Erotica: Scene Eleven – Prick

This is the second to last erotica… I hope that you’ve been enjoying it. But all good things must come to an end!

I really should turn these into a story!

Here’s a link to the other scenes… Scene one – Nipple Bells, Scene two – Wake Up Call , Scene Three – His Orgasm & Scene Four – The Wake Up Call , Scene Five – Blindfold, Scene Six – Shower, Scene Seven – Anticipation, Scene Eight – Watching, Scene Nine- Quick Fuck & Scene Ten – Her Surprise.

Scene Eleven – Prick

He stands me up & gives me a deep long kiss, pulling on my pony tail to give him a better angle.
He walks around me, again standing behind me, he lightly pushes me so I stumble forward towards the bed.
Without warning he pushes me roughly on the bed face first with my hands still tied behind me back, I yelp, but he has a hand on my neck roughly, almost hurting me & his knees pulling my knees up so my ass is in the air.
Once I’m in the position he wants, he stands up behind me.
I can’t see him, but I feel his presence.
The slap on my ass sounds worse than what it is but I still whimper.
He spanks me then rubs my ass gently, so many times over & over that I lose count.
His gentle hand slides between my open legs & stokes my clit from behind.
I start to slide forward as I start to get more excited.
His spare hand roughly pins my neck hard to the bed to stop me moving.
I moan with every teasing movement of his hand, stroking the full length on my pussy, all the way to my ass hole.
He slips a finger or two inside me, then another on my clit
“Please can I cum sir?”
“You can cum when I say you can cum”
I whimper a almost inaudible ‘Prick’, knowing it he won’t let me cum.
Everything stops
I try to look at what he is doing
“What did you just say?” he growls & I know I am in trouble.
I bite my lip from saying anything else.
“Tell me now” he snaps loudly.
I stay silent.
I get an almighty spank on my ass that really hurts, I jump & cry out ‘owww’
“Tell me what you called me”
I don’t hesitate this time, I whisper ‘Prick’
“I can’t hear you?” He spanks my ass again, its so hard it brings tears to my eyes

scene ten Prick sex orgasm denial
“Prick” I scream.
I hear the smile in his voice
“Awww do you think I am going to let you cum now?”
I cringe & know that I am in trouble.
I hear him spit & feel it on my ass then his cock is rubbing up & down my hole before he slides it slowly in my asshole.
He holds me down with a hand on my neck.
His face close to mine as he starts to pull in & out of me.
“Do you think that was very nice to call me a Prick?” I shake my head as much as I can.
“Answer me”
“No Sir”
“Good Girl” He picks up his speed, I can feel every inch of him filling my ass.
“Should I make you cum?”
“Yes Sir, please” He kisses my ear & neck which is such a turn on for me I almost cum from that & being so full from him.
“You will cum when I tell you too but not this time” he smiles “I’ll show you what a Prick I can be.”
He kneels up, keeping his hand on my neck, my hands stuck behind my back he builds up speed.
He spanks the side of my leg & I cry out.
He is moving so fast inside me, that I feel closer & closer to cumming.
My breath is quick, shallow & loud.
He knows I am close.
“Yes, you’re close baby aren’t you?”
“Yes. please can I cum?”
With another thrust he cums in my ass, leaving me hanging.
His movements slow down, his hand lets my neck go.
As he pulls his cock out of my ass, leaving me frustrated, he spanks my ass hard.
“That’s what happens when you call me a prick”
He unties the tie holding my wrists behind my back & walks off. He’s in the shower before I can straighten my legs.
As the bathroom door shuts, for the first time ever, he shouts
“Do not touch yourself”
I flop flat to the bed & scream into the bed.




Chatting in the groups on the chat app a chick who we’ll call Leblek started chatting to me, we’d been chatting as friends in the groups, we were in multiple groups together but then she started messaging me privately seemingly to hook up me up with her partner Shark… I don’t always get that dynamic, but I haven’t been with a proper partner for like 10 years at this point, so I have no idea what couples do. In the real scheme of things, I am still fairly new to kink & swinging worlds so I am not sure what people do. I mean this was before I had the 3sum with Max & Sweetie when I first started talking to them.

