Speed Dating

Speed Dating… What good can be said about speed dating? Honestly, the reason why I did it, was because after I became single, my sister in law said that she had a single male friend, who might be good for me, but he probably wouldn’t like a blatant set up so she’d organise a party or dinner party to see if we hit it off. Sounded good, I was new to the dating scene in my mid 20’s so that seemed like a great idea. However in the meantime, he went speed dating where he met the woman he is now married too with two kids, I think this was about seven or eight+ years ago now. But at the time, I was so keen that I was going to find my future husband!

Why would I be different? Well that’s because I am me! I feel like I do not make a good first impression, I can’t help my judgey face, I can’t help looking people up & down, this is just who I am, but it’s not meant as a rude gesture it’s just me deciding if I like someone or not. It’s in my nature, I am a woman & a Leo, what more can I say.

So my friend & I signed up thinking, if nothing else, we’d have a few laughs. But before our actual speed dating, the company emailed & said they had some spare spots for another night & would offer my friend & I a free night, so we went along, after all it’s a free drink & food & a night out, so why the hell not!

Speed Dating.jpg

The thing about speed dating that you kind of forget, is that it’s 15 mini dates, 15 times you have to tell the same story 15 times & you have to listen to some guy say the same things back to you that you’ve heard before that night. I like long walks on the beach… blah, blah, blah! Then men would rate you a ‘no’ right in front of your face, I couldn’t believe that someone would even fill in their card before you’d even finished speaking. Now complete strangers were hurting my feelings…

Then the next day you wait by your email (email wasn’t on your phone back then!) to see if someone ticked a ‘yes’ or a ‘maybe’ & if you did too then the company would email you their details. There were two men who liked me (wow) & of course, as fate would have it, they also liked my friend too, so then it was a bit awkward. Both were dead ends, we emailed a little then nothing.

We still stupidly went back for more. The second night was no different, although this time I couldn’t be bothered being honest so I lied about what I did for work, sometimes I was a nurse, a doctor, a checkout chick & there was one guy that we ended up just paying each other out the whole time, I can’t remember who started it but he was wearing a Bananas in Pyjamas looking shirt & he said I was wearing something my nanna knitted me. Still I ticked ‘maybe’ to everyone instead of being selective, still the next day when the email pinged, there were only two matches & both didn’t write much back when we did email.

I guess the good thing about going to two speed dating events was that I can cross off, with absolute certainty, of my list of ways to meet eligible men!


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