I must be a glutton for punishment, because just before Easter I stupidly reactivate my online account, finding ‘Sparky’. He says he doesn’t like typing, so we exchange numbers & he arranges to call me on Thursday night. I didn’t tell anyone about the call thinking that it wouldn’t go anywhere but we talked on the phone for 2 hours, he even said he’d been so nervous to call me that he’d asked his apprentice about what to say, who suggested to just to start with ‘how are you doing?’

He invited me out on the Saturday night for dinner & a movie. I wasn’t really nervous this time, I think because I hadn’t really told anyone about him, I did tell one friend because Sparky was picking me up from my house, he wanted to ‘do it right’ so the first time I was going to see this guy face to face was at my front door.

When he picked me up at my house, I didn’t know if I should invite him in or kiss him hello, so I did the awkward ‘come in while I grab my bag’ gesture & then we left. He tried to open my car door for me, but I was already basically in his car. That’s about when I started to get nervous because he was a lot better in real life than in his profile picture.

We arrived at the cinema & I suggested that we get the movie tickets before dinner but he said he came down to the cinema earlier in the day to get the tickets because he didn’t want to miss out, I thought that was absolutely adorable, especially since you can just buy the tickets online & I surprise myself by starting to really like this guy.

I said that I’d pay for dinner since he bought the movie tickets but he said no, he had invited me out so he was going to pay for the night. I actually felt really special! He wouldn’t do that if he didn’t think I was attractive! We shared a pizza & we talked quite comfortably, I felt at ease with this guy, even in the car we’d talked easily. The only sticking point was that he said he didn’t drink at all but I had already ordered a wine, I have a feeling maybe he is a recovering alcoholic, which is ok, it was just weird the way he said he doesn’t drink.

We had some time before the movie, so we went to arcade & played a few games of air hockey, which I thought showed how fun I can be, we cheered & egged each other on, especially since I lost all but one game, which I think was a fluke or he let me win! But I was actually having a really good time. We joked the whole night, at the candy bar, I wanted a frozen coke but he wanted whatever the blue flavor was so we filled up one cup to share with both flavors, his choice was gross & even he didn’t like it, but we had a good banter about it.

I actually felt good about the date, but I stupidly couldn’t bring myself to make the first move & kiss him goodbye as I got out the car & I didn’t invite him in for a coffee (which would have been awkward, I don’t drink coffee & don’t have any to offer him!) Even as I shut my front door, I mentally kick myself & that continues all week.

When Sparky initiates a text later in the week, I was pleasantly surprised & we text a few times, then on Thursday I finally build up the courage to ask him when he is free next for another date & I get the awkward good bye text ‘I’m going away for work… Can I let you know when I’m free? blah blah blah’

Here is it 3+ years later & I’m still waiting – surely he can’t be that busy?!



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