I chat with Shark too, we’re all friends from the groups so it’s not weird but to be honest, I really put in no effort with him… I feel bad now for that, being that he’s become a very good friend, but I never message him first ever, I still have Max & Origin in the mix at this time & I am getting closer to Noodle, I’ve finally said goodbye to Rob Rob before the infamous Switch. I don’t want to add another complication into the mix. I am also not a bi-sexual, I know women don’t turn me on, I have since been labelled bi-friendly, meaning I don’t mind playing with couples, however at this point I’d only really started toying with the idea of playing with Max & Sweetie, so I am not sure if I even like that?

Leblek decides that she wants to meet me for a drink with Shark after work one day & after much talking with her & putting it off, I agree to meet them for a drink, a drink can’t hurt can it? A drink only… I’m not going home with them. It’s actually the evening of the day of the first time I ever met Noodle (These stories all intertwine! Sorry if it’s confusing!) I’m on holidays so we decide on a drink. So after meeting Noodle & having that wow lunch with him, I really want to bail on meeting this couple. However, I don’t, they know Noodle from the groups only & I tell them that I met him earlier, even though it’s a big secret in the groups that we’re chatting (I’m still not sure why we do that, but we do, probably because he has a partner & kid, I’m not sure. Avoid the judgement maybe) But I can’t shake the amazing lunch I just had so I am not really into this meet & greet really.

I walk into the pub & find a chick with long curly hair, she’s super tall & a bigger build than me that I feel so short & tiny. Also she’s not what I expected from her pictures she shares in the groups. We hug hello & look for a place to sit down, we wait for Shark to arrive but the first thing Leblek asks me if I have fucked Noodle, I laugh & don’t lie, I haven’t fucked him but she doesn’t believe me, so I tell her that I only met him today for lunch, she seems more excited than me, telling me that our chemistry & banter in the group turns her on. Others are noticing my chemistry with Noodle… FUCK! Shark rocks up & we have another drink, we all talk easily & I enjoy their company despite not really wanting to be there.

Next time I see them is at Switch, the infamous one where Max kisses our friend from the chat app. I end up kissing Sweetie, Leblek & Shark. It’s a fun night besides that, but I remember the look on Shark’s face when he saw how much is bothered me that Max was off kissing other women. His expression was like ‘don’t worry about it’ but he knew that it bothered me, in fact everyone was consoling me more than Sweetie that night, she didn’t seem to care. I cared because I was there with him & wouldn’t expected more, he’s there with 2 women, does he need a third? Also Max had been in the groups & he was hard to get along with in a group setting, so I think Shark didn’t really like him… After this evening, he sure as hell didn’t like him.

Shark dating bisexual threesome.png

Afterwards, I talk less to Leblek but more to Shark, he is constantly asking me to come play with them, I am not as attracted to them as I was with Max & Sweetie, but I want to know if I even like playing with couples – the elusive unicorn.

I never tell Noodle that I am going to play with this couple, I’m not sure why, but I suppose no one knows about Noodle & I fucking, so I don’t need to tell him others I’m fucking… I’m not exclusive with anyone at the moment, so I can do whatever I want!

I arrange to see Shark & Leblek at their house which is an hour & a half away from me on the other side of town, I give myself an afternoon with a time limit due to meeting a girlfriend for dinner so I have an out if this doesn’t go well – I even set an alarm so I won’t be late to dinner. They invite me in & we all sit down to have a drink, it’s pretty easy chatting to them, mainly about people in the groups really, we have a couple of drinks before Leblek says “Alright you two, get in the shower” Um what? Get in the shower? I showered before I came here, because this morning I was actually fucking Max & having my ass spanked till it was red raw. She tells me Shark likes to shower, but when I see the size of their shower, I wonder how the fuck were going to even fit, let alone play in there…

I am awkward about this, but Shark takes me into the bathroom, turning on the shower & we get naked & get in there… We’re kissing & touching, I’m wondering the whole time about what Leblek is doing when I look to see her looking around the corner like a weirdo… She looks like the ultimate creep & I feel uncomfortable. I don’t know how to relax when I can just see the top of her head & eye ball staring at us… We get out the shower & go into their bedroom, Leblek strips off her dress & they both take turns on going down on me before I roll over & because we’ve talked about my pain threshold, I offer up my butt for them to spank because I am not feeling this, I am not a bisexual & I don’t think I want to play with couples. I’m not sure if it’s them or me, but I know this isn’t what I’m about. I also can’t stop thinking about Noodle, what would he think if he knew where I was? I know he doesn’t particularly like Leblek but I don’t know why I care about that, but I do!

