Fiction : Fleaz #17 & #18

I am dressed in a sleeveless lace crimson dress that comes just above my knees, the front & back are both cut into a V neck, I am ready to go,

“You look beautiful Kristie, I’ll just finish getting ready & meet you downstairs in a minute” I walk downstairs with my shoes in my hand, standing by the front door, Conner told me not to be late & now he’s stuffing around in the bedroom. What is he doing? I slide on my strappy black heels as he walks down the stairs, catching my gaze we lock eyes, he’s in a suit, looking devastatingly handsome with a crimson tie that matches my dress, that is so cute!  I didn’t know he was going to wear a tie, let alone match it with my dress, I didn’t even know that he took that much notice of what I put on tonight, he stops at the bottom of the stairs looking nervous, when I see he’s holding something, it looks like a Tiffany’s blue box with a thick white ribbon, I mentally wonder what the hell he might have bought me & what the occasion is. I know how expensive it can be but I become so excited to get my first Tiffany’s piece. I smile at him, my annoyance disappears from him keeping me waiting, he slowly takes one step closer to me

“I love you” he pulls on the ribbon undoing the perfect bow, “so much, those words don’t even seem adequate” I freeze, the ribbon falls to the floor, I am paralysed as he takes another slow step closer, “You are my everything” lifting the lid off the box, dropping it to the floor, I can’t see inside it “I have never felt this way before, I know that I cannot live without you.” He tips the box upside down & a black box slides into his waiting hand. My breath catches. “I don’t want to find out what life would be like without you” the blue box drops to the floor with the ribbon, he takes the final step, standing directly in front of me “You are my happily ever after” he drops to bended knee, a tear wells in my eye, he opens the black box presenting it to me “Kristie Callan, will you marry me?” I stop breathing. Inside is a platinum band with a huge claw set princess cut diamond, with complimenting round brilliant cut diamonds channelled in the band, it’s the ring I pinned on Pinterest about 5 years ago as my dream ring that I never in a million years ever thought I would get. The tears are blurring my vision, I try to find my voice, but I am lost for words, this is so unexpected, we hadn’t ever really talked about marriage. I really thought that Conner never wanted to get married & here he is on his knee in front of me, looking so worried, I am smiling from ear to ear, tears streaming down my face, but I cannot speak. He takes the ring out of the box, holding it up to me, I put my left hand out flat to him, he hesitates before pushing it on my hand, as I haven’t been able to answer him yet

“Yes” he slides it on my finger & it fits perfectly “a thousand times, yes” I say again to confirm. I don’t know how he has pulled this off. I don’t even care, that was the most perfect moment of my life, I didn’t see it coming yet I was lucky enough to have the most perfect man giving me my perfect ring. I bend down grabbing his face in my hands, kissing him, he stands during the passionate kiss to embrace me tightly “I love you Conner. You’ve made me the happiest woman alive. How did you… it’s so perfect.” I am crying, ruining my make-up I spent ages doing for this evening.

“Perfect ring for a perfect girl” I laugh as his looks at my hand “I have everything I ever wanted, I want to give you everything you want”

“You are everything I want” I don’t know how long we kiss for but I know that if we keep going we’ll end up in bed & late for dinner. “Aren’t we going to be late?”

“No, I told you 6 so you’d be ready, but the reservation isn’t till 7” he winks, I swoon “You have to call your family” I call mum & dad, my sister Samantha & my brother Bentley to tell them, I cry most of the time & Conner has to take the phone to finish telling them before they think someone has died. They are all so excited for us, they don’t know Conner’s full story, he doesn’t want anyone else to know but they know something happened & he has no family left. Once I have calmed down a bit I call Sophie & Savannah, they are both so excited. I take a photo of Conner & I holding hands showing off my ring with my phone & send it to a few other friends including my extended family. On the way to the restaurant, our phones are constantly beeping with congratulation texts, we ignore them for now, just wanting to enjoy each this moment

“I don’t want to wait long before we are married” His statement surprises me, I never thought that Conner ever wanted to get married “I have savings, enough for whatever your dream wedding is, so all we have to do is organise it”  Whatthefuck?

