Orbit #2

This guy is back again… This isn’t the first time Orbit has messaged me either, he had an account a few months ago but when I started chatting to him he told me it needed to be discreet as he was seeing someone. I tell him to fuck off & get off the chat app. I’m so sick of men finding someone else to be with, other than me but still talking to me, trying to fuck me! I didn’t speak to him again. So when he comes back this time, I almost don’t speak to him but I am chatting to no one when I start chatting to him again. He says that he’s single, I’m not 100% sure that’s true, but I have to take it at face value that he is.

orbit still fucking me.png

But while sporadically talking to him, Noddy comes alone, then after my second date with Noddy, Orbit’s was messaging me asking where I am, I say that I’m on my way home & he says that I should pop over to his house. I seriously think that I am spending too much time thinking about Noddy that I should probably go fuck this guy, but when I say that I just got off the expressway at my exit (Which is also his exit if he takes the expressway) when he says “Bugger, I have the kid here… but she’s asleep, maybe tomorrow night? Or can do tonight” I tell him I’m not free tomorrow night & I just go home. That was probably a good idea.

He asks me several times again to see him & he invites me over on Thursday night. Things are going well with Noddy & I’ve told Noddy that I’m not chatting to anyone on the chat app for the purpose of a hook up, which he said he’s not either. I ask Orbit though, because I just don’t care “Oh really? Is this like last time when you said come over then when I said yes, you said you had your daughter & changed your mind?” he just replies that he won’t have her tomorrow night.

Orbit asks me at like 8:40 pm if I want to come over, even though things are weird with Noddy at the moment, I don’t want to jeopardise that, so I write back 2 hours later telling him that I just got home & I have to be up early. Oddly, he never opens the message. WTF?! Even all day the next day he doesn’t open it. Almost 24 hours later he says “Sorry didn’t see this, fell asleep on couch last night, what are you up too” (Yes, that’s a quote, with the missing words like that!) I decide that I’ve put too much pressure on Noddy so I should go fuck this guy – What am I thinking!? I tell him I can’t stay long knowing I have to get up early for work on Saturday morning. When he says “I don’t have any condoms, do you have any?” Fucking hell, who invites someone over 2 nights in a row & doesn’t have condoms. Men are so bloody stupid! I have no idea how the race has survived so long – well probably because they don’t have condoms. Luckily I have some. So put them in my pocket. He offers to come to my house, but I don’t think I want him in my bed, I will save that at least for Noddy.

I don’t really remember the first time I had sex with Orbit to be honest, I mean I remember him being a bit too submissive for me but it wasn’t that memorable or maybe because it made me realise what feelings I had for Noodle, that I blocked it?

Yes, I must have blocked it! Fucking hell that was terrible… Notorious Sir was the worst sex I’ve had to date but at least he turned me on… This is shocking, how can this guy Orbit, think this is good.

Ok, so I get there & we kiss in the doorway, I try to move my head to move sides & also get his tongue out of my mouth with some pecks on the lips, but it’s like he is giving me mouth to mouth resuscitation with his tongue in my mouth not moving, like a dead fish. If the kissing is bad, the sex always will be… But was it this bad the first time I fucked him?!

The only way to pull away is to walk into his bedroom & take off my jacket, he pulls me on top of him awkwardly on to the bed. We kiss again before he takes off my top & then tries to take off my bra with one hand. I try to be cheeky & giggle along saying “That’s so sexy when you rustle around back there trying to undo it” He doesn’t really reciprocate with banter, he’s so serious, he strips off so he’s naked – Bam! & so I set about getting my boots & jeans off, he then lays on top of me & kisses me again, suffocating me, I try to move my head to catch a breath but he won’t let me move my head or come up for air. This is not in a sexy way that I like, this is like he’s trying to consume me!

He then starts sliding down my body, taking off my panties & settling between my legs. I try to relax, thinking this will be better. But OMG this doesn’t get any better. He isn’t actually close to where my clit is, I think he’s a little lost or maybe he’s doing something else, I don’t know but he’s not doing anything that feels good… He seems to not be licking or sucking anything that’s pleasurable, no matter how much I move to try to get him to actually focus on my clit he somehow goes back to wherever he is… He also seems to think that motorboating my vagina is a turn on, with his stubbly beard, it doesn’t feel good! Then he gets his fingers involved, ok well maybe this will be better… NOPE! He slips in 2 fingers & rams them into me over & over so much so that it’s uncomfortable, also while motorboating the area that he thinks is my clit with his scratchy beard. I end up kicking him off so that we can fuck, maybe that will be better. Boy, why do I keep giving this guy the benefit of the doubt? If you’re a bad kisser, generally you’re bad at sex!

He kisses me again, I’m unable to breathe or move, so much so that my jaw starts hurting (remembering I have lock jaw issues), why doesn’t this guy ever let me breathe. He reaches over for the condom, which he lays down flat on the bed next to me & rolls it on, I lay there waiting for the next move when he pulls me up on to his lap. I reach between my legs to help guide his cock into me but discover that it’s not that hard… WTF?! He thrusts against me, obviously to try to get harder, I don’t think he’s that hard when he slides inside me, it takes a few extra thrusts for me to feel it rather than a soft sausage trying to enter me. I kiss him & when I want to get away I try to kiss his neck but it doesn’t seem to be wanted, he turns his head back to my lips, so I stop.

He then has me straddling him, his arms are by his side & he starts thrusting in a way I’ve never been fucked before, I actually have to check because I think he’s having a seizure. He keeps going like that & I just sort of lay against his chest wishing for it to be over, wishing I never came over. His hands are by his side & he’s literally fucking me like he is having a fit. As soon as he cums, I give him a quick peck & get off him. I lay there for a second & think this is fucking awkward, so I sit up & start getting dressed. He gets dressed too & I give him another quick peck on the lips as I say good bye. Fuck, what the fuck was that! I hate myself… My massage therapist told me not to do it, she knew it wouldn’t be good… But I did & now I regret it. There will be no number #3 for this guy, even if he messages me.

To give you an update, he did message me several times after that. In the end after trying to ignore & ghost him, I decide that’s not who I want to be, I decide that he deserves a reply. “Hey. I don’t want to ghost you but I don’t think we should see each other again… Hope you find what you’re looking for!” He reads it & replies 6 days later… “Hello… Wow that was a little unexpected.” Really? I have ignored 7 messages over the course of a month from him, was it really that unexpected?!


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