They spank my ass so much & Shark tries to hit is as hard as he can, but it doesn’t hurt – well it does but I like it, it turns me on just lying there & being spanked, Leblek uses her nails up & down my back which causes red lines, they are both enjoy making me & I do enjoy being their toy, but I definitely know I don’t want something more sexual with them. I never have sex with them, I don’t even suck his cock, Leblek does & makes him cum, but I basically don’t even touch them.

My alarm goes off & while I have enjoyed myself with a few awkward moments, I have also been counting down the minutes, Leblek has made things a bit weird for me, I don’t know if she’s too eager or what, but it’s made it a bit awkward. I head out to dinner.

The next day chatting to Shark, he asks me if I want to see them again. While I’m happy to be their friend, I definitely don’t want to play with her again. So I tell him part of the story, that I don’t want to play with couples again, which is partly true. It’s not entirely my thing at all. But I can’t tell him that she weirded me out.

A few short months later, Leblek leaves Shark for someone else she found on the chat app, this chat app kills relationships… I have become great friends with Shark & he confides in me about his feelings, I message him though the debacle. I feel sorry for him & have no idea what to say. I don’t catch up with him but I do offer to meet with him. We have become good friends & I never knew how close he & I would become.

Now Shark has an lovely partner, who I’ve met, someone who isn’t chatting to a million blokes online, someone that actually loves him. I’m so happy for him because as much as I was friends with Leblek during that time, I actually realise that I didn’t like her… It wasn’t until they broke up that Noodle also revealed that he despised her – I knew he didn’t really like her & just kept the peace as she was in the clique we are in, not that that matters but it surprised me that Noodle didn’t like her that much.


Noodle #7

Noodle & I talk so much that I am worried how invested I am with this guy. He’s got a partner, don’t worry I never forget that fact – but somehow I don’t care, which is weird for me & hard to explain… Usually when a guy tells me he’s married, I write him off… I know I’ve spoken about a few married guys but there have been hundreds I haven’t written about that I just delete…. But with Noodle, there is a pull with this guy, a pull of chemistry & passion that I seriously have never had before… it’s undeniable. He also feels the same, no games, no waiting to message me, no being “busy”, it’s straight up honesty, even when he pisses me off. I have never felt this way about a guy before, I have never been this invested, I mean I have liked guys a lot before but not like this…I am in deep trouble!

But only 2 days later after our last encounter, I am waiting for him again at my house for our usual Tuesday night ritual. I am glad that he’s been able to change his location so he can fake it on his phone, pretending he’s still at work instead of turning it off, hoping she doesn’t notice or by leaving his phone at work & hoping she doesn’t call. What a fucking effort this guy goes too to fuck me! He also tells me later than he always drives back to the store after being at my house to change his location back on, so there’s nothing suspicious if she happens to be looking where he is when he is changing it back. Really, that is a lot of effort, but he tells me that I am definitely worth the effort & he also says that I am worth the risk of losing his family… WOW! That was unexpected…

He gets to my house, I have the front door unlocked for him while I am in the bedroom with my ankles tied to the bed with the restraints on my wrists but not tied to the bed so he can do what he wants to me. He enters the room & says ‘fuck’ as he sees me, naked & semi tied to the bed, it makes me smile knowing I have pleased him, I look at him as sexily as I can (But I think I might come across as injured, not sexy! Hahaha… I don’t know how to look sexy to be honest!), leaning back against him as he comes behind me to cup my tits & kiss my neck. Fuck I love my neck being kissed, his beard tickles my neck while he rubs my tits & gets me excited. I expect him to push me down & tie my hands to the X restraint but he gets rope out of my draw & roughly ties my hands behind my back, pushing my head down to the bed so my ass is in the air. He spanks it hard; I yelp but also moan with pleasure. He fingers me from behind which feels different, I am spread wide in another way which gives him easy access. He makes me cum pretty quickly (of course) before he is sliding into me from behind while also spanking my ass. He picks up my phone – we have been discussed him videoing & taking pictures of us fucking because I think that sounds pretty hot… but I also said he can only use my phone because I don’t want her to find pictures of me in his iPhone trash folder & also so I have veto power if I look like shit! Hahaha.

