Motocross #5

When Motocross drives us back to my place & pulls in the driveway, I am unsure what the protocol is here either. I mean does he just expect to come in, do I need to invite him in, what the fuck do I do now we’re in my driveway?!

Well Motocross pulls up in my driveway & turns the car off, so I just don’t think about it & we get out the car & he follows me inside. I put on the heater & the TV, offering him a drink. We have a beer each & I have to explain to him what Netflix is… REALLY? He gets excited about picking movies, so I just let him pick a movie & I go get changed, putting on my cute tracksuit to relax in – I know that sounds like an oxymoron but by cute I mean that my pants are Hurley & the jumper is Sass – I’m a brand whore. Hahaha.

We sit on the couch & just watch some dumb movie, I don’t even remember what it was but something to do with bikes or cars, so a boy movie I wasn’t that interested in to be honest but I actually really just like hanging out with this guy, When the movie ends we sort of just sit there, it’s after midnight at this stage & we look at each other, as much as I want to fuck this guy, I really don’t want to either, I really like him already – tonight with all the jokes has made me like him even more than I should & don’t want to fuck this up, I don’t want to rush this. I have literally known him 3 days since we started chatting online, I know this is the second date but he’s giving me that look, I know I am giving him that look… The “fuck me look” that Noodle always talked about…

Motocross attached so easily

Motocross leans into kiss me & I kiss him back, we’re lying on the couch with some heavy petting action, above the clothes kind of action. I have taken off my bra so under my sweater is just my naked boobs, so when he slips his hand up there, I think it changes the game when he feels my naked breast, the kissing intensifies & he leans on me harder, I can’t help myself but pull his top off over his head. We’re basically semi naked within a few seconds, it’s like it happens in fast forward. I tell him that we should move this into the bedroom, which we do, I am wearing my panties still & he’s wearing his boxer shorts. I sit on the edge of the bed & he pushes me back pulling my panties off, he climbs on top of me & we kiss… We kiss well together.

I tell him we need a condom & he gets off me, standing up taking off his boxers, as I reach over for the condom, I get my first glace at his cock & I am not disappointed. I can’t help myself but take it in my mouth & hear the little groans that he makes as he’s standing in front of me with it in my mouth. However he’s mainly very quiet about the whole thing – makes me wonder if he’s even enjoying it. He pushes me back. Slides the condom on & without much foreplay for me, he slips his cock in & starts fucking me.

The sex is good, I will admit that, however I am surprised at the lack of proper foreplay for a lady, not all ladies get wet just from kissing or a blow job, but lucky for him I am & maybe I got him too excited. We fuck but I don’t think I am ever going to cum with him just fucking me, he doesn’t touch my clit or try to get me off beside fucking me with his dick, when he asks me if I want to “Turn over” I realise he wants to do me from behind. So that’s ok, I flip over on my knees & let him fuck me from behind thinking I may be able to get off this way, but again he doesn’t seem to do much more but fuck me, so I rub my own clit & end up cumming pretty hard with him inside me. He cums too shortly afterwards & we sort of lay there huffing & puffing, next to each other.

We lay there not saying anything for a while & I think that I’ve made a mistake… Why do I always think with my vagina, I shouldn’t have fucked him so quickly. I was going to wait! I should’ve just kissed him & seen where it went, I am mentally kicking my own ass when he breaks the silence “I wasn’t planning on doing that so quickly” WHAT? I am stunned?! I ask what he means, which gives me time to process what he’s thinking. He takes a while to reply like he’s trying to get his thoughts together too. He tells me that he wanted to do that, of course but he was planning on waiting a while with me & didn’t think we’d do that tonight. I agree with him & tell him that I did want to wait too. He then takes my breath away “It’s been 5 years” I literally cannot speak. What the fuck… 5 years since he last had sex? He tells me that he’s been broken by women & that he’s just been focusing on riding… Now I get what you’re all thinking, it’s just a line to get me to fuck him, but we’ve already done that, he’s got what he wanted, there is no need to spin me bullshit… My mind wanders to all I’ve been through in the last 2 years & I agree with him that I have too been broken by men but it’s not been 5 years for me. FUCK. 5 years! That’s a long fucking time… I went 4 years without sex once after being dicked over by Travel Agent, you may recall – but I try to forget, however for a guy to go that long when he’s around grid girls all the time, is a surprise.

We lie in each other’s arms for a long time, just chatting & we start kissing & have sex again, the sex is better this time, I also get on top, which is easier for me to cum, I mean he still doesn’t make any effort to make my cum without me rubbing my own clit, but it’s still good. He is out of practice perhaps & I know I can be sexually intimidating. I try not to think much of it.

We lay down & fall asleep! FUCK… He’s sleeping over… Also not what I was expecting or planning or even wanting… But fuck I want this. I don’t sleep well with him next to me, he snores (as most guys do) but I haven’t felt so content in a while… FUCK!!!!!!! I must not get attached, I must not get attached… What the fuck is wrong with me!

He spends the night sleep next to me, we wake up in the morning & have sex again. Fuck, this is literally what I have been looking for. I need to disconnect here somehow, look what happened with Noddy when this became our norm!

Motocross & I sit around all day watching shit on tv, when I realise that I have no food & it’s around lunch time. He’s hanging around, he’s not left, he’s not showing signs of leaving, that I suggest we go get lunch. I take him to my favourite place – well my recently favourite place, which is like an American diner, thinking that he will like it. I order my usual & he gives it a try too, we eat in, he drives & I can’t help enjoy the looks from people (mainly guys) seeing the car we’re in or seeing us together. I am in ripped jeans & a jumper, but he’s in last nights date outfit which does switch to day time outfit well – he finds a hat in the car to add to it.

We eat in at the restaurant & go back to my house, he also turns off the car in the driveway & gets out to come back into my house… I am not hating this but I am surprised that he didn’t use that as a que to leave, he obviously wants to hang out more. I mean I do too, however I’m not used to men wanting to do what I want too…

We hang out at my house a bit more, chatting & watching something on the tv before we have sex again… The sex definitely gets better with him, but he’s not so great at foreplay – either he doesn’t get it or he isn’t that experienced with the clit…!

Around 4:30 pm, he says that he should go, my nephew is supposed to sleep over tonight, neither of us have showered, I did offer him one but because he said no, I didn’t have one. As he’s about to leave my house for the afternoon, almost 24 hours that we’ve been together when he notices his name tag on my kitchen table – with my surname remember & he picks it up to take it… I am surprised by this, asking if he wants me to throw it in the bin & he says that he wants to keep it as a memento… Fuck that is too fucking cute… WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! OMG…







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