Pilot #2

I can’t even tell you why I would deactivate my online dating account several times in one year only to reactivate it & create another account on a different site all in one week – But I did, I must be a glutton for punishment, because I’m beginning to realise that online dating doesn’t work.

I really have to feel sorry for Batman after our first date, because on Saturday afternoon, Pilot started messaging me through one of the sites. By Sunday night Pilot gave me his phone number again & against my better judgement, I text him. We text for hours, back & forth about absolute crap, but it gets a little flirty! I mentally start to sticky tape my imaginary dreams back together!

I still had a niggling feeling about Pilot so I continued to text Batman too, not sure if I am one to play the field, but I took some advice from friends, & decided to possibly date two guys at once. I’d never done it before & with all the dating disasters in my life, I feel like I need this, to boost my confidence or something. I felt so amazing, two men that I was attracted to, actually wanted me, I was pretty busy that week with another Christmas looming that I had to organise a date with Batman on Friday night & Pilot on Saturday night. WOW, would I actually be able to pull this off?

Pilot was texting me more often & getting supremely dirty, I was a little taken back by his brazen sexual innuendo in every text he sent, including sending me a picture of his cock. I couldn’t help but ask him, ‘only 10 months ago, we dated & you couldn’t even look me in the eye & never touched me, now you send me a picture of your cock’ he just said he was sick of being single & shy. Secretly I agreed with him about myself, but this was taking things a little too far & I wondered what he would act like when we finally caught up again.

Pilot #2

By Thursday Batman bailed saying he had to work on Friday & wouldn’t be able to make it, what bothered me most was that he didn’t try to make another date with me, just said he couldn’t make Friday & hoped we could catch up another time. I don’t hear from Batman again the whole weekend & I assume he met someone else, as it’s pretty common to date more than one person at a time when on online dating, so I thought nothing of it. But its ok because I have the date with Pilot, so I am not too upset, just disappointed. I was actually looking forward to playing the field, I’ve never done that before.

By Friday night, the night before our date night, I haven’t heard from Pilot so I just text him to see what’s happening & make plans for the following night. Radio silence! I never got a reply from him, technically, to this day – another few years on, I’m still waiting.

I am just so stupid for allowing myself to believe that I would have two guys chasing me by the end of the weekend like a freaking romantic comedy, when reality is that I am alone with my cat, trying to cry – tears that will not come no matter how hard I try!


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