He starts taking video of him inside me, fucking me… I always complain about not being able to see, because I don’t know if you ever watch a guy when he’s fucking you but they get to watch their cock going in & out of you & they love to watch it… But women of course don’t have the same vantage point so we can’t see what is happening, so I want to see what it looks like. He also spanks my ass again & in the video you can see his hand print come up quickly on my ass, it looks so amazing! I know that’s not for everyone but I loved it so much that I was able to use a setting on my phone to turn the video in a gif file that repeats over & over… Fuck, why is that hotter than the video, him spanking my ass & the red handprint coming up instantly over & over… After that day, I watch it a million times & I seriously love it & tell him we need to video more! He agrees & is pretty happy that I want to video us fucking, I mean what guy wouldn’t want the hottest video of him fucking someone?

Noodle cheating porno video

This is completely fucked up but I feel like I can tell you guys this, but my favourite part with Noodle, is us laying down afterwards & just talking, me hugging him with all my whole body, lying on his chest, legs over him, arms around him tickling his chest hair, while he tickles my back… FUCK I’m in so much trouble here! It’s bittersweet when he gets up to get dressed, we’ve talked about our healthy eating, work, his kid but one of the things we laugh about tonight is how much I want cheezels, he makes a joke about bringing me some & I tell him that he should buy me some! He leaves kissing me goodbye, like 10 times before he goes & I set about tidying up my bedroom where the sheets are completely in disarray. The room smells like our sex, I love that smell… I’ve never liked it before, usually cracking a window as soon as the dude leaves, but this is different. It smells sexy & I can’t get enough of it. I jump into our sex sheets , messaging him but not getting to much of a reply back, which is weird for him.

When I hear a knock on my door, my heart starts pounding & I think, who the fuck is this at my door at almost 10:00 pm. I go to the door as I hear a car drive off… His car? What the fuck is he doing back at my house. I open the front door & on my doorstep is a box of cheezels – no sign of Noodle. OH MY FUCKING GOD, that is so bloody adorable! I send him a picture straight away with a heart eye emoji & say to him that he is not the hard ass guy that he makes out to be, I call him a big softie! He tells me that he that he “May have a tiny weak spot for you… just a small one tho!” I smile like an idiot, what the fuck, this is too cute… This guy usually isn’t like this with me. I eat the cheezels smiling like a tool the whole time, chatting to him again until we go to sleep.

The next time I see Noodle is a Saturday morning, he tells his partner he has to be at work early so he can come over at 5:30 am, but not actually starting until 8:00 am. It’s fucking early for me on my weekend, but I get up & unlock the door & get back into bed, waiting for him. He gets there & I know we have a few hours together. We have sleepy wake up sex for me first before we lay there hugging one another. When I decide to show him a little dominant side of me, I ask him if I can tie him up today & he agrees with a huge grin on his face. I tie him to my X restraints, his arms & legs spread, I come up between his legs & suck him so much that he begs me to fuck him. I giggle & kiss his chest to then kiss his lips, he’s begging me to fuck him, his eyes are filled with that look of pure desire for me to climb on top of him. He’s tied, I’ve never really tied a guy before, I actually quite like this, he’s pulling on the restraints so much that I think he might get out of them soon. But I sit on his lap, just rubbing myself on his cock, never actually letting it inside me… Man this is harder than I thought, I just want his cock in me but fuck I love teasing him!

I just rock back & forth on his cock making it wet before I get a vibe & make myself cum while sitting on top of him. He begs me to fuck him, to stop making myself cum, but I am enjoying this way too much. I am so wet & really want him inside me again, he’s groaning & begging, so I whisper in his ear “How badly do you want to fuck me?” he stares at me intently & says sternly “Just fuck me” I even think he uses my real name, which is unusual for him, when I look at him with a look he says “Please” I chuckle & rub my clit back over his hard cock a few more times as he keeps saying “just fuck me,” before I finally slip him inside me & ride him while he groans saying “thank fuck for that.”

