Motocross #7

Ok, lets calm down… This is why I don’t like to stalk, I don’t know why Motocross hasn’t mentioned that he has a kid, possibly a 2 year old daughter, but there is some reason why he hasn’t. But why did he say it’s been 5 years? To be fair, he never said it’s was 5 years since he had sex, I just assumed that – he just said it’s been 5 years right after sex… But now, how do I say something to him about knowing how I found out – I know some of you on facebook think I should have asked questions of him? But what do you say “Oh hey, so I saw on your mum’s facebook that you have a kid, want to share that story with me?” If a guy asked me a question about my personal life & I knew it was because they stalked me, I wouldn’t be flattered, I would be horrified that they have betrayed my trust like that!

Also remembering that last time Motocross & I had sex, we didn’t used a condom & he asked if I was on the pill & I implied I didn’t want kids, so he didn’t need to worry about that. So it’s no wonder he hasn’t told me. Plus, it’s only been a WEEK! Like I said I am not ready to tell him everything about me – I mean I haven’t told him I have my tubes tied, should I tell him this after one week? He obviously doesn’t want to tell me for some reason, is the kid in the USA? Is he not allowed to see her? Did something happen to the kid? Is it with his ex-wife? (if she’s his ex-wife?!) FUCK… This is what I hate… All these questions out of one stupid photo!! This is why I do not stalk people!

While I am still reeling from this stupid Facebook notification (What are the odds of his brother trying to be friends with me almost a year ago?!) & ridiculous stalking, Motocross messages me at 10:40 am – this is one week since we met online – it’s Tuesday of the next week “Hey sorry fell asleep last night. You feeling any better today yeah I think it dose relaxes you & me actually.” Fuck, I can’t write back, I need to just think about what I know, I don’t want to accidentally say something, I also don’t want to seem crazy & ask him about it – yes I have a right to know things about this guy, he has a right to know things about me too, such as that I can no longer have children – but I am not ready to share that with him. I just need to gather my thoughts before I write back. I am flat out at work in meeting after meeting so I don’t reply till after 4:00 pm “Yeah I figured you did, was surprised you wrote back since you’re up so early. I feel fine today, thanks for asking so must’ve been the food… Yeah it does make me feel pretty relaxed! Pretty sure you enjoy it, so that makes me happy” He says that he’s glad(e) that I’m feeling better, that it’s good because it relaxes him. Of course, what guy doesn’t like their cock sucked?! I tell him that it was just a bug for me, ask how his throat is & tell him that I haven’t had sex without a condom for a long time… As soon as I hit send, I can’t actually remember who the last guy was that I fucked without a condom, was it Noodle?! I don’t know but it feels like a long time ago.

20200413_184422_00001726292437571491524.pngHe says that it’s good I’m better, his throat is sore & says “Oh yeah well I’m happy to wear one if you want then” I tell him that I hate being sick & ask if he got my miracle throat cure & tell him that it works #true. I am giggling as I hit send then I say “Kinda a bit late to want to wear one now… Hahaha. I usually wait to go bare, until there’s some sort of understanding that we’re not fucking other people” he tells me that it does suck about being sick, that he rarely is sick but he just breaks bones a lot. He tells me that he got my throat cure #correct (his other catch phrase) & says “Ooooh okay then well I’m definitely fucking anyone but you but I do ride K***e everyday tho, it’s what I call my bike by the way” I smile, but then I’m confused, so I ask “You are or aren’t!? I’m assuming you mean aren’t. Besides K***e.” I think he’s just missing the word not out of that sentence. Also how fucking cute that he names his bike! Hahaha… This is way too fucking soon to have this exclusive conversation & via text is even worse, but I guess it has to be said at this point. “I meant I’m not sorry typing never my string point.” I literally burst out laughing at that text! “Your string point? Hahaha… That’s gold. Sorry I shouldn’t laugh at you… But you definitely proved your point. Are you away this weekend?” That could not have been funnier “Fuck meant strong point. See told you I struggle with typing. Yeah I am away sorry racing in nsw” I thought he was away this weekend, he is pretty much away racing every weekend from now on “Bahahaha. It was pretty funny! I actual laughed out loud. #True. Do you have to time to see me before you go or do you have to focus?” I don’t know what the protocol is here, does he have to just think about racing, you know how they say before a big event you’re not supposed to have sex?! I don’t know if that’s a thing, but anyway “Haha I bet you did cheeky shit laughing at my misfortune. Yeah I can see you.” Jeez, don’t seem too excited to see me Motocross! I tell him that he shouldn’t expect anything less, “I mean you did look at a tiny map to find where we were going on Friday.” & I ask him when he is free… “Hahaha nah I wouldn’t expect nothing less. Fark your never gonna let me live looking at the worlds smallest map ay.” He tells me that he’s leaving Friday morning so he’s free tonight (which is Tuesday) till Thursday – I am away for work Thursday night.

