Motocross #28

That’s the longest thing Motocross has ever said to me too… This is just nuts. What the fuck do I say to that?! I guess now he’s said it via message he doesn’t have to see me… So I just say a standard “that’s ok” but he pursues this line of chatter about how he’s a dick etc. How he is going to continue you this conversation when he sees me. Ironically we text all evening, he knows I am home, he knows where I live, hell he’s even rocked up here before without really a plan, so if you were really sorry, wouldn’t you come over & make amends if you really felt that bad?

When I mention that he says that he didn’t know he’d be welcome, well I am stupidly still talking to the fuckwit?! Hahaha… I mean surely he must know that I wouldn’t have kicked him out. He just constantly blames his time management skills & that he runs out of time when he’s in Adelaide… Does he really think I am that stupid? He says that he would have come over but I didn’t write back quick enough, I have just started my new job & I am based in my bosses office & don’t know how long that will be for.

He says I’m being mean, I say that I am not going to go easy on him, I mean this guy deleted me after I sent him a bra picture, he says he didn’t but that’s a fucking loan of crap… He talks the talk, he always has really – like he’s to catch me off guard & surprise me etc. He asks me what I am doing, I say that I just had a shower & got into bed. Now correct me if I am wrong, but 99% of men would take this as an invitation to invite themselves over, or start talking sexy. NOPE! Not Motocross… He starts saying things that don’t make sense about shower sex, when I say that it’s not easy with my height etc he says “one day that may change” Like dude, I am almost 40, my growing is done!

We talk about the one & only time he slept over, he is adamant he spooned me, I don’t think he did, I would have to re-read the start of the Motocross story to remember to be honest, I forget a lot of crap or perhaps I block the crap that happens!

He asks if I am frustrated – his code word for him to ask if I am horny, I ask why & he says that he’s just asking, like seriously, the dude can’t even flirt!!! It’s so annoying.

He seems to think I am having lots of sex though & he doesn’t want to cut anyone’s lunch. Well besides Marvel, I am not fucking anyone else… With good reason! I mean if this is what I have to put up with, I am never giving up Marvel! This is so much hard work, FFS!

He says that he has a high sex drive, I say that’s bullshit, he knew he had me for sex, I had told him my sex drive was high, I wanted sex daily, twice a day if I could. He says that he does have a high sex drive when I tell him these facts “Bollicks I do have a massive huge drive just your shitty Sharknado got me scared” Well I spit out my drink, that’s actually funny! Hahaha. I’ve never had a guy come over weekly, sometimes twice a week to watch movies who has such a high sex drive. What is it? Is he just looking for a friend? Does he think I am fat? Does he think I am ugly? Does he not find me sexy, but enjoys hanging out with me? Is he not single? But then how could he see me so often & for as long when we first dated? I just could never work out this guy ever…

We get onto the topic of my vibrators, of course I feel like he’s wanting a snapchat of me using it, which he isn’t going to get, this guy is weird, I can’t figure him out, I can’t figure this out… Another night spent messaging back & forth with ridiculous flirting that I can’t work out… I am at a complete loss with this guy. I say that I am not sending him anything, last time I did he disappeared, he replies “I’m not disappearing btw.” While I don’t believe him, I also am sucked in… so I snap after more conversation “You probably could’ve been here, fucking me 4 times & gotten home every night this week & you haven’t”, he asks if I would have done that & I seriously think this guy has had one to many motocross crashes… Is he broken?

We then start talking about me in what I was wearing the time he came over, acted weird & then left to get his mechanic, he talks about my underwear & stuff, then I get nothing. He reads the message & I never get a reply. A reply was coming instantly, now it’s done. Ok I put my phone down & just assume he’s deleted me again… I need to just walk away from this fucking guy.

The next morning, I get a message & then him saying that he thought I was ignoring him because I didn’t reply, but then he realised that he didn’t hit send… OMG. Does he really think I believe this… I am sick of the messages all night & no action, this is getting so old. But he says that if I have someone else waiting not to let him stop me, yeah right dude, I’d be waiting forever if I waited for him, I wouldn’t be messaging him, being cheeky, if I was waiting for someone else. Is he seriously that stupid?!