I also let Noodle do anal with me, when I untie him & we’re fucking again, he seems genuinely surprised when I ask him if he wants to fuck my ass, but he says yes instantly, pulling out of me & sliding slowing in my rear. I cum again with my fingers rubbing on my clit. He seems to like that too!

That was a very fun couple of hours & I look forward to being more dominant in the future. It was really my first real experience being a switch & I really liked it! I tell him later how much I liked seeing his face struggling to get me inside him (now I know why men like to see women struggle!) & he said “You enjoy it way too much”, I say “Yeah of course, it was fucking hot!” he says “You’re fucking hot” Jesus, that was unexpected!



I could honestly write so much about J-Lo, but I wasn’t writing much when I was actually chatting to him, so I can’t really remember everything about our interactions. But he is relevant to my story & relevant to my life, so I’ll give him a post at least & I will probably mention him a lot through the blog posts…

I started chatting to J-Lo on the chat app, just after I started seeing Noodle & chatted to him most days for over 2 years! We chatted about my relationships, my stupid life & what I was doing at the time. J-Lo is a few years older than me, who is divorced with 2 kids. He has a partner who seems to always have her period, is sick or is away interstate for work, so much so that they never have sex ever, so I always wonder what he is still doing with her considering he doesn’t seem that happy, or he wouldn’t be online chatting… I don’t get it, I mean I want sex daily, so I don’t understand how this woman has a man with a sex drive that matches mine & yet here I am single & she has a partner… I know that it’s not all about sex, but it’s a big part of a relationship for me – being close & intimate with someone is just as important as any part of a relationship. I mean even Noodle said I put sex on a pedestal & I guess I do, I don’t ever want to be in a situation where my partner is looking online for something else when he could have me! J-Lo gets less sex than I do & I’m fucking married men… But he seems to me like he feels like he is stuck, I try & help him but I think I just make it worse by suggesting that he leave & not understanding why he’d stay if he’s so unhappy… For me, cheating isn’t just the act of sex or kissing, for me it’s the emotional connection my partner has with someone else, even if it is online… I wouldn’t want a stranger knowing intimate details about me… It was bad enough that once Max told Sweetie that I had my period & she messaged me to tell me we had the same cycle. I don’t really like talking about my period to be honest – I know I go on & on about kink not being taboo, so I’m trying to be more open about my period but I didn’t need him to tell his wife! So the fact I know so much about J-Lo’s partner & his life with her, is to me, worse than anything physical we could’ve done.

I’ll be honest with you, even though he may read this as one of the few men that know about this blog, in fact he’s actually the one who encouraged me to get it off the ground the second time. So I thank him for that… There were many times when I could see J-Lo & I together, even though I have others in the picture, I still could potentially see myself with him. But even though he could’ve met me many times when his partner was away for work, we never did… Not even for a drink, I did try to get him to meet me a couple of times, but he always had an excuse for it… Probably for the best to be honest. However he became a very good friend, I valued his opinion & asked him advice on the men I was seeing – which could’ve been part of our problem I guess? I did always sense that he got jealous of other men in my life or more so the kinky sex I am having…

Chatting one day, as usual, we actually drive past each other on a country road out by Keith, I was going to the South East for work & he was in Naracoorte the night before so he was driving home as I was driving down there, that was the only time I ever see him face to face, sort of, he waved, I waved & that was it. We continued to chat but just before Christmas, after 2 years of chatting almost daily, he just stopped writing back to me… On Christmas day I sent a message & it sat at sending forever. I check every now & then to see if he read it. But it never changes to a R for read.

I decide that if he does ever message me I’ll just read it & never reply. But I never speak to him again. It’s saddens me because he was with me through the whole life debacles & even though I never met him, I miss chatting to him. But he never wanted to physically cheat on his partner, that’s why we never met. He said he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

I actually overthink about what happened to him & I assume he died or that his partner found out about the chat app. I am crushed, I am at an all time low point in my life for other reasons – you’ll find out if you keep reading & then this guy who I really thought was different, who I thought was a friend, just acts like every other douche guy!

