I am going to be brutally honest & this post probably won’t even be 500 words! What a way to spoil it! Hahaha. Sorry.

I have limited notes so most of this is just memory but I need you to hear these stories… This happened shortly before I ended things with Silverlining. I was chatting to Tattoo online a fair bit & we were getting along so we decided to meet for a drink.

Why does chatting online come so easily with some men, its funny, cheeky, even easy & so you start planning your life with these men thinking about how they’re going to fit in your life, yet you’ve not even met them… Does anyone else do this?

When Tattoo & I meet, he’s British – you all know I love this. He’s covered in tattoos – not an issue for me, I have 7 myself but mine all aren’t on show, all hidden. But he’s also bald – which you all know I don’t love. He spends a lot of time telling me about his tattoos & what they mean, I’m pretty sure there were actual sea creatures, not just cartoons or artist impressions, they were actual sea creatures like from a science book. He talks a lot about his work & how much he earns, saying he earns over $120k for the job he does is probably fucking bullshit – I can’t remember what he did but I remember thinking I’m either underpaid, he’s overpaid or lying. Probably the latter!

We met at a pub I seem to have every first date at, the staff there must see me with a different guy every few months & think I’m a prostitute or something. Hahaha. The date goes ok, as we sit there, chatting & laughing, I know I am not 100% invested in this guy, however like always I am open to a second date, you know – to give them a go. FFS.

I’d had a couple of wines & he’d had a few drinks, when we go to leave he says he didn’t drive there & he’ll wait around for a Uber home. Before I even know what I’ve said I offer to drive him home. WTF #IBD4U. Why would you offer to drop this weirdo home… (he’s not a weirdo but I mean he’s a stranger – then again you have let men stick their dick in you after a short date… Maybe this isn’t that bad!) His suburb is a little further away than mine but I drop him off anyway. As I pull up at his house & park, he does ask me inside which I say no it’s late blah blah blah in a school night, so he leans over & kisses me goodbye. Quite a long passionate kiss. He says that he has a great night & asks to do it again. I say my standard yes.

The next day I receive a message from him, telling me that he had a good time but he doesn’t want to take it any further with me… OK. So at least one thing I realised is that while I say the standard yes to seeing them again, they are doing the obligatory hope to see you again speech. I just never thought anyone would ever use it on me, I’ve been ghosted so much, I just assumed people would do that if they didn’t want to see you…

So another one bites the dust hurting my feelings without even trying… Soon after this things are over with Silverlining & I try to date some other men… Look how well that turns out!

Well look at that – I did get 500 words out of this date!


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