Northern Dad

I honestly can’t even remember where I met this guy?! I must have been on some online dating site. I had been avoiding the usual ones because Noodle was on there with his partner at some point throughout the last year, not that I ever saw him on there but I knew about it because he told me. So I was chatting with this man on whatever app it was before we agreed to swap Facebook messenger, I don’t usually give that out or add men I’ve never met because I don’t want them to see my fat photos. So while he added me as a friend, I didn’t add him & only chat to him via messenger.

We chat about what we’re going to do because we’ve already agreed to meet up. I was out north for work & he wasn’t at work so when I finished my meetings, I was able to meet him at a pub way out north. I have stopped drinking for a month after my ridiculousness at Switch a few months ago & I am also trying to work out why my tummy is bloated, I have been drinking a lot of beer lately but I drink Pure Blondes which is low carb beer, so while I am not sure that’s what it is, I am not sure why I feel so bloated at the moment.

He tells me about his family & tells me a joke his daughter told him “Why did superman go to the supermarket?” I’m like to get superpowers? But no “To go to the supermarket.” I laugh but that’s terrible, however she is young. I am glad he had kids he asks me why I don’t have kids, I tell him the usually story that I don’t want kinds of my own & that I see kids in my life but not my own. I do tell him that I cannot have children anymore anyway, due to my tubes.

We have good banter & I am worried that it won’t translate, I have learned my lesson to meet guys as soon as I can rather than waiting & realising they are a big dull dud. I waited with Noodle & that was the longest I ever waited.

I refuse to message him on the day of our meeting he finally messages me around midday “Hey gorgeous how is your day going?” it makes me smile like an idiot! We chat & he asks if I’m still keen to catch up later, which I am.

Northern Dad & I meet & have a couple of drinks & it is going quite well – I do have a wine, I am enjoying the time with him expect when he tells me that I pull a lot of faces. I don’t think he means it to be as rude as it seems but I think he’s trying to tell me what I already know, that I don’t have a poker face, that when someone says something, I will react with my face. It was always something Noodle said about me, when we had sex, I would have no poker face when I was trying to be bratty & pretend I wasn’t enjoying it, he could always tell. But the fact I have just met this guy & he’s being so familiar with me, telling me that my face gives me away.Northern dad my face says it.pngThe date is going so well, that he invites me to stay for dinner with him. I have a laser appointment, which I just decide to miss & not call them, which is so bad. I hate that I did that, I could’ve called them & said that I was held up etc. But I just decided not to go for this guy.

We talk a lot about kinks, he’s very intrigued about rope & other things I have done, this is the first time I have been able to talk about kink with a stranger, I mean I can online, but face to face it’s a bit harder. However, it seems easier to talk about it with him & it’s actually a good date. We kiss on the cheek goodbye. He messages me when I am on my way home & says that, he had a good time, that I am very easy to talk too & thanks for taking the time to meet him.

We chat a bit & then because we’d been talking about the rope show at rope week, where I ended up with 2 free entries for myself but had also paid for a ticket, I let him know that I have a spare ticket if he wants it. I send him the details, telling him that it starts at 8:00 pm but we’re getting there at 7:30 pm. He messages back “I’ll be there” I’m excited, a nice guy who’s a bit kinky & keen to try stuff out, this could be something, though he does live far away from me.

At 7:20 pm, he says that he just finished work & won’t make it. I tell him that it doesn’t start till 8:30 pm, doors open at 8:00 pm so he still has time. He says that he’ll message once he’s home. But at 8:20 pm he says he won’t make it. I’m angry & refuse to write back. Why say you can come & you have an hour to get there when you don’t even try… Doesn’t that mean he’s just not into me? Wouldn’t a guy be jumping out of his skin to be with you if they liked you? Especially come to a kink event?!

He messages again later that night to ask how the show went & if there is another one the next night. I refuse to write back until the new mid-morning, I tell him it was good & that I’ll be there again tonight. But he doesn’t come along or say that he’ll buy his own ticket & come. I don’t bother asking. I am just not in the mood to chase any fuckwits anymore.

He asks to catch up again & I am away for work then have another rope show & workshop all weekend, so I say that I am too busy. He says he’s sad I rejected him, I’m like I invited you to both shows Friday & Saturday & I dealt with the rejection. He says “Now I feel like a right fucking dick. I promise, I didn’t reject you” I just am angry because there would have been a lot of friends there so I would’ve introduced him to them & I’m glad he didn’t come now. I feel like he’s shown his true colours.

He asks for an opportunity to make it up to me & I say that he can but I am working away for work then have the workshops so he’s sad that I’m busy, but I’ve decided that I am not going to change my plans for a man again. He says that I need to give him some options when he has the whole day, he says that he’ll pick me up at 10 & get me home whenever. I tell him that the weekend after fringe workshops but he says that’s too long because I’ll forget about him. We chat for a few more days it seems a bit heated, now reading back on it, but on my end it was just banter.

He never replies to my last message, which wasn’t really a replyable message but about a month later I get a “Hey how are you miss #IBD4U” Are you kidding me dude? I totally ignore it. I never speak to this guy again!


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