I look at the time & realise that it’s already 7:30 pm, he could come over tonight, but I’m at the gym so I am not prepared to see him tonight & don’t want him to see me without make up or my hair done just yet… Remember it’s only been a week! I tell him how funny it was & that I laugh every time I think about it. I tell him I’m finishing at the gym so maybe tomorrow. He say “Oh god of course you do thinking about it” & he agrees that he’ll come over tomorrow & asks about the gym session. I literally am giggling now as well, I can’t help but laugh at him “Yeah sorry… Can’t help it. Was so bloody funny… When I was pointing at a giant map!!” I tell him that I am home around 6 so anytime after that, I tell him it was a tough session but need to make up for only have sexercise on the weekend since I slept through bootcamp on Saturday – well I probably fucked him though bootcamp on Saturday morning! He says that he’ll come over around 6:30 pm & that “Sexercise was a good work out tho just saying” I ask him if he just wants to watch sharknado (As there are fucking 5 of them!) or if he wants to grab dinner too. I tell him that I prefer sexercise but don’t get results from it. When he says he’s up for dinner too as well as Sharknado, I am excited about that, I mean most guys are just keen to sit around my house & just have sex. I am determined to stop this from becoming just us hanging around my house watching TV. You know, like it was with Milky.

I tell him that the stupid map I was looking at wasn’t as helpful as the one he looked at but his was teeny tiny. I also say that I will book a table at my favourite restaurant then add “Yeah trust me, if I could get sex daily, I’d do it” He agrees to Mexican & says “Yeah right I’d be keen obviously” I tell him that I have a high sex drive & he says “Oh I’ve noticed it I also have a high sex Sex drive if you didn’t realise” I actually laugh at the fact that he said sex twice in his message & tell him that his is so high he had to say it twice. “Correct, I do & gotta say it twice I understand” Oh I understand! We fucked quite a lot over the weekend… Wasn’t a lot of sleeping!” I’m surprised when he says that he could’ve gone for some more sex but didn’t want to wear his welcome out but he has no complaints. I tell him I like his stamina, that’s good for a woman like me, then I ask him if there is anything he wants to do, because I’m pretty open & he just has to ask. “I’m quite happy with how it’s going tbh. But question do you swallow” with a poking out tongue smiley face. I tell him that I like other things about him, not just his stamina – that his ability to cum more than once in one night is pretty high on the list. I tell him that if he wants me to swallow, then of course I will, I enjoy it & can be sexy! I’m not sure why guys like women to swallow to be honest, but it’s always the thing they ask for. He takes 20 minutes to reply & I fall asleep, but he asks what other things I like about him & that he’s ticking my boxes then. He says he was just curious & he’d like me too at least once if I’m ok with it. Of course I wouldn’t do it with any random guy, but this guy is fast becoming something more… I mean he’s already told me that he’s not fucking anyone else…

Shit, didn’t I say I must not get attached?! There is an expiration date here…

He’s just going to be fun… Just Fun, Motocross is just fun! Maybe I should cancel the dinner reservations!? Just keep it to sex?!



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