In the end I say I’ll leave it with you, have a good day. He then replies to a snapchat of a mess the dogs have made with a fluffy toy, I say it’s all clean & he said it’s a fair mess… I mean this is the conversation you have with a fuck buddy guy with a high sex drive?! He seems to want the conversation to keep going when he asks how my day was & I ask how his was & he says something about studying. “I’m getting my pilot license” If you aren’t laughing out loud, there is something wrong with you! Hahaha… I ask if he is going to buy a plane & he says that he is already looking to buy one. Yes of course he is! What a fucking load of bullshit!

I ask where he is flying me & he says I need a boarding pass – fuck he really can’t flirt, he’s got an actual problem with flirting…

I tell him about how I fell over on my morning walk with the dogs & lost an ear bud, he asks if I am now missing one, but I say that I found it because not all of us have enough money to buy a plane, so he says that he’s sponsored by Skull Candy & so he doesn’t care if he loses one or not… OMG. If I didn’t have screenshots of this conversation, I wouldn’t believe this crap!

He says “I’m pretty keen now tbh” & I ask what, he’s going to have to fucking say it, but he doesn’t, he say “Keeeen for can’t say” with a winky face, what is wrong with him? For over an hour he dances around the subject that I am over it but he says that he’s keen to see me in those outfits. WHAT? What fucking outfits?! I stop replying after saying I’ll leave it with him, that I’ve been hearing this for over a week.

Next day, I get a message “Hey what are you plans tomorrow evening” I have family dinner then nothing why, “Oh yeah okay was just asking” OMFG Motocross, asking for what?! He says he’s just asking in general, I tell him he’s confusing, but then he says that he was just asking if I was doing anything or him – omg finally a bit of directness. He says that he’ll plan to come over but I tell him that he can’t sleep over for morning sex as I have to work. I ask if he’ll have enough time for an activity, he asks what activity. I explain that I am an adult, that I can say sex.

To my surprise, he comes over after my family leave on Sunday night. I have a glass of wine, he brings a can of mountain dew. I put the dogs in their crates (I’ve crate trained for sleeping) & we sit awkwardly, to be frank, I barely remember the evening, I remember him being awkward trying to lift my dress up to see my panties, then puts it down & sits on his side of the couch. He does this a few times before I just take matters into my own hands & turn to him. We kiss, get naked & I suck his cock. He fingers me badly before we go into my bedroom. I get out an condom as we walk into the room & he lays me down & climbs straight on top of me. We have sex for a while, I am no where near close to cumming, ever or at all & we swap positions a few times. He keeps asking if I’m ok, which is quite sweet, when I ask if he’s ok, he says “I’m an athlete.” Neither of us cum but we stop & he just lays down for a while, mainly talking about me turning 40 as my dress is hanging up on the window ledge.

He then gets up & gets dressed – so now he’s leaving without either of us cumming?! However he says that he almost came in my mouth… I let my dogs out to go to the bathroom & he is weird with them again, they don’t jump cos they are tired but he hovers around until they are back in bed, then he leaves saying he’ll chat soon. I say goodbye.

I never hear from him again, about 2 weeks later I send a message “I didn’t realise you were the type of guy to fuck someone & not speak to them again, considering you said you didn’t want to do an activity & just leave…” He reads it straight away & never replies.

Anyhoo… While writing this blog about 4 months later, Motocross has been looking at every single snapchat story & has never messaged me… But FUCK ME SIDEWAYS – I accidentally screenshot a snapchat from our chat, while reading them & writing about our conversations– which sends a fucking notification to Motocross, doesn’t it! FUCKING FUCK STICKS. He looks at it a few minutes later, then it comes up saying that all my snapchats will be stored until Motocross as you as a friend. OMG. So he’s deleted me again! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! This story is over!  


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