sleeping, not eating & speaking to a psychologist cos I’m not ok , but things have been rocky but you’re getting everything you wanted… So yeah I’m a fool…” An epic fool!

I’m waiting for Noodle to reply when I get a couple of messages from other people on the chat app. I am too invested in what Noodle is saying to me that I almost don’t check them. However there is a screenshot of something Noodle has said in a group I’m not in. “Yeah if you turds didn’t work it out, I was fucking the shit out of #IBD4U. Seems common knowledge on the chat app now.” Someone sticks up for me in the group which I appreciate… “I will always be a dick & a prick… & If you guys were wondering, it was my cum on her face.” I read the screenshots, sent to me by several people in that group & kind of laugh… WHAT A FUCKING COCK FACE… I know he’s done it because he was dying to tell everyone on the chat app that he was fucking me. I mean I wanted to tell everyone too but I never would disrespect him like that… I ask him if he’s trying to hurt me. He said it wasn’t supposed to hurt me & then says “Wow that got back to you quick” I think Noodle forgets that I’m in about 20 or so of the groups, I own about 10 of them. People are loyal to me on there & he’s probably only been tolerated for as long as he has because of me… You know, cool by association. He was always a dick to everyone that there was a great divide on the app because of him. I tell him I got several copies of a screenshot from different people. “Haha Wow. It felt good to say it. Wanted to for a long time. I was fucking you…” I tell him that I never stopped him & he’s a fucking idiot for saying it now after telling me his partner is being asked for her chat app account. Won’t be long & she’ll be on there, that will be the end of him if she meets the wrong people on there… “I’m not proud of hurting you. I’m not proud of upsetting you. Or how things have ended. But I’m proud to have made you love. & to feel loved. Something you had never felt. Your an amazing woman.” Oh fuck off.

I tell Noodle that I haven’t fucked anyone else & I am not going to wait around for him to be in a fully open relationship to see me again when he says “I actual assumed you would of fucked other people by now. You have no issues getting offers. Guess you have even surprised me how much you felt for me. You were more than a FWB to me. I now consider you an ex GF… not a FWB” Fuck is he now my ex boyfriend…?! I remind him that he never believed me & never realised how deep my feelings were for him. I mean that’s partly my fault, I never fucking said it to him. But he tells me that holding his daughter the night it went down, she is only a few weeks old, that he couldn’t leave. I tell him that I love him & he tells me we had an online relationship, but he liked what we had & got jealous because he didn’t want to share me… This doesn’t make sense to me why he’s willing to share his partner now?! I tell him that it was more than an online relationship for me. He asks “Why didn’t we ever discuss this?” I don’t know why “Because I didn’t know you felt that way” He replies as I’m waiting to see my psychologist (who is the world’s biggest square, I swear he’s getting off on my story! Hahaha) “We definitely should of discussed some stuff.” Yeah I agree “I didn’t know you felt that way that we were only online. I tried to do more things I suggested kayaking, movies, gym, shopping & I was so pissed I was away for the limp bizket concert. We had so little time together. But we had started hanging out more… I never considered you an online relationship. Never realised that’s all you thought of me.” My message sits at unread… “I even thought about how we could still use the chat app if we were in a relationship for all the cheeky messages.” Why am I still trying to entice this man to be with me? He logs off & never logs back in… Not this old chestnut.

I go insane, not thinking they are breaking up now but thinking about their epic sex – anal, cum & 3sums. I mean what the fuck does he need me for now?!

I actually feel my broken heart crack into more pieces.


2 thoughts on “Noodle #49”

  1. I don’t know where you are at the moment with Noodle but he sounds like he was using you. Some people will tell you anything to get into your pants. He was also telling you that he wasn’t going to leave his partner. Hell while he was with you he impregnated his partner. Who he supposedly doesn’t have great sex with. I would think that if he was so into you that he wouldn’t want to touch his partner.


  2. Sorry to say he was also lying to you about everything. Never believe someone who can lie to their spouse. If they can do that to them if you did get together what’s to stop him doing it again. They always believe their own lies. That’s how the justify it.


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