“Really?” I gape at him, he takes his eyes off the road for a second to meet my gaze

“Yes, really” We’d never really talked about money before, we both paid our way, generally equally, although Conner paid for more than me but it wasn’t like we kept tabs on it

“This ring must have taken a good chunk of that savings though & with the new house…” I knew the ring was expensive, especially from Tiffany’s plus we’d just bought the new house, he couldn’t have too much savings left

“Nope, still plenty. So what’s the dream?” I laugh, I have been dreaming of my wedding since I was a little girl, I always wanted a huge wedding with all the trimmings, princess style dress & 6 or 7 bridesmaids, but as I play with the stunning ring on my finger, I shift in my seat to look at Conner

“I don’t really care about a perfect wedding anymore, I want a marriage, I want you” He takes his hand off the wheel & entwines his fingers with mine

“You got me babe” as if on cue the music changes & Muse ‘Endlessly’ comes on through the sound system in the car “I want to dance my first married dance with you to this song” my mouth falls open wide “What? Too corny?”

“No, it’s the song I always wanted” We laugh


“Yeah, it’s perfect.”

“Song choice done!” he seems proud of himself like that is the biggest decision we have to make, he checks it off his imaginary list “What else? Honeymoon? Somewhere we can be naked the whole time” he winks, I can’t help but laugh, I always pictured my honeymoon somewhere tropical

“Bora Bora maybe, but it’s really expensive…” He squeezes my hand

“Bora Bora it is! What else? What type of wedding do you want? Church? Beach? Outdoor?”

“I always wanted to get married in the church my parents got married in but I’m not churchy, I think maybe outdoors?”

“Any thoughts where because then we can check availability & book a date” I really had to laugh at that

“You’re so keen, what’s the rush?” he squeezes my hand again but let’s go to turn into the restaurant car park, I barely hear his response

“I’ve never had a family” I almost start crying, he leaps out of the car so fast I don’t even get time to respond or take in what he said. He opens my car door helping me out, I embrace him as soon as I am standing

“I am your family, married or not” I snuggle into him “but we will book a date soon, I don’t ever want you to feel like you don’t have me” he kisses my hair, I hear him sniff, he squeezes me tighter before releasing me, taking my hand & pulling me into the restaurant.

After we’re seated & being served an expensive bottle of wine, we order entrée & mains, the waiter leaves us alone.

“I think I would like to get married at Carrick Hill, then have the reception there afterwards” Conner’s face lights up, once we’ve picked a location, the date will be set & plans will start to fall into place “I’ll call them tomorrow to see if we can go have a look?”

“I don’t need to look if you know it’s what you want” I smile “What else do you want? Colour?” I almost wonder if Conner has researched a ‘wedding to do’ list so we can organise everything tonight. 

“Green” Easy choice, my favourite colour, also the colour of his eyes


“Samantha will be my matron of honour” I always knew my sister would be mine as I was her maid of honour “Maybe Hannah, Savannah & Sophie, depending on who you want”

“My best man will be Tyler, maybe Bentley, Damon & Carter?” I was touched he wanted my brother Bentley & brother in law Damon in his wedding party, I understand why he wants my family, who I am so close with, in our wedding. “Do you want an engagement party?”

“If we’re getting married quickly we probably don’t need one” He leans over the table in close to me, reaching out to touch my hand

“I didn’t ask if you needed one” he winks “we could have a BBQ or something in a few weeks? Could be like a housewarming too?”

“Good idea, engagement party sorted! I’ll do a Facebook invite” he laughs & our entrée arrives at the table

“Facebook invite, really?” I nod taking a bite of the haloumi entrée

“Yeah why not? It’s free”

“It’s tacky & money doesn’t matter” I ignore the money comment, of course money matters!

“Who cares if it’s tacky?” I ask

“I do” Conner is serious but I can’t help but laugh, he is a man of surprises tonight!