j-lo silence dating sex new meet

Months later, mid-April, I am looking though my chats & see that his profile picture has changed! WTF DUDE! I am so angry that I type out a message before I can even stop myself “WTF you’re still on the chat app” he reads it almost straight away, my heart is pounding… This guy knows everything I’ve been through & he just deserted me. I plan not to reply to whatever bullshit excuse he will spin me but he is typing for ages that I think fuck something happened here…

He tells me that he had some health issues & was put into hospital over Christmas, that he only recently came back onto the chat app but didn’t know how to talk to me after the way he stopped talking to me… FUCK. I can’t be angry at this & so I soften & start chatting to him. He’s still with his partner & enjoying his new job, but he’s also still got some health issues that he’s dealing with. He asks about me & well, I won’t spoil what is happening in my life, just yet, keep reading to find out!


Erotica: Scene Ten – Her Surprise

We’re nearing the end… I hope that you’ve all enjoyed these stories…

Here’s a link to the other scenes… Scene one – Nipple Bells, Scene two – Wake Up Call , Scene Three – His Orgasm & Scene Four – The Wake Up Call , Scene Five – Blindfold, Scene Six – Shower, Scene Seven – Anticipation, Scene Eight – Watching & Scene Nine- Quick Fuck.

Scene Ten – Her Surprise

I finish work early, making sure I get home before him.
I’m determined to give him a surprise.
I put a note on the front door that says “Find me, Finger me, Fuck me.”
I know it will make him smile, the three F’s.
I go to the bedroom, strip down to a black lace panty & bra set, knowing it won’t be on me long.
I lay on the bed, waiting.
When I hear his car pull up, my heart starts to race, like a school girl.
I stand up & keep my back to the bedroom door.
I hear the front door open & close.
I hear his keys hit the entry table & a few of his footsteps but then when he hits the carpet I hear nothing.
I stand there waiting, so ready to turn around & find out where he is.
But I know if I stand here, like he’d want me to, the reward will be so much better.
The hairs stand up all over my body as I feel him walk into the room.
I can’t help but feel a shiver run down my spine as he stands centimeters away from me.
Not touching me, just standing near me.
I love how he can have this effect on me without even touching me.
As his hands touch my shoulders gently, I let out a gasp & lean back gently against him as he steps forward.
Our bodies fitting so well together.

Surprise sex wanting dating
He whispers in my ear “You look perfect”
I smile, feeling every bit as perfect as he sees.
His fingers graze my skin lightly to find my hands, he pulls them together at my back & I feel his neck tie start to be wrap around them.
He ties them with such care but then tightens the fabric & I feel like I won’t get away.
He tugs my pony tail so my head is on his shoulder & my neck exposed for him.
He trails kisses down my neck as a hand glides down the front of me, brushing my covered breast, then settling just above my panty line.
I rock my hips forward to try to get him to dip his hand lower.
He does.
“You’re so wet for me”
I smile moaning as his fingers work his magic & make me cum within a few short minutes.
My arms pulling against his tie, making it even tighter as I cum.
I quiver, my legs weak but he growls in my ear “On your knees.”
I do as I’m told, sinking to my knees, being thankful that he didn’t make me stand much longer.
He walks around in front of me with his cock out, just out through his fly.
One had is around his length rubbing it for his enjoyment, but also I start licking my lips knowing where it is going.
He steps forward & I lick the tip of his cock.
I open my mouth wider for his whole cock to slide in.
He’s hands reach my hair tugging each side to move my head where he wants it.
He starts to fuck my mouth with his thick cock.
I choke on it.
He seems to like it.
I feel helpless with my hands tied behind my back & my hair being pulled to take his cock deeper & deeper.
I try hard not to gag on his cock but it’s too big for me to take.
My eyes start watering & I gag more & more each time he thrusts.
I’m scared I’m going to vomit on him but he keeps going.
Harder & faster & deeper.
Then I feel him about to cum.
He pulls his cock out & starts stroking it, so close to my face, I know he likes to cum on me, but I keep my mouth open because he hasn’t told me to shut it either.
“Oh yes, Good Girl” he growls as his cum hits my mouth, cheeks & a little dribbles down my chin, I poke my tongue out to lick it up, then lean forward to take his cock back in my mouth so as not to waste a drop.


Guest Blog: Divorce

Another one from my fellow blogger She-Wolf.

