Play Party #3

Just to remind you where we are in the real life timeline of this blog, this was around March 2019. So we’re catching up to real time – instead of 18 months behind we’re only 10 months behind at this point. 2019 was an epic year for me – dating wise, so you need to stick with me, things happen to me that I am not sure have ever happened to anyone else…! Hahaha.

So as you all know if you follow the blog & Facebook page, I made a radical decision to tie my tubes as a form of contraception. After my surgery from having it done, I wasn’t allowed to have sex for 4 weeks, which didn’t matter anyway, I mean I had no one to have sex with anyway! How tragic is my life right now, I have just gone through all this pain & let me tell you it was the worst pain I have ever been in, it was excruciating, it was so painful.

It is obvious for anyone who follows my blog that this is very unlike me to not have sex for 4 weeks, but there you have it, I am barely even chatting to anyone to have sex with anyway. I know right, as if I’m not even chatting to anyone either?! I guess because the surgery was so painful & my periods are painful, I’m concerned that sex will be painful. We all know that I struggle with a big cock already so I am not sure things will be different.

My friend is going to another play party, she invites me along, tells me that I need to get out of this funk, which I agree too! The only thing concerning me about going with her is that she is a big personality with more self-esteem than me & I tend to sit back & let men come to me. I don’t want to fuck the same men as her. We are 10 years difference so we might have a small pool of men that want us both, who knows. These parties are so unpredictable to be honest, you never know who is going to be there & you also never know if you’re even going to fuck someone at all.

Play party audition call back.png

Anyway we go to the party, I drive because I am still in my not drinking phase & I also don’t want to catch an uber home, I am being a tight arse also. Too many things on afterpay & a little bit of credit card debt, I need to get my life in order! Hahaha.

At the party, we scope the place for potential men for the evening. I am disappointed to see that there are approximately 2 men that I would even consider fucking & they are both young. Of course you get the eyes from other men, couples, even women that want to fuck you, but the feeling isn’t always mutual.

I don’t go to the these parties to just get notches on my bed post, I go to meet new people & have a night out. I don’t expect to have sex at this one but again I am still doing this try new things thing.

There is a young guy who I ended up sitting next too & watch some people whose birthday it is become a human dessert grazing table. They are naked, with cakes & chocolate topping & sprinkles put all over them. People they know or maybe don’t know coming over to lick something off them. I have to say it did look fun & I have a pang of jealously like I did when the Private Play Party people did a food photo shoot too using coloured custard. It’s not something I’m desperate to do, but it does look fun. I never really got to use food or ice cubes before, Noodle & I talked about it & I wanted too but towards then end we were only fucking in the car, so we couldn’t really do anything with food.

My friend sits on the other side of the guy I’m chatting with, he tells us that he’s just broken up with a long term girlfriend & he talked to his parents about coming to the party. I find this amazing, I mean I don’t think my parents would care, as long as I’m safe but I don’t think they would actually want to know that I’m at a sex party! We chat to this guy for a while, my friend is stoking his leg, so I assume they’ll have sex & I’ll be left here looking like a tool. I get up to go to the bathroom & come back & she’s gone, so he makes a move on me. We suggest that we go into a room & I do look around to tell my friend where I have gone so she knows. I don’t want her to think I have just stolen this guy from her either.

We go into a room & I can tell that he’s a bit nervous. We’re in the room I like the best, it’s the one with nothing else in it besides a bed, however it does have a disco ball type light so it’s still a little tacky. We kiss & end up on the bed together, he does all the right things, going down on me, fingering me till I am actually squirting against his hand – something I usually have to be comfortable with a guy before I do it, however it catches me off guard & he looks like that cat that’s got the cream, he says that no one has ever done that with him before. I explain that usually I don’t do it either, but I couldn’t stop myself.

Later than night my friend sets me up with another man at the party, the only other guy around my age bracket that I would fuck. I do take him into the other room & we have sex, but we’re interrupted by the 45 minute time limit & we have people banging on the door, several times as we get dressed & change the sheets. Ironically I realise that it’s a friend of a friend that I go kayaking with sometimes, who is waiting for the room. We laugh at each other as we leave the room for them.

I leave the party shortly after that, knowing that there is no one left there for me. It’s also the last party I ever go to. I realise that I don’t want notches on my bed post, I have a lot, lets face it I’ve been single since I was 25, so at this point, I have a lot. However I realise that this isn’t something I am really into, just fucking random guys to try to get over Noodle… It’s not fair on them & it’s not fair on me. I also know what Noodle would say to me if he knew… I have been doing this to seem cool, to seem over him… But I know he would judge me & I am sort of judging me too… This isn’t who I am!


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