I don’t know why but I always reactivate my account again, not willing to give up on finding ‘the one’. I start chatting to Batman & I don’t immediately see it going anywhere, but he gives me his number & after a week of semi flirtatious & sometimes funny texts, which result in his pseudonym Batman, I have to be the one to ask when are we going to catch up, because he just seems to dance around the topic.

The afternoon of the date, we are still planning which local pub we are going to go to (including him calling some of them to find out what is happening there that night) when Batman tells me his mum & her boyfriend are going out so we could go with them. Alarm bells ring for me, does he want me to meet his mother, the first time I meet him? I said if he had plans with his mum then we could meet up another time, but he calls me & I explain that meeting him was enough for the first night, so we stuck with the original plan & we meet at a different pub to where his mum is going.


The date goes pretty well, I was surprised at some of the topics & opinions he has but I try to keep an open mind & “give him a go” as my friends always say. He told me that I have a ‘strong jaw’ (I think he meant it as a compliment, but I HATE my chin!) We didn’t seem to have much in common but when he kissed me… then it all didn’t matter! I hadn’t been kissed like that in a while & hadn’t slept with anyone since the Travel Agent FOUR years (yes FOUR years!) before that.

We were sitting quietly in the corner of the local almost empty pub with the band blaring in the background, just kissing & it reminded me of how good it felt to be with a guy – I was having a severe drought (mostly self inflicted). He reminded me how good it felt to be wanted by someone. I have always been a sucker for a good kiss.

It was so unlike me to ask a guy back to my place, I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, I’m still not really sure how it all happened. Batman said we were just going to cuddle & believe me, I wish we had of. It was possibly the worst sex of my life – up till then at least! He was quite drunk, I had a few glasses of wine too & the first time is always weird with someone new but he fumbled around with the condom, he didn’t really do any prep work with me, if you know what I mean, before started going at it. He switched positions three times before we both called it quits & went to sleep. However even though he woke me up at 6am, he didn’t seem interested or maybe he was just embarrassed to try again. I felt like a fool & assumed I’d probably never hear from him again, so I kindly offered to drive him home. He kissed me goodbye at his house & said we’d catch up again.

I had told my friends so many times that I didn’t want to ‘wake the beast’ for really shit sex & I really should have taken my own advice. I ended up being incapacitated for a week after that sex – Lucky I didn’t have any men on the go then, I was so sore!


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