I feel like we have a similar writing style & some similar experiences… What do you think? You will find out why some of her posts are so relevant to me & I will reference them when I can!

Thanks for letting me share!


So… my marriage is over.

Surprisingly, this is a lot more difficult for me to write about than I expected.

My (now Ex) husband announced last night- via sms- that he plans to reconcile with his ex wife, for the sake of his son.

He was wonderfully articulate about it. He did his best to be gentle and comforting. He could not be more apologetic; so that was something at least. Also, the marriage meant that he had to call it off; he couldn’t turn ghost on me and never speak to me again.

That being said, rejection still stings like a bitch, and after some particularly confronting personal news, this was just the perfect dressing on top of my suck-salad.

I even surprised myself with how well I took it. I didn’t abuse him (which is a big deal for me, given that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; especially when that woman is me). I didn’t get drunk (like I wanted to). I didn’t bury my face in a trough of ice cream and pity-eat myself up a whole dress size, either.

I cried alone.

I cried on the phone to my best friends.

I cried with my cat.

Eventually, I cried myself to sleep.

It was fitful; I tossed and turned all night. It felt like I had this cinder block of sad, weighing on my chest all night; with bags of gravel being left under my eyes in the morning.

If I’m being truly honest with myself, I knew it was coming. He stopped contacting me as frequently. He stopped his ritual of telling me every day how beautiful and desirable I am, and that no man has a better, more beautiful, intelligent or articulate wife anywhere. He stopped saying that he loved me.

The saddest part in all of this – in my opinion- is not my wasted, much abused heart; it’s that he’s only reconciling with his ex wife for the sake of his child. A parents’ love is a powerful thing. I’m no stranger to it myself.

What I struggle with is the fact that he would rather his child see him miserable- but woth his mother, than happy and without her. Having been the byproduct of a very unhappy home life, I question his decision.

That being said, I haven’t told him that I feel that way. It’s not my place. He’s made his decision and now he has to run with it. I stupidly even suggested that he and I remain friends. He would apparently like that very much. I told him that I could deal with that- being friends- but that he was to never ask me to be his wife again. Given that this is the closest I’ve come to an actual marriage (though I’ve been engaged several times), it hurt me a lot more than anticipated.

Much of that pain comes from the fact that, in the few precious moments we shared as husband and wife, it felt real. I got a taste of what it would be like to have a husband come home to me and treat me well and appreciate me to the fullest. I discovered that I love being called wife, and that having a husband make love to you is a deeper, more profound experience than having a lover that fucks you. I loved that, after cooking for him, he’d look at me like I hung the moon.

Divorce Breakup tragedy

That taste has become like a craving in me- especially now that I’m not getting it. That is something I will have to live with. I have learned through this that, even though it hurts like a bitch, it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

I know with certainty that I could be an amazing wife one day, and that any man would be damn lucky to have me. That’s what I’m choosing to take away.

The upside to all this is that I’m now able to keep experimenting with new lovers guilt free, for your reading pleasure. That, and the spiteful part of me feels less bad about cursing my husband and feeding him non-halal meat.

She-Wolf xx

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Noodle #6

Noodle has now worked out how to fake his location on his iPhone (which is pretty hard to do, he had to load some program or jail break the phone, I don’t really know what he did but somehow, he did it, so he could see me more easily, pretend he’s still at the store but actually be at my place with his phone in case she calls – I really don’t want her to know where I live either since she’ll apparently bash me!) and he showed me how his phone had recorded his location for the few times that he’s already been to my house. I think I freaked out more than him, asking him to delete it immediately. His partner does not sound stable (though I know I only get his perspective of her, don’t worry, I’m not completely delusional about my part in this) & he’s also cheating on her, so I don’t know what a scorned woman would do. I don’t trust her so I want to be careful, he assures me that he will protect my identify at all costs, should she ever find about me. I believe that he will – I trust him with my address & real name… I know when this goes south & believe me, I am also not delusional that it won’t, it will, he will make sure I am not in the cross fire. I appreciate that at least. I even ask him to promise that he won’t ghost me, that he’ll find a way to tell me that it’s over. He says that he’ll try, but it may not be possible.

