When the couple from the play party that I’ve been hanging out a bit with, invite my friend & I away for the June long weekend to the house they hire on Hindmarsh Island, I think why not – I’m skipping a head a bit here, we’ll go back to the rest of May! I have been though so much lately that I need some RnR. (Rest & Relaxation). This will be a good time to just chill out. However I have a work function & can’t go up on the Friday night, so I plan to go up on the Saturday afternoon. This was also not a good idea at the private play party, but this will be different, I know everyone going to be there.

I am unsure if the couple want to play with us or what they want out of this weekend, but I am going to enjoy myself & really have a good relaxing few wines with some cheese. I will deal with any advances if they happen. They haven’t hit me up again to have sex with them, so I don’t think that’s what this weekend is about, I am happy to just be friends with them.

Saturday morning, I message to say I’ll be on my way & I hear that there has been some drama on the Friday night… Oh FFS. As if I need more drama in my life.

My friend calls me to tell me that the couple are both seeing people & these 2 extras were both invited up also this weekend too. I knew about the guy but not the chick. Well apparently the chick went a bit nuts, including calling lifeline in the corner of the room. My friend ended up dropping her home but then she said he sexually harassed her & went even more nuts. He & his wife went to the police just to be safe & showed them the text messages. But neither had much sleep that night. The guy that was there with the couple – let’s call him Krav, I never got to meet as he had to go home to his daughter, no big deal right!?

So when the excitement of the previous night wears off, I end up showing the couple & my friend the toys I have brought along. They all wanted to try a bit of impact play & some candles. I had bought some UV candles from Rope & brought them along for everyone to have a play. We lay out the mat & I introduce them to some impact play with a few different instruments & the candles. It’s a good night & nothing really happens.

The next night we decide to go out for drinks & I have no idea what happens to be really honest, I know i tried to get them to stay but I get called a cow by my friend in the couple & I hand over the keys to my car for them to leave. I go home later with my other friend & her guy for the night but cannot sleep. I have no idea what I did to cause a kafuffle, nor do I want to cause drama with my friends. At like 6am, I am still wide awake that I start packing to go & I leave quietly by 7am. I have been messaging with some random all night but I just need to go home & sleep. I actually go home to a guy I’m yet to talk about… Hahaha… We’ll get there!

ligth heart

After the weekend, Krav starts messaging me a lot. I don’t think much of it, I never met the dude so there isn’t a lot for me to say to him. He tells me why he’s been so off lately that his daughter has been bullied so much & was pushed though a window, she is fine but he’s struggling with it as you would be… I am not sure why he’s telling me all this, but I just offer support & an ear should he need it. He tells me how much the couple like me etc & that he’s sorry that he missed meeting me.

He sees in the private chat group that I left Hindmarsh Island early, he asks me what is wrong & I just say that it was really windy (which it was) & that I wanted to go home. Later he tells me that he’s spoken to my friend & he found out what happened & that he’s sorry it happened. He messages me a lot about his run, sending me pictures & I try to ignore a few as I know that my friend in the couple is sort of with this guy, she is calling him her boyfriend so I am not comfortable with these messages with him to be honest.

He asks me when we are having a coffee & I say that I don’t drink coffee with a few hahah’s added, he replies “Oh really?? That’s what you took from that.. Fk imma smack you lol” What because I don’t like coffee? Or because I don’t want one with him? I tell him “hahaha, I don’t want to get in the middle of something you have with my friend… Not after the weekend I had. So yeah. Even coffee” He says “You won’t be. I’m my own person & don’t answer to anyone else. I’d have to explain it so you get it… But just so you know I’m not anyone’s property lol… We I am my own lol” He may not be her property but she likes him a lot & after being called a cow, I am not interested in pissing her off. I mean I am also not attracted to him either, so it’s not even worth the hassle. I say I don’t want to jeopardise anything with my friends & he says that I won’t be, he says they’re close & he only sees her once a week (which is a lot for a married woman & their boyfriend) I say again thanks for asking, but yeah am not interested “heheh well I aint letting you slip, I’ll bug you as much time as it takes… You’re a good person x so tuff titties, you’re stuck with me” OH FFS! I am firmer with I am not interested in you & he still says that I’m a good egg & he gets it.

Later with no reply from me, he sends “You really are a good friend… I’m glad you did what you did. Just know that I wouldn’t send anything that would knowing get me into trouble or that I want to hide. It was purely a genuine offer of friendship & still is. The girls would appreciate knowing.” I don’t even understand why he is messaging me this – what does it even mean. I am not going to meet him, I just am not sure how my friend would react, even if it is just for friendship with him. I am not interested.

A few days later without a reply to the last message I get “So much was said & done without me around or knowing, that I have cut off everything. That weekend was so bad. Made me see a lot of rumours & shit that I don’t want to be a part of. I’ve gone back to only being friends with the couple & everyone else. I’m just going to stay at arms reach I think. I sure hope you are doing ok.” What the actual fuck is he talking about?! I have no idea. I even say that & he just said that the rumour mill went crazy & he’s just being friends with them. I try not to engage because who the fuck cares. I don’t even know what he’s talking about so I just say I’m confused & try to leave it. I ignore his last message.

Then a couple of days later “#IBD4U, putting all the shit behind us & all the nice things I’ve heard about you. I would like to know.. would you be up for saying hello? I think like you I’ve had the rough end of the stick when it comes to meeting someone. We obviously have similar interests & all. I would like to know if you would like to meet & finally put a face to the name… I’d like to think that this might be the silver lining from all this shit?” OMG, is that his intention of cutting ties with her, to try to pursue me? FUCK… I hope not…

I tell him that I am not interested in meeting him, yet again, that my friendship means more to me than a dude off the chat app. He says that it’s ok, it’s over with her, however I know women & I know I wouldn’t like someone swooping in on a guy I just dated. Besides, I’m not ever remotely interested in this guy!!

He says hey to me a few days later & joins the chat group I’m in & he was deleted for not having a profile picture – I didn’t know it was him to be honest. I just delete people who don’t chat. He messages me “Removed from chat? You really do have the issues others said… Deadest. Not everyone who shows you attention wants to fuck you. I think someone needs to get over themselves pretty quick. You’re a horrible, lonely person.” OH MY FUCKING GOD! What? This guy has a massive screw loose. I did nothing to him but delete him for a chat room & I’m horrible? I don’t even know if it was me who deleted him either… Jesus. Again I have no idea what he is even talking about.

“Wow. Just wow. You joined the group & didn’t speak, besides the gif… In the group there is no pic on your profile for me, hence being deleted. I won’t apologise for having morals & not wanting to meet you for coffee, regardless of your intentions because you were dating my friend… My instincts were right about you. Thank you for showing your true colours.” & I send him a screenshot of the chat app to prove it.

“Nope. Actually the issue is all yours. It was a massive judgement of error going down that path, but you can cling to that friendship all you like… Both of them (the couple) had nothing but shit to say about you after that night & even the day after. But that’s cool. You believe all you want. Fairly sure it was a huge mistake as this “community” is either led by tits or a bunch of no hopers. So impressing them is like learning to play UNO, it’s really not that impressive at all. One day you’ll see that & actually see the worth in people being honest to you & not let it be darkened by a want to be on a pedestal… You’re better than that… I hope you see it one day soon.”

Can someone please explain?!


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