British #2

This date with British is going well, I mean we’re on a second post & I’m still on the date! Hahaha… That’s so unlike me. I find myself relaxing, joking & really enjoying the weird topics we keep talking about. We have a couple of drinks & chat the night away really easily. As it gets later he talks again about the white wine he bought that tastes like blue cheese. I like blue cheese, I don’t eat it a lot but I always like a little one on a cheese platter.

He also brings up the “scrumptious” comment, which I say that I didn’t get, he says that he was calling me scrumptious & I say that makes no sense. As I go to check the chat to prove I’m right he says that if he’s right, I have to go home with him. I’m like & what if you’re wrong? He says that I can do what I want but I should go home with him anyway. Hahaha… He’s smooth. I know that I shouldn’t go home with him but I do like this guy, I want to have sex with him, so why not? We look at the chat & look to be very fair with you, I still can’t see how he thinks he is calling me scrumptious – anyway he seems to think that he’s won the bet & invites me back to his house for the blue cheese wine. He says he’s caught an uber so I drive us back to his house & it’s a pretty nice new house, one of those long skinny town houses, you know the ones with the main bedroom at the front of the house, a long hallway with 2 bedrooms & a bathroom off the hall then leading into an open concept kitchen & living space. He gets us a wine, but oddly the white wine he’s being banging on about all fucking day in chat & at drinks, is not even bloody cold. Ok that’s a little weird. But I ignore it – maybe a red flag I should’ve noticed perhaps, he gives me a red wine while the white chills in the fridge. He puts on the TV & starts scrolling through his Netflix, well, weirdly it says another dudes name. Ok so he’s lying about what his name really is?! I don’t question it, maybe he has a roommate? I don’t know but I should ask, however I don’t. I lie about my name all the time, I lie about my job, with this guy I haven’t but I guess I’m at his house so he does trust me a little, however is this a red flag I’m also ignoring?! My gut isn’t telling there’s something up, I always trust my gut. Shoo red flags.

We watch a movie, actually watching the movie. I forget what it is now, but it was a movie he hadn’t seen before, that I have. We sit drinking red wine, then he offers me the white wine, surprisingly it tasted ok, but it did taste exactly like blue cheese. So weird…

When we start kissing & head into the bedroom, we go into the room closet to the lounge room, generally the room that would be the 3rd or 4th spare room, with a mattress on the floor, I ask him if this is the main bedroom & he says yes, again red flags are still in full swing, yet I get into bed with this dude… Still with that glimmer of hope that this guy is going to be the guy that takes me off the singles market!

We don’t actually have sex as he doesn’t have any condoms & I didn’t bring any being I didn’t expect to be fucking the guy, however, we do everything else. We fall asleep then wake up through the night for some more play, makes me cum so many times with his fingers or mouth & then we fall back asleep. He knows I am a little kinky as I put a rope photo on my profile, at dinner & after the movie we did talk about kink a little. He is very good at pinning me down, something I love, something I think most women love, a manly pin of your hands above your head…. Hmmmm.

He doesn’t even cum at all though the night, even though I do my best blow job moves for him… Doesn’t work on every guy but most seem to cum within seconds. British tries again to fuck me without a condom (as a typical guy does) but I say no. He spoons me in all through the night, which I like because I haven’t had that in a long time, but I also cannot sleep because I am sweating & being suffocated.

The next morning, I wake up realising I have to be at brunch soon, so I leave him in bed at leave the house, not really specifying with each other if we’ll talk again or what – but I hope he does message me. But maybe it was a mistake to fool around with him so soon if I like him but who cares, when I like someone, I do what I want.

British crush

Anyway I go to brunch a little hungover & looking dishevelled, but to my surprise, I get a message on the dating app from British at 12:00pm saying “Hope you made it in time for breakfast x. I enjoyed making your pussy cum x.” Hmmmm, yes so did I… I tell him that I lied to him about not having another chat app to talk to him on & he asks for my number to find me. He tells me I don’t have to make it up to him that he didn’t cum because he made himself cum thinking of me. Awwww, so sweet! Hahaha.

When he adds me on the other app, I notice that it’s his British number. Surely after being in Australia for 6 months, he would have upgraded to a Australian mobile number? Red Flag? Or just how this app works? Of maybe he has it still for his family?

He says that my head job & stroking skills are amazing & asks if I can fit him in before 5pm today? OMG, I just left this guy… I felt a bit of chemistry with him & I am feeling a bit of a draw to him, that I say yes, I ask him to come to my place or if he wants me to go to his, he says that he just drank the rest of the cheese wine & so he’ll uber over… Really? He is day drinking alone with no purpose? Red Flag. I just suggest that I will go to him instead. I don’t mind.

We arrange for 1:30pm once we’ve had showers & I tell him that I will bring condoms. I also ask him about his name & he tells me that it’s the same as what I saw on his Netflix account. He distracts me by asking me not to wear panties, but I suggest lingerie, asking his favourite colour, which is red, not a surprise & I put on some sexy lingerie for him under my denim dress. He sends me a picture of a belt & a long USB cord & asks me if he has any use for it. Noodle was the first & only guy to improvise & use a USB cord to tie me up & it was hot as fuck that I allow it. He tells me to hurry up & get there, as we’re sending naughty pictures. I look at the time & realise I should leave, so I jump in the car & head to his house. I am wet & excited the whole way there.

I walk in & walk to the back of his house, with him following, immediately he grabs me & kisses me, my dress has snap buttons all the way down the front & he knows he can easily rip this dress off, which he does.

Before I know what is going on, I am up on the freezing cold stone kitchen bench being pushed down to lay flat on my back & legs spread where British settles between them to make me cum. Fuck he is good at that! I don’t know why I notice his pantry, there is a lot of stuff in there, like so many sauces… I don’t know why I found it weird looking back but he’d only been here 6 months & had so many bottles of sauce it was ridiculous. Or is this another red flag? Fuck, who cares, I am cumming again!!!!!

Once I’ve cum – twice, he moves us over to the couch where I suck his cock & he enjoys it – of course, I am very good at it. Hahaha. He then decides to tie me up with the belt & USB cord… He struggles a bit & it takes a while, he asks if he can take a picture, which I agree too & tell him he has to send it to me.

A couple of hours go by & then I’m home again, thinking about this afternoon. He fucked me over the kitchen bench too, cold stone against my tits while be pounded from behind then he came hard too. He messages me when I get home too, OMG… Does this guy like me? Or does he just like that I’m so fucking easy? Hahhaha.

We talk some kink & I show him my draw of toys & he says “Yes I definitely think I should come to you next time. It’s good that we’re local too.” I agree & am actually excited about this guy!! He says he wants me again but he’s going to be late, he’s hard again & wants to cum thinking about me, we get onto the topis of three sums, I’m still wanting that fantasy of 2 guys, he says he’ll be up for that if I do it with a woman & him. Of course that’s the usual condition for most men, I can do that!

I really am enjoying this guy. I didn’t think it was possible after Noodle & Noddy, but wow, I am actually enjoying the banter, the sex, the way this guy looks! Fuck me, I don’t want to oversell it here being I only met him yesterday, but he is ticking a lot of boxes.


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