“Really? Why?” he doesn’t look at me, I can’t work him out tonight

“I’ve never had a party before” I almost blurt out ‘ever’ & I realise that of course he hasn’t, foster parents probably never thought to plan a party.

“I’ll make proper invites, there’s a few good websites I can use”

“Thank you” he reaches over & squeezes my hand

“Conner it’s your wedding too, you can tell me what you want”

“I want whatever you want baby, honestly, if you want to do a Facebook invite, I will be ok with that, as long as I get you in the end forever, it all doesn’t matter” I smile shyly, I pull out my phone & look at the calendar “Have you posted that photo to Facebook yet?” I shake my head

“Do you want me too?”

“Yes, I want everyone to know” I giggle, of course he does, I post the photo of our hands showcasing my ring & go back to looking at my calendar

“So we’ve got nothing on the next four Saturdays”

“Three weeks then. We’ll just do a BBQ, I’ll speak to Ado at the butchers. I’ll get some cartons of beer & some wine and you can do a salad or two, just something small to celebrate this with our friends” I couldn’t love him more than when he talked about planning this party. My heart aches for the little boy who never had a party.

Fleaz #18

When I walk into our bedroom after washing my face & brushing my teeth, Conner has the laptop fired up & on his lap, he was sitting there in just his boxers, googling something

“What’s the website for invites?” he looks up as I walk in

“Vistaprint or Moonpig are both good” he basically ignores me to get back to designing the invites. I check my Facebook notifications & respond to the texts from earlier, when I walk back into our room, Conner is still designing away, I ask him to unzip my dress, he is so distracted he barely even looks at my zipper, I turn to face him letting my dress fall in a puddle by my feet, I am wearing crimson lace bra with matching g string, that gets his attention, I bend over purposefully to pick up the dress making sure he gets a good view of my cleavage, I walk away, opening the wardrobe & hanging the dress up, I walk over to the dresser taking off my jewellery, all but my new sparkling diamond ring, Conner doesn’t take his eyes off me, he shuts the laptop & puts it on the floor next to him, he kneels on the bed, crawling towards me, as I continue to ignore him, I bend over again to pick up some of his clothes

“Are you teasing me?” I look at him sweetly, folding his discarded clothes, I try to get past him, but he catches my elbow pulling me hard against him “because it’s working” he leans in to kiss me, his hands running all over my skin, his hands find my bra clasp & rapidly discard it on the floor “I can’t believe you are all mine sometimes” he kisses my breasts, giving each one attention until they stand erect for him, my body is writhing for him already, I can feel how wet I am becoming, I tug at his boxers, bending down to pull them to his bent knees, I lower myself to my own knees, he leans back on his heels to make himself the same height as me, he knows what I have planned, I take his cock in my mouth, he smiles at me wickedly, groaning loudly, I only use my hands to pump his length a few times, before I put them behind my back where he likes them. His hands find my hair, pulling tightly which only spurs me on

“Oh yeah” his hips push him further into my mouth “You are so good at this” I suck the length of his cock, taking him deep into my throat, he starts to move faster & I know it won’t be long “I’m coming” he alerts me so I have time to pull away if I want to, I keep going, sucking his cock harder till his spurts his semen into my mouth, “Jesus… Fuck…” his palms flatten on my hair as he releases me. Licking my lips, I kiss his inner thighs as he straightens up to kneeling position, I stand back up, he immediately kisses my nipples, his hands push my g string down, allowing gravity to do most of the work, he pulls me in closer but doesn’t lay me down, his fingers find my wet centre, he looks pleased at how wet I am for him. As his fingers enter me, I arch my back, his mouth finds my nipples, his thumb gently circles my clit, I know he is going to make me come standing up without support, I know he will catch me, he pulls one of my legs up to edge of the bed, it gives him easier access to my clit, I rest my hands on his shoulders as his fingers toy with me & his mouth assaults my nipples.

