Screenshots #2

Here is another screenshot blog, these are real messages I’ve been sent over the years… These probably aren’t as funny, but have a read anyway, they are still smile worthy! Some are a just plain cringe worthy… 

Imagine being single?! 


What is this type of message? As if this is the first message someone sends you?



Again, WTF is with this? As you can see I never wrote back…



So this private message came from a group chat where I said I was sick of meeting cheating guys. I have no idea where the attack came from, then he sends me a dick pic. As you can see I never wrote back however in the group I simply wrote “*you’re”.



I love being told that I’m attractive, don’t get me wrong, but how many times does a guy have to try before they stop?



So this isn’t a dating thing as you can see, I was selling off some Intimo underwear that I had from when I was a consultant… WTF, I didn’t even think I would get a dude message me about them. But ironically so many men inquired on them… Maybe I shouldn’t have my profile picture as my face?!





This guy I actually though was Noodle. But the days on the app were a give away it wasn’t him. This was also a result of a group chat about Rope. I’m not really sure what provoked this message, but I did wonder if he meant it in a good way, because at Rope when they tie your legs, they like you to look like a Christmas ham?! Or maybe he was just an asshole… Who knows.



A faceless idiot on the apps… Nothing better than someone too gutless to even put their face up!


The 2nd message made me smile but the 3rd one made me think, WTF.



No I don’t talk to random people. But thanks for the boost to my ego! Hahaha. Then Ma’am? How old does this guy think I am, he looked about 12.



I love that people think this works… I mean does it? I might have to do some research on it… Though I think as a woman I would get many guys flocking, even if I wasn’t that attractive.



Well hello there! But as this wasn’t a ‘live’ picture, I’m almost 100% certain it isn’t really him.



Look I can’t blame a guy for trying, but at 1 day on the app, I am always cautious of who they are…


So one night I was feeling shit, thinking about how fat I was feeling & so I posted something & get this reply… I mean how are the 2 related?!


Is it weird he uses ‘is is weird’ to try to talk to me? Also dude, what’s wrong with my sheets? They’re Sheridan, thank you very much!

Hope you enjoyed this lot… Hahaha… Cos I sure did when I got them! 


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