I match with a guy who looks too much like Noodle for my liking – fuck I must have a type! What is wrong with me?! He skinnier though & I can tell a lot shorter than Noodle! Not as cute, but still in the same type bracket as Noodle… I really need to branch out here!

At this time I still have a rope picture on my profile as I’ve been going to Rope a lot & still looking for someone to do this more full time with, not something I’m obsessed with but an interest that I would like to pursue if there is a who wants too, if not, it’s not the end of the world for me.

He says he’s a construction manager within about 5 messages when we ask the normal questions to each other & my initial reaction is “Do you wear sexy high viz & come home scruffy or nice suit & tie?” What the fuck is wrong with me, no wonder I end up with only shags & no real boyfriend material… I mean I have a rope picture & I say things like that… Jeez!

I also don’t know why I invite him to Rope classes, I tell him that I have a regular rigger but he could still come along, like what are you doing? He doesn’t get it because he asks if it’s a sexual thing, well the classes aren’t, obviously they are for learning the skills that you can use for sex or just because you like it. I explain that I am not in a sexual thing with my rigger so it’s not sexual for me, I like being tied & I like the feeling. I would like it more if I had a partner, if he was into it. But again, like I said, I don’t have to have rope or be tied down.

We talk about my work & how it’s changing & that I’m not going to be travelling much soon, which is what I asked for but not to not travel at all. He asks if I’ve ever been married & if I have kids, I say no to both obviously & he says “What’s your excuse? You’re beautiful & seem like you have your stuff sorted?” Yeah if that were the only things I needed to get married… I mean do you have to be beautiful to be married? I say I don’t know why, that maybe I’m a bitch, I tell him that I don’t want kids, as I may as well get that out in the open & he sort of stops replying so later I ask if it changes things for him & he says he’s thought about not having kids but it doesn’t change his opinion of me, but then doesn’t really talk to me much & is a bit sporadic with his massages. So I just move on to chat to others. But I do something out of the ordinary & I suggest we catch up. I never do that, I usually wait for them to ask. But the next day, it’s Sunday, I don’t have much to do & my family dinner isn’t on either. So he asks if I want to catch up for lunch. I get dressed in my new date outfit, a navy FCUK jumper, a white skirt with navy tights & brown heeled boots, I feel good, I look good in this outfit.

Construction back together with your ex

The date goes well, we eat lunch late at the pub & we chat easily, enjoying a few wines. He is the one that suggests leaving the pub because he needs a nap so I don’t think much, we hug goodbye & I think that the whole date was all in my head, that I dreamt that there was something between us, but anyway, moving on. Whatever.

After the date, I’m am surprised that he messages to say “Thanks for a great afternoon miss” I fucking hate being called miss. But I allow it because the date did go well & I wasn’t expecting to hear from him again. I say that I am considering going to bed or having a bath & he asks where is his invite, really dude? You were the one that wanted to go home for a nap!

He says that he’ll forgo a nap & come over?! Really… 2 dates in one day? Have I had this happen before? Before I know it I am typing out my address & he is asking where to buy bubble bath at 7:30 pm on a Saturday night (remembering for those not living in Adelaide, that Adelaide shuts down at 5pm on a Saturday!) He even says “Well that escalated quickly” Yeah it fucking did, we haven’t even kissed & this dude is coming to my fucking house for a bath… Fucking hell…

He gets to my house, I am of course not in the bath because that would be weird, wouldn’t it? I mean he said he was bringing bubbles, which I hate in a bath, but would accept them since I haven’t bathed with anyone since Noodle. We didn’t use bubbles but I had seen that man naked 100 times, he’d been in every hole of mine & seen every angle of me, so in the bath didn’t matter, with this guy, he’s not even seen cleavage… Except in pictures on the dating app.

We sit & watch shit on tv, drinking red wine & chatting, we chat pretty easily actually, I really enjoy the proper conversation. I notice that he brought nothing, no bubbles, no bottle of wine, I mean he was asking me what to bring & said he was getting something, then didn’t. People are weird, I wouldn’t rock up to someone’s house after saying I was bringing something & then not bring something. Not that it’s a big deal but just tells me something about him – I guess – yes I am overthinking it… I know! It is me after all… Hahaha.

When he makes a moves on me & we get naked on the couch & have sex – I sit on his lap, I love sitting on guys laps & riding them on a chair… Chair sex is hot! Somehow this guy makes me squirt… On the couch too… I don’t know how I feel comfortable doing that but I do…

We have sex a couple of times & he stays till really late in the night, he says he’s going to stay then he isn’t – next minute he’s snoring in my bed, I move to get the covers on & he wakes up & he can’t decide if he’s staying or not so I just tell him to leave so I can go to sleep without snoring.

I’m not feeling well the next day so I don’t go to work… I don’t think I will hear from him & I refuse to message but to my surprise at like 9 pm he messages & ask if I’m tired, we chat for a bit & he says that he had a lot of fun yesterday & that it’s easy when you get along. I agree, I mean it’s good that we do, I mention that it was sneaky of him to use a bubble bath to get my address & he says next time. Ok, so there is going to be a next time… I invite him to Switch, which probably isn’t a good idea after what happened with Noddy, but I really loved the feeling of being there with a guy. It will be a bit weird I guess as Construction & I aren’t a couple or touchy feely, but at least I’ll have someone there with me, I won’t feel like an outcast. I am desperate for him to come to be honest as it’s the first Switch I am going to alone, it’s the one that’s a mask event where I see Noddy & snapchat girl as I walk in. Then get yelled at by people for doing wax & rope… Construction never comes to Switch, but he does at least message to say he’s not coming…


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