Dom Dom #4

At this point, I haven’t spoken to Dom Dom in a little while but he pops up every now & then, we chat, he tries to phone sex with me, I am not always into it, I think he realises that something is up with me – why I’m not interested or getting involved & so then he disappears for a while.

I’m sitting at home one Saturday afternoon when he asks what I’m doing. I say nothing, because that’s true. Next minute he’s on his way to my house saying that he’s in the area. I don’t know what it is about this guy, before Milky, Dom Dom was probably the most influential in my sex life, however I hadn’t ever actually met him until recently. But when he comes over, as much as I want to see him, I also don’t… I know he also reads these blogs so I will be honest – I’ve told him not to read but one thing about this guy is hard for me to say knowing he reads, but I always give you honesty. This guy as you know is married. He’s not leaving his wife either. He is also very dominant, which I love. But is always on his terms. His time schedule. I used to run late for work because he would call me for phone sex, then he’d hang up like I meant nothing & would say later he had to go to work or someone came up to his car – there is always an excuse, he’s done, he hangs up. Of course I’ve cum too but it’s always on his terms. I fucking hate that. When do I get a change to be the one calling the shots?

Anyway this Saturday he rocks up to my house, he sits on my couch, again I am just still heart broken & unlike last time, I am trying not to fill that void with meaningless sex. But there is also a pull with this man too, he has something over me. I don’t know what it is but he has it. A connection I seem to only find with married men.

I end up sucking his dick but I refuse to have sex with him, as he leaves – once he’s done I fucking hate myself. I have been dicked around by man after man & here I am still trying to get over someone & here is another dude just messing with me, just using me.

After the whole T**y debacle I am in a really low place, lower than I think I have ever been, I mean I knew men lied & I know they lie to their partners, I am not stupid but his lies to me were next level. I haven’t experienced lies like that before. Dom Dom is chatting sporadically as he does, he decides that we need to see each other in the city. I don’t even know where, he keeps suggesting club x, but I refuse to go. I don’t know what’s worse, where we do meet or club x?! Because of how low I am, the last person I had sex with at this point is T**y, the lying fucktard so I agree to meet with Dom Dom after much persuasion from him.

We meet in public toilet, one of those smart loos, he’s in there when I arrive, thinking why the fuck am I doing this… We’ve chatted on the phone my whole drive, he’s made me take off my panties & show him. I admit that it turns me on but I still have this voice inside my head telling me not to go, but my vagina telling me to go & get it some action.

As soon as I walk in & the door locks, I am grabbed & kissed. We kiss for a while, he then pushes me down to suck his cock, I do not want to kneel on a foul toilet floor so I don’t. When we have sex with a condom, from behind, me bent over touching the wall, I am thinking that I am never going to cum from this, public sex was fun with Silverlining, but this isn’t that… This isn’t that can’t-keep-your-hands-off-each-other type of chemistry that makes me want to fuck in a public space. So when Dom Dom surprises me with my ultimate fantasy – that not many people know, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it much here, but I want a threesome with Silverlining & Dom Dom. I wanted it when I was with Silverlining the first time & I still do. Two men I trust that won’t do anything I didn’t want them too – however it would be a bit of a pissing contest as I know Silverlining would want to be in charge but wouldn’t want to look like a dickhead in front of me or another guy, so when Dom Dom starts saying to me while fucking me “You know you want Silverlining in your ass & me in your mouth, fucking you at the same time” He keeps talking so dirty to me about what the two of them would do to me that I imagine Silverlining is there with me & I cum pretty hard, it’s probably the hardest I’ve ever cum with another guy who wasn’t Silverlining.

As we’re leaving the public toilets, his phone rings & he says it’s his wife, so he scurries off, leaving me without a kiss goodbye, without the thought of how I might be feeling after that… I guess I don’t have to matter to him really, I mean I am just a piece of ass – I know he says we’re friends but lets face it, the guy lies to the woman he loves every day, so what makes me think that he’s honest with me!?

I try to explain to him a few months later about how I felt when Dom Dom actually asks me if he’s done something wrong & why I haven’t made time to have phone sex, why I don’t just want to watch him jerk off while I sit there trying to be interested… Because I want more than that… I deserve more than that. I don’t want him to leave his wife for me, but I don’t want to be the side piece that always gets hung up on & forgotten about. I am not sure if he even understands how that feels… I still don’t even know if he really gets it… I don’t think he’ll ever truly get it…

A week or so after I fuck Dom Dom in a public toilet in the city, my gut wrenches…. He’s back… Do you remember who Marvel is?! OOOOH, I love a good bit of intrigue! Hahaha… He’s back… He’s mother-fucking back!


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