“Conner I can’t stand for this” I groan, I can’t move either, I am coming already

“Yes you can baby” he increases his speed “you feel so good” his words always make the difference, I am coming quickly, his arm grabs me around the waist as my knee buckles as I come, I shout out a garbled version of Conner’s name, as he leans back onto his heels again, pulling me onto his lap. His cock fills me as I kneel on him, his lips kiss my neck, finding my mouth he kisses me as I come down from my orgasm. As I feel the pulses slow, Conner picks me up & places me so I am lying on the edge of the bed, he is standing, still inside me, he has my feet up in the air by his shoulders, he holding my ankles tightly as he starts to pull in & out of me, the speed & force is pushing me up the bed, but he holds my ankles tightly, his slapping against me

“Touch your breasts” I open my eyes & look at him is he serious? “Go on, pretend your hands are mine” I do as he asks, I run my hands all over my breasts, tweaking my nipples till they are standing up stiff, I then flatten my palms & rub my fingers gently over them but now I am matching Conner’s rhythm over the top of my nipples ever so slightly “that’s it baby, do to them, what I can’t” he gestures to his hands on my ankles, “Soft & fast” I speed up as Conner thrusts harder, then I tweak each nipple & come hard squeezing tightly around his cock, I scream out not able to say any words, Conner thrusts only a few more times before he fills me shouting out my name & an expletive too. As his cock twitches inside me, he lets me legs fall & he lies flat on me, as his standing he only reaches my nipples which he takes in in his mouth, my body shudders & I feel his cock flitch again. Our breathing comes back to normal Conner is looking a little pissed off

“What’s wrong?” I ask & he huffs

“You noticed?”

“Of course I have, spill it before I think it’s me?”

“Baby, it’s never you” he pauses “We got engaged tonight, I wanted to make love to you, not fuck you with your legs in the air” I crack up laughing, his lips break into a sideways grin “Are you going to be angry at me for being angry at something I shouldn’t be angry at?” He chuckles, pulling his cock out of me

“Yes” I run my hand through his hair “We always make love Conner, just because it’s a little rougher, which I like remember, doesn’t mean it’s not love.” I pull him in to kiss me, “We have intimacy, we love each other, that is more important to me than slow sweet sex,” I grin at him “Besides…. I like it with my legs in the air” he pulls me tight against him

“Fuck I love you” I smile


I wake up in the middle of the night, Conner has the laptop on his lap, he is still naked, as am I and I am lying on my stomach wondering if Conner has been to sleep yet & how long I have been out for

“I didn’t wake you did I?” I lifted my head to peer around to see what he is working on so late. It is the invites, I smile

“No Dimples” I kiss his leg, because I didn’t feel strong enough to move “Do you want to show me?” he turns the computer towards me, I swear in the glow of the laptop I can see he is blushing. He’s made an engagement invite using a collage of photos of us, some of the photos I don’t even remember being taken but in all of them we are smiling or kissing, some a stupid selfies we took at sporting events or concerts we’d been too. He’d written over the top in bold black writing ‘Join us celebrating how happy we are now that we have each other at our engagement party’ a tear wells in my eyes.

“Is it too lame?” I scramble to sit up on my knees as close to his leg as I can

“Not lame at all, I love it” I throw my arms around his neck & kiss him deeply, when I pull away I have tears flowing down my cheeks “So much better than a stupid Facebook invite!” he laughs, wiping my tear

