Travel Agent

This is quite a personal story & probably the hardest one to write about!

I was so nervous about meeting ‘Travel Agent‘ so I enlist two friends to go to a bar with me for dinner, drinks and then we’ll meet up with Travel Agent & his friends. When he texts to say he’s coming alone, I think WTF? But I get even more nervous & drink way too much, however he doesn’t seem to notice how smashed I am, so things go reasonably well, my friends like him & we dance a bit. He asks me if I want a drink, then standing at the bar, he kisses me & I end up for the first time in ages, going home with a guy but not before I explain again that I live way down south, he was way out north but he said that was ok & he’d be happy to drop me home. Awww, so sweet!

But the next morning, he starts talking about how long the drive it is & that he wants to watch the cricket… Lying there I feel like a complete fuckwit for believing that he would actually drop me home. So I suggest he drops me at my friend’s house instead, near his house, he jumps at the chance (of course!) but I get to her house, she’s not home & he drives off. So I sit outside of her house on her windowsill like a hooker in last night’s clothes without a shower. My friend can’t take me all the way home, so because I wanted to take a car for a test drive, we go to the city & ask my dad to come pick me up. I felt so shit about myself that I bought a $30k car because some guy made me feel like a cheap bitch.

But of course when he texted to catch up again, my friends told me to “give him a go”, their most spoken phrase to me. So I did, probably because I was so desperate… not as desperate as him though it seems, he told me numerous times how much he wanted to get married & have kids ASAP. Alarm bells started ringing for me, but at the request of my friends, I kept seeing him.

We dated for about 8 weeks, I was house sitting at friends house & he came over but brought a bag but left it in the car in case I didn’t want him to stay (which I liked). I stayed at his house a few times & we went out for dinner a fair bit & now all I can remember about him is that he cut up ALL his food on his plate before he ate it, even if I gave him my left overs, he’d cut it all up before he ate any of it (Kinda like your mum did when you were a CHILD!). Now you may be like my family & say there’s nothing wrong with that, but think about it, if the conversation is that boring that you notice someone cutting up all their food up, then it’s probably time to move on.

I didn’t want to be that shallow, so I saw him again, BIG MISTAKE! The last time I ever saw the Travel Agent was the morning after the night he deceived me. Now this is a bit of a difficult story to tell & I’d love to hear what his side of the story is but as we were getting ready to have sex, he went to put on a condom, stuffing around with the packet for ages then doing the actions of putting it on, we had sex, he then did all the actions to take it off. While in the bathroom right afterwards, I realised that there had been no condom or giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe it broke?

As I was leaving in the morning, standing at my car saying goodbye, he tells me that we didn’t use a condom last night. I, of course, already knew this, but couldn’t help but wonder why he would pretend to put one on & off when it hit me, he was so desperate to have kids that I think he may have been trying to get me pregnant, maybe not but I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

Travel Agent.jpg

I was too embarrassed to tell anyone the real reason why I stopped seeing him, that I told people it was because he cut up all his food, so people who don’t know the real me think that I’m shallow but sometimes it’s better to be perceived as shallow than as a person so easily deceived. But now it’s out there… The real reason!


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  5. Reblogged this on I've Been Dating For You and commented:

    I’m so glad that this is now not as big of an issue for me as it was. I have shared an article before where it is being looked into making it a criminal act… So it should be.
    This hurt me for 4 long years… I’m not saying it’s the cause of why I ended up weighing over 100 kgs in this time, but you have to wonder if it was…


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