Welcome to post 350! WOW… I’ve come so far! Thank you all for reading, I still can’t believe sometimes that you’re all so invested in my life! I feel like everything I do now, I do all in the interest of my blog! Hahaha.

As my regular readers would know I have actually met a man though my blog before. You all remember Blogger? That dude… Well the 2nd time has to go better than that right? So an Adelaide guy starts liking at my Instagram posts, I will admit I have a look at his profile, just out of interest of who he is, especially after everything I’ve been through this year – I am not trusting anyone.

He’s a very attractive guy, much younger than me & he asks me how I got so many followers on my blog after I post a screenshot of my statistics – saying how happy I am with the way my blog is going. Well to be honest, I actually ask myself that same question every blog post… Who the hell wants to read about my crazy stupid life!? I explain that I do pay for some facebook posts sometimes, so I know that gets me a lot of likes & I think throughout the Noodle story, people got really involved, now that I am just dating random men, it’s not as addictive. I do hope that the Motocross story keeps you all reading. It seems to have hooked a few of you already & we’re only a week in (in real life time)! Hahaha.

Writer has a blog of his own – about mental health & his journey though anxiety & depression, which I read after chatting to him on Instagram & found it very interesting. He is focusing on his book release right now so he’s not been posting as much on the blog. What I’ve learned, when it comes to blogging, for me consistency is the key, my regular readers know that I post Tuesday, Fridays & Sundays at 8am (Adelaide time) when the post doesn’t go up, I get comments asking where it is… That’s when I know people are hooked on the story! Other blogs I read are so random with their posts that I forget about when them when they don’t post, especially if it’s more than a week between posts. Then when I do get a notification that they have posted, I have to read their previous post to make sure I didn’t miss anything, then it all gets to hard & I just don’t read it & think that I’ll get back to it! I give Writer some tips about my experience blogging & we chat online for a couple of days about how to blog & get followers & what we can do to collaborate our Adelaide pages.

But when Writer asks me to catch up with him to go through his blog & my own blog, swap stories & offer advice, I think why not. He’s got a book coming out that he’s self-publishing & I am very interested to pick his brain about that, having had a few of you tell me to write a book myself. However I am still at a loss of what a book would be like from my blog being I tell you everything anyway, what would go into a book? That’s why I’ve been thinking more of a podcast, talking about topics & my stories that way. I think his might be a good guy to join me on the podcast.

Of course, he is not anonymous on his socials for his book & blog, I know what he looks like, I know his name, but like Blogger, this guy has no idea what I look like or knows my real name – I ask if he wants to see or know before we meet, but he says no. We agree to meet halfway for an afternoon drink at a pub. Nothing exciting, it’s more of a business meeting than anything. I have a lot of questions for him to be honest & I know he has some for me too.

He’s at the pub already with a beer when I get there & looks exactly like his pictures – so he’s easy to find, I walk up & introduce myself with my real name, get a drink & sit back to chat. We chat easily, it’s like we’ve been friends for a while. It’s easy to talk to him & I do pick his brain about his book. We talk about people we’re dating, he has a chick that he’s seeing at the moment, I talk to him about Noodle a little – not going into too much detail because I’m trying to forget him & also talk about the fact I’m seeing Motocross at the moment, however he’s away this weekend.

Writer asks to look at my online dating app & gives me some pointers on my pictures – saying they all look good & pretty much like what I look like in real life (I’ve always wondered if I look like my pictures TBH?!) & he tells me to delete the word “fairly” in front of “fit”. He says that I should just be confident that I am fit, adding fairly makes me sound unsure. He also suggests that if I am wanting to see where it goes with Motocross that I should pause my account for a while. Which I do, for several reasons – one also because Motocross has just told me he’s not fucking anyone else but I agree with Writer, I should give Motocross the benefit of the doubt – see what happens. I haven’t gone into the full story with Writer – about my fucking stupid stalking, but his advice is solid & I agree with it.

Writer invites me to his book launch in a few weeks & I think that will be fun, so I invite my friend along too, it’s a fun night & I can’t help but think about a sex & the city style book launch for me, however I haven’t even written a book! Hahaha. After the book launch, I read his book, it’s good! It’s better than I was expecting (I have shared his book on my social media shortly after getting a copy) & I also shared his dating blog post as a guest blog Why Tinder is Bad for Your Love Life. A great post to re-read!

A few months later, at Cocktails with #IBD4U, I meet a reader, who we’ll call Katie, that night that I click with & I catch up with her outside of the cocktails (Who knew my blog would create so many friendships!) & we get along really well that I think we have a similar idea about the podcast, having been told by my friend that I had been planning to do it with that she doesn’t really think she’d be suited, mainly because she’s worried about her opinions – we have fought before about all sorts of things, so it’s probably for the best. So before meeting Katie, I was back to square one with the podcast idea, however she’s open to it. I suggest Writer as the male counterpart because he was single for a while (I think he has a girlfriend at this point in the story now) & he’s not a sleazy guy or has ridiculous opinions, I think listeners would relate well to him. However when I ask him – I add that I know his focus is his book & promoting that but I thought of him first but he agrees that he wants to focus on his book, he says that he can commit to a few times a year but didn’t want to commit to a weekly show, which is fair enough. I don’t want to take him away from his main focus, but thought it would be a good thing we could do to collaborate.

So the podcast is still at a standstill, Writer said he’ll come on as a guest speaker when I do get it off the ground, which I am really looking forward too, because I think he would have some great advice for all of us, including me! But we’re still looking for that guy for the podcast that clicks with me & Katie. One day you’ll hear my chipmunk voice again! Hahaha.

Anyway for anyone looking for Writers socials, here they are. Please check out & follow him, check out his blog & get a copy of his book:




To be honest I am writing this post during the Covid-19 isolation era & picking up this book to re-read sections has been so helpful, when working from home & not being able to see loved one as much as you want too! If anyone is struggling, get a copy of this book!!

Now that I’ve paused my online dating for Motocross, let’s see where that goes!


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