“So I can order them?” I nod snuggling into his nook, he puts his arm around me & turns the computer back to him to finish the order, he doesn’t look at how much they cost, ordering envelopes to match, I am so blissfully happy that I don’t care either. I notice he has another google tab open, the title is ‘Carrick Hill’ I smile but don’t want to embarrass him so I just hug him tighter & notice his cock starting to stand to attention between him & the laptop. My hand resting on his chest slides down to grasp it, he moans, I run my hand up & down the length of it, making him harder, he pushes the laptop down his legs, he entwines his fingers in each other & they find the back of his head as he throws it back in the pillows & leather headboard, this spurs me on, I pump his cock hard, giving it a squeeze “Shit Kristie” I spread the moisture from his tip down his shaft, I sit up a little so I can use both hands, the other hand cupping his balls & tugging on them gently, he sucks in a deep breath, as I know he close already, I lean down & take him in my mouth, it surprises him as his head is tilted back & he can’t see what I am doing, he groans louder “I’m coming” he doesn’t given me much warning before I am swallowing his hot liquid, I pump a few more times to take his orgasm further, he shudders & his hands fall down to his sides, he lifts his head as I come up from his cock too “I’m glad I get you forever” I giggle licking his come from my lips, I lean into kiss him. He moves quickly, pushing me backwards on the bed, pinning me down kissing every inch of my neck, his fingers enter me & he feels me flinch “Are you too sore baby? I want to repay the favour” he kisses my nose, he doesn’t move his fingers around, I pull his hand out from between my legs, wincing slightly as his fingers leave me, I am so horny & wet still but I am sore & don’t know if I can take it there, I roll over instead & lift my hips in the air so Conner gets the idea “Are you sure?” he asks as I nod

“I want you to have me every way possible”

“You have to tell me if it’s too much” I nod again. He positions himself behind me, my legs on either side of his knees, he lifts my hips higher so I am more exposed. His hand comes between my legs spreading the moisture around to my other opening, he caresses my butt cheek with the other hand. He spends a lot of time lubricating me & pays special attention to my clit, I know I need to relax, I take a deep breath & enjoy what he is doing, he slips his thumb in & out of my back opening, I didn’t even expect it but I come loudly & quickly, instantly Conner rubs the new moisture around again, he slides his cock between my legs, he pumps back & forth, lubricating himself on me, it feels so amazing as I am still coming down from my orgasm “We can stop at any time baby, just tell me” he’s still rocking his length back & forth on my folds

“Just go slow” I dig my forearms into the mattress to give me support, he withdraws his cock from rubbing my outer lips & his hand does a final sweep taking as much moisture as he can before he rests the tip of his cock at that entrance

“Anytime, just say stop” his hands rest on my hips holding me steady, he pushes inside me ever so slightly, I moan, it feels weird, but also really good “Is that ok?” I nod, unable to speak, he pushes in a little further, I let out another moan, it hurts a little but it still feels good, “Last little bit baby, how does it feel?”

“Weird… Amazing…” he pushes in the last bit until I feel his hips against my cheeks. I feel like he doesn’t even need to move to make me come, I am already building with his cock filling me so full, he pulls out a tiny bit & pushes back in, he lets out a sigh, I know this feels good for him. It doesn’t hurt like I thought it would & it is so erotic, I thought it would be gross.

“Sit back against me baby” he pulls me up so I am sitting on his lap “I don’t want to hurt you, you go as fast as you want” I link my hands behind his head, his hands grip my breasts as they push forward, tugging on my nipples, I lift up off him & down ever so slowly, still getting used to this foreign feeling, “Does that feel good?” he kisses my neck, rubbing my nipples with his flat fingers, I can only moan in appreciation of how amazing this feels “This feels incredible Kristie, I’m not going to last long” one of his hands heads down my body & assaults my clit, it spurs my rhythm faster, it hurts a little but it doesn’t seem to matter once my body starts building towards another orgasm

“I’m going to come Conner…” I push up & down only a few times, his hand speeds up on my clit, his fingers tweak my nipple & I am coming hard, I cry out loud, my eyes go blurry, I hands go weak, I am limp on his lap. Conner grabs my hips & steady’s me for his own release, he gently keeps my rhythm & thrusts before coming loudly in my ear, he fills my back passage & it feels strange but that was one of the best orgasms of my life. He doesn’t stay in me like he usually does till our breathing slows, he gently pulls out of me carefully, I basically pass out, falling on the bed, Conner lays gently next to me, caressing my skin

“Wow Kristie that was…” he kisses my lips “… Mind blowing” & I fall asleep, completely & thoroughly fucked.


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