Noodle adventure sex dating

So the next day, Sunday afternoon, he says that he’ll come over in his lunch break again, I am surprised at how much this guy has been able to see me so far, that we are able to see each other a few days in a row! I am also surprised as how much he wants to see me… Not many guys have ever wanted to see me this much! Or wanted to talk to me this much…. I think that is our downfall, but we are powerless to stop it.

I leave the door open for him & am in my bedroom when I hear him come in, I meet him in the hallway, we collide the second we meet, kissing with such passion & stripping so quickly. I have never had this kind of passion with someone before, it’s fucking nuts – I can barely control myself around him. I know you probably think I am like that with every guy, but I’m not. I get turned on, yes, but not ever like this before. I can’t be around this man without his hands on me, mouth on me or cock in me… It’s almost like I can’t get him close enough to me, or inside me quick enough. We’re in my bedroom and fucking quicker than I care to admit. I cum several times before he jumps up while I am on my stomach & I hear him ruffling through my draws, he grabs my hands roughly behind my back & ties them together (He doesn’t get this dominant very often that I get so wet from just this small act), he turns me over roughly & starts kissing me all over. With this angle the tie is digging into my arm, it’s starting to hurt a little so I try to turn over to expose my wrists & I ask him to loosen it but he smacks my ass & says no. FUCK, I literally get even wetter. I’m not even sure how that works… He fucks me again & finally once he’s done, he unties my hands & I realise that one of thumbs is a little numb. it actually stays numb for a few days that I actually fear he’s done some permanent damage, but it gets better & am kinda sad that I don’t have that little reminder of how naughty we were that Sunday afternoon!

We cuddle lying on the bed, again somehow I don’t like cuddling but my whole body is cuddling him, drawing him in as close as i can get to him. His hands are never stationary on my body, they run up & down my skin feeling every lump & bump. We lay there chatting , he looks at his watch then at me & runs his hands even more suggestively over me so they are between my legs slowly turning me back on. He makes me cum this way before rolling on top of me, sliding into me, we’re face to face, I can’t look away, our eyes lock & to be honest, this is probably the first time that I have fucked a guy where I haven’t looked away. Usually I close my eyes when they look at me as it’s too intimate or something. But this time, this guy, I look at him, he’s looking at me, he’s deep inside me & I’m seriously tingling all over, when he kisses my neck, OMG that feels fucking amazing as he slowly slides in & out of me, he keeps moving his mouth, down my body till he is sucking a nipple, I moan the loudest I have ever moaned, without even realising it or being able to control it, usually I am pretty quiet during sex, contrary to what you may think because of this blog.

He moves from nipple to nipple, sucking while he slowly fucks me, I can hear him chuckle as I moan even louder & louder, squirming under him, trying to get away, he takes my hands & pins them above my head, I beg him to stop sucking my nipples, even though I don’t want him to stop. Why do we do that? Tell someone to stop when we really don’t want them too so we require a safe word? Why don’t we just mean stop when we say stop… But I don’t mean it & he doesn’t stop!

He keeps doing it over & over, letting my hands go so it doesn’t take long till I am cumming loudly grabbing onto him, digging my nails in his back. As I cum for what seems like the tenth time, quivering & shaking like I never have before, my legs shake uncontrollably, he cums for the second time in 2 hours & as we lay there afterwards trying to regain our breath, he says that he never cums twice ever – Well you just did Noodle! Hahaha. Geez, that was also a long lunch break!

Later when Noodle & I are chatting, he tells me that if it wasn’t me, he would’ve chosen someone else to cheat with & my heart sinks a little… I actually thought I mean’t something to him… I know he’s a liar & a smooth talker, I mean how else did we get here, but I din’t think he’d be so brutally honest with me. I can’t hide my disappointment & I’m surprised that he spends so much time reassuring me that I’m not the most convenient person he could’ve chosen to cheat with, he tells me that he actually likes me & then puts my mind at ease, “You’re very easy to talk to, can be funny (hate admitting that), sexy as fuck, dirty minded and I actually really like your honesty” WOW… I don’t even know what to respond to that. He also says “I’m pretty sure your everyone’s crush on here, but it’s all good… cos I had a crush on you and I got to fuck you, so I can’t complain.” Well at least I know I he’s feeling a little the same as I am. Why am I feeling this way?!